First Nova Clash

The first Nova clash 2012

The Nova Clashes (ノヴァクラッシュ Nova Kurasshu) are the battles between the forces of Earth and those of the inter-dimensional beings known as Nova.

Beginning in 2012, the Nova have made hostile, but often sporadic incursions on Earth over the span of five decades, all the way into the current year of 2065. This resulted in major clashes between the humans and Nova, labelled as "Nova Clashes". 


Clash Date Summary
1st Nova Clash 2012 Maria Lancelot became the first Pandora and defeated the first Nova.
2nd Nova Clash 2013 Near the end of this Clash, a Type-Q Nova self detonated with the strength of a nuclear fission bomb.
3rd Nova Clash 2014
4th Nova Clash 2015 Maria Lancelot is believed to have tragically died during this Clash, defeating the attacking Nova before passing away.
5th Nova Clash 2037 1st Generation Pandora are deployed for the first time against a Type-F Nova. An interval of 8 years between Nova Clashes begins.
6th Nova Clash 2045 The 6th Nova Clash took place in America, near the Colorado River in August. Pandora Mode is deployed for the first time against a Type-F Nova. Margaret Lindman is considered the hero of this clash, having dealt the finishing blow to the Nova at the cost of sustaining near fatal injuries.
7th Nova Clash 2053 Limiters are deployed for the first time against a Type-F Nova, with successful results.
8th Nova Clash 2061 The 8th Nova Clash took place in America, specifically Alaska, four years before the events of the story. Kazuha Aoi became the hero of this clash, sacrificing herself in a Nova Form like explosion to defeat the attacking Nova. First appearance of the Type-S Class of Nova. The techniques used by Kazuha in this clash would later be codified into High-End Skills.
9th Nova Clash 2064 The 9th Nova Clash took place in Japan, one year before the events of the story. A Type-S Nova appears during a freshman Pandora training mission. Several Pandora and Limiters are lost and Marin Maxwell is killed in action while attempting to direct the freshman in combat against the Nova until 4th year Pandora reinforcements arrive. The 8 years between clashes ends.
10th Nova Clash 2065 The 10th Nova Clash occurs in Japan. Four Type-S Nova appear at Yokohama Beach. The Nova eventually make their way to West Genetics. This Nova Clash had four incursions by Nova, unlike the previous clashes which only had one incursion. This was also the first time the Nova displayed numerous new techniques which have not been recorded yet, such as firing a particle beam from their cores and transforming Pandora to Nova Forms. This is also the first clash where the Nova had a perceived goal aside from the destruction of mankind, being they attempted to find the location of Maria Lancelot's corpse and destroy it.
11th Nova Clash 2065 The 11th Nova Clash occurs in Alaska, at a Chevalier research facility. The Mark-IV powered Amelia Evans inadvertently absorbs many Type-Maria clones and transforms into a Nova. Her resonance causes two nearby Chevalier Pandora to transform into Nova as well. Chiffon Fairchild became the hero of the clash, having saved everyone at the Alaska Base from a Nova explosion at the cost of her life.
12th Nova Clash 2065 The 12th Nova Clash occurs in Japan, near West Genetics. The clash began as a joint exercise between the West Genetics Pandora and the new Platoon 13. The joint exercise becomes a clash when the Faylan Generators go haywire and inadvertently assist in summoning real Nova. This clash saw the appearance of many new phenomenon in relation to the Nova, such as the Type-Pandora Nova, the Humanoid Form footsoldier Nova, a strange infinity symbol, and hallucinating smoke. At least four Pandora transcend their limits, but the clash plunges into chaos with scores of Limters and Pandora dying and the Nova are inches from victory. Therefore, Gengo Aoi releases his "daughters," the Legendary Pandora of Lab 13, who effortlessly defeat the Nova with their monstrous strength.
13th Nova Clash 2065 The 13th Nova Clash occurs in Japan, at Gengo Aoi's private headquarters. This clash is the result of the Chevalier's assassination attempt on Gengo through Radox Phantomheim and ex-Chevalier psychopaths known as the Busters. An Anti-Freezing from the Busters triggered three of the Legendary Pandora to regress into their N3 Nova state; the clash began when Cassandra summoned five Pandora-Type Nova from another dimension. Gengo has the upgraded Valkyries deployed to deal with his renegade daughters and makes preparations to awaken his trump card to end the Clash, but is ambushed by Sawatari Isuzu before he can carry out his plan, forcing Gengo's lieutenant, Su-Na, to confront her. Rana Linchen, empowered by the Valkyries' Plasma Form upgrades, battles Windy May as Lucy Renault engages Teslad. Cassandra is eventually freed from the Nova's control and begins battling the Pandora-Types, aided by Kazuya Aoi. When Kazuya is overwhelmed by his incredible Freezing abilities, Cassandra relays the the story of his birth through a mind link, calming him. Kazuya then resumes the battle, inducing Transcendence in Arnett McMillan and Elizabeth Mably, as well as empowering Satellizer L. Bridget. Manipulating them, Kazuya manages to eliminate all of the Nova. The clash ends when Arcadia Aoi arrives and subdues the berserk Legendary Pandora.


  • The first four Nova Clashes are sometimes referred to as the "Four Year War".
  • Thanks to advancing technologies, Pandora survival rates during a clash have increased dramatically compared to earlier battles, where casualty rates would exceed 60% of deployed forces.
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