"That will... I'm amazed by how unyielding it is! ~De Arimasu..."

Rana Linchen to Arnett McMillan in "Each's Respective Pride".

Rana Linchen
Rana L.
Rana Linchen, as she appears in the anime
Kana ラナ=リンチェン (Katakana)
垃娜 林沁 (Kanji)
Romaji Rana Rinchen
First Appearance Manga: Chapter 10
Anime: Episode 5
Age 18
Nationality Chinese/Tibetan
Height 164 cm
(5 feet 4.5 inches)
Weight 50 kg
(111 lbs)
Measurements 81-56-83
Blood Type O
Hobbies Model-craft (especially Gundam)
Favourite Food All sorts of Pasta
Weak Point None
Personal Status
Relatives Luna Linchen (older sister, †)
Lam Linchen (mother)
Affiliations West Genetics (Second-year student)
Platoon 13
Kunlun Clan
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Kana Hanazawa
English Jamie Marchi
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Rana Linchen is a main character from the manga and anime series Freezing. A Pandora from Tibet, she arrives at West Genetics in search of her "soul-mate", whom she eventually finds in the male protagonist Kazuya Aoi. However, this creates a love rivalry with Kazuya's unofficial partner Satellizer L. Bridget. Despite this, she hopes to convince Kazuya to be her Limiter.


Rana was born and raised in Nagarze, Tibet alongside her older sister Luna. Uniquely, Rana was born with a Stigma already inside of her, making her a Type-Maria Pandora.[1] The monks who housed her aptly named these Stigmata "The Tears of Kunlun", referring to the goddess they worship. After the death of her sister, Rana became the successor to title of Clan Leader. When she turned 18 and fulfilled her training, the elders sent her out into the world with the assignment to find the one who resonates with the Tears of Kunlun. They first send her to West Genetics, believing that her "soul-mate" would be residing there.


When she first arrives at West Genetics, Rana has waist-length blue hair that was tied in a ponytail by orange hair bands with another hair bands going down on each space of the ponytail. After entering Genetics, her hair is later seen put into one ponytail on the left side of her head with gold ribbons sectioning off her hair every 5 centimeters to keep it in place. She has a tattoo under the outer corner of her left eye. Her eyes match her hair color. While most Pandora's have only a 3-4 Stigmas, Rana appears to have 6, which her tribe from Tibet calls "The Tears of Kunlun". Unlike most Pandora's, she was born with  a Stigmata. Her Stigma type is also different from other Pandora's', as it is referred to as Maria-Type. She has fairly big breasts, but compared to Satellizer, Rana is on the "normal end" of breast sizes. When Rana joins Platoon 13, she dons a bright red version of the uniform.

At the dinner party during the Busters Arc, Rana wears a black spaghetti strap top with a low cut black skirt and a black choker. She does not keep her long ribbon in her hair and instead has two hair ties at the top of her hair and at the base. She is then equipped with the Valkyries' Plasma Form upgrades, Rana and soon obtains the same eyes as Maria Lancelot.


Rana is generally a "happy-go-lucky girl" who enjoys being with Kazuya, whom she claims to be her "soul-mate". Though free spirited and teasing, she also tends to be very competitive against Satella, mostly over Kazuya. Perhaps because of her rural upbringing, Rana has little modesty or shyness and is not afraid to get close to Kazuya, often rubbing up on him. When the thugs in her introduction told her to strip, she did not show the same mortification as Hiiragi; she was simply infuriated at the thugs' behavior. Her playfulness is shown when she sneaks into Satella's room when Satella was planning to baptise Kazuya, tying him up in the dark and impersonating his voice to get Satella to embarrass herself before turning on the lights and revealing herself. This shows that despite her original naiveté and great strength Rana is really a free spirited, teasing, and mischievous girl at heart. 

