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Freezing Manga Chapters:


Storyline 1Edit

Storyline 1 spans from Chapter 1 to Chapter 96.

Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 1
Freezing vol1
Chapter 1
The Untouchable Queen Introductory Arc 2007-01-27 Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ganessa Roland
Kazuya Aoi first arrives at West Genetics in the middle of the Spring Carnival. Mistaking Satellizer for his sister, he embraces her and unintentionally triggers a Freezing effect, leaving her wide open for an attack by Ganessa Roland.

Title Notes: "The Untouchable Queen" is the sobriquet for Satellizer L. Bridget

Chapter 2 The Hunted Girl Introductory Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ganessa Roland and Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Miyabi Kannazuki
Chapter 3 Pandora vs. Pandora Introductory Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Miyabi Kannazuki

Title Notes: "Pandora" are the focus of Freezing, they are female warriors who fight the Nova

Chapter 4 Retaliation Introductory Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Miyabi Kannazuki
Chapter 5 Target 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 2
Freezing vol2
Chapter 6 The Difference In Power 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein
Chapter 7 The Restrained Ingrid I 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein; Flashback of the 9th Nova Clash

Title Notes: "Ingrid" is the Guardian of Order and dispense punishment to lesser Pandora's who transgress the rules.

Chapter 8 The Restrained Ingrid II 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein., Flashback of the 9th Nova Clash

Title Notes: "Ingrid" is the Guardian of Order and dispense punishment to lesser Pandora's who transgress the rules.

Chapter 9 Decision 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein
Chapter 10 The Visitor From Tibet Rana Introductory Arc Kazuya Aoi becomes Satellizer L. Bridget's pseudo-Limiter, and Rana Linchen enters the story.
Chapter 11 Her Name Is Rana Linchen Rana Introductory Arc Kaho Hiiragi, Arthur Crypton Kazuya, and Rana get in a fight with street thugs, and Kaho is shot

Title Notes: Rana Linchen becomes a major character in Freezing.

Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 3
Freezing vol3
Chapter 12 A Sign of Rivalry Rana Introductory Arc Kazuya Aoi and Rana Linchen vs. Street Thugs.
Chapter 13 Stigma Body Rana Introductory Arc The secret of Kazuya Aoi's power is discovered, Rana Linchen vs. Ganessa Roland;

Title Notes: "Stigma Body" is a type of body mutation that allows for better and easier use of Nova-type skills.

Chapter 14 Strategy Rana Introductory Arc Rana Linchen vs. Ganessa Roland; flashback of the Levon Brooks Incident
Chapter 15 Rana's Strength 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Rana Linchen
Chapter 16 Mortal Combat 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Rana Linchen
Chapter 17 Punishment 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Arnett McMillan, Rana Linchen vs. Creo Brand
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 4
Freezing vol4
Chapter 18 The Majestic 3rd Years I 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Arnett McMillan, Rana Linchen vs. Creo Brand
Chapter 19 The Majestic 3rd Years II 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Arnett McMillan, Rana Linchen vs. Creo Brand
Chapter 20 Reminiscence 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Flashback of Satellizer L. Bridget's childhood
Chapter 21 Counterattack!! 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Arnett McMillan, Rana Linchen vs. Creo Brand
Chapter 22 Each's Respective Pride 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Rana Linchen vs. Creo Brand.
Chapter 23 Sharpened Stone 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Fight Ends, Chiffon Fairchild talks with Elizabeth Mably
Chapter 24 Conclusion 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Elizabeth Mably orders the 3rd years to step down from attacking Satellizer L. Bridget; Kazuya Aoi and Satellizer visit a theme park.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 5
Freezing vol5
Chapter 25 East Genetics 10th Nova Clash Arc Four Type-S Novas appear; East Genetics 8th Platoon takes on 1 of the Novas

Title Notes: "East Genetics" is a Genetics training Academy to train Pandora's to fight Novas.

Chapter 26 Cassie Lockheart 10th Nova Clash Arc Cassie Lockheart's life hours before the 10th Nova Clash

Title Notes: "Cassie Lockheart" is a Pandora student at East Genetics. The equivalent anime title is "Godspeed of the East", the sobriquet of Cassie, for Episode 9.

Chapter 27 Corrosion 10th Nova Clash Arc East Genetics 8th Platoon is defeated by the Nova

Title Notes: "Corrosion" is a detrimental effect of using Stigmata.

Chapter 28 A Looming Threat 10th Nova Clash Arc Novas that defeat East Genetics 8th Platoon disappear and reappear at West Genetics.
Chapter 29 Nova Form 10th Nova Clash Arc Nova-Form Pandora's from East Genetics 8th Platoon attack West Genetics.

Title Notes: "Nova Form" is a mode that Pandora's can enter. It is also the title for Episode 10.

Chapter 30 Target Destination 10th Nova Clash Arc Attia Simmons and Arnett McMillan vs. Cassie Lockheart and Milena Marius
Chapter 31 Desperate Struggle 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget, Ganessa Roland and Arnett McMillan vs. Cassie Lockheart and Milena Marius; Attia Simmons and Elizabeth Mably vs. Unknown Nova Form Pandora's from East Genetics' 8th Platoon.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 6
Freezing vol6
Chapter 32 Elizabeth Mably 10th Nova Clash Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. 2 Nova Form Pandora's; Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Cassie Lockheart;

Title Notes: "Elizabeth Mably" is a powerful Pandora student at West Genetics.

