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Volume 1
Chapter 1
Aoi Kazuha I
Kazuha Aoi Arc 2012-03-27

The manga begins in a snowy setting, with several Pandora already wounded and strewn across the ice. Yu-Mi Kim, Elize Schmitz, and Shion Nayfield of the Numbers Unit are portrayed clearly exhausted while facing a Type S Nova, a Nova type previously unknown. They comment on it's speed, power, and it's more powerful Freezing field as the snow hinders their mobility. Just as Yu-Mi is about to be killed, Kazuha Aoi appears and deflects the Nova's attack. She tells the Pandora that while the Type-S is a new threat, she has a solution for it. Kazuha is next depicted as performing the skills Accel and Tempest turns; High End Skills that no one else has used before. Yu-Mi is awed by it and thinks back to the first day they met.

The manga shifts back to the first day of Yu-Mi's 3rd year at Genetics. She and Elize are outside when a newly arrived Kazuha runs into Yu-Mi (with Elize commenting that Kazuha would need at least 3 weeks to recover from the impact of Yu-Mi's breasts). The characters introduce themselves, and the senior Pandora learn that she is the granddaughter of Aoi Gengo.

Title Notes: Zero was first published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 37 (May 2012)
Chapter 2
Aoi Kazuha II
Kazuha Aoi Arc 2012-03-27

The episode starts with a scene in the year 2053 showing a young Scarlett Ohara and Gengo Aoi observing Gengo's 10 year-old granddaughter Kazuha Aoi going through some Pandora training exercises. The scene then shifts to the L. Bridget estate during the year 2022, where a young Gengo and a military commander convenes with a then 18 year-old Howard L. Bridget to discuss the creation of a super-soldier project to fight the Nova threat. Two projects, codenamed Valkyrie and Pandora, were proposed, and Project Pandora was selected. The time then returns to the year 2060, right after the events in the first episode. Yu-Mi, Elize and Shion Nayfield are shown discussing the second-year winner of the spring carnival, Mi-Ryung Baek, and how she would be a good addition to the Numbers. Kazuha then shows up and announces that she would be taking the place of the second-year winner, much to the ire of Yu-Mi who slaps her.

Title Notes: コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 37 (May 2012) contains episodes 1 and 2 of Freezing: Zero
Chapter 3 Episode.03
Aoi Kazuha III
Kazuha Aoi Arc 2012-04

Grand Canyon Chevalier Central Headquarters identity is reinforced. The simulated Type-F Nova is revealed. Radox Phantomheim is revealed to be the commander of the Chevalier and that Gengo Aoi was his rival for the position. The Seiga Heavy Industries is revealed to be an upstart that built the simulator. Yu-Mi Kim's nickname is revealed to be "The Gorilla of the West". It is revealed that Kazuha Aoi is the only Pandora cadet allowed to live off-campus, and she commutes from her home with her brother. Kazuha is revealed to be extremely close to her younger brother, Kazuya. Saeko Kotou is revealed to be #1 in her year at East Genetics. Yu-Mi Kim is revealed to be Student Council President at West Genetics. It is revealed that Saeko, after failing to reach #1 in her freshman year, transferred from West Genetics to East Genetics. Mi-Ryung Baek challenges Saeko to a duel. Kazuha Aoi reveals that personal duels are against the rules.

Chapter 4 Episode.04
Aoi Kazuha IV
Kazuha Aoi Arc 2012-05-27

Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz meet Kazuha Aoi at the Aoi siblings' home. It is revealed that the Aoi siblings left their grandfather's house for independence, and they live off Kazuha's stipend for being a Pandora cadet. Being a Pandora cadet was also the only way that their grandfather, Dr. Aoi Gengo would let them leave.

The Faylan generator is revealed to be more powerful than nuclear generators, and something that powers the simulacrum Novas, and created by Seiga Heavy Industries.

