Rana and Luna, members of the Kunlun Clan

The Kunlun Clan is the tribe that Rana Linchen hails from. It originates from the Nargarze County of Tibet. 


The clan is well-known for two reasons. The first is for combining Chinese martial arts with their own abilities to create the unique Eight Gates techniques. The second is for producing the world's only known Type-Maria Pandora, which are girls who are born with Stigmata already formed inside their bodies.

In addition, the Kunlun Clan appear to have formed a religion centering around Stigmata, which they call "Tears of Kunlun".

Initially, the Kunlun Clan had interdict any of its members to have interaction with the outside world. They are also hostile towards outsiders where the clan members are forbidden to mate with anyone outside of their clan. Should a woman of the clan become pregnant with an outsider's child then the progeny would be immediately killed after birth. 

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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During Rana's youth her elder sister Luna Linchen was the designated successor to the clan head and a fellow Type-Maria Pandora. Intrigued by the idea of naturally occurring Pandora, the Chevalier began investigating the clan. Under guise of medical relief, two agents are sent to discover the truth behind the Type-Marias. Wary of outsiders, the two agents meet resistance but manage to befriend Rana. One agent, Yuuta Ono, manages to win the trust of the clan by providing medical services. The clan is outraged however, when they discover that Yuuta had begun an affair with Luna and impregnated her. The Elder and his men captured the couple with the assistance of a foreign company and fatally wounded Yuuta. As a result, Luna entered Nova Form and slaughtered a great many of the clan.

Some time after Luna's death, Rana is selected as the next candidate for Clan Elder.


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In 2065, Rana leaves the clan on a quest, with the clan elder foreseeing a fated encounter in Rana's future. She makes her way to West Genetics and enrolls as a student.


Lam LinchenEdit

The mother of Rana and Luna, who was extremely proud of her eldest's achievements.

Luna LinchenEdit

Luna was Rana's elder sister and head of the Kunlun clan before her death. She was euthanized by her sister after losing herself to her Stigmata.

Rana LinchenEdit

A second-year student at West Genetics and an extremely powerful Pandora. She is a close friend of Kazuya Aoi and Satellizer L. Bridget. Rana plans to, after became the clan head, abolish the rules, of her clan, that had led the death of her sister, Luna, as well as Luna's unborn child and lover, Yuuta Ono.

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