Kim Kwang Hyun, at a promotional event for the Freezing manga in Japan, drawing Satellizer L. Bridget


Avatar used by Kim Kwang Hyun on manga overleaf biographies

Kim Kwang Hyun (Kim Kwang-hyun, English order: Kwanghyun Kim, Korean - Hangul: 김광현, Hanja: 金光鉉) is a manhwa and manga artist. He worked with Lim Dall Young on Freezing at the Artlim Media production studio. Mr. Kim is the manhwa/manga artist who drew Freezing. He was born in 1977, and he also drew the "Aflame Inferno" manhwa, also written by Lim Dall Young. He is part of the CDPA doujin circle, and uses the alias Eldo, and has drawn content for the Cross Make series of hentai doujinshi anthologies. Many of what he drew for CDPA are hentai doujin of Freezing.

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