Noelle Alongrutch
Noel 0019-024
Noelle Alongrutch, as she appears in the manga.
Kana ノエル=アロングラッチュ
Romaji Noeru Aronguratchu
Nationality British
Personal Status
Relatives Howard L. Bridget (lover)
Satellizer L. Bridget (daughter)
Violet L. Bridget (older stepdaughter)
Louis L. Bridget (stepson)
Affiliations L. Bridget family (mistress)
Status Deceased
Voice Actor
Japanese Yuri Amano
English Linda Leonard
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Noelle Alongrutch was the biological mother of Satellizer L. Bridget.



Noelle Alongrutch, as she appears in the anime.

Noelle has shoulder-length dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Little is known of Noelle prior to moving into the L. Bridget mansion. By that point, she was ill and weak and unwilling to help her daughter from being abused. Instead of helping she demands that Satella does whatever she is told, as they weren't "welcome" guests at the mansion.

Noelle later apologizes to Satella for how she mistreated her, finding herself undeserving for such a sweet child.

Background Edit

At some point in time, Noelle met Howard L. Bridget and later became his mistress. The relationship produced a daughter, Satellizer. Years later, Noelle moved into the L. Bridget's mansion under Howard's will due to having contracted a fatal illness. While there, a weakened Noelle requested that her daughter bear any discomfort she has towards her half-brother, who abused her both physically and sexually.

Sometime later, as Noelle is dying in the hospital, she requests to see her daughter. She apologizes to Satellizer for having made her endure such pain and encourages her daughter to never give up and become the strongest; this gives birth to Satella's severely strong will and determination.


Noelle was the mistress of Howard L. Bridget, whose final words became Satella's unbeatable will and determination, being the drive that keeps her fighting even when out numbered or in a critically wounded state.


Satellizer AlongrutchEdit

After moving to the L. Bridget mansion, Noelle is troubled with her own illness and the understanding that she and her daughter weren't welcome, and so she forced her daughter to bear with whatever her younger brother Louis asked her to do.

Howard L. BridgetEdit

Little is known as to how they met or what Howard truly felt for her, as he did not visit her at her deathbed, much to her dismay. Considering Howard stayed married to Olivia, its likely he did not hold Noelle in very high regard.

Olivia L. BridgetEdit

As the mistress to her husband, Olivia was very hostile towards Noelle, as well as her daughter Satellizer. Her disdain for Noelle leads her to get her son into mistreating the illegitimate pair, which causes Satella to be sexually abused for most of her stay at the mansion; something which Noelle herself initially refused to listen to about.

Louis L. BridgetEdit

Like his mother, Louis doesn't show signs of accepting Noelle as a family member. Twisted by his mother's grudge, Louis takes great sexual interest in his stepmother's daughter, whom she failed to protect from him.

Violet L. BridgetEdit

Unlike her mother and brother, Violet is kind to Noelle from the very beginning, as she considers both her and Satella as family. Violet is the one to inform Satella of her mother's final request to see her. Noelle's seems to accept Violet as her stepdaughter due to her kindness.