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Lots of Secrets♥The First Room Invitation
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Air Date April 27, 2011
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Lots of Secrets♥The First Room Invitation (秘密がいっぱい♥初部屋入り ; Romaji: Himitsu ga Ippai ♥ Hatsu Heya-iri) is the second OVA in the Freezing anime.


Satellizer decides to head into the bathhouse for the first time. The third years want to give Satellizer a proper introduction, and ask about her whether or not that she's performed her First Room Invitation with Kazuya Aoi for a Baptism, but she is both quite reluctant and resistant, as she is clueless on what to do next. Arnett and Creo molest Satellizer (Arnett by fondling her left breast and Creo by masturbating her) in an effort to teach her. Satellizer begs them to stop, but then Kazuya rises up wondering what is going on, but then Elizabeth appears. She scolds them and tells them how they've all fouled up in their "first room invitation" experiences, explaining how Arnett got drunk out of fear, Attia went and cried after her Limiter discovered she padded her bra, Creo got scared and broke down instantly, and Ingrid scared her Limiter with her S&M fetish. Elizabeth then explains that none of them have the right to teach Satellizer, because they'll run the risk of destroying Satellizer's relationship with Kazuya if she follows their advice. The others then asks Elizabeth for help, as Elizabeth gets flustered. Chiffon then comes in and asks what is going on. While the others explain, she falls to the ground laughing at the thought of how Elizabeth fouled up at hers and had the gall to lecture the others.



  • This is the first time Satellizer and Kazuya see each other naked.
  • This is the second time Satellizer is masturbated, the first time being Freezing OVA 01.
  • Chiffon briefly opens her eyes before laughing at the end of the episode. Marking the first time we see what her eyes look like.

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