Rana possess strong will and determination and would not back down from something she set her mind on. This is seen in her attempt to pair with her "soul-mate" and her rivalry with Satella. Another example is seen during the 13th Nova clash arc when she used the Valkyries equipment and despite going through great pain she didn't give in. However, while she possesses a strong will and determination she is not beyond admitting that she is wrong and apologizing if she were truly wrong.  

The only significant time in which she showed true fury was during her battle against Chiffon, in which she promised to destroy the "Monster."

While a clever fighter and jokester, Rana is headstrong and a bit airheaded having difficulty understanding complex or complicated issues and tends to solve problems physically whether it is trying to seduce Kazuya or through fighting.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Tibet ArcEdit

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Rana gets stigmata

Rana receives her sister's Stigmata

Some time before leaving for West Genetics, Rana lived with her mother and sister as part of the Kunlun Clan. One day two outsiders, Yuuta Ono and Jong-soo, come to stay with the clan. Rana befriends them both quickly and boasts to them of the prowess of her elder sister, Luna. Said sister catches Rana talking to the outsiders and calls her away to train.

That evening, Rana is scolded by her mother for being so familiar with the outsiders. Rana tries to argue back that Yuuta and Jung-soo were good people and that she enjoyed their stories. Luna acknowledges Rana's complaints, but also reminds her of their duty to the clan. Rana agrees to act more proper, which makes her mother complain that she only listens to Luna. Rana teases her mother for pouting, but both agree that Luna is an amazing daughter and sister. Luna stiffly accepts their praise, with Rana apparently oblivious to her sister's discomfort.

Later that night, Rana awakens to find Luna gone. She leaves to find her, only to discover Luna having a confrontation wit Yuuta Ono, although neither notice her presence.

The next day Rana asks Luna about her evening with Yuuta. When she tries to dismiss the meeting, Rana reveals that she saw her sister in Yuuta's lap. Luna explodes and orders Rana to pretend that nothing happened. Rana smugly notes how her sister is acting, appearing quite pleased with herself. The two are suddenly interrupted by a clansmen bearing ill news. Klukuku's wife is experiencing difficulty giving birth. The sister's rush to the hut and find the situation is dire. The clan healer informs them that nothing can be done and that both mother and child will soon join Kunlun in heaven. Rana interrupts that Yuuta could help save them, citing the fact that he is trained in modern medicine. When the clan healer rebukes her for the suggestion, Rana angrily roars that meeting Kunlun in heaven is nothing but a lie. She refuses to allow Klukuku to lose his family. Luna, having made her decision, exits the hut. Rana joins her and goes to recruit Yuuta. They find him quite ill, but after explaining the situation find him ready and willing to help.

Upon returning to the birthing hut, Yuuta tells everyone that he must perform a C-section in order to save both mother and child. To help, Rana donates blood. After hours of work, both patients are saved thanks to the efforts of all involved. Yuuta collapses from exhaustion though, and Luna begins caring for him.

When Luna and Yuuta begin to spend large amounts of time together, Rana watches them silently as the clan begins to gossip about the couple.

Rana later joins Luna and Yuuta in confronting two rogue Pandoras, Karen and Aira attacking the clan. Luna begins battling them and Rana explains to Yuuta about her sister's strength. When Luna moves to kill her defeated opponent, Rana intervenes and talks Luna out of killing.

As the months pass, Rana discovers Luna and Yuuta sleeping together and leaves before alerting them. As the day of the Kunlun festival arrives, Rana and Yuuta discuss Luna's leadership in getting everything ready. She makes a comment about being jealous that Luna has found someone to rely on, confusing Yuuta. The group is then interrupted by the arrival of the Clan Elder who accuses Luna of being pregnant with Yuuta's child.

When Luna and Yuuta flee the clan, Rana chases after them. She catches the two and asks Luna to return. She claims that the clan elder will forgive her if she apologizes. Rana is shocked to hear Luna admit that she never wanted to be a leader nor a goddess. When Luna begs Rana to let them escape, she allows them to and silently wishes her sister happiness. 

