El Bridget

The L. Bridget family.

The L. Bridget Family (エル=ブリジット 家, Eru Burijitto Ke) is a wealthy and powerful family with business holdings across the globe. It is also one of the movers-and-shakers behind the Chevalier organization.


The L. Bridget family has deep ties to the Chevalier, having been involved in the organization since its founding. It has provided both official and unofficial funding to such projects as the E-Pandora and Valkyrie Project. Gengo Aoi is a long time associate of the L. Bridget family.

Family TreeEdit

Olivia L. Bridget
Howard L. Bridget
Noelle Alongrutch
Louis L. Bridget
(Younger Son)
Violet L. Bridget
(Older Daughter)
Satellizer L. Bridget
(Illegitimate Daughter)


Howard L. BridgetEdit

Husband of Olivia L. Bridget, father of Violet L. Bridget, Louis L. Bridget, Satellizer L. Bridget and amour of Noelle Alongrutch. Howard is the current head of the L. Bridget family and one of the head-staff of the Chevalier.

Olivia L. BridgetEdit

Wife of Howard L. Bridget, mother of Violet L. Bridget and Louis L. Bridget. Not much is known about the role which Olivia plays.

Noelle AlongrutchEdit

Mistress of Howard L. Bridget and mother of Satellizer L. Bridget. She passed away in Satella's early teens.

Violet L. BridgetEdit

Daughter of Howard L. Bridget and Olivia L. Bridget, elder sibling of the L. Bridget family, sister of Louis L. Bridget and Satellizer L. Bridget. Violet is the current head of the resort division of the L. Bridget family.

Satellizer L. BridgetEdit

Daughter of Noelle Alongrutch and Howard L. Bridget, sister of Violet L. Bridget and Louis L. Bridget. Satella is the main female protagonist of the Freezing series. The greater part of the series revolves around Satella's and Kazuya's experiences.

Louis L. BridgetEdit

Son of Howard L. Bridget and Olivia L. Bridget, brother of Satellizer L. Bridget and Violet L. Bridget. Louis has spent most of his younger years sexually abusing and tormenting Satella as his own personal plaything. After Louis' and Satella's reunion at the Bali resort, their broken relationship is repaired and their past forgiven.

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