"I can't believe it! I'm a huge fan of Mably's makeup!"

Rachel Jonhanson to Elizabeth Mably in "Elizabeth Mably I".

Rachel Jonhanson
Rachel Jonhanson, as she appears in Freezing: Zero.
First Appearance Freezing Zero Chapter 008
Age 14
Nationality Russian
Personal Status
Affiliations West Genetics New training facility
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Rachel Jonhanson is a Pandora in the 28th Class of West Genetics.


Rachel comes from Russia. She came to West Genetics to become a Pandora during her time at training camp under instructor Park Se-Mi.


Rachel has short hair coming down to her neck with waves. She wears a shirt and a skirt. During her time in training, she wears the cadet uniform.


Rachel is shown to be a happy girl. She is a big fan of the Mably family's makeup and was happy to meet Elizabeth Mably. She fears Park Se-Mi due to her brutal training and beating up her fellow cadets as well as her.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Elizabeth Mably ArcEdit

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Rachel meets Elizabeth

Rachel meets Elizabeth

Rachel is first seen with her fellow cadets struggling through rain and mud in combat boots while carrying a heavy bag. She sprains her leg and Elizabeth comes to aid her only to be stopped by their instructor, Park Se-Mi who starts kicking Rachel around. Elizabeth takes Rachel's backpack and the two make it to the top of the hill. During her six weeks of training, Rachel befriended cadet Elizabeth Mably being a big fan of the Mably's makeup and they were forced under the tyrannical platoon leader Park Se-Mi who punched Elizabeth square in the chest with her enhanced Pandora strength upon their first encounter after Elizabeth stood up for her and her fellow cadets when Se-Mi was beating them.

Rachel is next seen with her team running a marathon with Elizabeth still in pain from Se-Mi's punch. She then sees how Se-Mi pores food on Elizabeth during their lunch break.

In the final week of training, Rachel and her platoon had to plant an Anti-Nova bomb within some rubble underwater; there were four groups of three and each group had a bomb. Rachel is placed with Elizabeth and another girl. Rachel and her group successfully planted their bomb. However, Rachel had been dozing in an out during the exercise and was caught between metal pipes. She begged Elizabeth not to leave her. Elizabeth didn't and struggled to break her free as the bomb timer began ticking. Their instructor assumed her scuba gear and dove in after the girls, saving them. When the bomb went off, Se-Mi threw the girls out of the water while it seemed as if she was also caught in the explosion. However, Se-Mi's enhanced Pandora body allowed her to survive unharmed.

Rachel along with Elizabeth and her fellow cadets graduated from the training exercise.



Elizabeth MablyEdit

Rachel is a big fan of Elizabeth's family for their makeup and was very happy to meet her in person at their exercise training.

Park Se-MiEdit

Rachel was afraid of instructor Park Se-Mi due to her cruel and brutal behavior towards her and her fellow cadets.


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