"But, there are those who have transcended the limits of imagination..."

Milena Marius to Cassie Lockheart in "Cassie Lockheart".

Milena Marius
Milena Marius as she appears in the anime
Kana ミレーナ=マリウス
Romaji Mirēna Mariusu
Sobriquet "Milena-sensei" (Cassie, anime)
Age 18
Nationality Italian
Hobbies Tennis
Favourite Food Fondue
Personal Status
Affiliations East Genetics (Fourth-year student (manga), teacher (anime))
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
English Lydia Mackay
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Milena Marius is a fourth-year student Pandora at East Genetics. She is a good friend of third-year East Genetics Pandora student Cassie Lockheart.


In the manga, Milena is a fourth-year Pandora of East Genetics and a platoon leader. In the anime, she is a teacher. Her Limiter is Alex Browning. As a third-year, she had a run in with Satellizer L. Bridget prior to the Levon Brooks Incident.


Milena has dark blue hair which runs down to her hips and deep blue eyes.


Milena is a capable leader in battle, always keeping herself level-headed and alert. Outside battle, she is kind and supportive of her fellow Pandora, especially her juniors. She is very encouraging towards those who show great talent, wishing for them to realize their full potential.


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10th Nova ClashEdit

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Milena Chiffon Ticy

Milena in Nova Form confronted by Chiffon and Ticy

At East Genetics, Milena visits Cassie Lockheart in her room. The two discuss Cassie's future. Milena is under the assumption that Cassie will continue on as a Pandora in the Chevalier. When she hears Cassie possible decision to leave and give up on being a Pandora, she tries to talk her out of it, reminding her that her skills are too good to be wasted.

In Yokohama Beach, she leads her Platoon against the four Type-S Nova. She is eventually assimilated by the Nova, and was sent out to attack West Genetics, managing to break into the Ravensbourne Nucleotide together with a Novalized Cassie Lockheart. She was finally defeated by Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl.


Volt WeaponEdit


Milena's Volt Weapon

  • An unnamed hand-held Drill.

High-End SkillEdit

  • Milena is capable of performing Accel Turn. She can peform a Double Accel.

Nova FormEdit

  • In Nova Form, Milena gets significantly stronger. Her Volt Weapon becomes fused to her right arm. Additionally she is able to neutralized the Freezing of Limiters.


Alex BrowningEdit

Alex Browning is the Limiter partner and lover of Milena. Although they have never been seen together, Alex admits to Kyoichi Minase that he had loved Milena from the bottom of his heart and the pain that he felt when he thought she died was no different than Kyoichi's.


Cassie LockheartEdit

Cassie is the underclassman of Milena in the manga variant, however in the anime, Cassie was a student of Milena. In both mediums, they share a close relationship.



  • Milena is the oldest Pandora attending at East Genetics. Incidentally, Rana Linchen is also the oldest Pandora attending at West Genetics, albeit being two years lower than should be.
  • Why the anime changed Milena from a student to a teacher is unknown.
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