Not long after this, Rana investigates a disturbance and finds that a Nova Form Luna has slaughtered a large number of Pandora and clan members. She then spies a wounded Yuuta and rushes to him. He explains to her that Luna has been taken over by the true nature of the Stigmata. Rana demands to know why he told no one of her sister's condition, but is surprised when he tells her that Luna wanted it kept secret. When he offers her fragments of Luna's Stigmata to use in stopping her, Rana refuses and instead passionately begs Luna to return to her senses. Her attempts succeed and Luna responds to her sister's calls. Rana is shocked when Luna apologizes to her, stating that she couldn't live up to everyone's expectations of her. She then asks Rana to euthanize her as a mercy. Rana, crying furiously, calls her sister an idiot and activates her Volt Weapon. She grants Luna's request and kills her.

The arc ends with Rana awakening in her bed at West Genetics. She comments on having had the same dream again. After a moment of contemplation, she smiles confidently. 

Rana leaves her dorm and is greeted by many of her classmates. Ganessa Roland inquiries if Rana would like to duel sometime, which she agrees to. Chiffon Fairchild then reminds Rana that they have a tea session later to attend, to which she states that she will definitely be there. Satellizer L. Bridget then orders Rana to hurry up and join her and Kazuya Aoi. Smiling, Rana runs to join her friends.


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Rana Introductory ArcEdit

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Rana comes to Kazuya's defense


Rana meets Satellizer L. Bridget for the first time

At eighteen, Rana wishes to leave her clan in Tibet and go on a journey. She asks the clan elder for his approval, and is told that she will have an encounter with a fated individual. Rana then travels to Japan, hoping to gain access to West Genetics. On the way she sees a young man being assaulted by thugs and leaps to his aid. Using her martial arts abilities, she beat the thugs and formally introduces herself to man, who introduces himself as Kazuya Aoi. The duo decide to grab lunch together, and Rana is shown how to eat foreign food properly by Kazuya. While eating, she and Kazuya encounter Kaho Hiiragi and Arthur Crypton, who have the day off. Kazuya introduces his friends to Rana, who are perplexed by her clothing and constant references to the goddess "KunLun".

After leaving the restaurant, the group re-encounters the thugs Rana defeated who want revenge. After Arthur is held at gunpoint, Kaho and Rana are commanded to strip, which they do. Kaho is shot in the legs twice and Kazuya uses his Freezing to stop them. After he passes out from fatigue, Rana defeats the thugs again with a single punch. The four head to the West Genetics Recovery Room, where Kaho and Kazuya are treated. While waiting for Kazuya's release, Rana is approached by Satellizer L. Bridget. Rana explains what happened, but her relaxed tone towards Kazuya infuriates Satellizer and the two begin to square off. Arthur quickly intervenes and takes Rana to check on Kaho, leaving Satellizer to go see Kazuya.

When Rana and Arthur arrive at Kaho's room, the former shows the two her "Tears of Kunlun" which are actually her Stigmata. In return, Kaho and Arthur explain the Genetics, Pandora, and Limiter system to Rana. They then inform her that Kazuya is Satellzer's Limiter, shocking Rana.

3rd Year Retaliation ArcEdit

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Rana sparring with Ganessa Roland

Sateizer fatal mistake

Rana deals Satellizer a serious blow


Rana joins forces with Satellizer to oppose the Seniors

During gym class, Rana is introduced as the new transfer student, and the gym teacher has Ganessa Roland and Rana engage in a three-minute spar to test Rana's abilities and observe her Volt Weapon. Rana is revealed to be a melee-type Pandora, whose Volt Weapon is steel boots and gloves. While fighting Ganessa, Rana proves to be more than what the Angel of Confinement can handle, evading and countering each of Ganessa's attacks. After narrowly evading Ganessa's best attack, Rana quickly move close to finish with a mysterious (at the time) technique, but the gym teacher calls off the battle because time expired.

