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Lucy Aoi and Teslad Aoi battle in the Freezing (manga) during the 13th Nova Clash.


Legend IV vs. Legend II


When Teslad and Windy May go berserk as a result of Isuzu Sawatari's Anti-Freezing during the Busters' raid on Gengo's base, Valkyries Ouka Honda and Christine Evora arrive at the bool to neutralize the rogue Legendary Pandora, but Lucy assumes her true form to battle her sisters while Isuzu and Petty Layner flee the scene. Lucy fends them off with massive shock waves, but Windy May and Teslad emerge unscathed. The Valkyries had been upgraded with Plasma Form Injection Stigmata which Rana requests from Christine in order to help Lucy fight her sisters. With some reservations, Christine equips Rana with the upgrades and Rana experiences immense pain and quakes as her body adjusts to technology not fitted for her. Rana overcomes a "wall" and releases a powerful wind force as wings of light emerge from her back. Ouka and Christine are blasted back by the wind force and Windy May pounces on an unprepared Ouka. However, Rana blocks Windy's May's attack and shatters her Volt Weapon, beginning their battle while Lucy continues to face Teslad.


Timeline placementEdit

The fight between Lucy Aoi and Teslad Aoi occurs during the Busters Arc and into the 13th Nova Clash.

  • Location: Gengo's Base, pool
  • Chapters: 173, 178, 181 - Ongoing


  • Winner: Ongoing

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