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Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date
Volume 1
Chapter 1
Chiffon FC
Zero Points Girls 2011-09-27

Freezing First Chronicles chapter 1 begins with an introduction to Nova.

The story then jumps to a Winter Carnival underway for Chiffon Fairchild's second year. This shows Ticy Phenyl facing off against adversaries to defend Chiffon. It reveals the points garnered by the top Pandoras and how Ticy and Chiffon got theirs.

The story then jumps again, to the point when Chiffon first enters West Genetics as a freshman. Ticy has zero points after the first Carnival, and is dead last; thus pushed into being the servant of Class C. Even materializing a Volt Weapon garners points, so getting zero points means that Ticy couldn't manage that. Chiffon, late entering Genetics, misses the first Carnival, the Spring Carnival, and has zero points, becoming roomies and friends with Ticy.

Title Notes: First Chronicles was first published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 34 (November 2011)
Chapter 2
Friends 2011-10-27

Freezing First Chronicles chapter 2 starts off with Ticy receiving a mini camera from Feris and her group.

The gang of prissy top-rated Class C students, led by Felice Mojave, kidnap Ticy Phenyl's pet turtle, Tii, in order to have Ticy to get dirt on Chiffon. Ticy is then forced to try to take compromising photos of Chiffon, but the gang is unsatisfied with the photos she provided, and order her to try to get into a lesbian situation with Chiffon. Chiffon takes Ticy up on the offer.

Later, Tii dies in the Felice's care, and they return to Ticy a replacement turtle instead. The gang confronts Chiffon with the photos, but she replies that she thought Ticy wanted mementos from their time together for herself, but that if the girls wanted a hot time some night, to drop by, flummoxing the gang. Chiffon later notices that Ticy is sad, and determines that the gang had killed Tii and forced Ticy to do things for them. She confronts the gang; they agree to settle the dispute at the next Carnival.

Chapter 3 Beginning of the Legend 2011-11-28

It is revealed that Elizabeth Mably finished first in the 2063 West Genetics Spring Carnival with 1050 points, with Arnett McMillan finishing second with 950 points, and Miyabi Kanazuki in third with 710 points. Prior to 2063, there had never been promising Pandora leaving Class C in their second Carnival after being assigned to it after their first Carnival.

At their second Carnival, the 2063 West Genetics Summer Carnival, Elizabeth and Arnett make a team, and is attacked by Kanazuki. Felice Mojave gathers most of Class C to form a team to face off against Pandoras from Class B and Class A. In previous Carnivals, it has also been the case that Class C teams up rather than fight each other. While Felice Mojave and her crew ambush Ticy Phenyl. Ticy is finally able to materialize her Volt Weapon, a sword. Elizabeth and Arnett are surprised by how much four-stigmata Kanazuki has improved since the Spring Carnival. Ticy is pummelled into submission by Felice's crew, and she begs Felice for the return of Tii's corpse, promising not to interact with Chiffon Fairchild again. By the end of the chapter, Chiffon has defeated 36 members of Class C in consecutive victories, and garnered 5000 points. (Consecutive victories gathers more points)

Title Notes: First Chronicles was first published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 35 (January 2012)
Chapter 4 Monster 2012-01-27

At the beginning of the chapter, Chiffon Fairchild has had 39 consecutive victories at the 2063 West Genetics Summer Carnival, and has accumulated 8150 points, setting a new record, and destroying her fellow Class C classmates. The previous record for a first year Pandora cadet was 5 consecutive wins at a Carnival.

It is revealed that Ton Mazuki had finished 6th at the 2063 West Genetics Spring Carnival, Susan Miller had finished 9th, Shio Nonoka had finished 11th. They are subsequently defeated by Chiffon. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Mably and Arnett McMillan have defeated Miyabi Kannazuki as a team, and then go to to section D-13 to find Chiffon. Chiffon takes out Arnett, being unaffected by Arnett's Volt Weapon or Ticy Phenyl's. But Chiffon is revealed to be operating on automatic, taking out Pandoras for fun, until Ticy breaks her out of her fugue, thus defeating Chiffon.

The Chevalier at the Chevalier Grand Canyon Outpost discuss the new equipment developed by Dr. Gengo Aoi, which Chiffon deployed at the Carnival, how it surpasses all current Pandora.

At the end of the Carnival, Chiffon gets first place, Elizabeth second, Ticy third, barely beating out Arnett, finishing fourth.

Title Notes: First Chronicles was first published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 36 (March 2012)

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