Chapter 33 Trauma 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Cassie Lockheart; Flashback of Cassie's childhood
Chapter 34 Tears 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Cassie Lockheart
Chapter 35 Comrade 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Cassie Lockheart; Ganessa Roland is blasted by a particle beam.
Chapter 36 Stigmata of Sympathy 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Cassie Lockheart
Chapter 37 Shocking Finale 10th Nova Clash Arc DEFCON 1 cancelled
Chapter 38 Dinner Party Interlude between arcs Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Elizabeth Mably in a drinking contest.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 7
Freezing vol7
Chapter 39 Invitation Siblings Arc Violet L. Bridget invites Satellizer L. Bridget to stay at the L. Bridget family hotel in Bali for the Golden Week and she invites Kazuya Aoi to come with her.
Chapter 40 To The Tropical Islands Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi leave for Bali; Kazuya meets Satellizer's siblings and the powerful Pandora Holly Rose.
Chapter 41 The Older Sister's Feelings Siblings Arc Violet L. Bridget and Satellizer L. Bridget talk about a family problem from the past.
Chapter 42 Bound Siblings Arc Louis L. Bridget blackmails Satellizer L. Bridget and tortures her.
Chapter 43 Jealous Lover Siblings Arc Louis L. Bridget harasses Satellizer L. Bridget; Holly Rose confronts Satellizer.
Chapter 44 A Woman's Intuition Siblings Arc Satellizer and Holly talk about last night; Holly and Louis have sex.
Chapter 45 True Feelings Siblings Arc Kazuya Aoi and Louis L. Bridget talk; Satellizer L. Bridget, Kazuya, Louis and Holly Rose meet by a cliff where Louis shows his control over Satellizer and Holly.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 8
Freezing vol8
Chapter 46 Mark of Slavery Siblings Arc Louis L. Bridget vs. Kazuya Aoi.
Chapter 47 Bonds Siblings Arc Kazuya Aoi learns the truth about Satellizer L. Bridget's Stigmata's.
Chapter 48 Released Shackles Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Holly Rose
Chapter 49 Siblings, Part 1 Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Holly Rose
Holly tries to kill Louis L. Bridget along with herself; Louis Flashback.
Chapter 50 Siblings, Part 2 Siblings Arc Satellizer L. Bridget saves Louis L. Bridget and Holly Rose; Violet L. Bridget talks to Louis; Satellizer and Kazuya Aoi leave Bali.
Chapter 51 E-Pandora Project E-Pandora Project Arc A new project that uses normal people has been approved; Rana Linchen is jealous of how close Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi have become; Chiffon, Elizabeth Mably, Satellizer, Rana, Kazuya, Chiffon's Limiter, and Elizabeth's Limiter are ordered to go to Alaska next week to be part of the E-Pandora Project.;

Title Notes: "E-Pandora Project" is a project by the Chevalier to create many more Pandora from those who are not genetically compatible.

Chapter 52 Forget That; Let's Play Soccer Filler chapter Creo Brand arranges a game of soccer with 3rd year Pandora's and underclassmen Pandora's. The friendly game does not go as planned, and ends up in a strip fight, where Rana Linchen and Elizabeth Mably strip opposing players to gain an advantage.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 9
Freezing vol9
Chapter 53 Sub-Zero Tundra E-Pandora Project Arc Kazuya Aoi, Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen arrive in Alaska where they meet up with Elizabeth Mably and Chiffon Fairchild. Shortly after, they attend a banquet along with Pandora's from other regions and they receive a speech from Dr. Scarlett Ohara, who explains to them the reason behind the E-Pandora Project which artificially reproduces the compatibility with the Stigmata. They also find out that Gengo Aoi was against this project.
Chapter 54 Pandora vs. Pandora E-Pandora Project Arc After Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen settle in their rooms, they meet Cassie Lockheart and her Limiter Kyoichi Minase, who gives Satellizer his thanks for saving Cassie in the past. They also come to know about an upcoming mock battle with a group of Pandora who came from normal people called Evolution Pandora (or E-Pandora). The first battle between England Genetics' Anna Parker and E-Pandora Rattle ends with Anna as the victor. Similarly the second battle is one by Korea's Pandora.
Chapter 55 Difference In Strength E-Pandora Project Arc The third mock battle is held between E-Pandora Amelia Evans and Elizabeth Mably.
Chapter 56 Those Who Crawl Along The Ground E-Pandora Project Arc Pandora's brass and Dr. Ohara discuss the mock battle's result and the poor performance of the E-Pandora's. They decide to use a special medicine called Mark IV.
Chapter 57 MARK IV E-Pandora Project Arc 2010-09-27 The World-Ranked Pandora discuss how Mark IV and Project Synchro look suspicious, but they realise it may be a necessity to save their world. Dr. Scarlett Ohara and Amelia Evans discuss Mark IV and its dangers, but Amelia eventually accepts its use.
Chapter 58 Scarlett Ohara E-Pandora Project Arc A flashback of a confrontation between Dr. Gengo Aoi and Dr. Scarlett Ohara is shown over the mapping of Maria Lancelot's genetic map. The Synchro test begins with E-Pandora Gina Papleton as the first test subject. Soon some complications appear.
Chapter 59 The Cost of Sacrifice I E-Pandora Project Arc Jina won't survive Mk-IV.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 10
Freezing vol10
Chapter 60 The Cost of Sacrifice II E-Pandora Project Arc 2010-11-27 Elizabeth Mably is defeated by Gina Papleton and Charles Bonaparte intervenes.
Chapter 61 Typhon Tempest E-Pandora Project Arc The fight between Nova Form Gina Papleton and Charles Bonaparte results in a fatality.
Chapter 62 Death of a Comrade E-Pandora Project Arc The E-Pandora mourn Jina's loss.
Chapter 63 Doubt E-Pandora Project Arc 2011-01-27 Elizabeth Mably expresses her doubts to Chiffon Fairchild.
Chapter 64 Resolve E-Pandora Project Arc Marks Spencer plans to continue the E-Pandora Project and Elizabeth Mably stands against him.
Chapter 65 Impasse E-Pandora Project Arc The Mably family is punished for their heiress' actions.
Omake Chapter for Volume 10 Those Who Make The Rules Filler chapter Side Story -

A flashback how Elizabeth Mably and Arnett McMillan became friends. Ends with the introduction of Chiffon Fairchild, arriving a week late to school, a direct prequel to Freezing: First Chronicles.

Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 11
Chapter 66
Ideals and Reality E-Pandora Project Arc 2011-03-28 Satellizer L. Bridget has a conversation with her mother. Meanwhile the E-Pandora are informed of their death sentence.
Chapter 67 Ruthless Decision E-Pandora Project Arc Amelia Evans leads her friends into rebellion.
Chapter 68
Rebellion E-Pandora Rebellion Arc 2011-05-27 The E-Pandora revolt, and Satellizer L. Bridget demands answers.
Chapter 69 Elizabeth's Resolve E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably decides to aid the E-Pandora escape while Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen fight Julia Munberk until a friend intervenes.
Chapter 70 Rebels E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth, Amelia, Rana and Satellizer decide to infiltrate the base together. Charles aims to stop them.
Chapter 71
Clashing Ideals E-Pandora Rebellion Arc 2011-06-27 Elizabeth Mably stays beghin to fight Charles Bonaparte
Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk begin their fight.
Chapter 72 Fierce Battle E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Cassie Lockheart vs. Julia Munberk and Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte
André Françoise risks Novalization during the battle.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 12
Chapter 73 Conflict I E-Pandora Rebellion Arc 2011-07-27 Chiffon Fairchild moves to stop Amelia and her allies.
Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte
Chapter 74 Conflict II E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte
The scene flashes back to Charles childhood, where she was a poor orphan who was adopted by Marks Spencer.
Chapter 75 Charles Bonaparte E-Pandora Rebellion Arc 2011-08-27 Charles centers her ethics around her father's, but for Elizabeth's ethics André Françoise risks Novalization.
Chapter 76 Condition for Victory E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably vs. Charles Bonaparte
With Charles Bonaparte held in place, Elizabeth Mably fires a concentrated beam of power from her SSS weapon. Elizabeth defeats Charles.
Chapter 77 Difference in Experience E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Elizabeth Mably leaves the battle carrying a wounded André Françoise while Charles Bonaparte recovers with her Limiter.

Cassie Lockheart vs. Julia Munberk
The fight between Rana Linchen, Satellizer L. Bridget and Amelia Evans against Chiffon Fairchild begins, with most of their attacks proving ineffective against the president.

Chapter 78
Monster I E-Pandora Rebellion Arc 2011-09-27 A contingent of Chevalier Pandora is seen upon air transport heading toward Alaska Base, along with Holly Rose and Louis L. Bridget.
Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
Chapter 79 Monster II E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
Chapter 80 An Unforgivable Existence E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Amelia Evans continues to Scarlett Ohara's lab, neutralizing a Chevalier Pandora by activating stigmata form. Chiffon Fairchild has defeated both Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 13
Chapter 81 The Forbidden Door E-Pandora Rebellion Arc Scarlett Ohara tells Amelia Evans about her plan for Project Maria. Amelia feels betrayed that Ohara would use the E-Pandora Project for her own means and attempts to attack her. Amelia is blocked by an electric field, but then begins to Nova-fy.
Chapter 82 Resonance I 11th Nova Clash Arc Pandoras at the Alaska Base feel the effects of Amelia Evans' Novalization. The Type-Maria clones fuse into the newly formed Nova and it develops into a new type of Nova unseen before. The Nova's effect also causes Rana Linchen and Satellizer L. Bridget to get back up, both unconscious.
Chapter 83 Resonance II 11th Nova Clash Arc Amelia Evans' Novalization causes two Chevalier Pandora to Novalize as well. One Type-S, and another unknown type origin. Aoi Gengo and several Chevalier arrive at Marks Spencer's command center and assume control of Alaska Base operations.
Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild resumes
Satellizer L. Bridget is able to pierce Chiffon Fairchild with an attack.
Chapter 84 Connected Hearts 11th Nova Clash Arc 2011-11-27 Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen vs. Chiffon Fairchild
Eugene and Chiffon Fairchild hold off Satellizer L. Bridget's and Rana Linchen's combination while Kazuya Aoi tries to awaken them. As Kazuya's words are unable to reach them, he tries to communicate with them using Freezing on the advice of Eugene.
Chapter 85 The Depths of One's Memory 11th Nova Clash Arc While using Freezing to communicate, Kazuya Aoi sees glimpses of his and Satellizer L. Bridget's past. After confronting a broken down Satellizer's consciousness along with Rana Linchen, he was able to make both of them regain consciousness and control.

Meanwhile the other Pandoras try to fight the three Novas, although by their analysis with their current forces they would be able to defeat only two of these.

Chapter 86 Anti-Nova I 11th Nova Clash Arc 2012-01-27 Things turn bad for the Pandora's and they soon loose half of their fighting forces. The Nova Form Amelia Evans which is of Unknown-Type keeps to it's course, raising fears of the reactors being destroyed. It is confronted by Kazuya Aoi and team. Chiffon Fairchild changes her true form to fight it alone.
Chapter 87 Anti-Nova II 11th Nova Clash Arc Chiffon Fairchild's new form appears to be similar to Maria Lancelot's form. The unknown Nova directs a powerful beam towards the reactor, which is diverted by Chiffon. Humanoid Nova's appear near the reactor and are engaged by Roxanne Elipton and her group.
Chapter 88 Illusion Turn 11th Nova Clash Arc Chiffon Fairchild continues to fight one on one with the unknown Nova and is able to stop it's movement after a fierce attack comprised of Maria's form, Illusion Turn and multiple copies.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 14
Freezing vol14
Chapter 89 Heart to Heart 11th Nova Clash Arc Roxanne Elipton's group defeats the humanoid novas and she meets up with Kazuya Aoi's group. Chiffon Fairchild is able to talk with Amelia Evans' consciousness inside the Nova and tries to get her to stop the fight but fails.
Chapter 90 Friends 11th Nova Clash Arc The other Pandora groups are able to bring down the second Type-S Nova.

Nova-fied Amelia Evans is identified to be similar to Type-Q Nova and it changes it's form to self-destruct. Gengo Aoi gives order to evacuate the Pandora's. Chiffon Fairchild decides to confront the exploding Nova and gives the others time to escape.

Chapter 91 The Meaning of That Smile 11th Nova Clash Arc Nova-fied Amelia Evans explodes but the explosion is contained by Chiffon Fairchild at the cost of her life.
Chapter 92
What She Left Behind 11th Nova Clash Arc 2012-03-27 After the explosion Amelia's body is recovered and there was no sign of Mark IV in her and the others E-Pandoras. Dr. Scarlett Ohara was found under debris and her legs were found to be beyond recovery. André Françoise loses his eyesight and Elizabeth Mably retires.
Chapter 93 A Time For Change I Student Presidency Duel Arc Pandoras start returning to their bases. Failure of E-Pandora Project was made public damaging Chevalier's reputation. Elizabeth Mably informs her West Genetics team-mates about the decision through Attia Simmons. They decide to make Arnett McMillan the student president. Ticy Phenyl also applies for the same status.
Chapter 94 A Time For Change II Student Presidency Duel Arc As proposed by Ticy Phenyl, the fight to determine the student council president starts.
Chapter 95 A Time For Change III Student Presidency Duel Arc Arnett McMillan vs. Ticy Phenyl
After a short battle, Ticy defeats Arnett with the Illusion Turn.
Chapter 96 A Time For Change IV Student Presidency Duel Arc After winning the fight Ticy Phenyl becomes the top ranked junior and student council president. She announces that she will enforce ranking hierarchy more strictly and make West Genetics the best. She also warns Satellizer L. Bridget of harsh punishment in case she causes any trouble. Arnett McMillan and the others decide to monitor Ticy's actions.
Storyline I of Freezing ends.

