"You've known for a long time now, haven't you? That you stole my heart... from the very first time we met... Satellizer L. Bridget... I will always belong to you, so long as you desire."

Kazuya Aoi expresses his feelings to Satellizer L. Bridget in "A New Door".

Kazuya Aoi
Kazuya A.
Kazuya Aoi, as he appears in the anime.
Kana アオイ=カズヤ
Romaji Aoi Kazuya
Sobriquet "Super Rookie"
"Boy From Another World" (dimensional nickname)
First Appearance Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Age 15
Nationality Japanese
Height 169 cm
(5 feet 6.5 inches)
Weight 60 kg
(133 lbs)
Blood Type O
Hobbies Reading
Weak Point Hair
Personal Status
Relatives Gengo Aoi (grandfather)
Maria Lancelot (biological grandmother)
Erika Kudo (surrogate grandmother)
Ryuuichi Aoi (father, †)
Orie Aoi (biological mother, †)
Cassandra Aoi (aunt, surrogate mother)
Teslad Aoi (aunt)
Windy May Aoi (aunt)
Lucy Aoi (aunt)
Chiffon Aoi (aunt, †)
Kazuha Aoi (older sister, †)
Arcadia Aoi (younger half-sister)
Ouka Tenjouin (cousin)
Affiliations West Genetics (First-year student)
Aoi Family
Platoon 13
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Mitsuhiro Ichiki
English Josh Grelle
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Kazuya Aoi (b. April 3, 2050) is the male protagonist of the Freezing series. He is the younger brother of the late Pandora, Kazuha Aoi and grandson of renowned scientist, Gengo Aoi. He is a Limiter enrolled at West Genetics Academy and is (unofficially) partnered with Satellizer L. Bridget.


Young Kazuya

Kazuya as a child

Kazuya Aoi is the second child and only son of Ryuuichi Aoi and Orie Aoi, the younger brother of Kazuha Aoi, the hero of the 8th Nova Clash and the grandson of Gengo Aoi, the chief scientist of the Chevalier and the creator of the Pandora, Limiters, and Stigmata. During his mother's pregnancy, complications arose as a result of his stigmatic body, forcing Gengo to transfer Kazuya from his mother's womb to his aunt Cassandra's in order to save his life. Despite being her son, Kazuya would cry whenever his mother, Orie, would hold him and even refused to nurse off of her. He instead would only breastfeed off of Cassandra and would instantly stop crying if she held him. Because of Kazuya's unconscious rejection of his mother on top of Kazuha's additional distancing from her mother caused Orie to plot to kill Kazuya and hopefully produce another child which would love her. One night, Kazuya was nearly suffocated by Orie but was stopped by Kazuha who attacked her mother out of defense for her brother. Unfortunately, this lead to Orie's tragic death. Shortly after, his father eventually descended into deep depression and eventually killed himself. Kazuya was then raised by Cassandra until he was two years old.

Later, Kazuya lived with Kazuha who became a Pandora and the two lived a short distance away from West Genetics, unassisted by their grandfather. The two lived happily together until Kazuha sacrificed her life to end the 8th Nova Clash when Kazuya was only eleven years old.


Kazuya is physically unimpressive with short black hair and brown eyes. Like all Limiters seen so far, he has a slender build. He's usually seen in the traditional West Genetics uniform but dresses in casual clothes and the Limiter combat uniform when the situation warrants it. Due to his thin delicate looking build, he is seen as "cute" by a few of the girls in school. Recently, after tapping into his potential from extreme stress during the 13th Nova Clash, Kazuya underwent a transformation into his Nova nature in which his eyes momentarily became like his grandmother's, which had vertical slits over each pupil, showing that he has become more inhuman and more like the Nova.


Kazuya is a kind boy who doesn't like to bad-mouth others and cares deeply for his friends, qualities that eventually get the haphephobic Satellizer L. Bridget (who is shunned by others due to her past and rumors of her ruthless behavior) to warm up to him. He is serious when Satella becomes injured in fights and tries to stop them on his own.

Kazuya hates all unnecessary combat, especially between allies. Despite his kindness, or perhaps because of it, he reacts extremely aggressively when others act cruel and callous towards each other. This is seen when he Freezes the thugs assaulting Rana Linchen and Kaho Hiiragi and knocks one of them out with one punch, and again when he strikes Ingrid Bernstein across the face to make her truly understand her friends' final words. He is also rather intelligent and perceptive, recognizing a group of thugs for who they were after a few minutes of interacting with them, and being able to adeptly read many situations he is confronted with. He still retains a certain amount of naiveté especially when it comes to personal/physical relationships like he has with Satella. His kindness comes with a high amount of what can be termed "chivalry". Freezing Zero showed that he was an intelligent and observant child, seeing the bruise on his sister's cheek and wondering if she was being bullied.

He is always polite and respectful to everyone, especially females. He tries his best to respect Satella's feelings and personal space, even suppressing his own physical desires on numerous occasions and berating himself for having them in the first place which has led to confusion between them due to Satella wanting to be more intimate but is unable to express it. He also seeks to remain formal and respectful with Rana, despite the latter's efforts to be informal and intimate with him, as seen when he tried to keep the massage he was giving her for her new arms professional and platonic. This upright attitude have made him allies and friends with almost everyone he has met, or at least earned their respect.

However, after the revelation of his origin and his connection to the Legendary Pandora, Kazuya begins to have a mental break down, becoming angry and abrasive to everyone around him, including Satella who he rejects out of fear and anger. He has shown to become sullen and withdrawn, not saying anything when he and the "Legendary Pandora" are escorted through town, and even averting his eyes from Satella when they almost look at each other. Kazuya eventually overcomes his emotional problems and returns to his normal self, thanks in part to Satellizer's assistance.

As the series has gone on and Kazuya has come to terms with his nature, he has become more mature and pragmatic, willing to make difficult decisions such as taking over the unwilling Elizabeth and Arnett during the 13th Nova Clash to help them fight. He has also shown a strong sense of justice, being horrified with the way Ibanyle uses his freezing and horror over the state of Eluka. After his talk with Chiffon, Kazuya has decided to reject both his grandfather’s path and the path of the transcendent will deciding to forge his own path showing his growing strength and will.

Freezing: Zero

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Kazuha Aoi Arc

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Kazuya at age eleven

Kazuya lives with his sister Kazuha at a short distance away from West Genetics. He's seen taking a bath with her. Kazuya immediately noticed the bruise on Kazuha's cheek. Believing that Kazuha is being bullied, Kazuya tells her to notify him if anyone causes harm to her and that he will protect her as a man. This earns Kazuya a big hug from his sister.

Kazuya is next seen as Kazuha makes her famous "Kazuha Croquets". Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz come to visit their home and are introduced to Kazuya. Kazuya asks Yu-Mi if she was responsible for hitting his sister to which the senior becomes shock and tries to denied that she didn't. Kazuha tells her brother that Yu-Mi just gave her a strict lesson about the rules at the academy using their fists. This only makes Kazuya more angry at Yu-Mi.

After the 8th Nova Clash, Kazuya learns about Kazuha's sacrifice and was very sadden at the lost of his sister and had a funeral for her. Kazuya keeps the promise he made to Kazuha of becoming a Limiter.

Freezing: Pair Love Stories

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Kazuya is seen alongside Satellizer fighting the Nova during the 10th Nova Clash.


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Introductory Arc

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Kazuya Satella meet

Kazuya's first meeting with Satellizer L. Bridget

Limiter offer

Kazuya offers to be Satellizer's Limiter

Kazuya arrives at West Genetics where he mistakes Satellizer L. Bridget (who was fighting against Ganessa Roland at the time) for his deceased sister. Lost in the delusion, Kazuya leaps out and embraces Satellizer, which in effect causes her to lose for the very first time at a Carnival.

Kazuya is next seen being welcomed into West Genetics by Sister Margaret, who tells him to follow Chiffon Fairchild for a quick tour of Genetics academy grounds. Chiffon tells Kazuya about the person he hugged, she explained that Satellizer was never beaten, until now. Kazuya asked where he could find Satellizer, to which Chiffon begs him not to, since Satellizer is very aggressive. The latter then sees two students fighting.

Kazuya steps outside to intervene between Ganessa and Satellizer, as Ganessa had just been torturing her. Ganessa then proceeds to hit Kazuya out of the way, stating that he was getting in the way of her victory. Kazuya then witnesses Satellizer change into Pandora Mode as a reaction toward Ganessa's actions, giving Satellizer the victory as Ganessa was largely overpowered. The battle ends with the Numbers intervening, as Chiffon explains to Kazuya that the "Numbers" are an elite group that brought an end to the 8th Nova Clash.

Kazuya then steps into his room where Arthur Crypton introduces himself, as his next door neighbors. Arthur explains to Kazuya the Pandora system to Kazuya, and then tells Kazuya to stay away from Satellizer.

Kazuya, ignoring all of the warnings from his classmates, decides to chase Satellizer to the rooftops to apologize to her about costing her the fight against Ganessa. Kazuya apologizes and asked why everyone was so scared of, even touching her, and Satellizer tells him that it was okay for him to touch her, not knowing why though. Kazuya then asks for Satellizer to make him her limiter, but are interrupted by Miyabi Kannazuki and her harem of men. Miyabi explains that she wanted Kazuya as her Limiter, but Kazuya rejects her as he wanted to be with Satellizer and no one else. Miyabi refusing to take no for an answer does no let Kazuya go off so easily. Satellizer then decides to fight Miyabi for the sake of Kazuya. A battle ensues between Miyabi and Satellizer. Kazuya is quickly involved in the fight as Satellizer tries to get him before Miyabi's limiters are able to fully neutralize her but it was too late and Kazuya is forced to watch as Miyabi and her gang begin to shame Satellizer. Kazuya is then angered at the mistreatment of Satellizer is forced to deal with and is able to break the freezing put on Satellizer, allowing Satellizer to fight back and beat Miyabi. Satellizer then continues to beat Miyabi but is stopped by Kazuya who begged her to stop this onslaught.

Kazuya is then seen being taking care of by Chiffon who tells him of Satellizer's punishment, and although the junior were going to put it into their own hands what would happen to her Chiffon told Kazuya she had every intent to stop it.

3rd Year Punishment Arc

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Freezing v2 038

Kazuya once again offers to be Satellizer's Limiter.

Kazuya is next seen hearing that Satellizer was confronted by one of the third years who challenged her to a fight, and knowing she would be out matched without a limiter he quickly rushes to her aid.

