Gohoushi Satellizer el Bridget ( Servant Satellizer el Bridget) from Cross Make 2011 Summer, written by Moonzero (Lim Dall Young) and drawn by Anicd, is a hentai doujinshi story created by the originator of Freezing. It is part of the Eroizing (エロいジング‎) set of stories. It is a non-canon official doujinshi story set in the Freezing universe. It is part of the Lim Dall Young World.


West Genetics's GR230 (Satellizer L. Bridget) is shown to be a submissive Pandora, willing to obey the orders of the Chevalier. She is ordered to strip, which she does. It is remarked that her breasts are large, so must be augmented, but she says they are natural. When asked if they produced milk, she says they do not, but that she can get injections if he wishes, so that they do. Having revealed her armpits, it is remarked that even living weapons like Pandoras must still be women, and shave their pits. When her panties don't disappear, it is revealed they are not part of her Volt Texture uniform. When remarked that she doesn't look like a virgin, she says that she is, but she is shaved, which the Chevalier takes to mean she is not. She reveals that her stepbrother forced her to shave, which the Chevalier takes to mean that she's not a virgin, but she again denies this, saying they never had sex. The Chevalier then goes to check her hymen, seeing that it is intact. The Chevalier then goes to oil her body. She says that she will let the Chevalier use her anally and vaginally, as he is her master.


This contrasts with the Satellizer from the manga, in which she has turned into a submissive person, bound to the orders of the Chevalier, whatever they are, whereas in the manga, she is highly defiant and rebellious, disobeying the orders of the Chevalier, such as during the E-Pandora Rebellion. Rather she follows orders of the Chevalier, like how Charles and Chiffon do.

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