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Freezing Vibration OVA 6
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The girls are taken for a traditional "march through the snow" because Pandora are supposed to be able to withstand any weather conditions, but the girls are not looking forward to it. The girls start bickering and are forced to do the march in their underwear. After the girls start marching, they begin to bicker with Satellizer L. Bridget worrying that she is going to die and Chiffon Fairchild questioning what the cold will do to nudists like Elizabeth Mably. Roxanne Elipton later complains that her nipples have become hard and she begins firing a rifle. She is restrained by Cassie Lockheart while claiming that if she dies a rhinoceros beetle will appear. She then claims that she has to be cleaned by whoever has small breasts. Meanwhile Charles Bonaparte appears to be happily groping Amelia Evans, while Julia Munberk gropes Cassie Lockheart as Cassie resists. The girls then watch as Elizabeth dances naked in the snow. Rana Linchen then persuades Satellizer to undress, should she otherwise lose to Rana. Satellizer then undresses as well while the instructor follows suit. She then claims that she will become the strongest Chevalier.


  • Chiffon Fairchild appears in this OVA despite being deceased before this. Note that the OVAs are not canon to the main storyline so this is technically not an error.
  • This is the third OVA where Kazuya Aoi is absent.
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