"Even if the world won't allow it.... Then all I have to do is make them allow it."

Gengo Aoi to Atsuko Seiga in "Definition of a Human Being".

Gengo Aoi
Dr. Gengo Aoi, as he appears in manga.
Kana アオイ=源吾
Romaji Aoi Gengo
Sobriquet The Cat
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 27
Anime: Pandora Returns
Age 73
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Relatives Maria Lancelot (lover)
Erika Kudo (wife, †)
Cassandra Aoi (eldest daughter)
Teslad Aoi (younger daughter)
Windy May Aoi (younger daughter)
Lucy Aoi (younger daughter)
Chiffon Aoi (youngest daughter, †)
Ryuuichi Aoi (son, †)
Orie Aoi (daughter-in-law,†)
Kazuha Aoi (eldest granddaughter, †)
Kazuya Aoi (grandson)
Arcadia Aoi (youngest granddaughter)
Affiliations Lab 13 (Head Scientist)
Aoi Family (Patriarch)
Chevalier (Formerly; Chief Scientist)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Atsushi Ono
English R Bruce Elliott
Image Gallery

Dr. Gengo Aoi (b. 1992) is the grandfather of Kazuya Aoi, Kazuha Aoi, and Arcadia Aoi. He was the Chief scientist of the Chevalier until he launched a coup d'etat in order to overthrow his former associates. He is considered the world's top Nova expert and is an undisputed authority on Pandora.


Gengo has been an influential figure in both Chevalier and world politics for many years. He is the scientist that developed the Pandora, Limiters, and Stigmata. He is also the creator of the more recent Valkyrie Project, as well as the Arcadia Project. He was present at the founding of the Chevalier in 2018. Gengo first met Howard L. Bridget in 2022 and since then the two have been close associates. Alfred Hughes is another long-time associate of Gengo's. In 2023, Gengo founded Lab 13 in order to develop the Pandora Project. His son Ryuuichi Aoi, as well as his "daughters" were born this year as well. In 2043, Gengo assisted in the birth of his first grandchild, Kazuha. In 2049, Gengo introduced Ryuuichi to his sisters for the first time[1]. In 2050, Gengo assisted in the birth of his second grandchild[2], Kazuya and later saw the creation of West Genetics, of which he was the architect. Gengo worked alongside Scarlett Ohara in 2053 as part of Lab 13. In the same year, he also enrolled his ten year-old granddaughter into the Pandora Project. In 2060, Gengo used his influence to have Kazuha, a second-year Pandora at the time, placed into the elite Numbers. In 2062, Gengo met Su-Na Lee for the first time while searching for a suitable bodyguard. The two would develop a deep bond, with Su-Na eventually becoming Gengo's top lieutenant and most loyal supporter. In 2063, due to the Chevalier's decision to increase research development of the Heroic Stigmata, Gengo began covertly readying his Valkyrie Project for deployment, assisted by Su-Na.

Through flashbacks and his own admissions, it is revealed that Gengo was aware of the Nova threat prior to the 1st Nova Clash. As a result, much of what has transpired in the story has been a result of Gengo's obsession with ensuring the survival of humanity.



Dr. Gengo Aoi, as he appears in the anime.

Gengo is an old man of undetermined age. He has amber eyes and his formerly jet-black hair has whitened from age. He is of average height. He has a very serious demeanor and gaunt looking facial features. He is considered handsome despite his age.

He is often portrayed wearing a white suit jacket, blue slacks, and a blue dress shirt with no tie. He usually rolls up the sleeves of his shirt when not wearing a jacket. He sometimes wears a white, ankle-length lab coat over his suit.


Badass Gengo

Ambitious and manipulative, Gengo keeps his opponents guessing.

Gengo is an intelligent, shrewd, and determined scientist dedicated to the survival of humanity in the face of the Nova threat. He is a skilled politician, strategist, and leader.

Paradoxically, Gengo both believes in and resists the concept of fate. He has on multiple occasions stated that all things in the universe follow a certain flow and that fate cannot be avoided no matter how hard one tries. Despite this, Gengo confirms that he has spent his entire life attempting to fight mankind's fate, which he secretly wishes he could run from.

Gengo's most defining aspect is his determination to ensure the continued existence of the human race. To that end, he is willing to make tremendous sacrifices whether of himself or others, in order to achieve this goal. Examples of his resolve include enrolling his granddaughter into the Pandora Project when she was still a young girl and during the 11th Nova Clash when he ordered his troops to flee to safety while he stayed behind and finished the evacuation. 

He is regarded as the smartest human alive and is greatly feared by his enemies, who were willing to put humanity's future at risk to kill him, and treated warily by his allies due to his immense intellect. 

Despite his serious demeanor towards his research and duties, Gengo is often seen smirking and frequently teases those around him. He is also manipulative and skilled in subterfuge, frequently benefiting from disastrous events through machinations set up in secret. Gengo is stubborn as well, seen when he refused to flee from assassins sent to take his life, instead choosing to stand his ground. Gengo is very skilled at hiding his emotions and reactions, to the point that Su-Na initially assumed he was a sociopath based upon his outward apathetic nature towards Kazuha's death. Gengo uses this facade in order to hide any outward signs of vulnerability, such as sorrow over his granddaughter's death. Despite this apathetic and aloof act, Gengo is actually quite kind, seen when he gladly became "family" to the lonely and ostracized Su-Na. He also seems to show signs of lady-man like tendencies given the way he politely compliments and teases several other much younger women.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Kazuha Aoi ArcEdit

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Young gengo

A young Gengo in 2022, alongside Alfred Hughes.

In 2022, a young Gengo Aoi, accompanied by Alfred Hughes, is shown in negotiation with Howard L. Bridget in determining how humanity should combat the Nova threat. He proposes two plans: Pandora, a super-soldier project that would create few, but outstanding warriors, or Valkyrie, which would develop Stigmata for use in ordinary people and would produce regular soldiers, but in a much larger number. The Pandora Project is selected to commence. Later, in 2053, Gengo oversees his granddaughter Kazuha's training at a Chevalier base. Scarlett Ohara notes that due to the Limiter's success in the recent 7th Nova Clash, the Chevalier can no longer get in Gengo's way. As she watches Kazuha train, she is amazed at her skill but believes it's to be expected from Gengo's granddaughter. Gengo ponders mentally how it has been 30 years since the Pandora Project was chosen to save mankind. He resolves to continue to put all he has into the fight just as Maria had. In 2060, Gengo uses his connections to have Kazuha placed into the elite Numbers of West Genetics, despite not meeting the criteria. He also discusses with Hughes Howard's decision to chose Seiga Heavy Industries to create a new anti-Nova simulator instead of them. He explains that Howard also secretly assigned them funding in order to be prepared for anything.

While not seen for the rest of the arc, Sister Margaret has an important phone call with him, fifteen days after the destruction of the Type-F replica, courtesy of his granddaughter. He offers to send the extra funds, and tells her to take care of the rest, and his associate hangs up afterwards.

Lab 13 ArcEdit

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Gengo Chiffon Zero

Gengo explains the purpose of her existence to Chiffon

In 2023, Gengo is shown with his assistant, Wina, having recently replicated the DNA crystal Maria left for them to utilize. Shortly thereafter, he has a meeting with Howard L. Bridget who congratulates him on the recent birth of his son and requests information as to Gengo's need for more funding for his projects. After some conversation Howard states that he is more interested in gaining something that can be used, Gengo is disturbed by his compatriots' demeanor.

Upon his return to Lab 13 Wina rushes to greet the tired professor, who asks her to calm down. Wina excitedly states that 005, Chiffon, has just awoken. Both scientists study the young woman who emotionlessly states her body is slowly shutting down, Wina points out that that means the young woman is hungry. Wina is beyond thrilled at Chiffon's development, while Gengo is more cautious. They don't know how long she can remain active. Furthermore, unless 005 has abilities beyond humanity in terms of power and learning potential, she would be considered a failed project. Wina points out that Chiffon has the appearance of an ordinary human being and Gengo agrees that she looks like an ordinary young girl.

Chiffon engages a handicapped Windy May in a duel and impresses Wina further by taking plasma from the air around her and forming barriers to block her sister's attacks. Chiffon steadily overpowers Windy May while Wina and Gengo observe. During the duel it is reported that Chiffon is matching Windy who, even handicapped, is using power that is a hundred times greater than an ordinary humans.

Gengo later observes schematics of the human body being implanted with small amounts of Stigma tissue and dubs the tissue samples "Stigmata." A name for which he congratulates himself. Gengo notes that Project Valkyrie is currently incompatible with the Stigmata, but believes further research will yield an answer. He notes that this truly is a Pandora's Box he is opening.

Later, Gengo talks with Chiffon, who is observing flower seeds blowing in the wind, and he informs her of the nature of what they are fighting against and what her role is to be.

An attempt at implanting Stigmata into death row inmates results in a dismal failure, with the test subject dying in agony. Wina is horrified at the human experimentation but Gengo coldly states that not doing so if it means preserving humanity is the greater sin. Wina protests, saying the Nova might not return due to the time between Nova Clashes, and Gengo slaps her in the face. Gengo, his composure breaking, declares that they are in a battle to save mankind and that if she can't accept that she can leave. However, Gengo coldly states that she won't be able to return to a normal life if she leaves.

While continuing his research, Gengo is interrupted by his assistant who alerts him to Chiffon's escape[3]. As a result, he is severely reprimanded by Chevalier officials. Afterwards, Gengo heads for his laboratory, where his daughters reside. Coming to stand before his third-born daughter, Gengo reflects on Wina's death, who is revealed to have been killed by Windy May while attempting to murder him.

After his youngest daughter's departure, Gengo heads to speak to Lucy and tasks her with retrieving her wayward sister[4].

Warriors of Valhalla ArcEdit

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Gengo Christine Zero

Gengo explaining the Valkyrie Project to Christine Barnett

Gengo Suna

Gengo teases Su-Na during their night out

Gengo Tiziana

Gengo recruits Tiziana into the Valkyrie Project

Gengo valkyries

Gengo gathers the Valkyries together for the first time

In March 2063, Gengo attends a Chevalier council meeting announcing plans to continue research into the Heroic Stigmata. Afterwards, a disgruntled Gengo meets with Alfred Hughes and the two discuss the skepticism of their colleagues concerning Kazuha's Stigmata. Alfred notes that the United States is pressing for an independent investigation into the matter. Gengo reminds his friend of their promise, that all Stigmata research would be left to him. Alfred reassures Gengo that he has not forgotten, but explains that results must be brought forward in order to prevent any infighting. When he suggests allowing the investigation, Gengo flatly refuses and swears to resign should Hughes give in. Alfred notes that after all these years Gengo still knows how to make people dislike him, which the doctor considers a relief. The Chevalier official asks Gengo to be straight with him regarding the Heroic Stigmata, but Gengo sticks to his report and adds that he is working on a new project to create more stable stigmata. He goes on to coldly declare that he will never allow Chevalier to have his granddaughter's corpse. Alfred concedes, but reminds Gengo to get results quickly.

Back at his own facility, Gengo stares at a massive Stigmata crystal held within a tube and ponders how humans always look for and accept the easiest answer. He asks Kazuha if she agrees, and then apologizes for having been unable to protect even her corpse.

