A Plasma Stigmata.

Plasma Texture (プラズマのテクスチャ Purazuma no Tekusucha) is an evolved form of Volt Texture.


Like the Volt Textures, Plasma Textures are materialized by concentrating energy through Plasma Stigmata to recombine insubstantial matter into a solid structure, but unlike its 'Volt' predecessor, Plasma Textures are composed of element combinations between solid, liquid, gas and a fourth element, plasma. With Plasma Texture Valkyries can form weapons and gear for battle and even clothing. The level of difference between the two Textures is that the creation of clothing can also be used to create armor strong enough to withstand direct attacks from a replicated Nova ( albeit at only 60% of its power) and remain unscathed. It is currently under development by Gengo Aoi. [1]

Roxanne Elipton was revealed to be equipped with Plasma Textures through her Plasma Weapon, the Fairchild Buster, developed in America to counter Gengo's Chiffon Fairchild and her monstrous strength. Roxanne's textures allow her to shatter a Nova Form Pandora's Volt Weapon with only 20% of her full power and she was able to briefly defend against Humanoid Nova while holding back to maintain her sanity.

Gengo has secretly had Plasma Textures for a few years and is currently testing them on his second-in-command Su-Na Lee through experimental, yet stable Plasma Stigmata. In light of the Humanoid Nova, he extracted stigmatic material from the Legendary Pandora and used them as a base to culture the Injection Stigmata: Plasma Form, which he has equipped to the Valkyries, giving them the strength to parry Legendary Pandora even without the proper synchronization rates. The Busters were also equipped with unstable Plasma Stigmata, which were secretly developed by the Chevalier for Operation Cat Killer. Their Plasma Textures effortlessly shatter Volt Weapons, even ones from Transcendent Pandora; however, they are highly unstable and may destroy the user's body with too much use.


Plasma WeaponsEdit

Plasma Weapons (プラズマ兵器 Purazuma heiki) are a more advanced form of Volt Weapons.


Plasma Weapons are composed of materialized Plasma Textures, and are more powerful than Volt Weapons. They are far stronger than Volt Weapons and the output of a Plasma Weapon is equivalent to that of a Type-S Nova.

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