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Pandora Mode
Air Date January 17, 2011
Eyecatcher Character Ganessa Roland
Fights Which Occurred Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ganessa Roland
Character Appearances
Story Arc Introductory Arc
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Untouchable Queen
Accelerating Turn

Pandora Mode is the second episode of the Freezing anime.


After the actions of Kazuya Aoi in the previous episode, Satellizer L. Bridget is stripped of her first place rank, and Ganessa Roland becomes the new top second year Pandora. Kazuya, feeling responsible for the loss, tries to apologize to Satellizer, but is suggested not to by Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl. However, an injured Satellizer steps off the bus and Kazuya attempts to apologize.

Kazuya then attempts to reason with her, but then Ganessa intervenes, wishing for a rematch. Ganessa and Satellizer engage in combat after Ganessa knocks Kazuya out. After a long fight, Ganessa activates her Pandora mode, and restrains Satellizer in her chains.

Satellizer then rebels and brutally defeats Ganessa, but is stopped by Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz. Later that night, Arthur Crypton tells Kazuya why he should avoid Satellizer, and that he may get killed if he tries to reason with her.



  • First appearance of the Pandora Mode in the Anime adaptation.

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