Kazuya is seen at the girls dormitory, where he goes to Satellizer's room unannounced. Kazuya, after seeing Satellizer naked and her putting the towel back on her, asked if he could be her limiter, but was put off when she said that she had no need for a limiter. Disheartened Kazuya left to his dorm, but on the way he finds himself looking at Satellizer going up against Ingrid, from behind the trees. Kazuya then bursts from the trees and tells Ingrid that he would be Satellizer's limiter. Satellizer still rejects his off, but this time it was because it was very perverse to her as it feels like the limiter is brushing against every part of her body. Kazuya then destroys Leo's freezing after seeing that Ingrid about to kill Satellizer. Kazuya was then targeted by Ingrid and her limiter, but then she was once again blocked by Satellizer. Kazuya wondered why Ingrid was so insistent on the rules, and Kaho explains that do to everyone lack of respect for the rules her best friend Marin was killed in a Nova clash. Kazuya then once again destroys Leo's freezing, and Satellizer takes that advantage to knock out Leo. Ingrid activates her Pandora mode, but it was sill no match for Kazuya's freezing. As Ingrid was frozen, Kazuya lectures her on her fixation on the rules, because in truth it was disrespectful to Marin's memory. Kazuya then strikes Ingrid across the face, declaring her to be the only one not recognizing Marin's sacrifice. Overcome with exhaustion and grief, Ingrid collapses. 

Rana Introductory Arc

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Kazuya meets Rana

Kazuya getting to know Rana

Kazuya is in his classroom listening to his teacher explain the basic battle formations. Bored, he is poked by Kaho Hiiragi. He sees Kaho holding up a note to meet up later. Later, the two talk with Arthur. Kazuya mentions that he wasn't seen Satellizer since the incident with Ingrid Bernstein and Leo Bernard. Kaho admonishes Kazuya for it and advises him again not to involve himself with the Untouchable Queen. Kaho says "Roses have thorns. And hers are extremely poisonous." only to find Satellizer standing behind. Kaho tries to think of an excuse but Satellizer pays no mind to her and instead orders Kazuya to follow her. Kazuya follows, leaving Kaho to wonder what is going on between the two.

Satellizer and Kazuya are on the roof. Satellizer takes Kazuya's hand and holds it to her cheek. She confirms that Kazuya's touch does not repulse even though she cannot fully understand it. Kazuya admits that he too feels some sort of connection to Satellizer. Satellizer asks Kazuya if he can really perform Freezing without the need for an Ereinbar Set. Kazuya answers that he can but if the situation requires it. He tried to use Freezing after their confrontation with Ingrid and Leo but was met with no success. Hearing what she needed to hear, Satellizer concludes that Kazuya is the best suited to be her partner since he does not need an Ereinbar Set to use Freezing. They won't perform a Baptism but they will be partner from now on.

Kazuya walks to the cafeteria to eat some hamburgers but finds a crowd waiting their turn to get some. Satellizer arrives and uses her reputation to make way so she can get burgers for herself and for Kazuya. While Kazuya is indeed grateful, he finds the tray full of burgers a bit too much. Off panel, Satellizer asks Kazuya to come to her room for their "First Time" to bond as partners.

On Friday evening in the cafeteria, Kazuya is met by Kaho and Arthur Crypton. Both classmates are shocked to find out that Kazuya is officially becoming Satellizer's partner and are appalled since they did not perform the Baptism Ceremony. Kaho changes the subject asks if they want to go and do Karaoke. Arthur is more than eager but Kazuya tells them that he is meeting Satellizer for their "First Time". Kaho explains the significance while Arthur talks about how he ended up drunk and passed during his "First Time".

Kazuya goes for a walk-off campus and enjoys his sightseeing trip but encounters three thugs as he is watching the souvenir stands. One of the thugs offers to show Kazuya cheaper souvenir shops in exchange for money but Kazuya isn't fool and tries to leave. However, this angers the thugs and they punch Kazuya to the ground. Luckily, Rana arrives before they can do more damage. She introduces herself to them. She shows them that she is a very skilled fighter and drives the thugs off.

Rana officially introduces herself to Kazuya. After Kazuya thanks her for helping him, she says that there is no need to thank her and that helping the weak is the mission of the holder of "The Tears of Kunlun". When asked by Kazuya who is Kunlun, Rana goes on to say that Kunlun is a Goddess who protects the people. But that only leaves Kazuya even more confused about Kunlun. Rana goes to leave. As she is crossing the street, a speeding bus heads her way and Rana stops it with her bear hand, shocking both the bus driver and Kazuya. Kazuya explains that in the city, a Red Light means no crossing. When asked if she knew an ancient Martial Art, Rana only goes to proudly say that she is protected by the Tears of Kunlun. Her stomach is then heard grumbling and Kazuya treats her to pasta, a food which Rana has clearly never seen or eaten before, forcing Kazuya to teach her how to properly eat it. Kazuya introduces himself. When Kazuya asks why she intends to go to West Genetics, Rana answers that her body houses the "Tears of Kunlun" and she has to responsibility of defeating evil creatures. She will also meet a fated individual and with that person, her Tears of Kunlun will demonstrate its true power. Rana explains that there aren't that many young men in her home village so the monks sent her to West Genetics so that she can find someone who can resonate with the Tears of Kunlun.

Arthur and Kaho arrive soon after that. Off-panel, Rana introduces herself and tell the two of her mission. Kaho and Arthur introduces themselves and can help but ask Kazuya what Rana meant by Tears of Kunlun. The thugs from before return with one more member. The thugs take the four to a more isolated location. Although the thugs make it clear that they only want Kazuya and Rana, Kaho won't let them harm her friends. She reveals that she is a Pandora by materializing her Volt Weapon. Two of the thugs bring out their guns. One tries to shoot Kaho but she easily blocks the bullet with her Volt Weapon. Kaho attacks the guy who tried to shoot her but another holds Arthur hostage. Under the threat of Arthur's life, Kaho is forced to de-materialize her Volt Weapon. The thugs force Kaho and Rana to strip. One of the thugs, slightly harasses Kaho before shooting both her thighs. The thug turns his attention to Rana and points the gun at her. But Kazuya steps in the way, clearly angry and orders them to stop.

Kazuya deems what the thugs did to Kaho as unforgivable and on the spur of the moment, unleashes an Omnidirectional Freezing field. Rana feels the Tears of Kunlun resonating to Kazuya's Freezing. Kazuya punches the thug holding Arthur off him. Kazuya collapses from using such a powerful Freezing and Arthur catches him. Rana beats up the other thug holding a gun and the remaining two flee. Rana and Arthur then bring Kaho and Kazuya back to West Genetics for medical treatment. At the hospital of the school, Rana recalls the words of the elder and concludes that she has found her soulmate in Kazuya.

Satellizer, on the other hand, has been left waiting for hours for Kazuya to arrive. She even made appetizers and prepared wine. Someone knocks on her door. She opens it thinking it is Kazuya but she finds Arthur. Arthur informs Satellizer of what happened and Kazuya is in the hospital. Satellizer rushes to him but instead encounters Rana. Rana thinks that Satellizer is just another of Kazuya's friends. When asked by the Untouchable Queen who she is, Rana introduces herself along with being Kazuya's soulmate. Angry, Satellizer asks if she is a student. Rana answers that she will be tomorrow. Arthur comes into the scene and drags Rana with her to Kaho's room. Satellizer did not even get to introduce herself. Elize and another doctor exit Kazuya's room. Elize allows Satellizer entrance. Seeing Kazuya safe, Satellizer feels relieved and remarks Kazuya as her first ally in the school.

Yu-Mi enters Elize's office. Elize shows Kazuya's analysis aata which reveals why he can use Freezing without an Ereinbar Set. Elize explains that males cannot use Freezing by themselves because they cannot independently use the power of the Stigmata and thus need to Ereinbar Set in order to use Freezing. After explaining the mechanics of Freezing and the fact that most Pandoras can only house four Stigmata in their bodies, Elize reveals that Kazuya has a Stigma Body (with 30% of his body composed of Nova Tissue) which allowed him to use Freezing independently, similar to Kazuha whose Stigma Body allowed her to house 20 Stigmata implanted in her body. After speculating if whether the government knew of Kazuya's Stigma Body like they did with Kazuha's, Elize informs Yu-Mi that Satellizer has become Kazuya's Pandora.

Kazuya has a dream of his sister and wakes up crying. He finds Satellizer keeping watch over him since the night before. Satellizer considers that night as their "First Time" and leaves. Kazuya mentally remarks that it was the best night of his life.

3rd Year Retaliation Arc

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Kazuya stops fight

Kazuya interrupts the duel between Satellizer and Rana

After Rana has settled in at West Genetics, Kazuya goes out for a walk one night only to discover her and Satellizer locked in a vicious duel. When he attempts to dissuade them, Attia Simmons arrives flanked by Arnett McMillan and Creo Brand. When he attempts to persuade them to stop, Arnett quickly subdues him, knocking him out in the process. Satellizer and Rana managed to prevail over the seniors with the help of Chiffon Fairchild, and take Kazuya to the recovery center. Upon awakening, Kazuya hears what happens and apologizes for not being able to help. Satellizer coldly informs Kazuya that she didn't need his help and abruptly leaves, saddening Kazuya. Rana helps to cheer Kazuya up however.

Interlude: Amusement Park

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Kazuya is in his room thinking about what Satellizer said, when he sees a commercial for the Food Theme Park. Kazuya decides to take Satella there.

At the Food Theme Park, Satellizer is still feeling tense about the events of the other day. ​​She and Kazuya enter in the Couples' Eating Contest, after Satella sees the grand prize: a solid gold wiener dog statue. However, Ganessa and Arthur are also taking part in the contest. The first round is five bowls of ramen. The second round is 10 plates of takoyaki, and 3 teams drop out. Then there is five servings of meat buns, and another 3 teams quit. Kazuya works hard and demolishes each course, leaving Ganessa and Arthur in the dust. For the final round, there are five super-sized hamburgers. Having pushed himself to the limit, Kazuya can't eat any more. However, Satellizer takes all five burgers and stacks them, then proceeds to wolf them down at an astonishing speed. Kazuya and Satellizer win the competition hands-down.

After the competition, Satella realizes that Kazuya always puts her first no matter what the consequences are. Kazuya tells her that he had fun, and asks her if they will always be partners. She says that they will until one of them retires, and that's why she wants him to take care of himself so they can be partners for a long time.

10th Nova Clash

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Kazuya promises

Kazuya vows to protect Satellizer in the coming Nova Clash.

While eating in the cafeteria with Satellizer, Kazuya begins to hear rumors concerning the ongoing Nova Clash at East Genetics. Satellizer leaves in anger and Kazuya follows. When she tells him that she is simply angry being powerless, Kazuya attempts to console her and advises they prepare for any emergencies. Satellizer suddenly asks if he will be alright fighting in live-combat. Kazuya resolutely states that he will fight, just as his sister had before him. He swears to protect Satellizer as her Limiter in the coming battles. The conversation is suddenly interrupted by the alert warning, signifying that the Nova had arrived at West Genetics.

