"Their soul capacities are over 100 times more than a normal human's!!"

Garatolos Eluka Nova measures the amount of Soul Energy of the Pandoras in "The Power of the Goddesses II".

Garatolos Eluka Nova
Garatolos Eluka Nova as she appears in the manga
First Appearance Chapter 213
Personal Status
Relatives Erectar Eluka Nova (older sister)
Pulucsigel Eluka Nova (younger sister)
Bonemian Eluka Nova (younger sister,†)
Hekusania Eluka Nova (younger sister)
Maria Eluka Nova (youngest sister)
Affiliations Elukarium
Goddesses of Balance
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Garatolos Eluka Nova is one of the Goddesses known to the world of Elcarium.


Garatolos is one of the Goddesses of Balance and rulers of Eluka. She is the second born of her sisters.


Garatolos has long hair and wears bandages covering her eyes. She is shown in her complete Nova form almost similar to that of Chiffon Aoi's Nova form. Like her sisters, she has a structure with a beehive like ball that contains souls of the deceased attached to her back.


Garatolos is calm but will take action as shown when she protected Erectar when Satellizer L. Bridget tried to attack her elder sister and attacking Rana.


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Exit Revenant ArcEdit

Main article: Exit Revenant Arc

Garatolos notes that Satellizer is using her Soul Energy not once but twice

Garatolos appeared with her fellow Goddesses of Balance watching Maria Eluka Nova's revolution against Ibanyle. She watches how Pulucsigel Eluka Nova  and Bonemian Eluka Nova intervene in the battle after Kazuya arrived to shift the momentum of the battle with his Freezing. Garatolos sees five pillers of light with the arrival of Platoon 13.

As Pulucsigel and Bonemian are being over whelmed by the Pandora, Garatolos and her sisters come to aid them. She is told by Erectar Eluka Nova to scan the Pandora's soul energy to which she does. Garatolos sees the girls have one soul but poses an amount of soul energy and after finding out that Satellizer L. Bridget posses the same amount as Erectar, Garatolos tells her sister that it be best to eliminate the golden hair girl. Garatolos becomes shock when Rana Linchen, who the Goddesses pin down with multiple lasers, possessed more soul energy that surpassed Satellizer and Erector's Soul Energy.   

After Bonemian is killed by Rana, Garatolos and her sisters merge into a gigantic Nova.


  • As a Goddess of Balance, Garatolos has abilities equal to Novas.
  • She can fire a powerful laser beam and multiple lasers in different directions.
  • Garatolos can summon an invisible barrier to stop any attacks.
  • She has the ability to scan the level amount of Soul Energy shown as scanning the Pandoras' power.




Ibanyle is the servant to Garatolos and her sisters.


Erectar Eluka NovaEdit

Erectar is Garatolos' older sister and fellow goddess.

Pulucsigel Eluka NovaEdit

Pulucsigel is Garatolos' younger sister and a fellow goddess.

Bonemian Eluka NovaEdit

Bonemian is Garatolos' younger sister and a fellow goddess.

Hekusania Eluka NovaEdit

Hekusania is Garatolos' younger sister and a fellow goddess.

Maria Eluka NovaEdit

Maria Eluka is Garatolos' youngest sister and a former fellow goddess who was deemed as a traitor.



Garatolos and her sisters battled the Pandoras who were transported from Earth as their goal is to bring Kazuya Aoi back home safely. She couldn't believe the amount of Soul Energy they posses despite having only one soul.



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