The scene cuts to Gengo on his private jet, accompanied by Su-Na. She inquires about the timing of their trip to England, and guesses it has to do with the L. Bridget family. Gengo replies that it doesn't, and he hopes not to run into him if at all possible. He explains that they're going to someplace they can prepare his top-secret project, as well as where he can treat his bodyguard to some terrible food, to which Su-Na laughs. Changing topics, Gengo seriously asks Su-Na how she is feeling, if any complications have arisen from her new Plasma Stigmata. Su-Na affirms that she is fine and jokes that he'll be the one in trouble if the stigmata aren't safe, which amuses Gengo. Sobering, he voices his doubts that things will continue to sail smoothly, since the others aren't as gifted as Su-Na. He explains that research into the Heroic Sigmata is accelerating, meaning something big will be needed to satisfy the Chevalier council, something like a form of stigmata that an average human can use. He expresses excitement over seeing what kind of people are waiting for them at their destination.

Arriving in England, Gengo and Su-Na are greeted by Edward Barnett, a wealthy business man whose company supports the Chevalier. Gengo thanks Edward for meeting him, but Edward states he is happy just to be of service, noting that one of his daughters has recently enlisted to become a Pandora and serve. Gengo thanks him again, and the conversation moves to an offer he presented to another of Edward's daughters. Edward expresses hesitation given the secretive nature of the project, to which Gengo understands but asks if he can speak to the young lady herself. The two are suddenly interrupted by the lady in question, Christine Barnett, who exclaims that she was fine with the idea. Upon seeing him, Christine quickly rushes over to Gengo and states he looks just like he does on television, noting how handsome and rugged he looks. Edward quickly reprimands Christine for acting so familiar, to which she counters that she was just complimenting the professor. Edward apologizes on his daughter's behalf but Gengo politely brushes the apology away, although his attempts are hampered somewhat by an annoyed Su-Na. Christine then names herself as one of Gengo's biggest fans, citing his creation of the Pandora as nothing short of amazing.

After hearing that she wished to become a Pandora herself, Gengo explains the Valkyrie project and how it will enable people just like Christine to help in the war against the Nova. Edward attempts to ask for more time to consider, but Christine cuts through and simply asks if she will become a Pandora. Smirking, Gengo states she will become a Valkyrie, one that can stand even with Pandora. Christine declares her intentions for joining, surprising Gengo when one turns out to be a desire to show up her younger sister. Recovering, Gengo accepts Christine into the Valkyrie Project. Before she officially joins, Christine asks Gengo for a favor. She wishes to experience a Pandora's strength firsthand, amusing Gengo. She openly challenges Su-Na to a match, which the Korean Pandora accepts.

As Su-Na and Christine get ready for their match, Gengo observes silently. When Su-Na wins and begins gloating to Christine, Gengo smiles smugly to himself.

After recruiting Christine, Gengo and Su-Na's search for Valkyrie candidates continues. They head next to Italy where Gengo intends to meet with a Mr. Margen. The night before though, Gengo takes Su-Na out to dinner. After passing on an offer of pasta, Gengo smugly calls Su-Na out on her less than truthful encounter with Christine. She admits that she activated her Volt Texture for a moment and Gengo teasingly states that he had a feeling since he's well aware of how soft Su-Na's body is, embarrassing her. Moving on, Gengo seriously notes Christine's determination despite her defeat, and calls out Su-Na again when she attempts to hide her efforts at helping the would be Valkyrie. He finishes by stating his plan to place the Valkyries under her command.

The two are suddenly interrupted by their waitress, Tiziana Caldani, who offers Gengo more wine. Although flustered for a moment, Gengo gladly accepts, failing to notice Su-Na's annoyance at his behavior. He greatly enjoys the wine, which prompts Tiziana to reveal that she was aware of his identity and had hoped for that reaction. Gengo tries to downplay his popularity, but is gently rebuffed by Tiziana. She explains that she was once a Pandora and greatly respects Gengo for his accomplishments. After Su-Na accidentally makes Tiziana flustered enough to spill wine and drop a bottle, Gengo assures her that it is alright. When her boss comes over and apologizes on Tiziana's behalf, Gengo again tries to cover for the waitress. After she leaves, Gengo asks the boss to go easy on her and even offers to pay for the wasted beverages, if the boss is willing to tell Gengo how long Tiziana has worked for him.

Having finished their meal, Gengo and Su-Na leave. While heading back, Su-Na begins to tease Gengo about his interest in Tiziana. Playing along, Gengo casually admits that Tiziana was just his type. Now jealous, Su-Na pouts that all Gengo cares about are large breasts. Laughing, Gengo asks that she cut him some slack, since he likes women in Su-Na's size as well. She angrily counters that her breasts aren't small and goes on to moodily suggest Gengo hire Tiziana if he likes her so much. Sobering, Gengo replies that just as Su-Na belongs above all other Pandora, so too does Tiziana have a place she belongs. He then teasingly asks if Su-Na is jealous, which his flustered bodyguard tries to deny.

The two eventually come across Tiziana being accosted by her boss. Gengo watches silently as Su-Na deals with him. He shows himself after witnessing Tiziana's determination, asking if she would be up for defending mankind once again. The following morning, Gengo goes to a coffee shop with Tiziana and Su-Na. There he explains the purpose of the Valkyrie Project. He states that he is in need of strong-willed warriors like Tiziana. She begins to cry and thanks Gengo for his offer, accepting without hesitation.

Gengo and Su-Na next head for Germany on their search. During the flight, Su-Na notes that everything worked out and wonders if it was fate. Gengo explains that all things follow a certain flow. When Su-Na teases him on the convenience of such a thing given his fondness for Tiziana, Gengo sheepishly asks if she's still mad but jokingly refuses to deny it. He finishes that he hopes things will continue to flow their way.

Upon landing in Berlin, the duo head for a nearby military installation. Su-Na comments on the strong presence of the armed forces, which Gengo attributes to German nature. The two are suddenly approached by an APC, whose pilot introduces herself as Angela Franca.

Gengo follows Angela down into a top-secret weapons facility. She boasts of Germany's technological skill, prompting Su-Na to question whether Gengo contracted Genetics Panzer to develop weapons for him. He confirms it, stating that Germany's skill surpasses even that of the United States. When the trio reach their destination, Angela reveals to the doctor his finished request, Anti-Nova: Inglet. Su-Na is shocked that Gengo had developed Maria Lancelot's weapon to such a degree, and asks whether he intends to equip the Pandora with such a weapon. Gengo replies in the negative, since current-day Pandora couldn't control the mass of the weapon due their Stigmata limitations. Su-Na is incensed that Gengo plans to equip the Valkyries with such a dangerous weapon, but he assures her that thanks to his new stigmata module system, all should be safe. Su-Na is still skeptical, so Angela challenges her to a spar.

The three move to a training room, where Angela activates her Anti-Nova and prepares to fight herself. Su-Na looks to Gengo for guidance, and he admits to being curious how his new weapon will perform. When Su-Na states that he is going to owe her a large bonus for this, Gengo laughingly agrees. Gengo watches the duel, and is cheerful when Su-Na admits the merits of the Ant-Nova. He concedes that the system isn't perfect, with its limited range and recharge needed mobility. He then admits that they have all the Valkyries needed, as he already has two others in mind. Su-Na expresses worry that they will be staying in Germany, but Gengo states they are heading to Japan to pick up the last two members of the project.

Back in Japan, Gengo heads for the Tenjouin household. He finds Ouka practicing her swordsmanship. He claps at her skills and is eagerly greeted by her. When she becomes embarrassed for referring to him as grandfather, Gengo assures its fine and she can do so if she wishes. He notes that she has completed all the training he set up for her, which Ouka happily brags to. When she deduces the nature of his visit, Gengo confirms that the Valkyrie Project is a go.

At West Genetics, Gengo assembles the Valkyries and explains the goal of the project, while also thanking them for their determination. He introduces them to each other, noting that Ouka has the most experience and skill among them. Franka questions if the current members are all that will be part of the project, but Gengo suddenly introduces the last member, Lucy Renault.

Gengo later sets up a surprise training mission for the Valkyries, where they are attacked by a dummy Nova. After they succeed, he states they all possess the essential qualities needed in a solider to fight the Nova. He dubs all of them full-fledged Valkyries for their performance.

Tibet ArcEdit

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When rumors begin to circulate that there are women being born with natural Stigmata, Gengo dispatches Yuuta Ono to investigate the situation. He sends Yuuta to Tibet to track down the Kunlun Clan, and orders him to discover the truth behind these new Stigmatic Bodies. He also orders Yuuta to provide aid to women of the clan as needed.

Freezing: First ChroniclesEdit

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Gengo Aoi is suspected of having done something to Chiffon Fairchild, when Chiffon Fairchild's exceptional performance in her first Carnival reaches the Chevalier. Despite these suspicions, the committee decides against taking action against Gengo, for fear of reprisals.


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10th Nova ClashEdit

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In his first appearance, Gengo converses with the Chevalier board at their Grand Canyon Headquarters during the 10th Nova Clash. When pressed for answers, he said the current situation, four Type-S Nova appearing at once, was never predicted. He went on to claim that the Nova were beings that surpassed their imaginations.

E-Pandora Project ArcEdit

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Gengo and Suna

Gengo and Su-Na discuss the E-Pandora Project.

On May 30, 2065 Gengo attends a Chevalier meeting where they publicly announce their approval of the E-Pandora Project. When reporters asked him about his approval of the project despite his moral standpoint against it, he commented that they no longer had the luxury of waiting for people with Stigmatic compatibility to be born and that his personal opinions no longer mattered. When a reporter asked him if they will openly recruit civilians to their project, he only thought to himself that the Chevalier is in such a dire situation that it has no choice but to ignore his opinions and that he could only hope that Maria Lancelot's dying wish does not bring a whole new chaos to mankind.

In a flashback of Scarlett Ohara's, Gengo is shown as the head of Lab 13. When Scarlett informs him that she had finally managed to create a copy of Maria Lancelot's genetic map, Gengo severely reprimands her. Gengo lectures Scarlett on her scientific etiquette, and states that Maria's power is a gift from the heavens that humanity can only borrow, not control. Scarlett asks if Maria is God, to which Gengo replies that she is at least on the same level as God, hinting at his view of her as a goddess. This enrages Scarlett, who argues that Maria is nothing but a mutant and that humanity has the right to take her power. Gengo promptly terminates Scarlett's contract and tells her to leave his laboratory.

When the usage of Mark IV was approved and the footage of Jina Purpleton's improvements were shown to the public, Gengo merely watched dispassionately and stated that the Chevalier had truly fallen. Su-Na Lee resignedly comments that no matter how fancy a show is put on, it is impossible for normal people to become Pandora. Gengo explains that the Chevalier simply needed a "just cause" to calm the public and buy time. When Su-Na argued that the Chevalier was wrong, but that she was also not taking his side, Gengo asked if Su-Na was letting her pride as the Chevalier's strongest soldier speak for her. Su-Na rebuffed the idea and asserted that she could accept the E-Pandora's fate to be soldiers, but that she wanted no part in it. Gengo smiles in return and notes that Su-Na's perspective was one way of looking at the situation.

E-Pandora Rebellion ArcEdit

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When the Mably family leaks reports about the Mark IV incident, human experimentation of E-Pandora, and news of the rebellion Gengo is tasked by Howard L. Bridget to head to Alaska and put a halt to the E-Pandora Project. He gathers a Chevalier Inspection Squad consisting of talent individuals such as Su-Na Lee, Holly Rose and Louis L. Bridget.

When the base command center detects the presence of an unknown type of Nova, Gengo confronts Marks Spencer and asks if he is satisfied with the results of his foolishness, having created a Nova by testing Mark IV on a human. When Spencer expresses confusion, Gengo determines that Ohara must have kept Spencer in the dark about her other experiments. He orders Su-Na  to take control of the command center.