When Satellizer and Ganessa Roland are called to defend the entrance of the Ravensbourne Nucleotide from Assimilated Nova Form East Genetics Pandora, Kazuya and Arthur Crypton, their respective Limiter join the top ranked second-years. The four of them chat for a while until their are interrupted by a controlled Cassie Lockheart forcing Arnett McMillan through a wall. Arnett slices off Cassie's arm, but it regenerates and Cassie, with some assistance from Milena Marius defeat Arnett when the third-year protects Ganessa from Milena and Cassie's attacks.

Milena moves forward, but Satellizer stops Cassie, performing a Double Accel. Cassie quickly proves superior with her Triple Accel. Satellizer performs her own Triple Accel after establishing the Wings of Light, and the velocity soon allows her to perform a 2x Accel-Tempest. Despite Satellizer's efforts Kazuya watches his Pandora beaten to the ground, his Freezing powerless. Satellizer refuses to give up and she re-engages Cassie only to be pinned to the wall. Kazuya stops Cassie with a Freezing but she overpowers it and nearly decapitates Satellizer. Cassie stops only from her own inner turmoil. The Nova controlling Cassie continues to pollute her mind, and Cassie fires a particle beam, which Ganessa blocks, but most of the left side of her body is blown away.

Arthur immediately rushes to a dying Ganessa, and Kazuya tries to tell him that she's about to die, but Arthur gets hostile refusing to accept it. Satellizer also responds with grief and rage, allowing her Stigmata to consume to and enter the corrosive Nova Form. Satellizer and Cassie battle a third time, and Satellizer reaches a Quintuple Accel after blocking all of Cassie's Quadruple Accel attacks. Kazuya wonders if this is Satellizer's true power. However, Satellizer loses control as she bashes Cassie's skull into the wall and cuts off both of her arms with Nova Blood. Cassie tries to fie another beam but Satellizer covers the crystal on Cassie's chest and rips it off. Satellizer prepares to bury her blade into Cassie's chest as she had once done to Miyabi Kannazuki. Kazuya repeats the gesture he made at that time and stops Satellizer from killing the Godspeed of the East by latching onto her body. The Untouchable Queen seems unmoved by Kazuya's gesture but his words reach Satellizer and she progresses out of Nova Form, allowing Cassie to live as the Nova Clash comes to an end. After the clash, Kazuya attends a celebration party with Satellizer, but is quickly dragged away by Rana. He eventually carries a drunk Satellizer back to her dorm and tucks her in to bed.

Siblings Arc

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Kazuya charges Louis

Kazuya charges in anger at Louis

Following the party, Kazuya goes swimming with Rana and the two discuss their plans for vacation. When questioned, Kazuya reveals that his parents are deceased and that he lives with his grandfather. He notes though that his grandfather is an extremely busy man and so he will be staying at West Genetics for the duration of his vacation, unaware that Satellizer has secretly been listening to his words. Later, Kazuya has lunch with Satellizer. After hearing about her sister's success in the resort business, Kazuya remarks how amazing the L. Bridget family is and how lucky he is to stand beside Satellizer. His words seem to anger the Pandora, much to Kazuya's confusion. When Satellizer blurts out that he should come with her to Bali to experience the family resort, Kazuya accepts.

Kazuya quickly says goodbye to a depressed Rana and heads to the airport with Satellizer. Once on board, Satellizer questions why Kazuya must report to Rana concerning his business. Kazuya tries to placate and points out that she too cares about her friends. He goes further and thanks her for bringing him along, as it allows him to see the true Satellizer.

The two land in Bali and make their to the resort. Kazuya is overwhelmed by the high-class atmosphere and worries about introductions to Satellizer's sister. When he finally meets Violent, he is caught off-guard by her familiar attitude and her insinuations that he and Satellizer are more than partners. She quickly takes to Kazuya and welcomes him with a hug, annoying Satellizer. The meeting is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Louis, Satella's younger brother. Kazuya greets him politely and the group moves to have dinner together.

As the holiday commences, Kazuya begins to notice Satellizer acting strangely at various points. He is especially surprised when she opt to spend a whole day inside, claiming sickness. He is eventually asked to lunch with Louis, where he is rudely told to end his partnership with Satellizer. After realizing how serious Louis is, Kazuya coldly tells him mind his own business, since he is only Satellizer's younger brother.

After returning to his room, Kazuya receives a letter addressed from Satellizer. It tells him to meet her at the cliffs near the resort, so he departs. The weather has taken a turn for the worst and by the time he arrives, strong winds have forced most indoors. He approaches Satellizer and asks why she called him here, confusing her. Louis and Holly, his partner, arrive and Louise reveals that he arranged this meeting. He informs Kazuya about Satellizer's past and tries to break up their relationship. Disgusted, Kazuya denounces Louis and attempts to attack him. Louis counters and beats Kazuya with ease. Satellizer intervenes and protects Kazuya, angering Louis. Kazuya declares Satellizer to be the woman he loves, no matter her past. He is shocked however, when Louis tells him that Satellizer has six of his sister's Stigmata. Instead of being angry, Kazuya is relieved that someone like Satellizer answered his sister's call. Enraged, Louis orders Holly to kill Kazuya, but Satellzer protects him again and a duel ensures. Kazuya supports Satellizer, using his Freezing to counter's Louis'. Eventually the pair overcome Holly and Louis. The partnership breaks down then and Holly fatally stabs Louis, both of them plummeting into the water. Kazuya assists Satellizer in retrieving them and taking them to safety.

Back at the hotel, Kazuya remarks that even after everything he did, Satellizer did not hesitate to save Louis. He happily states that her actions have made him love her even more, surprising Satellizer. He then attempts to apologize for never noticing her pain, but is gently rebuffed. Satellizer stands and offers her back to Kazuya, showing him Kazuha's Stigmata. Touching one, Kazuya states that he can his sister's warmth. The two then depart the hotel and make their way to the airport. Kazuya excuses himself to use the bathroom and is met by Louis. He hands Kazuya a flash drive containing all of the degrading details of Satellizer's past. Kazuya promptly destroys the drive and declares her past to be done. Louis takes his leave then and Kazuya boards the plane with his partner. Kazuya thinks to himself how Satellizer, who possesses his sister's Stigmata, protected him just like she used to. He silently thanks Kazuha for continuing to watch over him.

E-Pandora Project Arc

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Kazuya names his grandfather

Kazuya reveals his connection to the creator of Pandora.

Kazuya returns to West Genetics alongside Satellizer. Rana immediately notices how close the two seem have become and begins spending copious amounts of time with him. Fed up, Kazuya confronts Rana over her behavior. She asks if he and Satellizer did anything uncouth during the vacation. Kazuya confirms they did not, which makes Rana happy. While she departs, Kazuya mentally asks for forgiveness from Rana, as his feelings for Satellizer have only gotten stronger.

At lunch, Kazuya is informed that he, Satellizer, and Rana will be departing for Alaska to take part in the Chevalier's new E-Pandora Project. Kazuya congratulates the two on being for their abilities, although he fails to stop their bickering.

After a long trip in frigid weather, Kazuya and his friends arrive at the Alaskan Research Facility. The trio attend the welcoming ceremony, and are surprised by the laid back atmosphere. They meet up with Elizabeth and Chiffon, who were also selected for the project, and begin listening to Head Researcher Scarlett Ohara's speech. During the speech, Kazuya notices many Pandora questioning why the head of the project isn't Dr. Gengo Aoi. Afterwards, Kazuya approaches two strangers discussing Gengo's fierce opposition to the project and asks them if the rumors are true. Rana introduces him by his full name, and Kazuya admits that Gengo is his grandfather. He is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of another Pandora, who remarks on the bad luck of the Aoi Family being forced to fight the Nova. Chiffon introduces the new arrival as Roxanne Elipton, the top-ranked senior of America Genetics. Roxanne expresses her respect for the Aoi Famiy's dedication to fighting the Nova, naming Gengo and Kazuha as being notably worthy of praise. She then informs the group that the rumor is Gengo opposes the E-Pandora Project because of ethics, surprising Kazuya.

Kazuya heads to his shared room with Satellizer, with Rana in tow. She begins fussing over the two sharing a room and instigates an argument. Exasperated, Kazuya forces Rana and Satellizer to bunk together, taking the single room for himself. He then accompanies the two to the E-Pandora training stadium, where the E-Pandora will duel with original Pandora. Kazuya observes the various battles, including his senpai Elizabeth's. The group grabs food afterwards and discuss the unfortunate fact that the E-Pandora failed to live up to expectations.

As the project continues, it becomes apparent that not all is what it seems to be. Kazuya and Satellizer eventually become embroiled in a revolt by the E-Pandora when it is revealed that the Chevalier tortured Elizabeth for leaking information revealing the E-Pandora Project to be nothing more than a political tool.

E-Pandora Rebellion Arc

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Kazuya calms Satella

Kazuya attempts to calm an enraged Satellizer.

Kazuya, Satellizer, and Rana team up with Elizabeth to help E-Pandora Amelia Evans obtain data that will expose the Chevalier. They are opposed by Chiffon and her partner Eugene and after a long and fierce battle, are defeated.

11th Nova Clash

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Kazuya stops Satella and Rana

Kazuya saves Chiffon from Satellizer and Rana.

After Chiffon defeats Satellizer and Rana, Kazuya is in fearful disbelief, but when they begin resonating with Amelia, he tries to stop them with his Freezing when they awaken in Nova Form and resume combat with Chiffon. When Satellizer pierces through Chiffon's chest, Kazuya's Freezing paralyzes all three Pandora, which is not helpful in Chiffon's predicament. Eugene and Chiffon establish an Ereinbar Set, and under Eugene's orders Kazuya releases his Freezing as Eugene establishes his, freeing Chiffon. Eugene, however, cannot use his Freezing for as long as Kazuya, and the two-on-one battle between the Pandora continue. Kazuya fears that Satellizer and Rana will kill Chiffon, but Eugene indicates that no Pandora, even in Nova Form, can compete with Chiffon. Eugene, however, says that Rana and Satellizer can be saved, but Kazuya has to listen to his instructions very carefully.

At Eugene's instruction, Kazuya releases an Omnidirectional Freezing that freezes Satellizer, Rana, and Chiffon. Kazuya connects with Rana first, and she quickly responds to Kazuya. The two then find Satellizer, who is wallowing in grief until Rana's covetous antics with Kazuya snaps Satellizer out of the Amelia's control. Immediately afterward, Chiffon has Kazuya and the others follow her to the sight of the 11th Nova Clash. Once outside, Kazuya, Satellizer, and Rana can only watch in amazement as Chiffon assumes her true form and battles the Type-Amelia Nova alone. He and the others brace for impact when Amelia explodes, but Chiffon absorbs the impact, bringing the Nova Clash to an end. As clean up commences, Kazuya boards a transport and begins the journey back to West Genetics.

Student Presidency Duel Arc

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Kazuya discusses Ticy

Kazuya and his friends discuss the coming duel.

