"EEK! I'm terrible sorry, sister..."

Olivia Alexander Eluka being scolded by Noel Alexander Eluka in "Unknown World II".

Olivia Alexander Eulka
Olivia Alexander
Olivia Alexander Eluka as she appears in the manga
First Appearance Chapter 207
Personal Status
Relatives Louis Alexander Eluka (daughter)
Noel Alexander Eluka (older sister)
Satellizer Alexander Eluka (niece)
Affiliations Elukarium
Alexander Castle
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Olivia Alexander Eluka is a member of the Eluka Family and the mother of Louis Alexander.


Olivia Alexander is the sister of the head of the Eluka Family, Noel Alexander. She resides in Alexander Castle with the rest of her family.


Olivia Alexander appears nearly identical to Olivia L. Bridget. She is an attractive woman with light colored hair that she wears up. She wears fine robes.


Olivia Alexander is a kind and cheerful woman. She seems quite fond of her family, especially Louis Alexander.


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Exit Revenant Arc

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Olivia Alexander scold

Olivia Alexander scolded by Noel Alexander at being late for breakfast

Olivia Alexander attends a morning breakfast with her daughter, niece, and sister. When she is scolded by Noel Alexander for arriving late, she meekly apologizes before becoming joyful at seeing Louis Alexander's return.

Later, Olivia Alexander is seen with her family talking on how Satellizer Alexander is going up against Ibanyle to restore the fate of Eluka.  



Louis Alexander Eluka

Louis Alexander is Olivia Alexander's daughter. She has a great mother and daughter relation with Louis Alexander being her favorite.

Noel Alexander Eluka

Noel Alexander is Olivia Alexander's sister. She appears a bit intimidated by her more forceful personality.

Satellizer Alexander Eluka

Satellizer Alexander is Olivia Alexander's first niece. She seems to get along well with Satellizer Alexander.


  • Given her appearance and name, Olivia Alexander is likely an alternate version of Olivia L. Bridget.


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