Gengo then states that their current situation could not be any worse, and informs Marks that the two Nova are not from other dimension and that they were created on Earth. More importantly, Dr. Ohara was not able to predict that something like the 11th Nova Clash would happen because of their experiments. Gengo hands Spencer over to Louis and Holly Rose and takes command of the base.

11th Nova ClashEdit

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11th Nova Clash

Gengo leading the Pandora during the 11th Nova Clash.


Gengo directs the operations against the Nova, acting as the base commander while Su-Na Lee leads the troops in the field as the tactical commander. He's shocked when he sees the first Nova (Amelia) preparing to fire upon the Photon Solar Generator, which would have destroyed the base and caused a catastrophe of global proportions. He was even more shocked when the attack was stopped, by but a single Pandora: Chiffon Fairchild. That surprised him even more, as he wondered how Chiffon got in the base without Ohara suspecting her true nature. His surprise grew even more when he learned that Satellizer as well as Kazuya were present on the battlefield. As Pandora cheered at Chiffon blocking the Nova's attacks unharmed, Gengo sadly notes how such a feat is impossible, and that Chiffon was likely giving it her all to fight.

He watched as the Type-S Nova was taken down, as well as the battle between Chiffon and her otherworldly opponent. He looked on in awe as Chiffon made another transformation, and recognized it as the same form as Maria Lancelot. After a few moments, the fighting stopped as Chiffon attempted to talk Amelia down. Gengo watched silently, tears streaming down his cheeks as he noted after all the suffering Amelia had endured, words were the only comfort they could give her.

Suddenly, the Unknown Type Nova began to transform, and Gengo was thunderstruck as he recognized the shape. His staff confirmed it as a Type Q, a sort of suicide bomber for the Novas. He immediately ordered the base to be evacuated, and the underground shelters opened. As the Nova reached critical mass, he ordered his staff to evacuate the command center, yet they refused to comply, stating they wanted to fulfill their duties until the very end. Mentally thanking his staff for their support, Gengo repeated his evacuation order to everyone outside the base. After a few more seconds, the Type-Q exploded, and everyone braced for impact. After several tense moments, he realized he was still intact, as was everything else. He looked at the screen, and saw the explosion had been stopped before it could have consumed the battlefield. The last thing he saw was Chiffon, who'd taken the whole force of the explosion onto herself, and her body disintegrated as a result.

After the fighting had ended, he's seen standing before a large glass cylindrical water tank, within which contained the sedated form of Amelia Evans, miraculously found alive after the explosion. The scientist beside Gengo said there was no scientific means to have explained it, and Gengo asked if he did not believe in miracles. The aged researcher proclaimed they'd defeated the Novas eleven times and survived to that day, and asked if that was not a miracle.

Student Presidency Duel ArcEdit

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Gengo and Howard are shown together at the Chevalier Headquarters in the Grand Canyon. They discuss the Chevalier's decision to blame Spencer and Ohara for the failure of the E-Pandora Project, just as they'd hoped. Howard questions if the public would truly be appeased with just that, to which Gengo replies that he doubts the Chevalier's reputation can be fully repaired, but states that is also the reason they are working so hard at the moment.

Valkyrie Introduction ArcEdit

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Gengo and Howard

Gengo and Howard discuss the Valkyrie Project.

Gengo meets Satellizer

Gengo meets with Satellizer and Kazuya.

Gengo meets Maria

Gengo dreams about his first meeting with Maria Lancelot.

Gengo and Howard are shown conversing, after Project Valkyrie was announced at West Genetics. Howard comments how the Pandora's reaction to the new project was exactly what Gengo predicted. They talked about how the former Chevalier Commander Radox Phantomheim, who supported the E-Pandora Project, resigned in shame after its failure. Even the L. Bridget family felt a bit ashamed, for they had taken a significant loss by investing in the project, which was against his friend's advice, as Gengo not so subtly explained. Howard inquired if Project Valkyrie would be a success, to which Gengo flippantly remarks it will be, as he is too afraid of being replaced if it does not. Howard comments on Gengo's impudence.

The discussion then turned to Kazuya, which surprised Gengo greatly. Howard suggested he get baptised soon, and noted how he spent a lot of time around his daughter. Gengo was not surprised, and he noted how defensive his old friend got when anyone mentioned his children. And then, much to his old friend's surprise, Gengo suggested Howard to tell his daughter to stay away from his grandson, because he does not want him to "marry a blond foreigner". The L. Bridget patriarch was taken off-guard, as he clearly did not expect such a seemingly selfish proposal. Gengo feigned surprise, saying Howard should be happy because they agree on the subject. The L. Bridget secretary entered the room, and Howard quickly excused himself. Once alone, Gengo lamented about falling in love: "The first one to fall in love, loses".

Days later, he watched the Valkyrie demonstration from his office, with a cup of tea in his hand. After a minute of diversionary attacks, Ouka moved in and landed the killing blow, which brought a smile to his face. "They wouldn't be weapons of war if they couldn't deliver the coup de grace," he mused.

Around a day later, Gengo is seen looking out the window of his Japan residence, thinking about having his dinner with his estranged grandson, Kazuya.

He's next seen having a video chat with Kazuya, a bottle of wine at his side. When his grandson expressed his surprise at Gengo coming to Japan, the elder Aoi merely dismissed it as simply returning to his homeland, nothing more. He then asked what Kazuya thought about seeing Ouka again, and asked if she'd become prettier. When pressed on whether he was the one who arranged the marriage between the two, Gengo denied any knowledge of it, and asked if he'd heard the news from Ouka as he poured himself a glass of wine. When asked what he was planning, Gengo again claimed he'd no idea what his grandchild was talking about. He told him if he did not want to marry Ouka, then he shouldn't, for it was still his life. He added that the fiance talk was merely "casual chit-chat between the families". When Kazuya asked how he should have refused Ouka, especially with her claims about his grandfather. Gengo noted that since Kazuya seemed indecisive, he should have taken some time and thought the matter over, as Gengo personally favored Ouka. Kazuya disagreed, and maintained he had to directly confront Gengo on the matter. The elder Aoi then wondered if there was already someone his grandson fancied. When pressed on whether Ouka had told him, he denied it, claiming he heard news about Kazuya in his sleep, and mentioned him being close to the daughter of Howard L. Bridget. An incensed Kazuya shot back that even if it was cruel to Ouka, and even if the whole family was against him, he still liked Satellizer. Gengo asked when he'd voiced his opposition to it, and then asked Kazuya to have brought Satellizer over, so he could meet her personally.

Some time later, Gengo is shown sitting down, his grandchild and partner before him. From the kitchen, Su-Na called out, saying dinner would have been ready soon. When asked of the meaning of her presence, Gengo replied that Su-Na worked at the house when she had free time. He went on to say he'd hired her back in America, and found her cooking to be his tastes. He called her very helpful as a household servant, as well as an interesting person to boot. As he gauged their reactions, he looked intently at Satellizer, whom he was surprised to discover was Howard's daughter. He thought to himself he'd wondered of how much of a fox she'd be, and looked much different than he'd anticipated. "If you'd really inherited his genes," he spoke aloud with a wry smile, "shouldn't you have a more dignified face? Right now, you look more like a puppy than a fox." He then asked if her name was indeed Satellizer, and said he was very interested in it. He told her not to be so nervous and to make herself at home. He went on to say he'd known her father for a very long time, longer than any other person had in his life. He remembered Howard as a "little kid who was still wet behind the ears" when they first met. He continued by saying his eldest was not a likeable child, and wondered if Satellizer would have been just like her. Though he was glad to discover otherwise, and found her just like her mother. When the young L. Bridget tried to correct him by saying Violet was more like her mother, he replied by saying he had not referred to "that haughty and supercilious woman," but her real mother, Noelle Alongrutch. He noted Kazuya becoming uncomfortable, and asked if he'd known of her background in advance. The younger Aoi claimed it had nothing to do with why he wanted to be with Satellizer. Gengo asked if it was because he wanted the backing of the L. Bridget family, which Kazuya denied. He then asked if it was because his grandson was interested in her breasts, which surpassed those of most Japanese women. He noted it had always been Kazuya's tastes, and asked if he was simply indulging himself. Kazuya spoke warningly at him, and Gengo back-pedaled by saying he did not despise full-bosomed women, as he entertained the thought of a blonde large-breasted daughter-in-law. Kazuya then snapped at him, and said he was headed back to the academy. A dumbfounded Gengo wondered what he'd said that upset his grandson. As Kazuya walked Satellizer to the train station, Gengo watched from a balcony and noted his actions had pushed the two closer, which was part of his plan.

He's later seen in his study, alongside Kazuya. He permitted his grandson to have a sip of an alcoholic beverage. He proclaimed that alcohol tasted best when drunk in a single sip while ignoring everything around you. He ignores Kazuya's disagreement, as well as Su-Na's frustration at his attitude toward making a mess she would have to clean up. The elder Aoi then asked his grandchild if he really hated him for Kazuha's death. "Do you really need to ask," Kazuya responded. Gengo then imbibed a whole bottle, and shakily got to his feet. He then proclaimed when he saw Kazuha die, he hated his choice so much he considered suicide. And yet, he never regretted it. He then stumbled forward, knocked a few books onto the floor from the nearby bookshelf, and passed out onto the floor. Su-Na rushed to his side, exclaimed that he must have been too happy at seeing Kazuya again, and promptly took him off to bed.

He's next seen in a flashback with Ouka, who listened intently when he proclaimed that for a short moment, Valkyries could surpass Pandoras. When asked about what he meant, Gengo began by explaining the virtues of Pandoras when compared to Valkyries, and added that in term of sheer power, the latter couldn't compete against their counterparts. Yet despite that, he proclaimed it was still possible for Valkyries to surpass them, and that the key was Plasma Weapons, which were created when the disposable Faylan cartridges were used up in one burst. He declared it would have created a Plasma Texture, which far surpassed the Volt Textures of Pandoras. He then offered to let Ouka do the first test of Plasma Weapons.

The story then jumps to a much younger Gengo, he is shown rowing on the lake outside his villa. Suddenly, an otherworldly woman materialized right over the surface of the lake. He deemed the woman a goddess, and called her "Maria." He's later shown viewing a computer readout, and is infuriated by the results. He then went to Maria in tears about the inevitable future, but she merely reacted by catching a tear on her finger, and lovingly licked it up. By the simple gesture, Gengo believe their hearts resonated.

He's next seen with a black-suited man, shortly after the founding of Chevalier in the year 2018. The man praised Aoi as the hope of mankind, since he was the only one who could have controlled Maria Lancelot. Gengo reflected on the man's words and privately stated that he was only buying time to preserve mankind.

Later, he seen with a cup of coffee, which he drops as he watches a blonde woman collapse to her knees, coughing up blood. He's next seen watching over her, sealed in a stasis tube, her body greatly Novalized. He knew she wouldn't have lasted long in her current state, so he decided to have her stigma compatibility lowered so she would survive.

Gengo then awakens in the present day, wondering when he'd fallen asleep. He went back inside his house, and made his way into the study. He then noticed the photo album was in a different spot, and surmised it was Kazuya who'd moved it. He didn't mind, believing it was about time for Kazuya to learn of his heritage anyway.

He's next seen in the West Genetics Stadium, as Sister Margaret announces the upcoming joint training exercise between three West Genetics' teams and Platoon 13. With an unreadable look, he watched as the headmaster ordered the exercise to begin.

