"Why do you listen to your sister and not to me, your mother?"

Lam Linchen gets annoyed that Rana listens to Luna and not to her in "Rana Linchen I".

Lam Linchen
Lam Linchen, as she appears in Freezing: Zero
First Appearance Zero Chapter 35
Nationality Tibetan
Personal Status
Relatives Luna Linchen (eldest daughter,†)
Rana Linchen (younger daughter)
Unborn Grandchild
Affiliations Kunlun Clan
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Lam Linchen is the mother of Rana and Luna Linchen. She is a member of the Kunlun Clan.


Lam was born and raised in Tibet alongside her fellow clan members. At some point, she had two daughters, both of whom were born with naturally occurring Stigmata inside of them.


Lam greatly resembles her daughters, being a fair-skinned and dark haired woman. She wears her long hair loose and dons traditional clan clothing.


Lam is both a serious woman and caring mother. Though she sternly lectured Rana on her duty to the clan, she then quickly took the opportunity to tease her rebellious daughter.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Tibet ArcEdit

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Lam Luna Rana

Lam with her daughters, Luna and Rana

Lam makes her first appearance at a Linchen family dinner. As she hands out the food, the Linchen matriarch reminds her youngest daughter that she is a part of the family that leads the clan. She warns her not to get too involved with the new outsiders, Yuuta Ono and Jong-soo. Rana tries to argue that the two are good people. When Rana finally concedes when Luna joins the argument on her mother's side, Lam wryly asks why Rana listens to her sister and not to her. She reminds her daughter that she has to carry the both of them on her back. Mother and daughter quickly agree that Luna is amazing and hope she will lead the clan well.

Following the death of Luna and the departure of Rana, Lam chats with a clan member. He comments that Rana won't be back to participate in the Kunlun Festival, which Lam agrees with. She explains that Rana had to leave on a journey as the next head of the clan. The clan member asks if she will be able to find her destined partner. Lam replies that she doesn't know and that the only thing she can do is pray that Rana can find happiness after the tragedy she had to endure.



Luna LinchenEdit

Lam was very proud of her eldest daughter Luna. She hoped that Luna would be able to lead the clan to a bright future. Despite loving her daughter, Lam was unaware of Luna's struggles and her true dreams.

Rana LinchenEdit

Lam loved her youngest daughter Rana, though she also worried about her carefree attitude. When Rana becomes the heir to the Clan leader and departs for West Genetics, Lam prayed for her daughter to find happiness.


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