Storyline 2Edit

Storyline 2 begins at Chapter 97.

Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 15
Chapter 97 A New Rival Appears!? Valkyrie Introduction Arc Gengo Aoi announces Valkyrie project. Howard L. Bridget and Gengo discuss the status of Valkyrie project which is supported by Howard. Both of them also show their displeasure towards Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi's closeness.
Chapter 98 Exercise Valkyrie Introduction Arc Arnett McMillan asks Satellizer L. Bridget to join them, but she politely refuses.
Chapter 99 Valkyries Valkyrie Introduction Arc A demonstration of Valkyries skill is held at West Genetics.
Chapter 100
Valkyries II Valkyrie Introduction Arc 2012-05-27 The West Genetics Pandora formally meet the Valkyries.
Chapter 101 A Promise for a Rival Valkyrie Introduction Arc A new powerful strikeforce is founded at West Genetics, consisting of Pandora, Limiter, and Valkyrie.
Chapter 102 Ouka Tenjouin Valkyrie Introduction Arc Kazuya Aoi and Ouka Honda engage in an argument about their arranged marriage and Kazuya refusing to accept the pre-planned marriage. Soon remaining members of Platoon 13 are revealed and Su-Na Lee is announced as their leader.
Chapter 103 Platoon 13 Valkyrie Introduction Arc 2012-07-27 Platoon 13 is formed. Ouka confronts Satellizer and Kazuya about their relationship.
Chapter 104 What Kazuha Has Left Valkyrie Introduction Arc Kazuya and Ouka have a heated discussion about Ouka's status as a Valkyrie. Franka Porsche further explains Kazuya's unique stigma body.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 16
Chapter 105 Causes of Breaking Valkyrie Introduction Arc Platoon 13 begin their training. The students of West Genetics begin to feel inferior to the members of Platoon 13, but neither Ticy Phenyl nor Arnett McMillan, the school's leaders, wish to respond rashly.
Chapter 106 Causes of Breaking II Valkyrie Introduction Arc Charles refuses to trust, Cassie, Satellizer, and Rana due to their actions on Alaska, but she offers them the chance to redeem themselves in her eyes. Attia confronts Charles Bonaparte about Elizabeth Mably. After a battle of words a beliefs, the two girls deploy their Volt Weapons
Chapter 107 Causes of Breaking III Valkyrie Introduction Arc Nobuhiro Seiga and Atsuko Seiga plot to dethrone Gengo Aoi. Charles as thoroughly defeated Attia, but she refuses to give up and make Charles apologize. Charles responds by putting her in critical condition, earning Arnett's silent wrath.
Chapter 108
A Grandfather's Thoughts Valkyrie Introduction Arc 2012-09-27 Charles has been detained for her actions against Attia, and Team Arnett must wait to move until she is released. Satellizer meets Gengo Aoi, who knows much about her and approves of her relationship to Kazuya.
Chapter 109 Old Memories Valkyrie Introduction Arc Kazuya still holds resentment toward his grandfather of Kazuha's death. Kazuya discovers a little about Gengo's past through a picture forty years ago, which features Chiffon Fairchild with her eyes open and long hair. Charles is released from detainment, is approached by Creo Brand and Ingrid Bernstein.
Chapter 110 A Risky Situation Valkyrie Introduction Arc Charles Bonaparte is released from her confinement, and Team Arnett McMillan attacks her before being intercepted by Cassie Lockheart and Roxanne Elipton. Arnett dispatches them and engages with Charles until they are stopped by Satellizer L. Bridget.
Chapter 111 A Risky Situation II Valkyrie Introduction Arc Arnett McMillan vs. Charles Bonaparte
Satellizer L. Bridget stops Charles Bonaparte and Arnett McMillan from fighting, which results in Arnett threatening her. Arnett moves to attack Charles, but Satellizer keeps intercepting her. Arnett and Charles soon re-engage, however, until Ticy Phenyl stops the match for good.
Chapter 112 Unsolicited Valkyrie Introduction Arc Roxanne talks to Charles about her emotions, inferiority complex, and recent actions, inappropriate for someone of her status and power. Charles is initially unreceptive until Roxanne points out that Pandora need to look out for each other, leaving Charles in tears.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 17
Chapter 113 Were You Waiting for Me Valkyrie Introduction Arc Satellizer and Kazuya attempt to have sex but they are stopped by Rana. Ouka begins to test her Plasma Textures.
Chapter 114
Plasma Weapon Valkyrie Introduction Arc 2012-11-27 Ouka tests the time limit of her Plasma Texture.
Chapter 115 Maria Valkyrie Introduction Arc 2012-11-27 The chapter begins with a flashback of when Gengo first encountered Maria, who old him of the incoming threat of the Nova. Gengo believes Kazuya will have to know about his true heritage very soon. Platoon 13 is volleyed with slander across West Genetics, and Kazuya is approached by Lucy Renault, who finally begins to speak.
Chapter 116 Joint Exercise Valkyrie Introduction Arc 2012-11-27 Lucy Renault discusses communication with the Nova with Kazuya Aoi. She then kisses him, transferring some her memories to him. Ouka Honda appears and tends to her cousin, who's fallen. Ouka talks to Kazuya about the mysteriousness of Lucy. The joint-training exercise begins.
Chapter 117 Joint Exercise II 12th Nova Clash Arc 2012-11-27 The joint-training exercise begins with the Pandora divided into four teams and combating eight dummy Nova's. When one of the dummies are destroyed, it emits a strange sensation.
Chapter 118 Alas I 12th Nova Clash Arc 2012-11-27 The Faylan Generators begin to malfunction and they resonate with the Pandora, and Gengo predicts the Pandora will begin to be mentally affected. Atsuko Seiga's plan to defeat Gengo is slowly crumbling.
Chapter 119 Alas II 12th Nova Clash Arc 2012-11-27 The resonating dummies begin to affect the Pandora, as they succumb to a black fog, which begins attacking them; even the personnel at the headquarters does not know how to respond to the situation. Rana Linchen begins fighting her deceased sister, and Satellizer L. Bridget is seemingly attacked by Kazuha Aoi, which ends with her arm cut off. Ticy Phenyl witnesses a visage of Chiffon Fairchild. As all is thrown into chaos.
Chapter 120 Alas III 12th Nova Clash Arc The situation has escalated to a full Nova Clash. In the midst of the chaos, the world ranked Pandora learn the black smoke illusions are fears manifested by the high synch-rate on the stigmata, which can stopped by simply lowering one's stigma synchrony or losing one's stigma. As headquarters personnel begin to evacuate, Gengo Aoi stays behind to begin the Pandora Plan. The Valkyries, not having stigmata, are unaffected by the anomalies, so Gengo allows his Valkyries to activate their Plasma weapons to confront the dummy Nova.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 18
Freezing vol18
Chapter 121 Plan 12th Nova Clash Arc The Valkyries move to annihilate the dummy Nova, displaying much greater abilities then initially shown; however, real Nova begin to appear. Satellizer rises to keep fighting the illusion of Kazuha.
