"Sorry... I guess I went a little overboard."

Joan Ala to Jina Purpleton in "Difference in Strength".

Joan Ala
Joan Ala as she appears in the manga
First Appearance Chapter 54
Age 17
Nationality Korean
Personal Status
Affiliations Genetics Korea (Third-year student)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Joan Ala is a third-year Pandora student at Genetics Korea.


Nothing to know about Joan's background other than being a Pandora.



Joan Ala as she appears in the anime

Joan has black colored hair and gray eyes. Like all the Pandoras in Alaska, she wears the Alaskan Genetics Volt Texture uniform.


Joan is shown to be well mannered as she apologized to Jina Purpleton for being to rough on her after their mock battle.


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E-Pandora ProjectEdit

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Joan vs Jina

Joan battles Jina during the mock battles

Joan is shown to participate in the mock battles and was chosen to be Jina Purpleton's opponent during the second match. Eventually, Joan overpowers and defeats Jina winning the second battle. Joan apologizes to Jina for going a little overboard on her.


  • Joan's unnamed Volt Weapon is a pair of steel-plated gauntlets.


  • In the anime, when Joan apologized to Jina, she tried to help up the E-Pandora by giving her a hand after their mock battle, but Jina refused as she didn't want Joan's help.
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