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The elite Pandora Numbers unit was a group composed of four students, consisting of the three top ranked 3rd years (seniors) and the highest ranked 2nd year (junior) at the West Genetics academy. The 2nd year would become the captain of the Numbers unit the next year.


In 2060, the Numbers consisted of seniors Elize Schmitz, Yu-Mi Kim, and Shion Nayfield. Junior Mi-Ryung Baek, winner of the Spring Carnival that year, was originally slated to join the unit, but was passed over in favor of Kazuha Aoi, due to a direct request from Dr. Gengo Aoi. Despite some initial tension, Kazuha eventually integrated into the unit and became comrades with her fellow Pandora.

The Numbers saw combat during the 8th Nova Clash, where they were led by Captain Yu-Mi. Kazuha was killed during the clash, though she was able to destroy the Nova as a result. The Numbers were disbanded some time after the battle, with surviving members either retiring from service or becoming instructors in the Chevalier.


  • Yu-Mi Kim
  • Kazuha Aoi
  • Elize Schmitz
  • Shion Nayfield

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