First published in Web Comic Valkyrie (2013 February 6)
Chapter 122 Transcendence 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Kazuha Aoi
Arnett McMillan vs. Charles Bonaparte and Roxanne Elipton
Chapter 123 With All Yourself 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Kazuha Aoi
Kazuya and Satellizer share their first kiss.
First published in Web Comic Valkyrie (2013 February 20)
Web Comic Valkyrie sample pages
Chapter 124 New Power 12th Nova Clash Arc Arnett McMillan vs. Charles Bonaparte and Roxanne Elipton
Roxanne effortlessly defeats Arnett, revealing and surprising even Gengo that she has a Plasma Weapon. Satellizer transcends and heals Kazuya's wound, thus saving his life.
Chapter 125 Beyond 12th Nova Clash Arc Kazuha is revealed to not be an illusion, and she has transcended as well. She thanks Satella for watching over her brother and returns to the lights. Headquarters discover the working of the Plasma Textures and they too begin to question why the Valkyries hold the Plasma Weapons but not the Pandora.
Chapter 126 New Life Forms 12th Nova Clash Arc Small, Unknown-Type Nova swarm the training grounds and dominate the Genetics Pandora. They are led by a Nova Commander.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 19
Freeznig volume 19 cover
Chapter 127 Anxiety 12th Nova Clash Arc The Chevalier arrive at the site of the clash under the warning to keep their synchrony rate with their stigmata limited to 30%. It is also stated that over 1/3 of West Genetics' Pandora have fallen. Roxanne Elipton has defeated Arnett McMillan, and the Valkyries face a saurian-like Nova, which is finally killed by Lucy Renault in a single, sudden, swift attack. She then points out the appearance of the Nova Commander, whose presence is directly linked to the rapid multiplication of the saurian Nova, whose count is now in the hundreds.
Chapter 128 Growth 12th Nova Clash Arc The "Humanoid" Nova continue to swarm and Sister Margaret confronts Gengo Aoi on the current events, and she leaving being forced to trust the doctor, but is shocked to here that none of the Pandora or Valkyries can defeat the Nova on the battlefield. The Chevalier Pandora are overwhelmed; Roxanne and Charles are approached by the Humanoid Nova.
Chapter 129 Sacrifice 12th Nova Clash Arc Roxanne and Charles are willing to give up their lives for even just one person.
Chapter 130 Courage 12th Nova Clash Arc Arnett awakens and rushes to Charles' aid as she loses another arm. Arnett fights three Humanoid Nova alone as Charles is captured. When Arnett is nearly killed, as assailant blows off one of the Nova's heads.
Chapter 131 Overwhelming 12th Nova Clash Arc Satella and Rana defeat three Humanoid Nova easily with their transcended might and Kazuya, saving Arnett and Charles. Charles alerts them of Roxanne's desperate situation. Lucy defeats a Humanoid Nova with a single attack.
Chapter 132 Return 12th Nova Clash Arc Lucy orders her Valkyrie contingent to flee while she takes over the situation. They reluctantly comply. Ticy tries to run away from everything, but stops to help a fallen classmate. Ticy is then attacked by the Humanoid Nova, but is saved by the unexpected arrival of Elizabeth Mably and her Limiter. Ticy rises to fight and decides to fight for Elizabeth and Elizabeth alone.
Chapter 133 Trust 12th Nova Clash Arc Ticy and Elizabeth fight the Nova together but they are nearly beaten. When Ticy refuses to give up, Chiffon reveals herself as the real Chiffon, not an illusion. Chiffon returns to the lights allowing Ticy to transcend and defeat the Humanoid Nova. Elizabeth marks Ticy as the strongest Pandora of West Genetics.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 20
61RAnLR88UL. SY300
Chapter 134 Violated 12th Nova Clash Arc Ticy and Elizabeth move to help more fallen Pandora. Roxanne is brutally defeated by the Nova Commander, and it begins to torture her.
Chapter 135 The Immortal Pandora 12th Nova Clash Arc Rana Linchen vs. Roxanne Elipton
Chapter 136 The Cry from the Soul 12th Nova Clash Arc Rana Linchen vs. Roxanne Elipton
Charles reflects on her actions toward Amelia Evans and Gina Papleton at the Alaska Base. She cries for Rana to save Roxanne, and her plea returns Roxanne to normal, but she shatters her own body to stop herself from harming her comrades any further. Rana and Satellizer burst into a frenzy.
Chapter 137 Difference in Strength 12th Nova Clash Arc Rana, Satellizer, Arnett, and Charles are helpless against the Nova Commander.
Chapter 138 Light Speed Bullet 12th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer decapitates the Nova Commander, but it generates a new head. Explosions are seen across the training ground.
Chapter 139 Guardians 12th Nova Clash Arc Scores of "Humanoid" Nova are being obliterated by the Legendary Pandora, who have been reawakened. The Nova Commander attacks Arnett.
Chapter 140 Legends 12th Nova Clash Arc Arnett and Rana have been defeated by the Nova Commander. When Satellizer and Kazuya are about to be killed, Windy May arrives on the battlefield, and the four Legendary Pandora are revealed and introduced, one of them being Lucy Renault.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 21
61yDfOll8+L. SL500 AA300
Chapter 141 The Sisters of Lab 13 I 12th Nova Clash Arc Windy heals the Pandora within her vicinity, even reviving Roxanne. She deals a mighty blow to the Nova Commander.
Chapter 142 The Sisters of Lab 13 II 12th Nova Clash Arc The Legendary Pandora defeat all of the Humanoid Nova and the Nova Commander. Gengo arrives on the battlefield and tells Kazuya the Legendary Pandora are his kin.
Chapter 143 Lull Busters Arc The leaders of the Chevalier discuss the events of the 12th Nova Clash and fear Gengo's secrecy.
Chapter 144 Distant Memory Busters Arc Cassandra is revealed to be Kazuya's aunt, and Gengo explains Kazuya's true heritage.
Chapter 145 Kin Busters Arc Kazuya denounces his relationship to Maria Lancelot and declares his grandfather a dictator trying to control human evolution. In a fury, Kazuya dismisses Rana and Satellizer after being suggested by Gengo to "keep Satellizer around." He runs off and cries in the grass.
Chapter 146 Definition of a Human Being Busters Arc Kazuya denounces Lucy Renault and her sisters as being human or his family, which greatly offends the stoic Pandora. She retorts that regardless of his opinions, he is important to them and they should be important to him. Gengo coerces Atsuko Seiga into working with him on his coup against the Chevalier, as he controls the world's strongest Pandora. Roxanne Elipton is questioned about her suicide and revival.
Chapter 147 Preliminary Battle I Busters Arc The Chevalier fear Gengo's secrecy of the 12th Nova Clash and hold on the Valkyries, Transcendent Pandora, World-Class Pandora, and Legendary Pandora, but Alfred Hughes tries to keep them calm. Atsuko Seiga is having trouble stabilizing the Legendary Stigmata. The Valkyries discuss Lucy Renault and the upcoming party. Elizabeth Mably denies Ticy's offer to become the student council president because it is now Ticy's role to play. Scarlett Ohara arrives on the base with Amelia Evans.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 22