Kazuya appears on the plane ride back to West Genetics with Rana and Satellizer. When news of duel between Arnett and Ticy reaches the ears of the West Genetics student body, Kazuya is one of the many to watch the rivalry unfold. He along with most is surprised with Ticy's new look to honor Chiffon.

When Satellizer goes to congratulate Ticy on her victory over Arnett, Kazuya is with her and is surprised at Ticy's threat to punish Satellizer if she were to cause any more trouble.

Valkyrie Introduction Arc

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Kazuya refusing to obey Gengo's Will

Kazuya refusing to serve his grandfather's will.

As summer sets in at West Genetics, the Chevalier announces its new project, Valkyrie. Kazuya attends a seminar explaining the project, which was developed by his grandfather Gengo.

The next day, Kazuya agrees to help Rana's recover from wounds inflicted by Chiffon. He gives her a massage but is greatly embarrassed when she asks him to touch near her breasts. Unfortunately, Satellizer walks in on the two and becomes furious, storming off before Kazuya can explain himself. He later attends the Valkyrie performance introduction alongside Rana and questions where Satellizer could have gotten too. When the action starts Kazuya is greatly impressed with the Valkyries' performance. They defeat the dummy Nova and remove their masks, and Kazuya is shocked by the identity of the leader, Ouka Honda. He privately wonders just what his grandfather is scheming this time.

When a new platoon is created in order to combine the abilities of the Valkyries and Pandora, Kazuya, Satellizer, and Rana are selected to join. They await the arrival of the rest of the platoon in the stadium. Kazuya attempts to apologize to Satellizer but is interrupted by the arrival of the Valkyries. Franka Porsche introduces herself and immediately tags Kazuya as Gengo's grandson. She excitedly asks for the opportunity to "thoroughly" research him, making Kazuya uncomfortable. Christine Evora begins acting belligerently to the Pandora, but is stopped by Ouka Honda, who greets Kazuya "onii-sama". Kazuya is forced to admit that to everyone that Ouka is his maternal cousin. Rana and Satellizer then try to suck up to her, but are coldly informed that she alone is Kazuya's fiancee, shocking everyone.

Kazuya quickly refutes Ouka's claim, refusing to simply follow his grandfather's will as if he were a doll. He also pins his sister's death on Gengo, but Ouka calmly denies that accusation and attributes Kazuha's death to a refusal to head the professor's counsel. When Ouka states that Gengo's authority is absolute in all things, Kazuya counters that he does not need to be bound to his grandfather. He also states that marriage should be between two people who love each other. He is caught off-guard when Ouka implies that she loves him genuinely but recovers quickly as the two continue to argue. The argument is interrupted by the arrival of Yu-Mi Kim and the other teachers, who signal the arrival of the rest of the newly formed Platoon 13. Kazuya looks on in surprise as Roxanne Elipton, Cassie Lockheart, and Charles Bonaparte arrive with their new commander, Su-Na Lee.

Afterwards Kazuya and Satellizer go for a walk together. Kazuya apologizes for the incident with Rana and claims Satellizer is the only woman he loves. Satellizer doubts his claim and Ouka agrees, surprising the both of them with her appearance. The two again begin to argue over their betrothal, with Ouka gaining the upper hand by threatening to reveal embarrassing child stories of Kazuya. She states that even if they weren't engaged, a member of the Aoi Family cannot be with a member of the L. Bridget Family, no matter what. That evening, Kazuya confronts Ouka in her room and asks if they can talk seriously. He questions why she even became a Valkyrie in the first place, blaming Gengo for involving the entire family in the fight against the Nova. Ouka reveals that she made a promise to Kazuha to always be there for Kazua and she intends to keep it. She also asks if Kazuya seriously think Gengo will allow him to marry a woman without his approval considering his Stigmatic Body, confusing Kazuya.

The next day, as the platoon members joke around, Kazuya pensively considers his situation. He concludes that he has no choice but to confront Gengo in person. He video chats Gengo that evening, expressing surprise that such a busy man came back to his homeland. Kazuya tries to get the truth from Gengo about his plotting, but the old man remains vague. He also refuses to help Kazuya deal with Ouka's advances, since he's quite fond of her. Kazuya refuses to marry her and is surprised when Gengo brings up Satellizer. To compound that, Gengo cheerfully asks to meet the girl and see what she is like.

The next day, Kazuya comes up to Satellizer, trying to ignore the increasingly tense situation between the Valkyrie and Pandora members of Platoon 13. He asks her to come with him so they could've spoken elsewhere. There, he tells her of the invitation from his grandfather to come to his house. He tried to say it wasn't mandatory, yet Satellizer insisted, saying it was a great honor to have finally met Dr. Aoi in person. Kazuya was surprised at how Pandora held his grandfather in such high esteem. He noted she looked very nervous, and he began to feel the same way.

Later in the day, they stood together outside the Aoi residence. Satellizer asked if her necklace was too flashy, though Kazuya said it was fine. He told her not to worry, that despite his status, Gengo Aoi was a normal grandfather, and simply told her to act like her normal self. Satellizer looked encouraged, and vowed to do just that.

Inside the living room, both were respectfully on their knees before the world-renowned Nova researcher. In the kitchen, Su-Na Lee announced dinner would've been ready soon, and to have kept their conversation short. Kazuya was surprised to have seen the Platoon 13 leader there, and was at a loss to explain her presence. Gengo replied she helped around the house on her days off, and that he'd hired her to work for him while in the United States. When Kazuya heard that Su-Na was basically acting as a household servant, it made him reconsider his view of Gengo as a normal grandfather. He watched as his grandfather examined Satellizer's face closely, and when he noted she looked more like a puppy than a fox, Kazuya thought it wasn't a good comparison. He listened as Gengo reminisced about when he first met Howard L. Bridget, his description annoying Kazuya. However, he found himself surprised when his grandfather's spoke of how Satellizer's demeanor was just like her mother's. When the Untouchable Queen tried to say Violet was more like her mother, Gengo elaborated by saying he was referring to her real mother, Noelle Alongrutch. Kazuya was silently shocked that Gengo knew so much about his partner's background, and was a bit put out at him for mentioning it then. When asked if he knew, Kazuya retorted by saying Satellizer's background had nothing to do with why he wanted her as his partner. He liked her a person, yet he didn't speak it aloud. When asked if it was because he wanted the backing of the L. Bridget family, Kazuya vehemently denied it. He got really peeved when Gengo insinuated it was because he was interested in her large breasts, saying he was always like that. Kazuya verbally lashed out to him, saying he was headed back to the academy, much to Gengo's disbelief.

At the train station, Kazuya apologized for what happened at the house. But Satellizer insisted she was happy about finally meeting his grandfather, and asked to be invited over again. As she headed for her train, Kazuya was amazed, and grateful that his partner was so dignified.

Later, after he'd returned to the house, Gengo brought him to the study and ordered him to drink, granting him his permission as his legal guardian. Kazuya opted for juice instead, and added it wasn't the ideal place for drinking, since it would've made a mess of the room. Gengo snapped at him, saying there was nothing wrong with drinking in the study. When he mentioned his preferred way of drinking, Kazuya found it very strange, and planned to clean up afterwards. His grandfather snapped at him again, pushing his wineglass right into his face. Gengo asked if he was trying to make him sad, which startled the Japanese youth. He was asked if he still hated him for what happened to Kazuha. The younger Aoi looked away for a moment, and finally replied that even if he didn't say it, his grandfather already knew the answer. After a long stare, he watched as Gengo began to imbibe an entire bottle, straight from the tap. Kazuya protested worriedly, thinking he was drinking too much for his age. The elder Aoi asked why he was so worried, since he hated him so much, which exasperated Kazuya. He watched as the heavily inebriated Gengo rose to his feet, claiming he was glad to be hated if it made Kazuya feel better. He finished by saying when he saw what happened to Kazuha, he bitterly contemplated suicide, but he didn't regret it. The freshman was startled that his grandfather had revealed so much. He watched as Gengo walked by a bookcase and then collapsed, which knocked a few books to the floor. Su-Na immediately ran inside, and tended to the unconscious doctor. Kazuya offered to clean up the study, and Su-Na entrusted him with the task and she helped Gengo up to his bedroom.

Alone, Kazuya grumbled about how his grandfather was always causing trouble for others. Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of a photo album on the floor. Once was done cleaning, he sat down and began flipping through the pages. He was amazed as he saw it was an old-fashioned album, filled with photographs rather than digital images. He was amazed his grandfather actually had one in his possession. He came across an image of his father and grandmother Erika Kudo, and wondered why Gengo had never shared it with him. He saw another photo, which showed a group of scientists, dated October 15, 2053. In the picture he saw one woman that looked like Scarlett Ohara, the currently disgraced Nova researcher. At the bottom right of the photo was the text "For the future of mankind, Lab 13." In the next photo were five young women, three of them unrecognisable since the top right part of the photo had been torn off. The text blow it read: "May 16, 2022. The girls of Lab 13." His eyes went wide in shock, as the woman on the far left looked remarkably like Chiffon Fairchild, all the way down to the ribbon in her hair. He was even more shocked, as he had no idea his grandfather was acquainted with his late senpai. But he couldn't have made out the others, since the photo had been torn. He then double-checked the date, and realized the photo had been taken over forty years before, which signified to him that the woman in question couldn't have been his deceased upperclassman. He found himself at a loss, baffled by what he'd been reading. On the next page were pictures of five sisters, four of them being torn out. The only one remaining was that of the frighteningly familiar woman in the previous page. His eyes went wide as he read the text on the page: "Will the visitor be hope or despair? It's just like that Pandora's Box." He considered the five women he'd seen before, and theorized if they actually were Pandora, then the one he'd seen earlier could've been Chiffon. As he pondered the issue, he quickly corrected himself, as he knew even Pandora aged. He realized if they could've lived forty years without ageing, then they possibly could've been another kind of human. What he'd read in the photo album left him frustrated. He demanded to know just what was inside Gengo's head, and was shocked to hear a returning Su-Na reply that he likely had a brain in there. The strongest of the Chevalier explained that while Gengo's brain looked the same as theirs, its make-up was probably very different. As Kazuya thought about what he'd read in the photo album, he found himself agreeing with his instructor, as he closed it shut. He apologized to his instructor, and then excused himself, headed for a good night's sleep.

He's next seen with Satellizer, Rana, Cassie, and Roxanne, as they greet Charles after she's released from prison. He watches as Roxanne and Charles spar verbally once more, which causes the latter to turn away. When asked to apologize to her victim, Charles snapped at her why she should have even considered it. The group is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a hostile Ingrid and Creo, who attempt to attack Charles. Arnett arrives as well and begins dueling Charles.

Satellizer attempts to stop the fight, but Charles and Arnett keep fighting until Ticy intervenes personally. Kazuya watches Arnett slap away Satella when she tries to explain her actions against Team Arnett.