12th Nova ClashEdit

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Gengo chilling

Gengo untroubled by Atsuko Seiga's plotting.

Gengo's declaration

Gengo orders his daughters to crush the Nova.

Shortly after the joint training exercise was under way, Gengo is approached by a three-star general, who asked the Nova researcher if he looked forward to the exercise.

Later, he listened as Atsuko Seiga relayed the technical details of the Type S replicas used for the exercise. When the general asked if Gengo planned to hook Atsuko up with Kazuya, he scoffed at the concept. The general then suggested the daughter of Howard L. Bridget, and that either one would bring Gengo much power. Gengo replied that in his experience, love often defied the predictions of people. He asserted that his grandson's life was not his to dictate, to which the general apologized for being rude. Gengo then considered what Atsuko had revealed about the Nova simulacrums. "The same specs as a real Nova, huh? I really hope that's all there is to them. Don't you, Nobuhiro Seiga?"

He watched as Platoon 13 disabled one of the dummies, which strangely remained functional. Moreover, it began to resonate with the other dummies, and caused an otherworldly phenomenon. Gengo remained un-bothered by the events and the same general came to him and wondered what was occurring. Gengo rose from his chair and calmly replied that the stigmatic tissues within the Faylan generators had most likely fused, and said he'd do what he could to have resolved the matter. He came up beside Atsuko, impressed that she knew about the Nova's will. Atsuko denies the doctor's implications, but Gengo states it does not matter as they both know what would happen next. 

Suddenly, the observatory received a report that Pandoras' vital signs were decreasing at an alarming rate. Yet despite the disturbing news, Gengo did not seem the least bit worried, telling Atsuko that he wanted to know how the situation would play out. He watched as the situation continued to deteriorate, when the West Genetics brass were unable to shut down the Faylan Generators, but Gengo knew that their actions were useless. When confronted if he knew everything that would have happened, he casually said it was not so simple. He proclaimed that he, or rather mankind, was the same. "All our combined knowledge, is no more than a tiny fragment of it all."

Later on, he's ordered to the main bridge by another general, but he simply refuses and vowed to remain and monitored the situation. As most of the audience evacuated, Atsuko finally admitted that everything they'd done had been foreseen by Gengo. She then asked exactly what was occurring to the Pandora. He explained that they were trying to evolve, but could not do so "as long as they remained mere dolls controlled by human hands." And that even if they could have sensed the transcendent will, they couldn't understand it, and thus would have been consumed before long. "So now it is time," he proclaimed to the blonde woman, "to bring the Pandora Project to an end."

He then opened a communication to Ouka and the Valkyries, and relayed that the Pandora were unable to fight, and thus authorized the use of the Valkyries' Plasma Weapons, in hopes that they finally demonstrate their superiority to the Pandoras. He watched as the Valkyries, unaffected by the stigmatic resonance, all but reduced the first dummy to scrap metal. Suddenly, the nigh destroyed simulacrum transformed into a real Nova, the same type that appeared in Alaska. When he asked if he'd planned on such an occurrence, Gengo merely replied he felt it was time for a new generation to have taken over.

As the battle raged on, he watched as Roxanne Elipton, leader of Platoon 13, materialized a Plasma Weapon, surprised that the Americans were able to produce the textures.

Gengo then watched as fragments of the Unknown-Type Nova broke off and became Novas themselves, which rapidly multiplied. Their multiplication caught him off-guard, as he had not expected such a development. He is later seen in an elevator, descending into the Ravensbourne Nucleotide, baffled at how the Nova had evolved so quickly and even more baffled that someone actually accepted the transcendent call.

He's next seen before Maria, ashamed that he had not foreseen the appearance of her successor so soon. He knew that neither the Pandoras nor the Valkyries could have stopped her, yet he refused to let mankind perish either. To that end, he silently vowed to use his daughter's power. Gengo watches the battle via a portable view-screen, shocked that the Pandora who'd accepted the transcendent will, was none other than Satellizer L. Bridget. He then asked Maria if it was fate that "things turned out like this." A familiar voice then spoke behind him, saying that situation shouldn't have been dismissed as simply fate. He turned around and saw the West Genetics headmaster, Sister Margaret, who demanded answers out of the irreverent Nova researcher. He then gave his take on how the situation with the Faylan generators had occurred, but defensively said they were outside his area of expertise. Sister Margaret was unconvinced, and accused him of knowing the situation could have happened, yet allowed it so the Valkyries could have replaced the Pandoras. Gengo smirked at her powers of deduction, yet admitted nothing. When asked if there was nothing that could have been done to salvage the situation, Gengo simply said they needed time, since the "humanoid" Novas, were too much for either the Pandoras or Valkyries to handle. He promised to resolve the situation, but sacrifices would be needed.

Later on, he watches as several humanoid Novas were wiped out at an incredible pace, which made him smile. "Looks like Su-Na made it just in time." He watched as three strange women with unimaginable strength appeared on the battlefield, and decimated the enemies before them. Gengo declared that his daughters, freed from their long slumber, could go wild as much as they pleased. He passionately ordered them to show the Nova, who stole their sister from them, that mankind was not to be trifled with.

He then commanded one of his daughters, to demonstrate who she really is, and watched as she felled the apparent commander of the Nova army with but a single blow. He soon heads to the battlefield, accompanied by Su-Na Lee. He told his grandson that the strange women, whom he called the Legendary Pandora, were hundreds of times stronger than the average Pandora. And more than that, they were also his family.[5]

Busters ArcEdit

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Kazuya denounces Gengo

Kazuya denounces Gengo as a dictator.

Gengo and Suna plot

Gengo and Su-Na discuss their coup d'etat against the Chevalier.

Gengo talks to Scarlett

Gengo expresses regret at the suffering Scarlett endured.

Gengo thinking

Gengo contemplates the Chevalier's next move.

Suna reports to Gengo

Su-Na reports to Gengo on Kazuya and the Legendary Pandora.

Destruction of humanity

Gengo warns Su-Na of his daughter's potential to destroy mankind.

Gengo goes to WG

Gengo prepares to depart for West Genetics.

Gengo attacked

Gengo attacked by Sawatari.

Gengo is brought in for questioning and is reprimanded by the Chevalier for keeping the existence of the Legendary Pandora a secret from the world. They accuse him of attempting to privatize the Pandora system for his own use, and remind the doctor that stigmata technology should be shared with the entire world. He responds by saying that America had built plasma weapons, which he invented, without his approval or opinion. He calms the Chevalier members by claiming that he was waiting until he was sure of his research's results before informing them of his findings. He then proceeds to tell the Chevalier that any further experiments will need his approval before hand.[6]

He is then seen walking down the hall with Chief Alfred Hughes. Alfred is very impressed with how the doctor managed to slip from the Committee's grasp blameless once again. Gengo then implies that he purposefully gave information to the Americans so they would try something like this, but did not know how far the project would actually go. Gengo then states that they have finally found what the Pandoras are truly worth, and Alfred replies saying that Gengo knew these events would happen and that he did not simply wanted to be a sponsor in the Pandora. Gengo replies that since he spends all his time thinking of ways to ensure mankind's survival, he thinks up one or two strange ideas now and then.

He is later seen eating lunch while getting briefed by one of the Chevalier Pandora, after which he ordered her to make sure all survivors of the Nova clash were quarantined until further notice, giving the soldiers permission to eliminate anybody who attempts to leave with lethal force.

He's next seen outside Kazuya's room, where he found his grandson in a rather awkward position with Cassandra. He told her to release him, and then asked Kazuya if he remembered the woman before him. He was not surprised that his grandson failed to have recalled her, but stated that he still should have held some fragmented memories, since she'd raised him until he was two years old, and considering that she was his aunt.

He's next seen in his office, with Kazuya standing before him. The freshman demanded to know who the Legendary Pandora were, and how Cassandra could have possibly been his aunt, since she and the sisters were around before his father was even born. Gengo simply repeated himself from earlier, that the same blood which ran through the sisters' veins ran through Kazuya's father as well, which made Cassandra and Ryuuichi siblings.

A brief glimpse into Gengo's past is shown. One day long ago, he was chosen by something, and thus became the only human allowed to reach the "truth." And after seeing the truth, he was forced to be its "envoy," and thus had to choose how to describe what God was to the rest of mankind: A being that created mankind, or an entity that transcended it.

Kazuya demanded to know if his father was also artificially created, which would have made him artificial as well. Gengo calmly admitted that the Legendary Pandora weren't ordinary humans, but clones of Maria he'd created through the power of science, with bodies that were over eighty percent stigmata, true stigma bodies in a sense. However, he admitted that physical bodies can not handle the stigmata's immense powers, so he sealed them away until he could find a solution, which he recently did, though he admits it is not perfect. Despite this, he confirms that Ryuuichi and Kazuya are indeed his son and grandson, born from the only woman he ever loved. Kazuya assumes he is referring to Erika Kudo, his grandmother, but Gengo reveals that Erika was always simply his wife "on paper". She never bore his children, and he never loved her. Gengo admits that Maria Lancelot is the only woman he's ever loved in this world.

Gengo then rose from his chair, and told Kazuya to accept the fact that he was Maria's grandchild, his stigmatic body serving as proof. The Nova researcher admitted that the war with the Nova would probably go on for many years, most likely longer than he could live, and said it was thus Kazuya's responsibility to lead the Pandora, and the Legendary Pandora if need be, in order to preserve humanity and its balance. He also tells Kazuya to make Satellizer his own for the "great cause before him."

But to his surprise, his grandson vehemently denounces him and his cause, claiming that he saw his family as nothing more than tools. Gengo tries to defend himself, citing all he had done was to protect mankind. Kazuya replies that all Gengo ever did was force his ideals onto others and try to make other humans, even the entirety of humanity, do his bidding. Kazuya tearfully asks how Gengo's actions have been any different from "a dictator who has been blinded by his own power". Kazuya flees from the room, leaving a distraught Gengo behind. Now alone, Gengo admits to getting old since he's begun relying on his grandson.

Gengo is next seen meeting with Atsuko Seiga, with Su-Na at his side. He inquires if Atsuko Seiga, as well as Seiga Heavy Industries, would be willing to work for him from now on. He promises that if she agrees to he will shield the company from any more liability from the recent Nova Clash. Gengo goes on to say that he is going to create a new organization, one independent from Chevalier, and that he needs talented people to join him. He claims many people agree with his beliefs and will gather to him soon. He tells Atsuko that she could be a member of the new organization if she were willing to follow his orders. She remarks that Gengo is just as devious as she had thought, saying he knows she can't really refuse him due to her current situation. She does ask though if he really thinks the world will allow him to create a new organization to fight the Nova that is not under the oversight of the Chevalier. Gengo tells her that he has gathered all the data and personnel related to the 12th Nova Clash to his facility. Gengo believes that since he has the Legendary Pandora, the Valkyries, and the normal Pandora who seem to have transcended their normal limits all at his side, the world will look to him for guidance and if they still resist he will simply force them to accept his plan. Atsuko, although shaken, agrees to work for Gengo.

Later on in private, Su-Na asks Gengo if it is wise to trust Atsuko, since she is the granddaughter of Seiga Heavy Industries's CEO. Gengo replies that it is his philosophy not to trust what humans say, but the circumstances surrounding them, basically saying that even though Atsuko may despise him, her current situation will not allow her to retaliate against him. Su-Na counters that his philosophy would work in an ideal world, but that women often allow their emotions to override their better judgement. The doctor remarks that it is precisely that tendency that makes women great. Su-Na mistakes this to mean he thinks women are easier to control than men, to which she agrees. Gengo corrects her and says that he means that those emotions that women act upon so much are what has allowed the human race to survive so long, and it is also the reason he expects so much from women. Su-Na accepts his word, telling him his explanations are as vague as always and says she will be sure to keep an eye on Atsuko regardless. Gengo tells her she is as sharp as ever, and the perfect woman for him to trust. Su-Na laughs him off, asking him if that means he does not think she's cute.

