"I didn't come here to listen to you wine!!"

Park Se-Mi to Elizabeth Mably in "Elizabeth Mably I".

Park Se-Mi
Park Se-Mi, as she appears in Freezing: Zero.
Kana パクセミ
Romaji Paku Se Mi
Nationality Korean
Personal Status
Affiliations Chevalier,
#3 Platoon, 28th Pandora Welcome Group
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Park Se-Mi is a Korean Chevalier Pandora instructor at the Genetics induction training camp, which prepares Pandora-cadets for the rigorous Genetics Academies, military life, and Stigma implantation. She was the boot sergeant for Platoon #3 of the 28th Pandora Welcome Group, with which Elizabeth Mably was inducted in.


Second Lieutenant Park has been an instructor for some time. Two years prior she trained a cadet group that was wiped out in an unknown event.


Park has long black hair that usually covers one eye, as well as black eyes.


Se-Mi appears needlessly harsh and cruel at first, both in word and deed. She had no tolerance for anyone who dared question her, as Elizabeth Mably soon found out. Though near the end of the reason, the reason behind her harshness was revealed: she felt she wasn't tough enough with her first platoon in Tibet, and that that was the reason they all died. Yet despite that, she's shown that she does care for her recruits, and saw getting hate mail as a sign that they were still alive, thanks to her training.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Elizabeth Mably ArcEdit

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Park Se-Mi instructing her trainees.

Instructor Park is a harsh boot sergeant, having repeatedly beaten and verbally abusing the candidates, most notably Elizabeth Mably. Most her trainees end up hating her but usually send her a letter of thanks after going through a tough time in Genetics. She uses the fact that they survived to write to her as a reason to continue on with her harsh methods. She feels guilt because her first platoon that she taught died in combat and she feels responsible because she was naive about war. She risks her life to save Elizabeth and Rachel suggesting she actually cares for her students. She is later seen reading a letter from a former student, commenting that although they may hate her at least they are writing to her, so she can at least know they are safe which confirms she does care for her students.


  • As a Second Lieutenant of Chevalier, Park Se-Mi is considered an elite Pandora warrior. She can even perform a Double Accel while swimming underwater, as shown near the end of the Elizabeth Mably Arc.
  • Her Volt Weapon is called "Savaging Longinus," and takes the form of two poles with a blade on each end.



Elizabeth MablyEdit

Se-Mi all but immediately got off on to bad start with Elizabeth, who dared to have protested against her harsh demeanor and training methods. She went out of her way to have humbled her, yet when she saw how Elizabeth refused to relinquish her pride despite her best efforts, she slowly began to respect the young woman. It came to a head come the last training session, when Elizabeth disobeyed her to have rescued her comrade-in-need, which motivated Se-Mi to have rescued both of them.


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