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Levon Brooks badly beaten by Satellizer L. Bridget after he touched her in "Cassie Lockheart II".

Levon Brooks
Levon Brooks as he appears in the manga.
Kana レボブルックス
Romaji Rebon Burukkusu
First Appearance Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 6
Age 16
Personal Status
Affiliations East Genetics (First-year student) (Formerly)
Status Alive (Inactive)
Voice Actor
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Levon Brooks was an un-baptised first year Limiter in East Genetics. He suffered severe trauma at the hands of Satellizer L. Bridget after he attempted to coax her into being his partner.


According to Arthur Crypton, Levon tried to become Satellizer L. Bridget's Limiter in spite of Satellizer's cold demeanor at the time. Nothing else has been revealed about him.


Leavon brooks

Levon Brooks as he appears in the anime.

Levon Brooks has appeared in both the manga and anime. Although his hair was only shown to be light colored in the manga, the anime has shown him to have blonde hair with brown eyes.


As stated by Arthur Crypton, Levon had a playboy personality and he was said to be charming and capable of courting girls, and he was very determined. Seeing Satellizer L. Bridget's cold personality and resistance to the idea of being partnered with anyone, Levon decided to try his hand at becoming her partner, showing a sense of cockiness in his ability to woo her.


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Levon Brooks IncidentEdit


Levon taken down by Satellizer after he touched her.

During Satellizer L. Bridget's time as a first-year student at East Genetics, she had already earned a reputation of being cold, unfriendly, and frightening. Due to this, no Limiter would approach her and ask to be her partner. Levon, for uncertain reasons, but perhaps because of her good looks, offered to be her Limiter.

At some point while attempting to gain her favor and become her partner, Levon touched her, triggering her aphephobia and leading her into a bloodthirsty rage. As a result of his touch, Satellizer brutally attacked him, smashing him into the ground and nearly killing him. According to Arthur Crypton, there were at least 20 other Pandora's and Limiters caught in Satellizer's rage. Satellizer also destroyed a small portion of the school in her rampage.

The situation got so bad that Cassie Lockheart was sent to subdue Satellizer. In the ensuing battle between the two girls, Cassie was obviously stronger and faster than the irrational Satellizer. However, Satellizer's determination and her willingness to die rather than concede, even though she was the wrongful aggressor, frightened Cassie and she fled. The incident resulted in Cassie realizing how much of a coward she was at the time, Satellizer being suspended from being a Pandora for the remainder of her first year and her ending up transferred to West Genetics to repeat the first year for severely beating Levon.


Satellizer L. BridgetEdit

Levon volunteered to be Satellizer's Limiter due to her beauty. Unfortunately, Levon got to cocky and suffered severe trauma after he touched Satellizer which made the British girl to beat him.


  • In the anime, Levon was forced to retire from being a Limiter due to his injuries.
  • The exact context for Levon touching Satellizer L. Bridget is unknown. However, rape has not been implied, even Satellizer herself has not indicated that Levon tried to attack her.
    • It's later confirmed in Freezing: Extra Story, Levon forcibly wrapped Satellizer in his arms from behind.
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