Soverign Nova

Goddesses of Balance assembled in the skies above Elca

The Sovereign Nova are a group of five Nova that reign over the Elca dimension. As such, they are also praised as the Goddesses of Elca.


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Goddesses of Balance merge into a Nova

The Goddesses of Balance watch over the battle between Ibanyle's forces and the Rounders who have uncovered his treachery and abuse of soul energy. Maria Eluka Nova sides with the Rounders to the other Goddesses' admonishment. Pulucseigel intervenes for fun and injects several humans with a tiny bit of soul energy that kills them as they become overwhelmed and corrupted. Ibanyle's forces advance and take hold of Maria Eluka.

Kazuya Aoi intervenes in the battle and supplies the Rounders with a boost of energy to give them the power to overwhelm Ibanyle's forces until Pulucseigel more actively intervenes. She smashes in Satellizer Alexander and begins to dissolve Kazuya's hands. The Pandora of Platoon 13 from Earth then arrive and engage Pulucseigel when she attacks Roxanne Elipton. The Pandora dominate Pulucseigel with Satellizer L. Bridget fatally wounding her forcing all of the sisters to intervene and overwhelm the Pandora in kind. Their attacks spurn Rana Linchen to tap into more and more power and kill Bonemian.

The Goddesses determine the Pandora to be Nova sent by the Transcendent Will to punish them and destroy Eluka for abusing soul energy. Erectar subsequently merges all of her sisters, including Maria, into a single massive Nova.


The Goddesses have abilities equal to that of Novas. They can unleash powerful Freezing, invisible barriers, and fire laser beams or multiple lasers in different directions. The Goddesses also have the ability to merge into one Nova that's about the same size of other Novas that appear on Earth.

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