Saeko Kotou is defeated by Mi-Ryung Baek in their duel. While Kotou is faster, Baek is more powerful.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 38 (July 2012)
Chapter 5 Episode.05
Aoi Kazuha V
Kazuha Aoi Arc 2012-07-27

While Mi-Ryung Baek is conversing with Yu-Mi Kim, Saeko Kotou counter-attacks, and misses, hitting the control panel for the Type-F simulacrum Nova, sending it out of control. Kim sends Elize Schmitz to warn the rest of the Academy and Sister Margaret. Saeko does not listen to Yu-Mi's instructions and acts on her own instead of in concert with Mi-Ryung. After Yu-Mi rescues Saeko, she reprimands her for not being a team player. Yu-Mi is then knocked out by the simulacrum. Saeko and Mi-Ryung face the simulacrum alone and together. Kazuha Aoi, having been ordered by Yu-Mi to no interfere, takes action because Yu-Mi is out of commission. She takes out the simulacrum single-handedly and introduces the first ever High End Skills, and showing everyone a very large and unheard of number of Stigmata activating.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 39 (September 2012)
Volume 2
Chapter 6 Episode.06
Arnett McMillan I
Arnett McMillan Arc 2012-08

Arnett McMillan is on the verge of turning 14, the entrance age for Chevalier Genetics Academies. She is traveling with her father, Keith to San Francisco, where the Chevalier have a base. On the way, they pick up two apparently lewd hitchhikers, the bespectacled Cynthia and the topless Kate. When they arrive, Keith reveals to Arnett that she has 80% compatibility with stigmata. She however doesn't want to become a Pandora.

Chapter 7 Episode.07
Arnett McMillan II
Arnett McMillan Arc 2012-09-27

Arnett and her father travel on from the motel, where Arnett thinks Kate and Cynthia are lesbians, as she catches them in bed together naked. Hijackers attempt to take Keith's truck, and blow it off the road with an RPG. Keith is rescued from falling off a cliffside trapped in the truck when it is revealed that the two hitchhikers are actually US Chevalier Pandoras Kate Avelli and Cynthia Ruth. Arnett is then convinced to become a Pandora.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in コミックヴァルキリー (Comic Valkyrie) volume 40 (November 2012)
Chapter 8 Episode.08
Elizabeth Mably I
Elizabeth Mably Arc

Elizabeth Mably is introduced, first in her loving family home, with her family. Then it shifts to the pre-Genetics training camp that prepares Pandora-candidates-select (pseudo-Pandora) prior to stigma implantation. It shows how hard boot camp is, and reduces the cadet candidates to numbers, and not names, with no deference given to the social status the girls had prior to entry, or their relative immaturity. It shows that Elizabeth is willing to stand up to authority if it treats girls badly, and get punished for it. Elizabeth is revealed to be part of the 28th Genetics Welcome Group, and part of the third platoon of that group. Her boot sergeant is the Korean Chevalier Park Se Mi.

Chapter 9 Episode.09
Elizabeth Mably II
Elizabeth Mably Arc

Boot camp continues. Second Lieutenant Park singles out recruit GM160 Elizabeth Mably for special intense attention. A failure for any individual Pandora candidate select is a failure for the entire training platoon, so Mably's mistakes get extra training for all. It also gets her special additional lessons. During the night Elizabeth is called by Park to walk across the field 40 times while carrying a large bag of rocks on her back as a means to teach Elizabeth to shelve her pride. However, Elizabeth successfully walks the forty laps by morning not allowing any of the to fall out. Elizabeth promptly collapses at Park's feet at the end of the exercise and Park privately applauds Elizabeth's determination and endurance.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in Web Comic Valkyrie (chapter preview)
Chapter 10 Episode.10
Elizabeth Mably III
Elizabeth Mably Arc 2013-02-08