Cover s
Chapter 148 Preliminary Battle II Busters Arc Radox Phantomheim is introduced and is asked to take down Gengo Aoi while he was planning to do so anyway. He decides to call in the "Failure List." Scarlett Ohara meets with Gengo and she does not want anything to do with him until he offers her the truth. Two women meet in Veracruz, one of them revealed be a serial killer.
Chapter 149 Failure List Busters Arc The Busters, Petty Layner, Jessica Edwin, Sawatari Isuzu, and Isabella Lucas are introduced and Radox moves forward with his plan to kill Gengo. Gengo re-introduces Scarlett to Maria Lancelot, who is revealed to be alive. Maria shown her "everything."
Chapter 150 Restart Busters Arc Scarlett agrees to work with Gengo on the Legendary Stigmata Plan. Amelia Evans encounters, Elizabeth, Ticy, Arnett, Roxanne, and Rana. She passes on Chiffon's last messages. The Legendary Pandora take a walk in the city their nephew and three escorts.
Chapter 151 A Brief Reprieve Busters Arc The Legendary Pandora attract attention from the people in the city, and Ouka admits the girls' dominating presence. She and Satellizer begin to squabble, which is stopped by Lucy, who gives a creepy smile. After everyone gets ice cream, Cassandra encounters a little girl.
Chapter 152 Motherhood Busters Arc Cassandra has a hostile encounter with a civilian mother but is calmly stopped by her sister Windy. Sawatari Isuzu is introduced and summoned by Radox Phantomheim.
Chapter 153 Behind Her Smile Busters Arc Sawatari's history with Su-Na Lee is explained, and Sawatari is afraid of her. Radox Phantomheim invites her participate in Operation Cat Killer. The other Busters test their Plasma Stigmata and proceed with the operation.
Chapter 154 Family Bonds Busters Arc Satellizer goes to Elizabeth for love advice regarding Kazuya. Kazuya feels something special when it comes to Cassandra.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 23
Freezing Volume 23 cover
Chapter 155 Busters Mobilize I Busters Arc Radox Phantomheim ignores the dangers of using the Plasma Stigmata, citing that they are at war. The Busters launch from a submarine in an amphibious insertion. Elizabeth and Arnett arrive at the party, and are soon joined by Ticy. Rana attempts to convince Satellizer to come to the party, only to find out that Satellizer lacks confidence in herself, and has this whole time. Elsewhere, the Busters make landfall and Petty challenges Sawatari for leadership of the group.
Chapter 156 Busters Mobilize II Busters Arc Satellizer, Rana, Kazuya, and Cassandra come to the dinner party. Amelia Evans has become a Pandora, and she bears immense spite toward Scarlett Ohara, and insists to mock her for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Petty beats up Sawatari.
Chapter 157 Raid Busters Arc The Valkyries receive new and very large Plasma Stigmata. Elizabeth Mably acts as a mediator between Kazuya and Satellizer and the pair retreat in a room to reconcile. Satella, however, plans to drug her Limiter. The Busters begin their raid on Gengo's base.
Chapter 158 License to Kill Busters Arc Gengo's security forces quickly notice the Busters intrusion and sound the alarm. Elsewhere, Kazuya grows suspicious of Satellizer's intentions, but the two overcome it and grow intimate. However, they are interrupted by the alarm. The Busters encounter more Chevalier forces and Petty brags about their license to kill.
Chapter 159 Vicious Busters Arc The dinner party is cancelled. The Busters neutralize the Chevalier Pandora and Limiters. The encounter the West Genetics Pandora. Gengo Aoi panics at the sight of the Plasma Stigmata, and Su-Na does not recognize Sawatari Isuzu.
Chapter 160 The Busters' Terrifying Might I Busters Arc Gengo orders all Pandora to evacuate while the Legendary Pandora deal with the Busters. He explains the mechanics of their Plasma Stigmata to Su-Na, and estimates their fighting abilities to be on par with Chiffon. The Genetics Pandora and their Limiters engage the Busters, but are unable to overcome their great strength. Su-Na deduces that the intruders' mission is to assassinate Gengo. Jessica and Isabella decide to stay behind in order to give Petty and Isuzu time to find Gengo. They are interrupted by the arrival of Ticy.
Chapter 161 The Busters' Terrifying Might II Busters Arc Ticy joins her fellow Genetics Pandora just as Petty and Sawatari depart to locate Gengo. Isabella moves to attack, and Ticy engages her. Elsewhere, Rana and the majority of the Legendary Pandora are found by Gengo's forces. The sisters are ordered to the bridge to prepare for combat, just as Petty and Sawatari break through the ceiling. Back to the earlier battle, Ticy is defeated by Jessica.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 24
Chapter 162 The Busters' Terrifying Might III Busters Arc Ticy attempts to retaliate against the Busters, but her efforts are in vain. She activates the power she gained from Transcendence to momentarily gain the advantage, but is defeated by Jessica with a single elbow strike. Jessica then severs both of Ticy's arms. Shocked at Ticy's defeat, her fellow Genetics Pandora can only watch in horror. Her partner Abel attempts to assist her, but is grievously injured by Isabella. In order to torment Ticy even more, Isabella begins to molest the girl's helpless Limiter.
Chapter 163 Humiliation Busters Arc Isabella delivers consequences when Abel resists her.
Chapter 164 Anti-Freezing I Busters Arc Cassandra begins to battle Jessica and Isabella. The Busters trigger their secret weapon "Anti-Freezing."
Chapter 165 Anti-Freezing II Busters Arc Cassandra easily fends of Isabella and Jessica and heals her allies. The Anti-Freezing backfires.
Chapter 166 Inevitable Busters Arc In a flashback, Gengo is shown appearing to receive a vision of the judgement of mankind by the Nova. Despite the futility of resistance, Gengo chooses to fight and delay the judgement for as long as he can. The Legendary Pandora's vitals are rapidly changing, and Gengo has no choice to but to reclassify them as Code N3 Nova order their immediate elimination. Upon observing the Legendary Pandora's abnormal behavior, Sawatari cancels her Anti-Freezing and flees without Petty in the process. Windy and Teslad quickly turn to Rana, questioning whether she was "one of them". Windy's Freezing promptly Novalizes the Chevalier messenger, who is killed by Windy. As she turns towards Rana, Windy is attacked by Christine Evora while Ouka Tenjouin intercepts an attack from Teslad.
Chapter 167 True Nature Busters Arc Lucy scoffs at the Valkyries' attempt to battle her sisters. Meanwhile, Isuzu reveals her true colors to her squad leader.
Chapter 168 Weakness I Busters Arc Lucy battles her sisters. As Gengo aims to awaken a powerful ally, he is stopped by Radox's deranged assassin.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 25