Back to business, Gengo asks if the preparations for the creation of their new organization are ready, to which Su-Na claims that there are still many complications, one being that he has had many Pandora cooped up in the facility, which may cause the plan to backfire on them. Gengo assuages her that is why they will pretend to still be working with Chevalier, and that the upcoming party he is planning to win their trust with is simply something the Pandoras' superiors set up for them as a reward for their exemplary performance. He leaves the party management in Su-Na's hands and she promises to handle it. He tells her he is counting on her and that they are still short on personnel, as well as not knowing when the next Nova Clash will occur. He proclaims that before the next clash they must take every individual that he has gathered together and solidify them into a single group. He tells Su-Na that now, more than ever, he must rely on her. Su-Na jokes that he should give her a raise first.

Gengo is next seen receiving an urgent transmission from Alfred Hughes of Chevalier, who informs him of the board's demands and concerns about him. Gengo himself said they weren't unfounded, for if he indeed went berserk, he could have rendered all the world's armies powerless. When Hughes told him the board weren't soothed in the last meeting, the Nova researcher admitted he did not blame them. "In the end, humans will always focus on the threat before their eyes, rather than the great cause in the distance," he remarked as he obtained a bottle of wine from his nearby cabinet. "And that is exactly why mankind is on the path to destruction," he thought to himself. When pressed to have come before the board to have personally resolved the matter, Gengo refused, citing that it would have caused confusion, and that he doubted mankind would have even understood the phenomenons that occurred during the last Nova Clash. As he poured himself a glass of wine, he told Hughes to buy him as much time as possible, and to take care of "you-know-what." When the chairman said he was doing everything he could, and asked Gengo to "take it easy on him," Gengo thanked him and acknowledged the warning, as the transmission was ended.

The Aoi patriarch, then sat back down, his full wineglass in his hand. He privately admitted the situation was bad, especially considering the pale expression on Hughes' face. He acknowledges that he cannot hand over the Legendary Pandora or their data to the Chevalier, lest it cause any unnecessary chaos. As he considered Chevalier's next move, a smile crept onto his face. "This is exactly why mankind will forever, find itself trapped in a series of pointless wars."

Some time later Gengo, alongside Su-Na, meets with Scarlett Ohara. He wonders how many years it had been since the two had seen each other face to face. He then tells her he has a job that he thought only she was capable of. Scarlett replies that he was still the same as ever and did not know how to treat a lady. Gengo apologizes for the hasty manner in which he had her brought to him, but she corrects him as that it isn't about that at all. She tells him he never changes and continues to use people as pawns, like he did with her in his battle with the Chevalier. Because of this Scarlett is now a broken human and a broken woman. Gengo does not reply and instead asks Su-Na to give them a moment alone. Su-Na hesitates, but then leaves the two to their discussion. Now in private, Gengo says things will be faster now that she knows that much. He tells her that he was unable to get to her before the Chevalier did, and that he at the time intended to have her on his side. He asks if she would join him now. Scarlett tells him that he always underestimates the Chevalier, as well as mankind as a whole when compared to him. She asks how a broken woman like her could possibly help him in his war against humanity. Gengo again does not reply directly, and instead asks if her previous goal had been his downfall, or if she had been seeking the truth that he had kept hidden this entire time. He admits that she was too skilled and had gotten close to the truth when they worked together in the past. He stopped her, but as a result that caused her to resent him. He admits that he does not have much time left and so he would drop his deceptions. Gengo promises to tell Scarlett everything and then let her make her own decision. Scarlett smiles, and smugly remarks that Gengo Aoi is actually asking for her help. She tells him that she does not care what happens to her anymore and no longer desires revenge. However, she is interested in the truth that he has kept hidden for all these years.

True to his word, Gengo brings Scarlett to the Ravensbourne Nucleotide, to see the holy corpse of Maria Lancelot. Scarlett asks Gengo what he will show her, as she is already quite familiar with Maria due to studying her genetic map. Instead of answering, Gengo tells Scarlett that she is a wonderful woman and that he regrets having never been able to return her feelings. Scarlett is confused and asks if he is trying to say her fate is somehow his fault. Gengo admits that he feels responsible for her and goes on to say that he was afraid of her as well. He reminisces that Scarlett was young, honest, and skilled when they worked together in the past, and that she always walked with her head held high into places Gengo had tried to keep buried in shadow. He says that on top of all of this, she also held a pure affection for him. Gengo tells Scarlett that if it weren't for Maria, he would have chosen to be with her instead. Scarlett breaks down at his words, and accuses Gengo have taking what little self-respect she has left. She tearfully exclaims that she had shown how pathetic she was, referring to the E-Pandora Project, and laments that she could not even win against a corpse. Scarlett tells Gengo that she does not care anymore, that she's sorry she went against him, and asks him to leave her alone. Gengo finally reveals the truth to her, that the holy corpse was no corpse at all. Scarlett turns to Maria's body, only to see her glaring coldly back at her. Gengo asks for Maria's help in telling Scarlett everything, as he has no right to. Maria releases some kind of energy that surrounds the doctors. Scarlett recoils at first but Gengo assures her that everything is fine and to relax and accept Maria's embrace. He tells her that it is what she had always wanted, the truth about "everything".[7] 

He's next seen in his office, as Su-Na reports that Scarlett had become very motivated in minting the Legendary Stigmata. Gengo thanked his former colleague mentally, and told Su-Na to give Scarlett her full support in the matter. When asked how he'd gotten her to change so much in one day Gengo smiled teasingly and stated it was a something only popular guys could do. Su-Na awkwardly accepted his explanation. Su-Na then turned the subject to Amelia Evans, and reported how her current prowess was far above what an E-Pandora was capable of and asked what was to be done with her. The doctor told her to keep Amelia as part of Ohara's detail, as Amelia was unlikely to take any dangerous action against them, since they were currently taking care of her younger brother. After Su-Na agreed, Gengo then turned to the subject of his grandson's special outing, and that he wanted her and two others as Kazuya's personal detail.

Gengo is seen once again in his office, listening to Su-Na's latest report. She details that beginning today, combat alert status would be temporarily suspended for the opening ceremony of the new organization. After that a party will be held where Su-Na reminds the doctor that he will be giving a speech to explain the goals of their new organization. Gengo agrees, and asks how the outing with Kazuya went. Su-Na reports that everything went great with no major incidents. She notes that the Legendary Pandora seemed to enjoy their time with Kazuya, and that Windy May got along especially well with him. Su-Na asks if that was Gengo's intent but he denies it. Gengo states that Windy May was simply acting on her family bonds with Kazuya. Su-Na misunderstands Gengo, and assumes he is talking metaphorically of his creating the Legendary Pandora and thus making him a pseudo father to them, explaining why they also treat Kazuya as family. Gengo reveals the truth to Su-Na, that the Legendary Pandora are his and Kazuya's family. Su-Na connects the dots and remarks that the Legendary Pandora must be part of his checkered past. She jokingly tells Gengo not to give her more reasons to lose respect for him. The doctor in turn sheepishly tells her that they aren't his illegitimate children. Gengo then apathetically says he does not care if she has no respect for him. Su-Na laughs and tells him that he's pouting at her joke. Ignoring her verbal jab, Gengo seriously notes that Kazuya getting along with his aunts takes some weight off his shoulders.

As the party enters full swing, Gengo observes the Pandora from the command center, accompanied by Su-Na. He is quickly alerted that four intruders have entered the base. Gengo orders a level 1 alert status be spread to the entire base. His security forces bring up an image of the Busters and Gengo is left speechless. He orders a close up of their Stigmata. Upon confirming that the intruders have possession of the new Plasma Stigmata, Gengo loses his temper and slams his fist down. He deduces that Radox must be behind the attack, and curses him for a fool. Gengo quickly regains his composure and orders the Legendary Pandora located and Dr. Ohara to ready the Injection Stigmata: Plasma Form for combat. He enquiries if the confirmed intruders are human, to which Su-Na confirms that they are. He curses Radox for this move and orders all Pandora to shelters while the Legendary Pandora combat the assassins. Su-Na asks if the intruders are really so strong as to warrant such action. Gengo confirms that Chevalier and Genetics Pandora are helpless against them. He believes the upgraded Valkyries could put up a fight, but there is no guarantee that they could win. Su-Na assumes that means their Stigmata is unique, and Gengo replies that he believes the intruders possess strength comparable to the late Chiffon Fairchild. Suddenly the security personnel locate Cassandra, but find her unresponsive, shocking Gengo. After some time observing the intruders, Su-Na informs Gengo that their objective must be either the capture or elimination of the doctor. She suggests retreat but Gengo points out that they couldn't defend themselves from an attack from the sea, and that although Su-Na would be fine he would not make it. He points out that he is safest in the facility near the Legendary Pandora and the Valkyries. More importantly however, Gengo believes this assassination attempt to be Radox's declaration of war and as such, he refuses to flee. Gengo admits that he is surprised that Su-Na, of all people, would suggest retreat. He questions if she does not think she can defeat the intruders. When Su-Na stiffens in response, Gengo wonders if he made her mad.

After some time passes and the battles rage on outside, Gengo is alerted to his daughters Windy, Teslad, and Lucy being engaged by the intruders. When informed of the enemy's use of "Anti-Freezing", the doctor listens in horror at the news. He hurriedly orders a mass evacuation of all forces, with the Legendary Pandora having top priority. He connects to Scarlett and orders her to deploy the upgraded Valkyries to stop the intruders. Scarlett objects, citing that the Valkyries are not ready for deployment. Gengo orders them sent into the field regardless of risks as they are out of time. He then orders Su-Na to ready a transport quickly. She reminds him of the danger of that course of action, but Gengo states it is nothing compared to allowing the Legendary Pandora to fight in these conditions, declaring that such could lead to the extinction of humanity. He goes on to say Radox was indeed a fool, who failed to realize the true function of Freezing, foolishly treating it only as a weapon.

Another brief look into Gengo's past is shown. A younger Gengo is seen staring up into the starry night sky, as numerous Nova resembling Pandora-Type appear. Gengo recalls Maria Lancelot's words: the fate of your people, is inevitable. Gengo ponders to himself how humanity will cease to exist in its current form when "those who possess the Transcendent will come down from the sky". Despite the judgement of mankind being seemingly unavoidable, Gengo resolves to fight and delay the judgement for as long as he can, even if that means opening Pandora's box. Back to the present, the command personnel alert Gengo to the rapidly fluctuating vitals of the Legendary Pandora. Su-Na demands an update on the Freezing the intruders used, as Gengo realizes that this is the fate of one who has opened Pandora's box despite knowing the dangers. Su-Na asks what the professor is talking about at such a time, but instead of answering Gengo cancels the evacuation order. He commands all soldiers to be deployed at once, with the priority of eliminating the Legendary Pandora, who will now be reclassified as Code N3 Pandora-Type Nova.[8]

Gengo is next seen preparing to depart to West Genetics, guarded by Su-Na and two other Pandora. After Su-Na relays their position to the control center, Gengo orders all research data on the Legendary Stigmata to be destroyed. Su-Na confirms that Scarlett Ohara is taking care of that job and that she would rendezvous with them when her task was completed, to which Gengo approved. Su-Na enquires if Gengo believes the Valkyries will be able to handle their mission to protect Kazuya from the Legendary Pandora. Gengo replies that he has no choice but to believe that they can. He explains that the Plasma Form Stigmata they possess was originally extracted from the Legendary Pandora, so at the very least the Valkyries can buy Gengo enough time to take the mass-produced Legendary Stigmata to the Ravensbourne Nucleotide. Su-Na asks if they will have a chance against the Pandora-Types if they make it there. Gengo states that his daughter Lucy cannot stand against her sisters alone. Gengo reveals to Su-Na that he intends to awaken a powerful ally to assist them. One of his guards begins to ask what Gengo means, but the professor brushes the question aside, citing that he had said too much and that they need only focus on keeping him safe for the time being.