That night, Kazuya goes to Satellizer's room, and he says that he believed Satellizer was right to stop the battle, and she should not regret what she did. Things get quiet and Satellizer goes to shower, Kazuya only capable of thinking perverse thoughts. Meanwhile, a figure comes from the balcony and ties up Kazuya after shutting off the lights. When Satellizer gets out of the shower, "Kazuya" orders Satella to twirl and act like a dog, only for "Kazuya" to be Rana, pulling a prank and preventing any heated actions between the British Pandora and her Limiter. Kazuya chastises Rana, but the two girls agree they are trying to get ahead of Ouka and will not be beaten by her for Kazuya's affection.

Later, Kazuya, Rana, and Satella overhear some Pandora mocking Platoon 13 due to the scandalous acts of Charles and the special treatment the contingent receives. Satellizer promptly leaves the table, and that night Kazuya thinks about it himself until he sees Lucy Renault atop one of the buildings looking at the moon. Lucy comes down to him, as if she can teleport, and Kazuya believes she performed the Illusion Turn; however, he believes Lucy to be a Valkyrie and thus unable to use the standard High End Skills. Kazuya mentions Chiffon, prompting a response out of Lucy. Kazuya goes on about the deceased Pandora, but he feels he's talking to a brick wall. When he begins to turn away, Lucy says Kazuya is her "sister." Kazuya is visibly uncomfortable and Lucy kisses him, transferring all of her memories of Lab 13 and the original Pandora Project. The experience leaves Kazuya coughing on the ground when Ouka appears. She immediately pushes Lucy away from Kazuya and tends to her cousin, but Lucy disappears when Ouka comes back to confront her. 

In Ouka's room, Ouka relays the mysterious air around Lucy after Kazuya denies that anything happened. Kazuya maintains the response after the discussion and Ouka decides to trust her cousin.

Kazuya is present with the rest of his Platoon 13 contingent at the beginning of the joint training exercise with Roxanne Elipton acting as their leader. When the exercise begins, Kazuya deploys a Freezing field, which allows the Pandora and the Valkyries to take out the dummy Nova. However, the Nova is still active and emits the same sensation Chiffon released before her death at the Alaska Base.

12th Nova Clash

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Through the Heart

Kazuya fatally wounded by Satellizer.

Final Embrace

Kazuya and Satellizer about to be killed by a Pandora-Type Nova.

The sensation takes over the Pandora, as black smoke is emitted onto the training site. Satellizer begins to attack what Kazuya sees a fog and is shocked to see that Satellizer has lost a limb for the first time. As she collapses, Kazuya panics and is relieved to see that she is still alive. Platoon 13 gets separated, and Kazuya stays with Satellizer as she gets up, vowing to never lose. Kazuya pleads to the blond Pandora to not allow the Stigmata to control her, but Satellizer regenerates her arms and Novalizes, slapping away Kazuya and knocking him unconscious.

Satellizer's battle with the illusion of Kazuha Aoi reaches a climax and she initiates her newest attack Nova Strike, declaring her will to be with Kazuya always and for the deceased Pandora to disappear. However, her Volt Weapon pierces Kazuya's heart when the boy regains consciousness. 

Kazuya realizes that Satellizer was worrying of matching up to Kazuha's prowess as a Pandora and her place in Kazuya's heart. But the Japanese Limiter assured Satellizer that he loves her just the way she is. Kazuya then kisses Satellizer for the first time and collapses. 

Satellizer unleashes an emotional outcry that allows her to transcend as a Pandora, and grants her healing abilities that restores Kazuya's body. Before the illusion of Kazuha disappears, Kazuya states that it was truly his sister, who has transcended just like Satellizer. The two then get back on their feet onto the battlefield where they see a bright light and six wings. Rana emerges from the light, having transcended like Satella. Off-screen, the two Pandora re-establish the Volt Texture on their clothing and the three track down Charles and Arnett. 

When they arrive, Rana bashes a Nova that is trying to eat Charles. Kazuya watches as Rana toys with the Nova before three others come to fight, dropping Charles as well. When one of them gets Rana into its Freezing, Kazuya easily disrupts it with an Omnidirectional Freezing. Rana and Satellizer defeat the beasts, but Charles tells them they all must get back to Roxanne. 

Kazuya and the Pandora arrive to Roxanne's location, where she has been soundly defeated and turned into a slave by the Nova Commander. Satellizer puts down Kazuya, and the Limiter must watch as the Pandora fight Roxanne, which culminates in Rana preparing to kill her with her new abilities. With a shout from Charles, Roxanne regains consciousness, but she resorts to suicide to no longer harm her fellow Pandora. Rana and Satellizer attack, but an Illusion Turn from the Nova forces them to realize that they are no match for the otherworldly creature. 

When Satellizer is blasted by a silent wave of the Nova's hand, Kazuya tends to her. He believes the Nova's shield is impervious, but Satellizer says she notices flaws in the armour, and plans to take advantage of it. After asking Kazuya to get back, Satellizer has Rana and Arnett buy her time to charge her Accel, and Kazuya notes that she is burning. Satellizer accelerates faster than a "Sextuple Accel" and decapitates the Nova in a perfectly timed attack. However, Satellizer is incapacitated from the weight of her own attack. The contingent believe they have won, but the Nova reforms its head, revealing its true face and cutting down Arnett.

Rana is too taken out, and the Nova prepares to kill Satellizer and Kazuya who are huddled together, preparing for death. But a cheerful woman teleports to their location upon the orders of Gengo Aoi. Kazuya recognizes the woman from a picture he found at his grandfather's house, and realizes she is a part of Gengo's research. The war-hammer-wielding maiden is unflinching at the wounded Pandora around her and assures them that they will not longer feel pain. A glow from her hammer heals Arnett and Satellizer's wounds, restores Charles and Rana's arms, and completely restores Roxanne's body to life. Everyone is shocked at the developments, but Kazuya and Satellizer are wary of the smiling Pandora, her name revealed to be Windy May.

The group watched as the Nova Commander blasted the newcomer flush in the face, which shocked them to no end. They were even more shocked when they saw their saviour was all but completely unharmed by the attack. Kazuya then watched as the pink-haired woman retaliated with a crushing attack with her maul, which knocked off half of the Nova Commander's body and essentially ended her. Kazuya and the Pandora's trembled at the woman's power, but she assured Kazuya at least that they were family when Cassandra, Teslad, and Lucy arrived. Kazuya and the others are surprised to find that Lucy is a Pandora, and Windy alerts Cassandra to Kazuya. The blond woman reaches out to Kazuya, but he along with Rana and Satellizer are too terrified to move. Cassandra surprises them all by embracing Kazuya into her chest. Jealous, Rana and Satellizer pull Kazuya away from her.

Kazuya's grandfather and direct superior, Su-Na, arrive on the scene by helicopter. He boldly announces the strength of the four Pandora as well as them being related to Kazuya by blood.

Busters Arc

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Kazuya yells at Gengo

Kazuya explodes at Gengo.

Kazuya's first appearance in the arc is in his bed, where he finds one of the Legendary Pandora. Moreover, he found his hand upon her breast, which frightened him to no end.

Later, he demands an explanation from his grandfather about his connection to them, and learns that he is related by blood to Maria Lancelot. and how he will be a leader of the Pandora's along with the legendary Pandora's, and that he should keep Satella around. This angers and frightens enough that he runs away questioning his own humanity, even shouting at Satella and Rana to stay away from him when they run into him.

Outside the facility, he then has a conversation with Lucy about his definition of what a human is when he shouts at her that she's nothing but a duplicate of Maria. She refuses to argue with Kazuya and goes on to tell him that he is a precious existence to them, especially Cassandra. Later, he goes on an outing with his aunts, as a direct order from his superior Su-Na. He's rather nervous to be around such powerful women as well as apologizing for lashing out at Satellizer while also dealing with the presence of Ouka. During the outing, Kazuya cannot get Cassandra or Teslad to say a word, though he connects best with Windy May as she actually speaks. When ice cream is involved, Kazuya buys Teslad one; she appreciates it and with a bland expression she pinches her nephew's face for continuing to eat her cone. Things go awry when Cassandra attacks a civilian woman after briefly taking her child hostage. Windy calms the situation by reminding Cassandra that he cannot take away another person's child, something that Kazuya struggles to understand. 

After the outing, everyone gets ready for a dinner party, and Kazuya watches his aunts get ready. Though he finds them all to be beautiful, he finds Cassandra "special." Su-Na catches him staring at Cassandra and teases him about it. 

At the dinner party, Kazuya comes out in a tuxedo with his Aunt Cassandra, and the other Legendary Pandora follow. He has a brief and awkward dance with Elizabeth, who directs Kazuya to Satellizer. Satella and Kazuya excuse themselves to the girl's room and they begin to reconcile with Kazuya apologizing for all of his foolishness. He promises to do anything to make up for it, and Satellizer takes him up on that off her though her look makes Kazuya uncomfortable. Satellizer offers Kazuya some wine, which she drugged and failed to do so properly. Kazuya sees the drug in his wine glass and refuses to drink unless Satellizer does as well. The situation becomes comedic as Satellizer tries to force-feed him the wine, but Satella finds herself on top of Kazuya on the floor. Their situation quickly becomes heated as Kazuya takes the initiative. He begins to disrobe her. However, the two lovers were quickly interrupted by the intruder alarm. They quickly collect themselves and head back to the plaza, where the dinner party has been cancelled. 

Kazuya and Satellizer meet up with the others especially and upset Elizabeth, whose plans were ruined. When Kazuya begins to speak, the wall behind him explodes to reveal four adult women led by one with a Limiter and half a Pandora in her hands. Upon their vulgar disrespect for the deceased and their intrusion, Kazuya joins the Limiters and Pandora in the battle against the Busters. The four women, however, prove too powerful for the Pandora's attacks and Andre and Morrison's Freezing. When looking at the pink-haired woman, he indicates that she reminds him of President Chiffon. Ticy Phenyl arrives to bring them back to shelter but the woman with cannons, Isabella Lucas attacks them with whips. Satellizer must defend her Limiter. Ticy attacks their enemies and she is defeated twice. When Isabella begins to molest Abel, Ticy's Limiter, Satellizer hides behind Kazuya to charge her Transcendent Accel. Kazuya moves out of the way as Satellizer ferociously attempts to decapitate the Buster. Isabella narrowly evades, the attack only phasing her hair. When Isabella cuts off Satellizer's hands, Kazuya rushes to her aid, but he attracts Isabella's attention. She attempts to cut off his limbs as well, but Cassandra awakens from her drunken stupor and saves her nephew with a single hand. 

Kazuya watches in awe as his aunt assaults the two intruders and heals the injured. He along with everyone else is soon pressured by Jessica's Anti-Freezing field that has a drastic effect on Cassandra. Isabella then casually steps by him and the others, moving to the real threat pinned to the ground. Kazuya watches in horror as his aunt is blasted in the face by Isabella's cannon. Cassandra is unfazed; she assumes her combat dress as she regresses into her N3 Nova state. Kazuya is the only one who can feel the evil aura surrounding Cassandra. The Legendary Pandora summons her Volt Weapon and releases a massive particle cannon that stretches for miles, but Isabella is the only one injured. Kazuya and the rest of the onlookers must watch as Cassandra summons five N3 Nova to the base.