Rana is then praised by her new classmates for her skill and being able to fight equally with and nearly defeat the #1 of the second-year Pandora's. While this occurs, it is shown that Arnett McMillan and Creo Brand were watching the battle from afar. During lunch later that day, Rana approaches and nearly seduces Kazuya until a jealous Satellizer interrupts them and tells Kazuya to meet her on the roof. After Kazuya leaves with Satellizer, Rana is approached by Attia Simmons. Attia tells Rana about Kazuya and Satellizer's partnership, which she claims that Satellizer is threatening Kazuya. At this, Rana becomes determined to fight Satellizer, claiming her stigmata are "black and corrupted."

Rana appears in Satellizer's room after the former comes put of the shower. After a short discussion, the two head to the training grounds to have their battle. Rana first questions Satellizer, which leads to Satellizer slapping Rana after Rana touches her. Rana returns the slap and the girls agree that whomever wins has Kazuya as a partner and the other leaves them alone forever. Attia watches from the sidelines as the girls being their fight. Rana and Satellizer clash with the two them evenly matched until Satellizer uses her Accel Turn, which forces Rana to activate her Stigmata and use "Wings of Light." Rana explains "Wings of Light" and the Holy Gates as she uses her Void Fang technique to quickly trump Satellizer; however, when Satellizer reveals her ability to use Double Accel, the girls are once again evenly matched. The girls clash one final time with Satellizer's Nova Blood, piercing Rana's shoulder and Rana missing her Void Fang. With Satellizer and her connected, Rana uses the mysterious technique she was about to use against Ganessa on Satellizer's rib cage, called Burning Fang, which is enough to initially defeat Satellizer though Rana admits had Satellizer known about the attack, she'd have won.

Satellizer stands after the attack with Rana dumbfounded. Kazuya runs into the the battlegrounds before the girls could resume their battle and he explains that he wanted and chose with be Satellizer's partner. Before she could truly react, however, Arnett , Creo, and Attia arrive. Attia explains that she tricked Rana to punish Satellizer, but it failed since Kazuya revealed the truth. Attia continues to explain the military hierarchy in Genetics, which Rana doesn't care for as she volunteers to fight with Satellizer against Arnett and Creo. Once Arnett knocks Kazuya unconscious, Satellizer and Rana immediately jump to battle. Rana faces against Creo and is immediately overwhelmed after exhausting herself against Satellizer and using the "Wings of Light" and from a sheer difference in their power and abilities. Once Creo uses a x3 Tempest Turn combo, Rana is defeated.

Rana gets up and punches Creo after Creo is distracted from Satellizer's recovery new-found strength enough to topple Arnett. Creo keeps getting distracted by Arnett's battle and Rana moves into attack. Creo uses another x3 Tempest Turn, but Rana is also a Tempest-type Pandora; she makes four copies of herself after seeing Creo perform the technique only once, much to Attia and Creo's shock. Rana proceeds to trounce Creo and defeat her with Burning Fang x4. With Creo defeated, Rana goes to aid Satellizer who flinches at her presence. Rana then explains the taxing effects of the "Holy Gates" before Creo and Arnett get back up for a second round. They are interrupted by the intervention of Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl, however, and all the Pandora eventually stand down.

Rana and Satellizer take Kazuya to the recovery room, where Satellizer eventually storms out in a tsundere rant. Kazuya explains the situation to Rana more and asks that she apologize to Satellizer. Rana complies but admits she will not give up on Kazuya.

10th Nova ClashEdit

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Rana fights on the front lines during the 10th Nova Clash. Towards the end of the clash, she is seen resting while listening to Sister Margaret's announcement that the enemy had been repelled. Rana later attends the celebration party alongside Kazuya and Satellizer. When she notices Satellizer drinking with Elizabeth Mably and the seniors, she attempts to join, only to become sick after a single drink. After more drinking, Rana becomes drunk and happily teases Elizabeth over the fact that she is younger than herself.