Freezing Volume 25 cover
Chapter 169 Weakness II Busters Arc Su-Na Lee allows herself to be maimed for Gengo's safety.
Chapter 170 Shared Past I Busters Arc The arc cuts to a flashback to days Gengo and Su-Na first met.
Chapter 171 Shared Past II Busters Arc The flashback between Gengo Aoi and Su-Na Lee continues and when it ends an enraged Su-Na lunges for Isuzu.
Chapter 172 Devilish Busters Arc Scarlett Ohara and Amelia Evans stop Isuzu's game of torture. Rana Linchen offers to help Lucy fight her sisters.
Chapter 173 Struggle Busters Arc Rana Linchen struggles to control her new power. Isabella moves to kill Cassandra.
Chapter 174 Sudden Change Busters Arc Cassandra becomes an N3 Nova and she calls more to join her.
Chapter 175 Way Out 13th Nova Clash Arc The 13th Nova Clash begins. Meanwhile, Isuzu and Amelia begin their duel.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 26
Freezing volume 26
Chapter 176 Comeback 13th Nova Clash Arc Amelia stops her fight with Isuzu to let Su-Na Lee take over once more. Satellizer is captured by Cassandra.
Chapter 177 Simulacrum 13th Nova Clash Arc Upon contact with Kazuya's FreezingCassandra is freed from the Nova's influence. She begins battling the Nova, with Kazuya joining in as well. When they two cross Freezing fields, Kazuya is showed a memory of Cassandra caring for him as an infant. 
Chapter 178 Created Existences 13th Nova Clash Arc Rana Linchen vs. Windy May Aoi / Lucy Aoi vs. Teslad Aoi
Chapter 179 Illusion I 13th Nova Clash Arc As Su-Na Lee duels Sawatari Isuzu in order to protect Gengo Aoi, the latter explains the true nature of Illusion Turn to Scarlett Ohara and Amelia Evans.
Chapter 180 Illusion II 13th Nova Clash Arc When Sawatari Isuzu draws out more power from her Plasma Stigmata, Su-Na Lee severs her arms defeating her. Unable to cope with defeat, Sawatari lectures and berates Su-Na on the true nature of Pandora, which Su-Na admits is being the perfect killing machine.
Chapter 181 Soul 13th Nova Clash Arc Gengo Aoi and his associates board a helicopter to West Genetics to awaken Maria Lancelot; during the trip, he explains the true nature of the Stigmata to his companions. Lucy is quickly losing ground against her sister Teslad, just as Rana Linchen begins pushing Windy May back.
Chapter 182 Sacrifice 13th Nova Clash Arc Rana Linchen begins to overwhelm Windy May Aoi, but she also begins to give in the call of her Stigmata that beckons her to destroy. Meanwhile, Cassandra Aoi continues battling against the Nova and her body is slowly destroyed.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 27
Freezing Volume 27 cover
Chapter 183 Legacy of the Past 13th Nova Clash Arc In the midst of battle against the Pandora-Type Nova, Kazuya unlocks his hidden potential and manages to subdue the Nova using energy taken from Cassandra. He quickly collapses under the strain of his new powers, with Cassandra attempting to calm him. 
Chapter 184 Ryuuichi Aoi 13th Nova Clash Arc Four years after the 6th Nova Clash, Ryuuichi Aoi became a university professor and world renowned researcher. Despite a successful career, Ryuuichi's home life is troubled, with his wife Orie fearful of losing Kazuha to her grandfather Gengo's influence. Ryuuichi confronts his father at his base, but is shocked by the revelation of why he was born.
Chapter 185 Siblings 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi struggles with his father's exceptions while Orie wishes for another child in her life. Elsewhere, Gengo must face the bleak future of mankind alone.
Chapter 186 Mask I 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi explains a revelation while Orie tries to cope with the situation. A new addition to the Aoi family arrives and disaster looms ominously. 
Chapter 187 Mask II 13th Nova Clash Arc During a family outing, Ryuuichi Aoi assists Cassandra in adjusting to family life while Orie believes Cassandra's presence is Gengo's ploy to turn Ryuuichi to his side. Later, Orie is revealed to be pregnant.
Chapter 188 Decision 13th Nova Clash Arc The family grows closer thanks to the approaching birth. Cassandra and Ryuuichi resolve to show their will to fight. Orie experiences complications. Gengo offers a chance at hope. 
Chapter 189 Substitute 13th Nova Clash Arc Orie awakens from her surgery crushed to face the harsh reality that she cannot carry her baby, but Cassandra can. Despite Orie's mental state, Ryuuichi tries to keep his family together by keeping Cassandra in his home. Gengo reflects on the consequences of his chosen path.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 28
Freezing Volume 28 cover
Chapter 190 Rejection I 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuchi ruminates on his fate. Kazuya is born just as West Genetics is established. Orie drifts further away when Kazuya doesn't take her breast-milk, leading Gengo takes matters into his own hands.
Chapter 191 Rejection II 13th Nova Clash Arc Orie comes to a realization and seems at peace. Kazuha interrupts a key moment.
Chapter 192 Rejection III 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuha makes an impulsive decision to save her brother. Orie accepts her fate.
Chapter 193 Role I 13th Nova Clash Arc Ryuuichi begins to spiral out of control after the death of Orie. Ryuuchi seeks a fresh start. Kazuha attempts to explain the Transcendent Will to her father.
Chapter 194 Role II 13th Nova Clash Arc Gengo Aoi reveals the origins of Maria Lancelot and the purpose of his son's existence. Ryuuichi makes two dire decisions.
Chapter 195 Values 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuha counsels her brother one last time. Kazuya takes command of the battle for humanity's future.
Chapter 196 Suitable Power 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuya and his forces battle the Nova on equal footing. Gengo prepares to unleash his greatest weapon.
Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 29
Freezing Volume 29 cover
Chapter 197 Turning Point 13th Nova Clash Arc Kazuya continues to assert his control over the Transcendent Pandora, and Rana Linchen risks consumption by the Transcendent Will.
Chapter 198 Noise 13th Nova Clash Arc The shelters regain communication in time to see Rana Linchen's rampage. Kazuya and his group arrive at the pool, and Kazuya aims to stop his friend.
Chapter 199 Coming of the War Princess 13th Nova Clash Arc Gengo attempts to activate his trump card, but is too late. The war princess answers her brother's call.
Chapter 200 Arcadia 13th Nova Clash Arc A powerful ally joins the battle.
Chapter 201 Evolution 13th Nova Clash Arc The 13th Nova Clash ends. The Chevalier prepares for war. Team Elizabeth reunites. Gengo declares Humanity's future to be within reach.
Chapter 202 Mother Exit Revenant Arc Gengo and Margaret consider their options. Scarlett ruminates on her situation. Kazuya comes to terms with his existence thanks to Satellizer's help.

