"This kind of behavior is exactly why you never received guidance from the Holy Mother, despite being known as the strongest Rounder...! You, the next head of the family...!!"

Noel Alexander Eluka to Satellizer Alexander Eluka in "Unknown World II".

Noel Alexander Eukua
Noel Alexander
Noel Alexander Eluka as she appears in the manga
First Appearance Chapter 207
Personal Status
Relatives Satellizer Alexander Eluka (daughter)
Olivia Alexander Eluka (younger sister)
Louis Alexander Eluka (niece)
Affiliations Elukarium
Alexander Castle
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Noel Alexander Eluka is the head of the Eluka Family and the mother of Satellizer Alexander.


Noel Alexander is matriarch and Lady of her family, whom she leads from Alexander Castle.


Noel Alexander appears nearly identical Noelle Alongrutch though older with shoulder length hair. She wears fine robes with long sleeves that are large and open at the end.


Noel Alexander is a very stern and politically-minded individual. She always considers the possible consequences that the family may face from any action. She is also proper and punctual.


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Exit Revenant ArcEdit

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Noel Alexander argue

Noel Alexander upset with Satellizer Alexander for going up against Ibanyle

During a morning meal, Noel Alexander reprimands Satellizer Alexander for allowing Louis Alexander to bring a man into their mansion. She reminds her that if the Eluka family was suspected of harboring men, their status would be taken and they'd all be thrown into the streets. She then scolds Olivia Alexander and Louis Alexander for arriving late and reminds everyone that they must attend the Round festival in the capital later that day.

Noel Alexander is later seen with her family talking to Satellizer Alexander on how foolish her daughter was to try to go up against Ibanyle to restore Eluka fearing that it will end the Eluka family.



Satellizer Alexander ElukaEdit

Noel Alexander has a tense relationship with her daughter. She is highly critical of her decisions and believes Satelizer Alexander must shape up in order to become the proper heir to the family.

Olivia Alexander ElukaEdit

Noel Alexander seems to be very bossy to her sister, Olivia Alexander when not being on time for certain things like breakfast for example.

Louis Alexander ElukaEdit

Noel Alexander seems to get along well with her niece Louis Alexander in some ways.


  • Given her appearance and name, Noel Alexander is likely an alternate version of Noelle Alongrutch.


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