In the last week of Elizabeth's boot camp, she and her team are assigned to plant bombs in some rubble underwater as they would do if a Nova arrived at sea. The four teams of three execute their mission by Elizabeth's friend Rachel briefly passes out and become caught between some metal pipes. Elizabeth struggles to save her, leading Park to put on her scuba gear and save her cadets. Park is caught in the impact of the explosion but survives unscathed due to her enhanced Pandora Body. Boot camp then ends but after graduation, Park does no see off her team. Elizabeth searches for her and overhears a brief story of Park's team dying in the 8th Nova Clash, which spurned her draconian teaching style to ensure that her cadets are prepared for the harshness of battle. She regularly receives hate mail from her former students but she takes it as a sign that they are alive and well. Elizabeth promises to write to Park as well with tremendous hatred to show that she too is alive and well.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in Web Comic Valkyrie (chapter preview)
Volume 3
Chapter 11 Episode.11
28th Generation West Genetics I
28th Class Arc 2013-02-27

In 2063, the Freshman Class of West Genetics, part of the 28th Generation of Genetics Pandora, are gathered in an auditorium, welcomed by Sister Margaret. When the girls are notified of their Stigmata capabilities, Arnett immediately starts a conflict with her classmates but is silenced by the powerful presence of Elizabeth Mably. Arnett's roommate is a diminutive Creo Brand and they have an argument about the rich Pandora at West Genetics and it turns out that Creo is even poorer that Arnett as she is an orphan. After Arnett deploys her Volt Weapon for the first time, she encounters Attia Simmons and a battle escalates until they are stopped by Marin Maxwell.

Title Notes: This chapter was published in Web Comic Valkyrie (chapter preview)
Chapter 12 Episode.12
28th Generation West Genetics II
28th Class Arc

The story cuts to a flashback regarding Arnett's time at boot camp where she regularly proved to be the top cadet of her platoon. The second best was Dolly Parnell, who was ostracized due to the supposed desertion by her sister during the 8th Nova Clash. However, Arnett does not see how Dolly should be held responsibly and tries to treat her kindly while the others who had family die during the clash treat Dolly as a parasite. Arnett still decides to treat Dolly kindly regardless of her platoon's opinions. She is ostracized as a result but she doesn't seem to care.

Chapter 13 Episode.13
28th Generation West Genetics III
28th Class Arc

The flashback of Arnett's time at boot camp continues and the girls continue to bully her. Arnett later befriends Dolly during their time on patrol and Arnett listens to Dolly's goal of avenging her sister's honor, which Arnett agrees to support as they enter West Genetics together. During the last week of training, their final mission is cancelled due to a brutal storm. All of the girls must hold back a tree to redirect a landslide and flood from civilians. The other girls of Arnett's group reluctantly work with Arnett and Dolly, but they all flee save her Arnett and Dolly who refuse to give up. Unfortunately, a massive wave swallows both girls but only Arnett resurfaces.

Chapter 14 Episode.14
28th Generation West Genetics IV
28th Class Arc

A funeral is held for Dolly Parnell, and she is rewarded in death for her sacrifice. Arnett's flashback ends and the next day, he promises Elizabeth Mably that she will slay her in the upcoming Carnival. The Freshman Carnival begins and Arnett is the first to defeat a Pandora and earn points, also having discovered how to use her Volt Textures in combat. Attia Simmons, who also knows how to use her Volt Textures, defeats a Pandora. She and Arnett fight and Arnett cuts off Attia's fingers after attempting to decapitate her earlier. When Arnett moves to kill Attia, Elizabeth stops the fight.

Volume 4
Freezing Zero Volume 4 Cover
Chapter 15 Episode.15
28th Generation West Genetics V
28th Class Arc
Elizabeth Mably defeats Arnett McMillan and wins the Freshman Carnival; Arnett earns second place while Miyabi Kannazuki earns third.
Chapter 16 Episode.16
28th Generation West Genetics VI
28th Class Arc

Arnett is visited by Marin who was badly injured by Arnett, but the Freshman hold no ill will toward her classmate. Rather, she just encourages Arnett to try to make some friends. Later Attia thanks Elizabeth for saving her from Arnett's blade and Attia begins to tell Elizabeth of the origin of Arnett's hatred for the upper class girls. Arnett looms for her father and subsequently ignores her upperclassmen leading her to get beaten up by them. Elizabeth arrives to save her, but she gets beaten up as well. They are saved by other upperclassman and when they sit alone together, Elizabeth advises Arnett not to take out her hang-ups on all Pandora because it won't bring back her friend. After the incident, the two begin their friendship which later leads them to teaming up against Miyabi Kannazuki in the following Carnival.

