Photon Generator2

The generator, as it appears in the manga.

Photon Generator - Solar Furnace (光子発生-太陽炉, koushi hassei - taiyouro) is the main power resource of the Alaska Base Research Facility. The generator is operated by the Chevalier.


Due to the extremely high energy demands of the E-Pandora Project, the Chevalier have constructed the Solar Furnace to provide the requested amount. Said to accommodate the same amount of energy produced by the sun in 20 years, the energy output of this generator is bafflingly vast. Due to its extreme nature, the Chevalier have stationed a strong line of defense composed of high ranking Pandora to protect its integrity from harm, this includes one of the world's best Pandora: Roxanne Elipton.


  • It is yet unknown what the authors mean with "energy produced by the sun in 20 years", as the core of the sun produces the Photon-Photon chain around 9.2 x 1037 each second. Due to this event, the sun releases energy at the mass-energy conversion rate of 4.26 million metric tons per second, which is equal to 9.192×1010 megatons of TNT per second (in terms equal to dropping the Hiroshima city-buster 2x per second). They also could have meant the amount of energy that reaches earth, being 126 trillion horse-powers in the energy scale per day, but the first supposition is highly unlikely due to the sheer magnitude of implied available energy.


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