"If it succeeds, we can find a new future for mankind...where we do not spend every day living in fear of the Nova!"

Gengo Aoi explaining the goal of Operation Exit Revenant in "A New Door".

Operation Exit Revenant

Gengo prepares Kazuya to be sent to another world.

Operation Exit Revenant is the official name of the first trans-dimensional experiment attempted by mankind. It was initiated by Gengo Aoi in late 2065 during the Chevalier Civil War.


As a result of being unable to truly understand the Transcendent Will and the Nova Threat, Gengo Aoi has, for decades, secretly planned to send a human across dimensional barriers to confront the Nova in their home dimension. Although a long-term goal of Gengo's, it was not feasible as it required a human being to be able to detect the Nova's dimension. To that end, Gengo spent years trying to give birth to a human capable of doing that. Although meeting with many failures, the awakening of his grandson Kazuya's power eventually provided Gengo with the opportunity he needed.

Exit Revenant ArcEdit

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The operation is first mentioned during a meeting Gengo has with his allies. He explains the dimension theory to them and declares the operation to be the best hope humanity has for a future.

Gengo later explains the project in full to Kazuya. He reveals that Maria Lancelot was originally sent to Earth in order to carry the Transcendent Will to mankind. However, she was unable to carry mankind's will back to the Transcendent Will. To do so, a new type of human able to sense the Nova's dimension is needed. Kazuya is the sole individual capable of doing so. Gengo implores his grandson to go cross into the Transcendent Dimension and finally learn the reason for Nova's attacks.

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