This chapter encompasses elements from Chapter 065.5, "Those Who Make the Rules"
Chapter 17 Episode.17
Talent and Effort I
28th Class Arc
Ingrid Bernstein feels insecure about her abilities because she is not as strong as Miyabi Kannazuki, who does not need to practice to main her high rank. She watches Miyabi effortlessly prove her strength Miyabi has talent. Ingrid voices her insecurities to Marin, but it leads to falling out between the two.
Chapter 18 Episode.18
Talent and Effort II
28th Class Arc
Ingrid learns of Marin's constant struggles as a Pandora and trains tirelessly to feel the pain Marin feels after realizing that Miyabi practices in the simulation center at the highest level in order to reach the top of her class one day. Ingrid eventually surpasses her own limits and reconciles with Marin.
Volume 5
Freezing Zero Volume 5 Cover
Chapter 19 Episode.19
Brother and Sister I
Amelia Evans Arc
The plot of Freezing Zero cuts to Amelia Evans who is taking care of her brother Luke after their parents abandoned them. Amelia struggled to manage several part-time jobs while Luke studies rigorously to land himself in a high level institution on a full scholarship. However, Luke only manages second place which will not grant him the scholarship. Still, Amelia is determined to send her brother to this school, but she is rejected by every bank she finds.
Chapter 20 Episode.20
Brother and Sister II
Amelia Evans Arc
Amelia goes to a sketchy underground loan shark at Cash Zone, but she leaves when she misinterprets the shark's words. Meanwhile, Amelia experiences fatigue when juggling her multiple jobs finally gets to her. One day, a regular at one her jobs agrees to take Amelia to work but it is only a ruse to get her in bed with him in exchange for paying for Luke's education and medical expenses. Amelia flees from the man's car and when she gets home she finds her brother in a critical condition. Amelia rushes her brother to the hospital where he is treated but he now requires a highly specialized operation that Amelia cannot hope to afford. Desperate to save her brother, Amelia returns to the loan shark at Cash Zone, who has a job lined up for her.
Chapter 21 Episode.21
Brother and Sister III
Amelia Evans Arc
The loan shark at Cash Zone takes Amelia to a government facility where she is given a hospital screening. She is soon told that she will be allowed to participate in a program, run by the Chevalier. Amelia is told that if she signs and completes the program, the Chevalier will take care of her brother for the rest of his life, and Amelia signs to become an E-Pandora. Amelia is taken to the Alaska Base where she is quickly and brutally trained by a second Lieutenant, who is determined to push Amelia to her limits so she can save her brother. However, the woman's superior couldn't care less about Amelia's situation so long as she does not die.
Chapter 22 Episode.22
Brother and Sister IV
Amelia Evans Arc
A tournament is held between the E-Pandora to determine the strongest among them and the one who will be at Scarlett Ohara's right hand. Amelia is reluctant to truly fight having never been in a fight; however, she wins the tournament, defeating Jina Purpleton in the finals. Amelia and Jina befriend each other and Jina explains that Amelia's trainer is the one who has been looking out for her this whole time while the first Lieutenant wanted to be lazy. Amelia then finds her trainer and thanks her for pushing her to be a better solider.
Volume 6
Freezing zero volume cover
Chapter 23 Episode.23
Fragments of the Past I
Sister Margaret Arc