Arriving on the proper platform, Gengo and his guards leave the elevator and make their way to a transport. However, Gengo is shocked to find his security detail slaughtered and his transport destroyed. Sawatari Isuzu emerges from the debris and politely introduces herself to Gengo. Sawatari begins to reacquaint herself with her former classmate as Gengo's guards take up a protective formation around him. Su-Na relays Gengo's situation to the command center, but promises to deliver The Cat safely, no matter the cost. Sawatari laughingly notes that she uses the same codename for Gengo and thinks it suits him well. Gengo interrupts, demanding to know if Sawatari was after his life. He tells her not to be foolish, and that, regardless of whatever Radox had told her, she is in great danger due to her experimental Plasma Stigmata. His guards quickly tell him to calm down and to stay behind them. Sawatari compliments Gengo on his kindness towards an enemy, but admits that her mission is to kill him. She politely asks his guards to stand down in order to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. Su-Na refuses Sawatari's request outright, citing that protecting Gengo was her mission. Sawatari promptly attacks by hurling her weapon at Gengo with frightening speed, but Su-Na manages to protect him in time. His other guards move to engage the assassin, but are quickly killed. Gengo can only look on as Sawatari rushes Su-Na, who readies her own weapon. However, Sawatari does not attack and instead passes by Su-Na, patting her on the shoulder as she does. Sawatari declares, while staring at Gengo, that she had finally discovered Su-Na's weakness.[9]

As Sawatari begins to taunt Su-Na, Gengo interrupts and orders his bodyguard to fight with her full strength, believing her to be far superior to Radox's assassin. Sawatari admits that Gengo is probably right, but that it doesn't matter since a battle so close to Gengo's position will almost surely cause his death. Wanting to protect Gengo no matter what, Su-Na begins negotiating with her former classmate and offers her own life in return for his. Gengo vehemently refuses such a deal and implores Su-Na to fight for herself, saying that he believes in her. Su-Na goes with the deal instead, dismaying Gengo. When Su-Na begins to be brutalized, Gengo can only watch in horror. After watching Sawatari tear out one of Su-Na's stigmata, Gengo snaps and ferociously denounces Sawatari. He declares her to be a cancer upon both Pandora and mankind itself, and swears to never forgive her for this. As a result, Sawatari turns her attention back to Gengo and mockingly notes how odd it is that both Gengo and Su-Na are trying so hard to protect each other. Taking a moment to think, Sawatari launches herself at the doctor and tackles him to the ground. Straddling him, Sawatari wonders if this will provide Su-Na with "stimulation", as Gengo struggles against her strength.[10]

As Gengo struggles against Sawatari's hold, Su-Na lunges from behind, roaring to get away from him. Sawatari promptly turns and cuts her down. She proceeds to curb-stomp the Korean Pandora into the ground, much to Gengo's horror, who sheds tears at the sight of Su-Na's brutalization. Sawatari laughs insanely at the formerly ice-cold Su-Na, who has now lost control of her emotions. She promises to have some "fun" with Gengo, which makes Su-Na beg for his life. Sawatari promises to do all number of things to the doctor, and to make Su-Na watch all of it before killing both of them. The assassin is interrupted by the arrival of Scarlett Ohara, surprising Gengo. He angrily demands why she is there when he sent her on ahead. Scarlett brushes his anger aside, stating that if he dies then everything is pointless. She orders her bodyguard Amelia Evans to deal with Sawatari, who is blind-sided by the former E-Pandora from behind.[11]

13th Nova ClashEdit

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Gengo is strangled

Gengo remains undisturbed as Ryuuichi attacks him

Gengo and pandora

Gengo reveals why he created the Pandora

Gengo lands

Gengo and his team arrive at West Genetics

Having been saved by Scarlett's timely intervention, Gengo fondly notes that her stubbornness hadn't changed and acknowledges that this time he owed her. Once Su-Na chooses to fight and dons the Legendary Stigmata System, Gengo silently watches as Su-Na remarks on the power of his hidden trump card. When Su-Na promises to crush Sawatari for attempting to defile the "man she loves", Gengo is shocked by her declaration. He presides to call out to Su-Na when the latter regenerates her hands and prepares for battle.

Upon seeing Su-Na handle the Legendary Stigmata System with ease, Gengo expresses his astonishment. Scarlett flippantly comments on Gengo's apparent worry over a single Pandora, but is brushed off. Gengo states that this is the first time a Legendary Stigmata of such similarity to Maria Lancelot's has been used, making even him nervous. Scarlett brushes aside his concerns and confidently declares that victory is certain with the strongest active-duty Pandora fighting for them. An unsure Gengo states he certainly hopes so. As the battle commences, Gengo is further surprised when Su-Na utilizes the fabled Illusion Turn. He proceeds to explain the mechanics behind the technique, which amount to Su-Na having gained the power to teleport. As Sawatari promises to slaughter both Gengo and Scarlett, the former calmly states that the battle was over thanks to Illusion Turn's ability to attack from any direction, just as Su-Na knocks Sawatari down.

Sawatari rose and she was infuriated upon Scarlett telling her that she could never defeat Su-Na. Sawatari drew in more power from her Plasma Stigma, risking an overflow and Nova lines appeared on her face. Before she could attack, however, Su-Na accelerated and severed Sawatari's arms. Gengo then listened to Su-Na and his defeated assassin about the true nature of Pandora to which they claim that the perfect Pandora is an emotionless killing machine.

Gengo later heads for West Genetics alongside his team. He is joined by Su-Na, Amelia, Scarlett, and Sawatari who is now his prisoner and has had her Plasma Stigmata removed. Due to the urgency of the situation, Gengo explains what he claims is his very limited knowledge about the true energy source of the Stigmata, which is Soul Energy. He elaborates saying that his daughters possess hundreds of thousands of soul energy, which leaves the others aghast. Intending to use his "final trump card," Gengo states that he needs as much Stigmatic Material and thus Soul Energy as possible to revive her. He says he'd normally use the Legendary Pandora for such an occasion, but that is clearly not an option. Privately, Gengo that hopes that Lucy and Cassandra are able to protect the world for just a little bit longer.

When Kazuya breaks down under the effect of his own Freezing, a battle-wounded Cassandra approaches him and begins to relay the memories of the days before he was born, leading to a flashback of the Aoi family. In the flashback, a younger Gengo is first seen in the basement of his lab in Hokkaido, standing before three large sealed canisters, greeting his son Ryuuichi who'd just been escorted into the lab by his daughter Kazuha. The younger Aoi asked if he could speak to his father in private without Kazuha listening in. The researcher denied his request, saying if it involved her mother, it would not make a difference. Ryuuichi vehemently protested his father's seemingly callous dismissal of Orie, but Gengo replied she could be happy in her own world. The Aoi patriarch told his son that now Kazuha had become aware of her true nature, it was time to reveal the purpose of Ryuuichi's existence, along with the reason the three of them existed in the world. He then raised the metal covering on the canisters, which revealed three otherworldly women, kept in a cryogenic slumber. Gengo introduced them as the Legendary Pandora, whose purpose was to give birth to Ryuuichi's future children.

He's next seen in Ryuuichi's dream, chastising his difficult son. He told Ryuuichi he had to be aware that neither he nor Kazuha were ordinary humans. And that in order to preserve humanity, a hybrid between Ryuuichi and the Legendary Pandora was needed. He proclaimed that was the purpose of Project Arcadia, to create such a utopia for mankind. As the younger Aoi awoke from his nightmare, he recalled Gengo's earlier words, how it was his fate to sire children with the Legendary Pandora.

Gengo is next seen in his lab, watching a holographic display of two polygonal shapes, one much larger than the other. He noted as the smaller one drew near the larger, it was promptly absorbed. Gengo was frustrated, mentally noting that he couldn't avert the fusion. He wondered if it was the will of the gods, or possibly the Universe itself. The Nova researcher lashed out at the display, which immediately dissipated. Realizing he had no other choice, he silently begged his son to understand.

Gengo is next seen under the great tree on his property. On the other side of the tree was his son, Ryuuichi, who resolutely refused to assist in Project Arcadia. The elder Aoi dismissed his arguments, saying the fate of the world trumped his "little romance" with Orie, and that his fate was decided upon his birth. Ryuuichi vociferously denounced him, claiming Gengo had ruined his family along with everyone else around him for his ideals, and proclaimed he'd never do the same.

After a tense silence, Gengo realized his son's desires, and relented on the matter. His only request was for Ryuuichi to welcome Cassandra into his family, whom had long desired to meet her brother in person. Gengo deeply implored his son to let her experience the warmth of a family, even if it for a few days, and in return he'd never involve Ryuuichi in his schemes ever again. The younger Aoi seemed almost amused at how sentimental his father was towards the Legendary Pandora, yet agreed to his terms nonetheless.

Gengo next appears in Ryuuichi's mind after the younger Aoi had made love to his wife, telling him his relationship with Orie was only limited to the Earth. And that he'd have no choice but to take his place by the Legendary Pandora.

The next morning, Gengo arrives at his son's house, helping a crutch-supported woman out of his car. He thanked Orie for being so helpful in the matter, and apologized for the trouble he'd caused her. He then introduced the woman as his daughter, Cassandra Aoi.

While traveling to his business arrangement, Gengo ponders his son's defiant words. He disagrees with the assertion that he worships fate, instead wanting nothing more than to run from it. Though he wishes for his family to be happy, he acknowledges that fate is not so easily overcome. After arriving at his destination, Gengo receives news of Orie's pregnancy. A smiling Gengo wishes the best for the new child.

Off-panel, Gengo calls his son from overseas, inquiring about Orie and Kazuya's well-being. Upon hearing that Orie was admitted to the hospital due to complications with her pregnancy, Gengo heads there immediately and meets with Ryuuichi. The Aoi patriarch calms his infuriated son, who was denied entry into Orie's room. He takes Ryuuichi aside, and explains the situation. According to him, Kazuya's stigma density had increased rapidly, which put both himself and his mother in danger of dying, since Orie's body couldn't contain him. Thankfully he and his team had a means to save them, but he needed Ryuuichi's consent first.

After the operation, Gengo has Orie moved to his laboratory. Three days later, Gengo is confronted by an enraged Orie, who grabs him by his shirt collar, demanding he return her son. Before she could continue, she suffered intense stomach pain, lingering side effects of the operation, and collapsed onto the floor, as Ryuuichi ran to her side. The Aoi patriarch calmly explained that Kazuya was safe, but he wasn't ready to be born. Moreover, his stigmatic body was growing too fast for her womb, which would've resulted in both his and Orie's deaths before long. Thus, Gengo explained he had to move Kazuya. When asked where, he replied to where a stigmatic body could grow safely.