13th Nova Clash

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Crossing Freezings

Kazuya and Cassandra's Freezing fields intersect.


Kazuya restrains the Pandora-Type Nova


Kazuya loses control of his powers

Kazuya leads

Kazuya leads the Pandora in battle

After witnessing the arrival of five N3 Novas. Kazuya along with everyone watches as Isabella tries to combat one of the N3's with an energy blast from her Volt Weapon but her attempts fail as her attack is absorbed, suddenly the possessed Cassandra unleashes an Anti-Freezing field and subdues him along with everyone else and causes Jessica to Novalize. Kazuya watches as Andre, Abel and Morrison counter Cassandra's Anti-Freezing with a combined freezing, suddenly an energy blast is shot forth from within Gengo's HQ and both Franka and Tiziana emerge from the building to assist Kazuya and the others. Kazuya and everyone make haste towards the Valkyries to get to safety but Satellizer is caught by a possessed Cassandra and is ensnared by the other five N3's. 

Kazuya sprints and grabs Satellizer's wrist in an attempt to save her, Kazuya then unleashes a powerful Freezing field to help but it also starts to have some reaction to the N3 Cassandra. After he unleashes his Freezing, Kazuya's eyes flicker like Maria's and the Nova's hold over Cassandra is severed, reverting her to normal and releasing Satellizer, he watches as Satellizer uses her power to escape the N3's grasp by flying into the air, Kazuya then uses his Freezing in an attempt to stop the N3's, shocking everyone with his Freezing's incredible power. Suddenly one of the N3's turn their attention towards Satellizer's direction and attacks her, Kazuya watches as Satellizer tries to defend against the attacks but to no avail and is pushed back, the N3 tries to attack her again but she is saved by Cassandra who blocks the attacks and activates a freezing field to stop the N3's assault but is countered with a combined Anti-Freezing by the N3's. Determined to protect everyone and Satellizer, Kazuya unleashes the strongest Freezing by far, causing his eyes to revert like Maria's and awakening his true nature, this commences shared communication with Cassandra allowing him to dive into her memories. After entering Cassandra's memories, Kazuya is floating in the air and begins to hear someone singing, he looks down only to see Cassandra singing to a baby in her arms and realizes that the infant she is holding is none other than himself.

Kazuya is jolted out of his Freezing by his surprise at this sight, and that leaves an opening for the N3 to blitz his aunt. Kazuya watches as Cassandra begins to fight while Satellizer entreats him to leave the battlefield. The Limiter refuses to leave his aunt to do battle alone, and is horrified as the conflict turns against her, culminating with Cassandra taking heavy damage when she throws herself into the path of the N3 in order to protect Kazuya and Satellizer. With a gentle smile on her face, the Legendary Pandora tells Kazuya to run. Kazuya screams out a denial as he unleashes a powerful Freezing field, more powerful than any he had unleashed before, draining power from Cassandra in order to fuel his abilities. Kazuya's new power drives the attacking N3 Nova into the ground, but eventually overwhelms him. As Kazuya collapses to the ground, feeling the agony of humanity as whole, he screams in horror and pain. Satellizer rushes to comfort him before the wounded but intimidating Cassandra arrives and cradles her nephew's face in her hand while reassuring him with a motherly smile. Kazuya was then shown a long flashback, showing him his connection to Cassandra and culminating with the revelation of his father's role: to lead the Transcendent Pandora and the Pandora as a whole into battle. With new resolve, Kazuya rises and takes up his father's duty.

Pausing to call Cassandra "Mom" and thank her, Kazuya then unleashes his full power in order to protect his comrades. His new Freezing ability Transcends Elizabeth and Arnett while allowing him to control them and Satellizer. Kazuya also has the ability to transfer energy between the girls and absorb Soul Energy from defeated enemies, which he puts to good use over the course of the battle. Under his direction, the Transcendent Pandora steadily destroy their enemies until the field is clear and Kazuya releases his Freezing field. Although victorious, Elizabeth and Arnett are furious as to how Kazuya has used them, and the feelings his mental touch created in them as a result. Kazuya acknowledges that he had used them, and that his Freezing did have side effects on them, but stated that he had used his power as carefully as he could so that he wouldn't alter their minds or feelings. Arnett isn't taken with his explanation and raises her scythe to attack before Ticy Phenyl calms her and they receive the call to aid in the battle against Teslad and Windy May.

Kazuya and his team arrive to see a berserk Rana attacking Lucy. Disturbed by his friend's state, Kazuya uses his Freezing field to release Rana. With the young woman restored to her happy-go-lucky state, Teslad uses the opportunity to attack and down the Transcendent Pandora before regenerating her severed arm and apparently draining the Pandora of the power Kazuya had given them. As Kazuya and the others prepare to fight, Arcadia 01 arrives in an explosive fashion. Kazuya is puzzled at the sight of the girl, who spares him an impassive glance before turning to face Teslad and Windy May.

While Kazuya is still wondering who the new Pandora is, Cassandra mutters the name "Arcadia" while leads Kazuya to have a partial flashback and connect the information he has to the girl in front of him: his sister via Ryuuichi's repugnant assault on Cassandra. Kazuya is stricken by this information and watches his sister fight their aunts before assuming an adult form via the Soul Energy she takes from Teslad. As the battle unfolds, Arcadia gains the upper hand.

With Kazuya and the others looking on in amazement, Arcadia unleashes a new variant of Accel and rapidly overpowers both Windy May and Teslad. The young girl drains the Soul Energy from her aunts and leaves them defeated, ending the 13th Nova Clash.

Exit Revenant Arc

Main article: Exit Revenant Arc
Kazuya Kisses Satellizer

Kazuya and Satellizer kiss for the first time.


Kazuya in the dimensional world of Eluka


Kazuya and Platoon 13 face off the Goddesses of Balance

Kazuya's Will

Kazuya unleashes the power of his will

In the wake of the battle a shaken Kazuya rests beside a tree, horrified by the revelations of his half-sister and his father's actions. The young man is also frightened by his own potential abilities, and breaks down when Satellizer arrives to talk with him. The Pandora embraces her sobbing partner and comforts him as he comes to accept the events he had witnessed. She encourages him to accept Cassandra as his true mother.

After some time, Kazuya remarks that he's only ever felt this safe with his sister. Realizing what he said, he attempts to apologize to an embarrassed Satellizer. He is shocked when she fires back that she'd gladly replace Kazuha. Realizing what she said, Satellizer attempts to apologize, leading to both of them becoming awkward. Sobering, Kazuya admits that he has long wished for Satellizer to view him as a man. He then promises to always belong to Satellizer and the two kiss passionately. Pulling back, he promises to take care of her, only to be interrupted by Rana. Mortified, Kazuya attempts to make excuses but is ignored by Rana. She states that she doesn't mind their flirting but that more importantly an emergency meeting has been called.

Kazuya goes to the meeting with his friends, finding all of Platoon 13 present, sans the Su-Na Lee. Kazuya catches Yu-Mi Kim glaring at him and is further confused when she permits him to stay. She begins the meeting by stating that she has something to tell them as a Pandora.

To his horror, Kazuya finds out about the upcoming civil war, instigated by Commander Radox to terminate Gengo. To compound this, Gengo calls Kazuya into Maria's chamber, and explains that Kazuya will have his mind sent to another dimension to discover what the Nova's true intentions are.

While Kazuya is coming to grips with these revelations, Satellizer approaches him and tries to comfort him. The Limiter lashes out at his partner, pinning her to the bed while stating his loathing of his own abilities. When he calms down, Satellizer reaffirms their relationship and her love for him in spite of his abilities. With his strength of mind restored, Kazuya tells Gengo that he will accept the mission, provided Gengo doesn't tell anyone what is going on in case Kazuya dies in the attempt.

Maria intervenes in the project, sending Kazuya's mind and body to another universe. The young man is found by a native who protects him from a hostile Nova. When Kazuya bemusedly attempts to absorb the soul energy from the defeated alien, his rescuer attacks him, believing him to be turning into a Nova. Kazuya manages to save himself via his Freezing, which convinces the young woman to take him to her home.

Upon arriving at the native city, Kazuya remarks to himself that it is similar to a video game. In Castle Alexander, Kazuya rushes to embrace a woman who appears to be Satellizer, only to be knocked out be her.

Kazuya comes to and finds his rescuer, Louis Alexander, changing in the room with him, he promptly panics at this realization.

Later in the day, Kazuya watches as Satellizer Alexander and a team of fighters engage a captured Nova. He feels the creature's pain, just as Amelia Evans projected her pain during the battle in Alaska. To Louis Alexander's shock, Kazuya demands the ritual cease. Very promptly, the Nova releases a Freezing field that leaves the combatants open to a finishing blow. Kazuya swiftly saves Satellizer Alexander with his own Freezing, and aids the Rounders in disabling the Nova.

With the battle complete, Maria Eluka Nova steadily approaches a wary Kazuya, asking him if he is of their world or not.

Kazuya is brought to the castle and speaks with Maria Eluka saying that he's from Earth and came to Elukarium to find the truth. He tells her that the Nova invade his world planning to destroy Earth. Maria Eluka says it's possibly that the Nova are energy souls being sent from Eluka to Earth. Their conversation is cut short with the arrival of Ibanyle and his guards which Kazuya notes that their eyes are lifeless and under his control. The priest asked Kazuya to join him due to his powers, but Kazuya refuses and unleashes his freezing. However it had no effect on Ibanyle and knocks Kazuya out with his staff and is taken to the dungeons.

Waking in the dungeons, Kazuya is approached by Ibanyle asking him to why he came to Eluka. After hearing Kazuya's explanation, Ibanyle is amused by this believing that Earth has become a sacrifice for Eluka to survive. He drugs Kazuya and leaves a harem of slaves to have Kazuya give birth to their children. Kazuya wonders what will become of him. Kazuya is then rescued by Maria Eluka along with Satellizer Alexander and states that they'll bring Ibanyle down for what he's done for Eluka.

Kazuya and Maria Eluka discuss about how the Nova that have been coming to earth from Eluka, but their conversation is put to a halt when Elise Theo Velvet informs them that Ibanyle and his army arrived and war of the Holy Revolution begins.