In 2045, future West Genetics Headmistress Sister Margaret Lindman is one of the Chevalier's highest ranking officers. However, Maragret feels little pride in her work, tormented by her experience during the 5th Nova Clash and cannot understand why her colleagues do not flee before the fight begins. Pandora Mode is introduced for the first time and Margaret is one of the dew designated to test the anti-Nova battle suit. However, Margaret decides that this project will be her last mission, planning to retire and return to civilian life. The night of making this decision, Margaret awakens to the beginning of the 6th Nova Clash.
Chapter 24 Episode.24
Fragments of the Past II
Sister Margaret Arc
Sister Margaret fights on the front-lines of the 6th Nova Clash, sustaining career ending injuries but ultimately stopping the Nova incursion. Instead of retiring from service, Margaret chooses to become an instructor in the Chevalier in order to train future Pandora.
Chapter 25 Episode.25
Cassie Lockheart I
Cassie Lockheart Arc
East Genetics junior Cassie Lockheart proves to be an exceptionally talented Pandora, but struggles to live up to her peer's expectation. As Cassie laments her fate, she is called upon to deal with a berserk Satellizer L. Bridget.
Chapter 26 Episode.26
Cassie Lockheart II
Cassie Lockheart Arc
Cassie Lockheart and Satellizer L. Bridget continue their battle. Despite the difference in skill, Satellizer's determination allows her to hold her ground against Cassie. She eventually pushes herself too far and collapses from the strain. Although victorious, Cassie's resolve is greatly shaken from the ordeal.
Volume 7
Freezing Zero Volume 7 Cover
Chapter 27 Episode.27
Chiffon Fairchild I
Lab 13 Arc
In 2023, Gengo Aoi developes the Legendary Pandora in hopes of stopping the Nova threat. The youngest of the sisters, Chiffon, struggles with accepting emotion and what it means to be human. After a scientist is killed by Windy May, Chiffon flees Lab 13 in anger.
Chapter 28 Episode.28
Chiffon Fairchild II
Lab 13 Arc
Out on her own, Chiffon is taken in and nursed back to health by Aureriel Fairchild. The two form a friendship and Chiffon begins to learn the value of emotions and of always smiling. Elsewhere, Gengo finds himself pressured by the Chevalier to recapture Chiffon, no matter the cost.
Chapter 29 Episode.29
Chiffon Fairchild III
Lab 13 Arc
Chiffon and Aureriel continue their friendship. Gengo dispatches an agent, Chiffon's own sister, to retake Chiffon. However, the Chevalier prepares their own contingency plan. Lucy confronts her sister and resolves to bring her home at any cost.
Chapter 30 Episode.30
Chiffon Fairchild IV
Lab 13 Arc
Lucy and Chiffon fight, but they are interrupted when Chiffon's friend is gunned down. Chiffon rages at the death of a friend. Years later, the Smiling Monster prepares for a whole new challenge at West Genetics.
Volume 8
Freezing Zero Volume 8 Cover
Chapter 31 Episode.31
Warriors of Valhalla I
Warriors of Valhalla Arc
The mystery of Kazuha's death and her Heroic Stigmata unfolds. Gengo and Su-Na recruit for Project Valkyrie.
Chapter 32 Episode.32
Warriors of Valhalla II
Warriors of Valhalla Arc
Gengo and Su-Na travel to Italy in search of Valkyries. A former Pandora must choose where she truly belongs.
Chapter 33 Episode.33
Warriors of Valhalla III
Warriors of Valhalla Arc
Franka Porsche displays her skills with the help of Su-Na Lee. Gengo pays Ouka a visit. All five Valkyries are assembled for the first time at West Genetics.
Chapter 34 Episode.34
Warriors of Valhalla IV
Warriors of Valhalla Arc
The Valkyries must work together as a team in the face of a surprise threat. 
Volume 9
Freezing Zero Volume 9 Cover
Chapter 35 Episode.35
Rana Linchen I
Tibet Arc
Chapter 36 Episode.36
Rana Linchen II
Tibet Arc
Chapter 37 Episode.37
Rana Linchen III
Tibet Arc
Chapter 38 Episode.38
Rana Linchen IV
Tibet Arc

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