Storyline 3Edit

Storyline 3 begins at Chapter 204.

Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 30
Chapter 203 A New Door Exit Revenant Arc Gengo and his allies prepare for humanity's final gamble. Yu-Mi struggles against the reality of her situation. Kazuya and Satellizer grow even closer.
Chapter 204 Their Decisions Exit Revenant Arc Platoon 13 are forced to choose between Gengo and the Chevalier.
Chapter 205 He Who Accepts Fate Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya meets with Satellizer to discuss his true nature before confronting his grandfather.
Chapter 206 Unknown World I Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya travels to a new world full of familiar faces.
Chapter 207 Unknown World II Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya's travel to a new world instigates a series of movements by new allies and enemies.
Volume 31
Volume 31 Cover
Chapter 208 Rounds Exit Revenant Arc 6-9-2016 Kazuya attends a festival.
Chapter 209 Statues of Lamentation Exit Revenant Arc 14-10-2016 Kazuya intervenes in the Round before it turns into chaos.
Chapter 210 Maria Exit Revenant Arc 26-6-2017 Kazuya speaks with the Queen of Elca. Meanwhile, war comes to West Genetics.
Chapter 211 Circle of Knots Exit Revenant Arc 24-7-2017 Kazuya meeting with the queen ends in imprisonment.
Volume 32
Freezing 32 Elise Tio Velvet
Chapter 212 The Rulers of Elca Exit Revenant Arc 21-8-2017 The Queen of Elca sides with the Rounders in revolution against Ibanyle.
Chapter 213 Elca Revolution Exit Revenant Arc 2-10-2017 The Rounders and Ibanyle's forces battle in a Holy Revolution for the future of Elca.
Chapter 214 Attack of Balance Exit Revenant Arc 8-30-2017 Kazuya intervenes in the Holy Revolution but is efforts are stopped by the Goddesses of Balance who think nothing of human life.
Chapter 215 Inception Exit Revenant Arc 12-25-2017 The Legendary Pandora call for Satellizer to protect their family.
Chapter 216 Pandora vs. Goddess Exit Revenant Arc 2-5-2018 The Pandora of Platoon 13 challenge the Goddesses of Elca.
Volume 33
Freezing Volume 33
Chapter 217 Transcendent Accel Exit Revenant Arc The Goddesses begin to dominate the Pandora.
Chapter 218 The Power of the Goddesses I Exit Revenant Arc The Goddesses analyze the power of the Pandora.
Chapter 219 The Power of the Goddesses II Exit Revenant Arc The Goddesses deem the Pandora too powerful to be human. They determine the Pandora to be their punishment from the Transcendent Will.
Chapter 220 Conflict Exit Revenant Arc The Goddesses merge into a single massive Nova shocking Platoon 13. They're determined to prove to the Transcendent Will that they're fit to survive. 
Chapter 221 Chance Exit Revenant Arc Platoon 13 uses Soul Energy to activate their Transcendent Form shocking the Goddesses.
Volume 34
Chapter 222 Specific Line Exit Revenant Arc Platoon 13 is shock at the gigantic Nova using Freezing. Kazuya meets Chiffon.
Chapter 223 Will of the Affiliate I Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya talks to Chiffon. He learns about Gengo's past.
Chapter 224 Will of the Affiliate II Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya continues talking to Chiffon on Gengo's past. Chevalier is formed.
Chapter 225 Meaning of Nova Exit Revenant Arc Kazuya learns from Chiffon all he needs to know about Gengo and Nova. He makes his decision.

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