"Things seem a bit boring though... anyone care for a little side show?"

Hekusania Eluka Nova to her sisters in "Holy Revolution".

Hekusania Eluka Nova
Unnamed god029
Hekusania Eluka Nova as she appears in the manga
First Appearance Manga Chapter 213
Personal Status
Relatives Erectar Eluka Nova (oldest sister)
Garatolos Eluka Nova (older sister)
Pulucsigel Eluka Nova (older sister)
Bonemian Eluka Nova (older sister,†)
Maria Eluka Nova (younger sister)
Affiliations Elukarium
Goddesses of Balance
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Hekusania Eluka Nova is one of the Goddesses known to the world of Eluka.


Hekusania is one of the Goddesses of Balance and rulers of Eluka. She is the fifth born of her sisters.


Hekusania has long hair and shown in her complete Nova form almost similar to that of Chiffon Aoi's Nova form. Like her sisters, she has a structure with a beehive like ball that contains souls of the deceased attached to her back.


Hekusania is quite sadistic as shown when she poor Soul Energy into humans and gloats at them while taking their souls.


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Exit Revenant ArcEdit

Main article: Exit Revenant Arc 
Unnamed nova021

Hekusania poring Soul Energy

Hekusania first appeared with her fellow Goddesses of Balance watching Maria Eluka Nova's revolution against Ibanyle. She took delight in the death and destruction of humans and intervened by spreading a "small" amount of Soul Energy. When she did, the humans reacted horribly and regressed into Nova Form, ultimately collapsing under its effects.

Hekusania watched on how Pulucsigel Eluka Nova and Bonemian Eluka Nova interfere in the war then saw five pillars of light with the arrival of Platoon 13 from Kazuya Aoi's world.

When Pulucsigel and Bonemian were overpowered by the Pandora, Hekusania and her sisters come to aid them. She and her sisters took down Rana with multiple lasers but was shocked when the girl got back up with so much soul energy killing Bonemian.

Soon after, Hekusania and her sisters merge into a gigantic Nova.


  • As a Goddess of Balance, Hekusania has abilities equal to Novas.
  • She can fire a powerful laser beam and multiple lasers in different directions.




Ibanyle is the servant to Hekusania and her sisters.


Erectar Eluka NovaEdit

Erectar is Hekusania's oldest sister and fellow goddess.

Garatolos Eluka NovaEdit

Garatolos is Hekusania's older sister and a fellow goddess.

Pulucsigel Eluka NovaEdit

Pulucsigel is Hekusania's older sister and a fellow goddess.

Bonemian Eluka NovaEdit

Bonemian is Hekusania's older sister and a fellow goddess.

Maria Eluka NovaEdit

Maria Eluka is Hekusania's younger sister and a former fellow goddess who was deemed as a traitor.



Hekusania and her sisters battled the Pandoras who were transported from Earth as their goal is to bring Kazuya Aoi back home safely.



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