As Maria Eluka is captured by Ibanyle, Kazuya comes to the battle field and confronts him blaming Ibanyle for what he has done to his world and decides to stop him. Ibanyle orders his warriors to kill him, but Kazuya unleashes his Omnidirectional Freezing to freeze the warriors and share his power with the Rounders controlling them to help save Queen Maria. While having the upper hand, they're overpowered by the interference of two Goddesses of Balance, Pulucsigel Eluka Nova and Bonemian Eluka Nova. Kazuya is horrified that the Goddesses can use power similar to Novas and tries to use his powers on them, but his Freezing is easily neutralized. As Kazuya is being tortured by Pulucsigel, Satellizer Alexander rushes to save him but is caught in a pillar of light and to Kazuya's shock with the arrival of the Satellizer of his world who tearfully embraces him. Kazuya is surprised to see Rana, Roxanne, Charles, and Cassie arrive as well.

The girls explain to Kazuya that the Legendary Pandora transferred them to bring him back but now have to challenge the Goddesses to come back alive. Kazuya is amazed that the Pandora are on par with the Goddesses even shocking him that Satellizer, who is to be the finisher, wounds Pulucsigel. Unfortunately, Kazuya watched helplessly as the Goddesses heavily wound Satellizer and Rana, but was surprised when the two girls got up and heal their injuries. As the battle goes on, Kazuya thinks and realizes that Eluka wasn't trying to destroy earth, but possibly that the Nova are created to punish his world for their sins. The Goddesses along with Maria Eluka join forces and merge in to a gigantic Nova. Seeing this, Kazuya states that this is the true identity of a Nova. He explains that Freezing is a power derived by Novas and if it's a Nova, Kazuya can correct the distortion of both worlds. Kazuya watches as the Pandora attack the Nova and Satellizer providing damage to it. When the girls activate their Transcendental Form, Kazuya tells them not to use that power because they would have to take the life of someone which is not acceptable and the Legendary Pandora can use that power with no problems. Kazuya is approached by Maria Eluka wanting to help him put an end to this fight to protect both worlds.

When the Nova unleashes a Freezing to freeze the Pandora by Erectar Eluka Nova, Kazuya is asked by Maria Eluka to show her his will and to save Erectar from having her way. Kazuya unleashes a powerful Omnidirectional Freezing. In his Freezing field, Kazuya sees his grandparents Gengo and Maria, his parents Orie and Ryuuichi, and his sister Kazuha. After they leave Kazuya behind, he's surprisingly shock to see Chiffon appear to him. Kazuya tells her he wants to know on how everything began. Chiffon takes Kazuya to the place where his mother and Cassandra spent most of their time when he was an infant under a tree on top of a hill. Chiffon gives a background to Kazuya on how Gengo was born by chance in the world full of Nova and how meeting Maria is like a miracle from what he saw and heard from her. She shows Kazuya how his grandfather, who was young at the time made artificial pillars to test the theory of the wave of singularity which became his first experiment. Chiffon states that no one believed in Gango's theory, but he'll prove them wrong that he's correct and wont give up showing that special waves that are sent to humans to when he was beginning to experiment in to develop special and distinguished devices in the lake and meeting Maria who comes from another world which was the beginning of everything.

After learning the truth about his grandfather's doing and the Novas, Kazuya finds out Gengo didn't send him to Eluka to defeat the Novas but because the Novas were called from Earth. Chiffon says that humans can escape the Transcendental Will by maintaining the struggle and for that reason Gengo created the Pandoras. Gengo learn from Maria that humans who give up their feelings will perish with the universe as he wanted to understand that disire and become a human being who fights against God. With this, Gengo executed his plan using all the information through Maria with a single point wave reflector that was installed in locations around the world to unite everyone which became effectively thanks to the Nova. The device allowed Gengo to recognize the transcendence that created the whole world as "Nova" and the organization that fights them called "Chevalier".

Kazuya is shown a flashback of the very first Nova Clash and once a year the frequency accelerates. Kazuya learns that his grandfather wanted salvation and left Kazuya in charge to choose the method since he's the person with unified blood of a human and the Transcendence. Chiffon reveals to Kazuya about the Exit Revenant doesn’t include any indication of hope stating that ‘Exit’ meaning a way out and ‘Revenant’ meaning forsaken souls. She says that Gengo wanted Kazuya to save him from all his grandfather's misery that has been happening for a long time. Kazuya then sees the Faylan with mysterious people wearing cloaks and realizes everything that Gengo has tried to do for the sake of mankind.

In the Freezing field, Kazuya sees his grandfather walking away with the latter running behind him but is stopped by a voice calling out to him. Kazuya sees Maria. He's told by his grandmother that he's already surpassed Gengo and Kazuya evolved into a singular being capable of moving forward with his own choices instead of being swayed by the visions of Transcendental Will. Maria tells Kazuya to release the shackles known to Eluka and save his grandfather. Back in Eluka, Kazuya regenerates his hand and wonders of what path he'll choose. He's decided that he will do whatever he can do in his own way and accept the Transcendental’s Will. Kazuya ultimately assumes command and orders Platoon 13 temporarily, naming the team as "Aoi Kazuya Platoon" into "Formation A" and "Formation F: Scatter" as his tactic to defeat the Goddesses.


Stigma Body

Kazuya's Freezing

Kazuya's enhanced Freezing during the 13th Nova Clash.

  • Unlike most Limiters who need to establish an Ereinbar Set with their Pandora to enable their Freezing (which must first be done with a Baptism), Kazuya can cast Freezing on his own, the reason being more than 30% of his body is composed of Stigma tissue and has been increasing over the course of the series. This makes him an ideal Limiter for Satellizer since she refuses to be baptised. It also comes in handy in dealing with other non-Nova hostiles.
  • While under extreme stress during the 13th Nova Clash, Kazuya underwent a transformation in where his eyes took on the appearance of a Nova's and reverts to his true Nova nature, just like his aunts. While in this form Kazuya's Freezing was greatly enhanced to the point of being able to subdue multiple Pandora-Type Nova at once, as well as being able to absorb Soul Energy from the Vital Frame of a Legendary Pandora to augment his own power. However, unlike his aunts, Kazuya is able maintain control of himself while in his Nova state and is also able to maintain his personality.
  • Recently, Kazuya has displayed two new abilities upon unleashing his potential. He has shown to be able to induce Transcendence in Pandora within his Freezing field, as well as augment and control said Pandora's movements, even against the individuals' will. In addition, a Pandora's emotions and mental state are affected while under Kazuya's Freezing field. This is due to his Stigmatic Body. As Gengo Aoi notes, the Pandora will naturally be called to aid and follow anyone who possesses such a body. However, it has been noted that both Valkyries and the combat aids of Rounders appear to be immune to Kazuya's powers. If the Pandora he is influencing is not close to him or does not accept, his control it can be uncomfortable as Arnette MacMillan was equated into being raped after his control over her ended.
  • In the battle with the Goddesses of Balance during the Exit Revenant, Kazuya has display a new ability of healing as he's able to regenerate any part of his body such as his left hand which had almost been disintegrated by Pulucsigel Eluka Nova.
  • Kazuya is the only living male with a stigmata body, making him an entirely unique individual from any Pandora, his sister, his aunts, any Limiter, or human being. He is called a singularity by the Goddesses and Chiffon had told him that he is the only one who can lead humanity on a new path different from the transcendent will.

Enhanced Freezing

  • With more than 30% of his body composed of Stigmata Tissue, Kazuya's regular Freezing is stronger than most Limiters'. It easily neutralized the Freezing of other Limiters and even the combined Freezing of Miyabi's three Limiters.
  • However, this does not automatically make Kazuya the strongest Limiter. His Freezing was just as easily neutralized by Julia Munberk's Limiter. Kazuya also apparently does not have complete control of his Freezing as shown when he 'froze' a friendly Chiffon while he only intended to immobilize a Nova-Resonating Satellizer and Rana.
  • Kazuya's enhanced Freezing also allows him to free Pandora subverted by the Nova, most notable examples include Satellizer, Rana and even Cassandra who regressed to an N3 status. By the time of 13th Nova Clash, Kazuya has perfected this ability so he can rapidly sever the connection between the Nova and the individual within his Freezing. By the time of the battle on Eluka, he has gained even more control over his Freezing being able to match the combined Goddesses' Freezing.

Omnidirectional Freezing

  • In addition to his already enhanced Freezing, Kazuya's Freezing can also be Omnidirectional, an ability that was thought to be limited to Novas.
  • Under Eugene's guidance, Kazuya was able to use his Omnidirectional Freezing to enter Satellizer's and Rana's mind and restore their human consciousness from the control of the Nova.
  • But Kazuya is still subjected to fatigue and may even collapse from exhaustion after using such a powerful level of Freezing. Although his stamina has improved with time.
  • In the finale of the anime, he can also establish a very powerful Ereinbar Set without being baptised as evident when he un-froze all the Pandoras and established a temporary Ereinbar Set with them at the Ravensbourne Nucleotide. This is an anime-only ability.
  • Later in the manga, Kazuya displays the ability to form an Ereinbar Set with a group of Rounders, while both communicating with and supporting them, indicating that his abilities have grown tremendously in the wake of his realization of his nature.

Physical Strength

  • Though barely shown, Kazuya has shown to be stronger than his slender build implies. When he froze the thugs assaulting Rana and Hiiragi, he walked up and punched the one holding Arthur in the face so hard it knocked him out in one blow. This is the result of Kazuya's Stigma Body as is grants him enhanced physical strength, much like his father Ryuuichi, who has been shown capable of slamming a person's head into a concrete wall, breaking it.
  • He also showed that he has above average endurance. He was able to take Satella's Nova-fied strike straight through the chest, and stay conscious long enough to pull her out of her delusion. He was also able to take a severe beating from Louis and stay not only conscious, but coherent. This is the result of Kazuya's Stigma Body as it grants him enhanced endurance. This also gives him a high pain threshold as when he got part of his hand dissolved, he was able to ignore it after a few minutes.


Love Interests

Satellizer L. Bridget

He becomes Satellizer L. Bridget's Limiter despite not performing the Baptism to which Kazuya accepts. Through standing up to what he believes in, he gets Satellizer to open up to him. Later in the series, she is mostly cured of her aphephobia thanks to Kazuya, however on certain occasions she still shows signs of it. He regularly shows his affection and care toward her, and often tells her he loves her and wants to spend his life with her, often causing her to blush in embarrassment. He briefly cut ties with Satellizer after learning of his origins from his grandfather, but the two have since overcome that and resumed their relationship.

Their relationship steadily grows over the ensuing events, with Satellizer accepting Kazuya's alien nature and Freezing, as well aiding him in his moments of despair and rage, thereby showing a great deal of love on her part. Satellizer admits to Kazuya that she's happy that only he came into her mind and no one else. On his part, Kazuya is unafraid to put himself in harms way to protect Satellizer, willingly taking a beating from her brother Louis and even letting her stab him when she was hallucinating, showing he will sacrifice anything including his own life to make sure she is safe. This is the reason he cut ties with her upon learning about his true nature as he didn't want to hurt her, put her in danger, or burden her with his "Alien Nature".