Gengo then led to her another patient room, where a sleeping Cassandra resided, carrying Orie's child. He watched as his daughter-in-law became despondent at the sight, then snapped at Ryuuichi for allowing it to happen. An enraged Orie was about to attack Cassandra, incensed that she couldn't have Kazuya to herself. Gengo stopped her by saying Kazuya was indeed her child, regardless if he'd been moved to a surrogate host. And that if she truly wanted him back, he wouldn't stop her. He watched sadly as Orie fell into despair, denouncing him and Ryuuichi as insane for making her "face such a cruel reality."

He's later seen looking at the moon, pondering Orie's emotional rebuke of him. He wondered if she might have been right. Suddenly, his receptionist informs him that Ryuuichi had arrived to see him. Though once he heard Ryuuichi planned to take Cassandra home with him, Gengo heatedly protested, citing how Orie would react to the development. When he heard Orie made the request, he was stunned. Though his son denounced Cassandra as a mere container for Kazuya, she was still carrying his child, and planned to watch over her until Kazuya was born, claiming it was his choice and not fate at work.

On April 3, 2050, Gengo celebrates the official opening of West Genetics, with Alfred Hughes and several members of Chevalier. One man congratulated him on the achievement, which was shorty after the founding of East Genetics, along with the birth of his grandson Kazuya. Later, he and Alfred are walking together in the hall. The board member warily relayed that many of the Chevalier brass were unhappy about Japan having two Genetics facilities. And while it made sense on paper, they still needed good results. Gengo said not to worry, for he foresaw West Genetics becoming the leader of all other Genetics facilities. Alfred managed to agree, since the facility laboratory served as Maria's resting place. When asked of his grandson Kazuya, Gengo merely said he was fine, for the time being.

The situation soon changed, however, and off-screen, Gengo was forced to take Kazuya out of Ryuuichi and Orie's care. When his enraged son later barged into his office, demanding what right he had in taking Kazuya away, the elder Aoi asked what right did he need to save his grandson's life. He then berated Ryuuichi for not realizing a normal doctor couldn't help Kazuya and why he hadn't come to him instead, asking if he'd rather let Kazuya die. When Ryuuichi said he'd gone over the line, Gengo countered by saying he couldn't leave Kazuya in their care anymore. He then slid open a door on the side of his office, showing Cassandra breastfeeding a more content Kazuya, much to his son and daughter-in-law's chagrin.

Orie is unable to handle the situation and charges at Cassandra, surprising Gengo. After his daughter easily fends Orie off, Gengo calmly ask Cassandra to give Kazuya back to his mother. Though saddened, Cassandra complies and hands her nephew over to his grandfather. Gengo precedes to give him back to Orie, stating that he never intended to take him away, only help him. Unexpectedly, Kazuya begins to cry in Orie's arms, catching Gengo off-guard. As Orie rises to give Kazuya back Cassandra, Gengo silently prevents Ryuuichi from stopping her. Gengo looks on silently as Orie breaks down afterwards.

Gengo is later seen at Orie's funeral with Kazuha, with rumours beginning to circulate about Gengo and his family. He encourages his granddaughter to say goodbye to her mother, and he is startled to hear her say that she already has. Later the scientist implants a number of miniaturized Legendary Stigmata into Kazuha. He marvels at her ability to handle them so easily and concludes that she truly is Ryuuichi's daughter.

While reading a book one evening his enraged son stormed into the room and told the older man that he would be taking Kazuha and Kazuya and leaving. Gengo is annoyed by his son's continuing irrational and foolish behavior and warns him that there is nowhere on Earth that he can hide from Gengo. Finally willing to disclose all of the truth to his son, Gengo dismisses his son's "pretending" to have a family with Orie and reveals Ryuuichi's purpose: to guide the Pandora into battle against the Transcendent Beings.

Ryuuichi is stunned at this announcement, and states that the idea of him leading the Pandora is laughable. With his son stricken by his words, Gengo reveals that Ryuuichi's instincts are something he cannot ignore any longer, and that he is the son of Maria Lancelot. Ryuuichi breaks down at his father's words, realizing the reality of the situation and Gengo muses that his son already knew that and that he couldn't have a future with Orie, but chose not to accept it. Ryuuichi glares hatefully at the older man for this, silently showing Gengo was correct in his guess.

Ryuuichi snaps, howling that he doesn't care about any of this. All he wanted was to be with his wife and have a family. Gengo is alarmed at his son's breaking sanity. Ryuuichi declares that Gengo is trying to steal everything he has and he seizes his father around the neck and tries to strangle him. Gengo solemnly tells his son that he never intended to do anything to hurt him, rather he wanted to give his son the happiness of being a father and husband, even if only for a moment, because he knew the burden that Ryuuichi would have to uphold.

With his father not moving a muscle to defend himself Ryuuichi collapses while begging Gengo to kill him. Gengo rushes to comfort his son, while his words have the opposite effect. He tells his son that he must fulfill his duty. Humanity is steadily changing to have Stigmatic Bodies, and Ryuuichi must lead the new race of humanity to their future and oppose the Nova until the change is complete. By doing so, Ryuuichi will be protecting his children's home. Furthermore, Gengo notes that mankind will devour itself long before the Nova do if nothing is done. Ryuuichi rises and tells Gengo that if mankind is destined to be destroyed, they should accept that and Gengo has no right to do anything else.

Gengo shows a disturbed and obsessed expression in response to his son's words, declaring that mankind will change to be strong enough to overcome this and survive. In order for the plan to work, Gengo created the Pandora, who will overpower all modern weapons and be drawn naturally to Ryuuichi by the Ereinbar Set. It is Ryuuichi's duty to do this, he has no choice in Gengo's eyes. Maria chose Gengo and the children they could have together exactly for this purpose.

However, Ryuuichi's ruined sanity stopped this, with the deranged man taking his life after assaulting his sister. Gengo is shown mourning in front of his son's casket, saying that his son has left him too.

Back in the present, Gengo's chopper lands outside West Genetics, and he leads his team towards the academy building. There, they meet Sister Margaret at the entrance, who demands Gengo take responsibility for the chaos that erupted during the night. The Nova researcher countered that Chevalier couldn't bind them anymore, for only they had the power to save humanity. In his mind, he believed the time had come to go on the counter-attack, by starting Project Arcadia.

Gengo rushes down to the chamber holding Maria and Arcadia in order to release his strongest weapon to end the battle above. Before he can do so, Gengo is shocked to see Arcadia awakening herself and equipping her Volt Texture. Gengo tries to introduce himself to the impassive young girl while noting that her awakening must be a result of Kazuya's own acceptance of himself. The Pandora is unmoved by Gengo's attempts at conversation and blasts off, seemingly speaking to Maria before shattering the roof as she heads to the battlefield. Sister Margaret incredulously asks who could control such a powerful warrior and Gengo remarks that there is nobody on the the planet capable of controlling her, but is unworried since Arcadia already understands her duty. He declares the current era to belong to his grandchildren. He later comments on how Arcadia rendered all of his preparations moot. He attributes her behavior as evidence of the bonds between siblings.

Exit Revenant ArcEdit

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Gengo and Margaret discuss their partnership.


Gengo confident that he can save humanity without the Chevalier.

Following the end of the 13th Nova Clash, Gengo meets with Margaret alongside Scarlett to discuss their next step against the Chevalier. He confidently states he will not lose even if the whole world is his enemy. When questioned by Margaret, Gengo explains that the war against the Nova will now work more in their favor, since humans are beginning to evolve.

In the evening, Gengo heads out to a bar to have a drink with Margaret in order to discuss her doubts. He assures her that even should they lose, the students of West Genetics will be safe, since the Chevalier will not throw away such valuable "weapons". He adds that the two of them will almost certainly be put to death however. Margaret responds by refilling Gengo's wine and asking him for a serious reason to trust him. Smiling, Gengo thanks Margaret for her help but explains that any reason given would pointless, since she only has two in front of her. Gengo tells Margaret that she must risk it all and find a new path to follow or simply let this be the end of it all. Seeing his companion disturbed, Gengo comforts Margaret by telling her that she has indeed made the right choice. He offers his glass for a toast and tells Margaret to enjoy the evening as a normal woman, causing his companion to blush.

Gengo later convenes a meeting with Scarlet, Margaret, Atsuko, Elize, and Yu-Mi in attendance. He explains to them his dimensional theory. He states that the Nova come from a "uniform dimension", which is a dimension that can interact with the human's dimension despite not being detectable. Gengo continues with his hypothesis that uniform dimensions have a tendency to try and destroy all other dimensions of the same type until only one dimension remains. Atsuko asks if this means the Nova are actually just a natural occurrence within this dimensional friction. Gengo states that he has no hard evidence, but believes his theory to be correct. He has named this dimensional behavior "Transcendent Will". Elize speaks up and questions if the Chevalier is aware of this information. After a moment, Gengo confirms that they are not aware. He explains that if they knew, then they would surely have attempted to destroy opposing uniform dimensions without serious consideration. Gengo then smugly notes that the Nova's appearance helped to unite mankind and thanks to that, he has bought enough time to find a way to save the human race without needing the Chevalier's help. Sobering, he admits that before he could prove his research true, circumstances made him turn on the Chevalier. Gengo apologizes for getting those present caught up in his troubles. He continues on to note that they are currently in possession of Maria Lancelot and the strongest Pandora in the world. With them, he plans to make a gamble on mankind's future. Operation Exit Revenant might just be the solution that allows mankind to no longer live in fear of the Nova.

Not long after the meeting, Gengo has Su-Na and Sister Margaret escort Kazuya to the Ravensbourne Nucleotide. When his grandson arrives, Gengo attempts to explain Operation Exit Revenant but is met with suspicion and distrust. Gengo passionately informs Kazuya that he created the Pandora to buy time against the Nova, and that he has waited all this time for a human to appear who could interact with the uniform dimensions. He solemnly asks Kazuya to use his abilities to discover the true reason for the Nova's existence. Kazuya is horrified, and storms out of the meeting.

Cassandra and Gengo meet for drinks, with Gengo looking for some affirmation from his daughter. Although she doesn't say a word, the Legendary Pandora comforts her father.

When his grandson agrees to send his mind to the Nova dimension provided Gengo keep his journey a secret should he die, Gengo emotionally promises that Kazuya won't. Later, Gengo is flabbergasted to see Maria intervene and send Kazuya and Arcadia to another dimension.

When Satellizer attempts to break into his lab, Gengo invites her in and explains the situation to her. He is surprised to see the young woman pass out when he tells her Kazuya is no longer reachable.

When an approaching army under the command of Radox is reported to be closing in, Gengo muses that their weakened state must have been leaked. He rejects Scarlett's suggestion to disconnect the Legendary Pandora from Kazuya, stating that he must complete his mission.

Gengo then declares that the upcoming battle is the first in a holy war to save mankind.

After Satellizer talked with the Legendary Pandora in their Freezing field about Kazuya being in danger in the other dimension, she and other Pandora rush to Gengo's lab as he suspect them to come. He tells them that the Legendary Pandora can only transfer five of them to the other world. It was decided that Satellizer and members of Platoon 13 will go. Gengo is promised by Satellizer that they will all return with Kazuya.

Later on, a flashback is shown of a young Gengo in 2014 who made artificial pillars to test the theory of the wave of singularity which became his first experiment. During the time, no one believed in Gango's theory but he wanted prove them wrong that he's correct and wont give up showing that special waves that are sent to humans to when he was beginning to experiment in to develop special and distinguished devices in the lake and meeting Maria who comes from another world which was the beginning of everything. Gengo learn from Maria that humans who give up their feelings will perish with the universe as he wanted to understand that desire and become a human being who fights against God. With this, Gengo executed his plan using all the information through Maria with a single point wave reflector that was installed in locations around the world to unite everyone which became effectively thanks to the Nova. The device allowed Gengo to recognize the transcendence that created the whole world as "Nova" and the organization that fights them called "Chevalier".

