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Onna no Tashinami (女の嗜み ; A Woman's Accomplishment) from Cross Make 2010, written by Moonzero (Lim Dall Young) and drawn by Eldo (Kim Kwang Hyun), is an ecchi doujinshi story created by the originator of Freezing and drawn by its artist. It is part of the Eroizing (エロいジング‎) set of stories. It is a non-canon official doujinshi story set in the Freezing universe. It is part of the Lim Dall Young World.


Rana is shown to be a backwoods character in the locker room by wearing chest wraps instead of bras, by the 3rd year students. So, Rana invites Kazuya to go with her to pick some bras. As this is the time when Kazuya and Satellizer were supposed to go for lunch, Satellizer tags along. Rana uses the bra Satellizer is wearing as an example of what she wants at the lingerie store. Satellizer criticizes the bra Rana picks as a sports bra unworthy of a real woman. So she tries the sexiest lingerie, but Satellizer laughs at her wearing it, and shows how it really should be worn. They then ask Kazuya to pick the sexier wearing of it. Kazuya however says he likes plain whites better.


This is expands on the competition between Rana and Satellizer to win Kazuya with sexy dealings. It also expands on the point that Rana comes from a backwater place, and needs urbanites to show her the way.

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