Just as Satellizer has a dependence on him, Kazuya has shown a dependence on her. He looks up to and respects her strength and has come to rely on it as well with her kindness and compassion, especially when he has emotional breakdowns. During one of those breakdowns, Kazuya reveals the strange sense of nostalgia he felt when first meeting and being together with Satellizer saying he was wrong believing she's like his sister Kazuha, but upon seeing her beauty and shining blonde hair resembling that of Cassandra, he unconsciously desire his true mother.

Kazuya has longed for Satellizer to one day see him as a man and not just her underclassman which came true when Satellizer finally admits her feelings to him, wanting to be his. Overall, Kazuya loves Satellizer more than anything else being everything for him.

Rana Linchen

Rana Linchen, previously naive, firmly believes that Kazuya is her "soul-mate". She is constantly approaching Kazuya and Satellizer, as she is intent on performing a Baptism with Kazuya, who has not yet done so with Satellizer, even though they are supposedly a pair. Kazuya considers her a close friend.

Rana is determinedly pursuing Kazuya, although she seems to have accepted that Satellizer is "first" in Kazuya's heart.

Ouka Tenjouin

Ouka Tenjouin is Kazuya's cousin and fiancée. Although dissatisfied with his betrothal to her, Kazuya cares a great deal for Ouka. Upon discovering her status as a Valkyrie, Kazuya attempted to convince her to retire for her safety, even willing to fight Gengo over the matter.


Arthur Crypton

Arthur Crypton is Kazuya's room neighbour at West Genetics, partnered with Ganessa Roland. Early in the series, he constantly warns Kazuya to stay away from Satellizer because of her reputation, but Kazuya frequently ignores his warnings. He earns Arthur's gratitude by saving him from being held at gunpoint. They may be each other's best friends at Genetics.

Kaho Hiiragi

Kano Hiiragi is the class representative of Kazuya's class. She is also Kazuya's first female friend at Genetics. She gave him a warm welcome along with the advice to stay away from Satella. She sought to keep him away from her and keep him out of trouble, especially when the fight with Ingrid broke out. However when he expressed his determination to stand behind "the Untouchable Queen" no matter what, she backed off.

Cassie Lockheart

Cassie Lockheart is one of the Pandora's from East Genetics, where Satellizer was previously enrolled at. Kazuya first meets her during the invasion of the Nova Form Pandora from East Genetics, in which she was a participant as a soldier of the Nova.

Louis L. Bridget

Louis L. Bridget is Satellizer's half-brother. He is responsible for making Satellizer into a "heartless" woman, and is also responsible for her fear of being touched in any way (aphephobia). Kazuya first meets him at one of the L. Bridget resorts.


Ryuuichi Aoi

Ryuuichi Aoi died when Kazuya was very young, leaving the latter with few memories of him. Kazuya saw Cassandra's memories of his father's breakdown and death, which revealed the older man's character to his son. Later, Kazuya was shocked to discover what his father had done to Cassandra.

Orie Aoi

Due to having been technically birthed by Cassandra, an newborn Kazuya did not have a sense of familiarity with Orie Aoi and refused her attempts at feeding, greatly angering and upsetting her. Orie eventually attempted to murder her young son, only to be stopped by Kazuha killing her. In spite of this, Kazuya seems to remember her fondly. Given that Kazuya was still in his crib at the time of Orie's death, is a wonder that Kazuya remembers her at all. It's more likely that, in addition to seeing some pictures of her smiling while growing up, Kazuha told him stories about her, and that is what he is recalling.

Kazuha Aoi

Kazuha Aoi was Kazuya's older sister and a Pandora who died sacrificing her life to defeat a Nova in the 8th Nova Clash. Kazuya loved his elder sister greatly, and often thinks about her. Kazuya became a Limiter solely to keep a promise he made to Kazuha. Freezing Zero shows that Kazuya wasn't afraid to tease his sister from time to time such as when he remarked that she looked like someone who people would want to beat up "very much so" after seeing a red mark on her cheek.

Arcadia Aoi

Kazuya's younger half-sister via Ryuuichi and Cassandra. Kazuya was initially unaware that Arcadia Aoi even existed until she arrived on the battlefield during the 13th Nova Clash. Arcadia seems to be fond of Kazuya, calling him her big brother.

Cassandra Aoi

Revealed to be one of the "Legendary Pandora", as well as being a kin of his blood. Cassandra Aoi possesses extreme motherly instincts toward him, even forcing him to try feeding from her breast, the first time they met in the Busters Arc. She becomes agitated when other girls attempt to get near him. It is later revealed that Cassandra gave birth to Kazuya as a surrogate because his Stigma Body was killing his mother. In his infancy, Kazuya would reject his biological mother's attempts to nurse him and would only do so off of Cassandra. No matter how upset Kazuya was be held by virtually anyone else, he would immediately stop once Cassandra held him. Upon awakening from learning his past, Kazuya accepted Cassandra, stating that she is one of his mothers.

Teslad Aoi

Revealed to be one of the "Legendary Pandora," as well as being a kin of his blood. He has trouble connecting with Teslad Aoi because of her stubborn refusal to talk.

Windy May Aoi

One of the "Legendary Pandora," and the first he recognizes as such. Kazuya feels the most at ease around Windy May, as she acts the most human of his aunts.

Lucy Aoi

Kazuya was the first person Lucy "Renault" Aoi talked to since she arrived at West Genetics. At first he believes she's one of the Valkyries, but then learns after the 12th Nova Clash that she's actually a "Legendary Pandora," as well as his aunt. They clashed verbally after his argument with Gengo Aoi, though she insisted that regardless of how he saw them, his existence was nonetheless precious to them.

Chiffon Aoi

Kazuya had a good relationship with Chiffon "Fairchild" Aoi, the President. She is the one who greeted him when he first arrived at West Genetics, and was surprised by her kindness and independence. Kazuya also considered her to be very pretty when he first met her. After her death, it is revealed that she was one of the "Legendary Pandora," along with being his aunt. How this would cause him to look back and question, their relationship has not been adressed.

Gengo Aoi

Grandfather of Kazuha and Kazuya. He's very strict in his ways and may seem cold-hearted but still cares for people and the well-being of the world. Gengo also indulges in some light teasing, noting Satelizers's beauty and casually saying he understands why Kazuya was attracted to her. Though Kazuya cares for Gengo Aoi, he has a very sour relationship with his grandfather, as he believes Gengo is responsible for Kazuha's death. When Kazuya learned of his true origins, their relationship grew more bitter. Kazuya loudly lashed out at Gengo for his secrecy, his manipulations, and his lies while denouncing him as a dictator. Gengo, for his part does not disagree with this, openly, in private, or even to himself, but says it is done to save the world.

Gengo is responsible for Kazuya's safe delivery by ordering the operation for Kazuya's fetus to be transferred from Orie to Cassandra due to Kazuya's Stigma Body. When Kazuya's parents could not provide for Kazuya nutritionally, Gengo took custody of his grandchild and gave him to Cassandra.

Maria Lancelot

Grandmother of Kazuha and Kazuya. Upon learning that Maria Lancelot is Kazuya's real grandmother, Kazuya denounced her and suffered a mental breakdown but later came to accept Maria as his grandmother.

Erika Kudo

Surrogate grandmother of Kazuha and Kazuya. At first, Kazuya believed Erika Kudo to be his true grandmother, but later on found out from Gengo that in reality, Erika never was his biological grandmother.

Dimensional Beings

Satellizer Alexander Eluka

Kazuya meets Satellizer Alexander Eluka in the world of Elukarium whom he mistakes for his world's Satellizer and hugs her so sudden but is knocked out due to her fear of being touched by men. However, Kazuya gains the Rounder's trust during a Round and the Holy Revolution due to his powers being warm and pure to which he allied with her to restore the balance of Eluka. Kazuya comes to understand that even though she looks like Satellizer L. Bridget, she isn't the woman he's in love with.

Louis Alexander Eluka

Upon arriving in the world of Elukarium, Kazuya encounters Louis Alexander Eluka first who is a Rounder. Kazuya was helped by her to hide his identity of being a male. He seems to realize that she takes a liking to him since she has an interest in males though he feels uncomfortable around her.

Maria Eluka Nova

In the world of Elukaium, Kazuya meets Maria Eluka Nova who is a Holly Mother, Queen, and a former Goddess of Balance. She looks just like his grandmother. Kazuya earns her trust and she answers his questions to why the Nova are invading his home planet. He allied with her in the Holy Revolution to restore Eluka of what it should be.


Kazuya encounters Ibanyle as the first male he meets in Elukarium who is a high priest and servant to the Goddesses of Balance. He looks just like his grandfather. Kazuya has a deep hatred for Ibanyle after learning the truth about his crimes for Eluka and sending energy souls that forms in to Nova on Earth and refuses Ibanyle's offer to join him at his side. In the Holy Revolution, Kazuya despises the fact that Ibanyle uses the women of Eluka as his play toys and teams up with the Rounders to stop him no matter what.


Kazuya meets and teams up with Rounders which are the counterparts to Pandoras in Elukarium during a Round to help them defeat a Nova thus gaining their trust. In the Holy Revolution, Kazuya aids the women to take down Ibanyle for his crimes while sharing his power with them under his control.

Goddesses of Balance

Kazuya meets the Goddesses of Balance which are Novas and rulers of Eluka during the Holy Revolution against Ibanyle. Kazuya despises the fact that they kill and take Soul Energy for themselves as their way of having fun. Kazuya learns from Maria Eluka Nova that they live on hate and despair from the will of Erectar Eluka Nova, her big sister and with Maria Eluka's help, Kazuya must force the Goddesses submit to his will.


Kazuya and Satellizer Cameo The Phantom King

Kazuya and Satellizer's cameo appearance in The Phantom King series

  • The name "Kazuya" means "Peace, Harmony, Calm" in Japanese.
  • Kazuya's surname "Aoi" means "Hollyhock, Althea" or "blue".
  • Taken together, Kazuya's full name can mean "Blue Peace" intimating his ability to bring peace to people such as Satellizer and her painful past, seeking to end conflicts peacefully, his hatred of violence, cruelty, his role as the one who can bring peace to the world, the Transcendent Will, and blue being the color of freezing as his main ability which is used to "freeze" and pacify others.
  • Kazuya is the first Japanese Limiter introduced in the series.
  • Kazuya and Satellizer L. Bridget made a brief cameo appearance in chapter 18 of The Phantom King manhwa. Lim and Yoon wrote and illustrated The Phantom King prior to them creating Freezing: Zero.[1]
  • Kazuya's birth occurred on the same day as West Genetics' establishment.
  • Kazuya is one of the only three Limiters who are capable of creating Omnidirectional Freezing.
  • Kazuya has taste for blonde girls with big breasts that are older and beautiful, mostly being Satellizer in his case.
  • The strange sense of nostalgia that Kazuya felt when he first met Satellizer wasn't from his sister Kazuha, it's his surrogate mother Cassandra.


  1. The Phantom King manhwa; Volume 4, Chapter 18

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