Gengo had came near the Transcendental Will through Maria had modified the Transcendence’s Singular wave and figured out that the effects caused by the energy can be slowed down and Transcendence evolves humans to the pure souls eventually making it one with the energy of the universe. Gengo had artificially blocked the evolution and every time the "Will of Transcendence" had been slowed down, more side effects occurred because souls should have met the Transcendence but couldn't meet. Every time a limit had reached confiscate all the souls was observed which gave birth to Nova and that humans consider to be the fearful embodiment of destruction.

Gengo knew why the Nova appeared on earth but kept quiet and with the use of Faylan and the phenomena caused by the Transcendental had not been stopped. Gengo just wanted to prolong the world in a state where humans can be recognized as humans and wanted salvation. Gengo didn’t want to know how to bring down the Nova through Kazuya. Gengo believed that humans, Maria, Nova, and he are trapped in the cycle known as Transcendence which is forsaken specter who can neither be a part of mankind nor a part of the transcendence. Gengo wanted Kazuya to save him from misery.



Maria LancelotEdit

Gengo claims that Maria Lancelot is the only woman he has ever loved in his life. He first met her when she materialized over the lake outside his villa. He promptly fell in love with her, and referred to her as a goddess. Through her the Legendary Pandora, as well as his son Ryuuichi Aoi were born. Not much is know about their personal time together.

Erika KudoEdit

Erika Kudo is Gengo's lawful wife who acted as a surrogate for the birth of his son Ryuuichi. Despite this Gengo claims to have married her only for the sake of appearances and so his son could be born. He stated that he had never loved her.

Legendary PandoraEdit

The Legendary Pandora are Gengo's daughters. Despite their true nature, he considers them a part of his family. He allowed his grandson to be raised by Cassandra until he was 2 years old and was noticeably saddened when Chiffon died. However, Gengo is fully aware of the destructive potential of his daughters and as such, is not above unwillingly ordering their elimination for the good of mankind.

Ryuuichi AoiEdit

Ryuuichi Aoi was Gengo's son. The two had a strained relationship, due to Ryuuichi's desire to live as a regular person with his family and not take part in any of Gengo's machinations. This slowly worsened as Gengo revealed the existence of the Legendary Pandora and Ryuuichi believed that Gengo had betrayed Erika. Ryuuichi was disgusted when Gengo tried to have him impregnate the Legendary Pandora and wanted nothing to do with his father's plans, much to Gengo's frustration. The relationship between the two slowly improved during the first months of Orie's pregnancy, but it veered sharply downhill after that.

After Kazuya had to be transferred to Cassandra, Gengo was disturbed by Ryuuichi viewing his sister as a tool, and Ryuuichi in turn was cold to his father's wishes to treat Cassandra as family. After Kazuya was having feeding difficulties that began to lead to the boy starving, Gengo angrily stepped in and took Kazuya from his parent's custody, giving him to Cassandra. During the confrontation between father and son Gengo demanded to know if Ryuuichi wanted his son to die, showing how badly broken their relationship had become.

This contention finally came to a peak after Orie's death, with Ryuuichi confronting Gengo over Kazuha's odd behavior and Gengo dismissing Orie's marriage to Ryuuichi and her death. The explosive confrontation had Ryuuichi attempt to murder his own father and leave in despair, ultimately taking his own life. Gengo showed great despair over his son's death, revealing that he did love Ryuuichi in spite all that had occurred between them.

Orie AoiEdit

Orie Aoi is Gengo's daughter-in-law. Although Gengo did not consider her a part of his family's "world", he did not dislike her for it. He would maintain civility when speaking to Orie, and even admitted to wishing that she could be happy. He later empathized with her when she broke down and cursed the cruel fate that had befallen them and attended her funeral after her demise.

Kazuha AoiEdit

Kazuha Aoi is Gengo's granddaughter. When she was a young child, Gengo was extremely close to Kazuha. The two would often spend time together on Gengo's property and it appears that Kazuha confided in Gengo more than her own parents. This changed after the deaths of Orie and Ryuuichi, with Kazuha swearing to keep Gengo and Kazuya apart. In fact, Kazuha became a Pandora simply to protect her younger brother from Gengo's influence, showing that she had lost a great deal of her trust in Gengo. Although she did take up Gengo's cause for fighting the two apparently never fully reconciled before Kazuha died. While in a drunken stupor, Gengo admits that Kazuha's death made him contemplate suicide, but that he also did not regret it. In a flashback, a drunken Gengo is seen cursing the very idea of allowing others to have a piece of Kazuha.

Kazuya AoiEdit

Kazuya Aoi is Gengo's grandson whom he has an estranged relationship with. Before Kazuya was born, Gengo objected to Ryuuichi desiring to have children with his wife, Orie. In spite of this, Ryuuichi and Orie conceived Kazuya. Although Gengo had initially opposed a child being born of Orie, he happily expressed his best wishes to his new grandchild and stepped in when Kazuya needed to be transferred to Cassandra's womb.

After Kazuya was born, and he refused to bond with his mother and was in danger of starving due to lack of proper feeding, Gengo again stepped in to save his grandson's life by giving him to Cassandra. When confronted by an enraged Ryuuichi and Orie over his taking Kazuya, Gengo angrily berated Kazuya's parents for putting his life at risk. Ultimately, Gengo revealed that he viewed Kazuya as being his son, showing a great deal of care for the boy.

Although that was and is true, Gengo was rarely home when they lived together before Kazuya went to the academy. And after Kazuha died, Kazuya blamed Gengo for her death and was wary of spending time with grandfather. This was compounded by Gengo seemingly approving of Ouka wanting to marry Kazuya. Privately, he approves of his grandson choosing Satellizer and has tried to steer the couple to become closer. Gengo also wants Kazuya to succeed him in the event of his death as the heir to Gengo's work, but his grandson is wholly against the proposition.

Arcadia AoiEdit

Arcadia is Gengo's second granddaughter. He was shocked to find that she had awoken from stasis without any intervention from the outside. Gengo introduced himself to her, but was completely ignored by Arcadia. He privately admitted to being unsure of just what exactly she is.

Ouka TenjouinEdit

Ouka Tenjouin is the niece of Gengo's son through marriage. He is quite fond of Ouka, to the point that he supported the idea of her as Kazuya's fiancée and told Kazuya to at least think about her as a possibility. He believes that she is fully capable of realizing the true potential of the Valkyries. Ouka refers to him as "grandfather."


Scarlett OharaEdit

In the past, Gengo had a professional yet eventually estranged relationship with Scarlett Ohara. Although he admired Scarlett's youth, skill, and tenacity, he was also worried that she would uncover secrets he had hidden from mankind. When Scarlett began mapping Maria's gnome without authorization, Gengo realized that she would uncover the "truth" about mankind's war against the Nova, and promptly fired her under the pretext of ideological differences. Their relationship soured after that, with Scarlett coming to resent Gengo with a passion. In the Busters Arc, Gengo claims that if Maria were not still alive, he would have likely chosen to be with Scarlett and reciprocate her feelings. With Scarlett's willing participation in his plot, the two have finally reconciled their differences.

Su-Na LeeEdit

Gengo shares a close relationship with Su-Na Lee. He first met her when the latter was a third year at West Genetics. Gengo had been searching for a suitable Pandora to choose as a bodyguard and was intrigued by Su-Na's file. He decided to meet with her despite the reservations of his assistants. The two met and instantly took to each other, with Su-Na incorrectly believing that Gengo was a sociopath like herself. After some time, Su-Na realized that her assumption had been wrong and that Gengo had simply been acting. As a result, Su-Na stops visiting Gengo and cooking for him on her off-duty hours. Gengo eventually confronts her, and she reveals to him that she is a sociopath and asks if he thinks she is abnormal. Gengo unhesitatingly tells her that she is not abnormal, just hurt. He goes on to affirm that the two of them are the same, that they both fight to the end while enduring pain. Gengo proposes that the two of them share their strengths with one another, while promising to become Su-Na's family and give her a place to call home. He finishes by promising to heal her cold hands while he's at it. A smiling Su-Na accepts his offer.

As time passes, Gengo and Su-Na go on to share a friendly relationship of mutual respect. In addition to being his bodyguard and head lieutenant, Su-Na also acts as a maid and cook for Gengo. They are able to converse and share their personal opinions with each other. Gengo trusts her greatly, relying on her to accomplish his goals, as well as sharing closely-guarded secrets and technology with her. Gengo cares a great deal for Su-Na, as noted by Isuzu Sawatari and Scarlett Ohara. When she allows herself to be beaten and maimed in return for his safety, Gengo is distraught and continually implores her to fight back despite the risk to his own life. Scarlett notes that despite his decades worth of experience, Gengo is uncharacteristically concerned for Su-Na's safety when the latter dons the Legendary Stigmata System. 

Margaret LindmanEdit

Due to his influence over West Genetics, Gengo has a long-time, professional relationship with Margaret Lindman. During the 12th Nova Clash, he was visibly impressed by Margaret's perceptive deductions concerning his manipulation of Seiga Heavy Industries. Following the clash, Gengo actively recruits Margaret to his new organization. When out having a drink with Margaret, Gengo teasingly flirted with her.

Howard L. BridgetEdit

Gengo and Howard L. Bridget first met in 2022, when Gengo proposed the Pandora and Valkyrie Projects to him, and the two have been working together ever since. Gengo knows all of Howard's family, along with many of his quirks, which is one reason they work so well together.

Alfred HughesEdit

Another close associate of Gengo's, the two have known each other and worked together since at least 2018. Alfred Hughes is Gengo's sole ally on the Chevalier committee. He is the one who informs Gengo of the committee's concerns about him and his actions during the 12th Nova Clash.


Radox PhantomheimEdit

According to Alfred Hughes, Radox Phantomheim has been Gengo's rival for years. When the former sent assassins to silence the doctor, Gengo refused to flee from what he considered Radox's declaration of war. Gengo considers Radox a fool who utilizes weapons and technology that he does not fully understand.

Sawatari IsuzuEdit

Su-Na's old rival and the strongest assassin sent for his life, Gengo has nothing but contempt for Sawatari Isuzu. When the latter begins beating and brutalizing Su-Na in front of him, Gengo becomes enraged and denounces Sawatari as scum. He derides her as a cancer upon the existence of Pandora as well as all of mankind.



"A power too strong to handle, will only hasten one's end. In order to continue fighting, we must restrain that power. We need a human weapon, that can fight an inter dimensional enemy, while using as little power as possible. If I make a giant enemy for mankind to fight against, as well as the means to oppose that enemy, then as long as humanity fights there should still be hope!"


  • Gengo is a heavy drinker, and is often seen drinking in his down time. His preferences include Glenfiddich single malt scotch and Solaia wine.
  • Coincidentally, both Radox Phantomheim's and Gengo's own military forces use the codename "The Cat" to refer to the doctor.
  • According to Su-Na, Gengo is fond of both Japanese and Korean cuisine, with Su-Na's cooking being a particular favorite of his.
  • Although not a staff member himself, Gengo has immense influence over West Genetics due to being the driving force behind its establishment.
  • Gengo maintains a personal laboratory in Furano, Hokkaido.
  • In the dimensional world of Elca, Gengo's counterpart is Ibanyle.


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