Siblings ArcEdit

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The day after the part, Rana goes swimming with Kazuya and the two discuss their plans for Golden Week. Rana reveals that she will be undergoing Stigmata testing due to the peculiar model that she uses, the Type-Maria. She explains that she was born with a Stigmata that is special, amazing Kazuya. When she presses Kazuya about his plans and he reveals his less than happy family situation, Rana apologizes but teases them that they will need to keep each other company during the break, unaware that Satellizer had been listening to their conversation.

Not long after that Rana is disheartened to hear that Kazuya plans to travel with Satellizer to Bali. She gloomily bids the two farewell.

E-Pandora Project ArcEdit

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Rana argues with Satella

Rana and Satellizer's bickering is interrupted by Cassie

After Satellizer and Kazuya return from Bali, Rana receives a souvenir from Kazuya, but she notices how much closer the pair have gotten and becomes worried. She then begins to follow Kazuya around school before readying herself to approach him. The Japanese Limiter dismisses her worries and Rana leaves, jumping from Kazuya's room. 

It is later announced that she along with Chiffon, Elizabeth, and Satellizer are scheduled to head to the Alaska Base with her role now known to be an All Rounder. Rana is very excited to go, but is again angry at the closeness between Satellizer and Kazuya. 

She lands on the Alaska Base with her fellow West Genetics Pandora and their respective Limiters with Rana complaining that its cold. She, along with the rest, gather in the grand auditorium in their uniform unaware it was a causal dress; after encountering Elizabeth and Chiffon, she and the other guests listen to Scarlett Ohara's speech which ends with an applause. After the lecture, Rana retreats back into her designated room, only to find out that Satellizer and Kazuya are sharing a room. An argument ensures, so Kazuya forces Rana and Satellizer to bunk together. The duo square up for a fight, but are then interrupted by the arrival of Cassie Lockheart and her Limiter Kyoichi Minase. When the "Godspeed of the East" asks if the girls have a Limiter, Rana replies with a no for herself and Satellizer, which erupts into another argument. The group then discuss the E-Pandora Project, which Rana is very optimistic about.

At the Pandora vs. E-Pandora mock battles, Rana watches the E-Pandora lose to the Pandora quite easily. When the alert status is given for the rogue Jina Purpleton, Rana is seen eating ramen with Satellizer in their room.

Later on, upon learning that Elizabeth was tortured for reporting the events occurring at the base to her family. Rana, Satellizer and Kazuya went to her room where they meet with André Françoise, who is watching over Elizabeth. After Elizabeth awakens and a debate was made, Satellizer storms out wanting confront the Chevalier. Rana and Kazuya follow the angered woman and they encounter an E-Pandora easily defeated by Julia Munberk.

E-Pandora Rebellion ArcEdit

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Rana vs Julia

Rana struck by Julia

Rana grabs Chiffon

Rana and Satellizer double-team Chiffon

When Satellizer moves to attack Julia Munberk, Rana joins in and attacks the German Pandora. The pair engage Julia, but are repulsed by the latter's mastery of Tempest Turn as well as her use of sonic waves. The girls active their "Wings of Light" only to be stopped by Cassie Lockheart, who decides to aid the rebels due to her debt to Satellizer and fight with Julia instead. The trio leave and soon encounter Amelia who attacks them after mistaking their intentions. Rana and Satella dodge and Satellizer proceeds to say that she wants to help the E-Pandora escape, leading the four of them to proceed with the rebellion.

They eventually encounter Elizabeth and her Limiter, who try to inhibit them but Satellizer makes it clear that they are going to help the E-Pandora. This leads to a comic situation, which is interrupted by the arrival of Charles Bonaparte who threatens to arrest all of them for high treason. Elizabeth decides to hold off Charles with her Limiter so that Rana, Satellizer, Kazuya, and Amelia can leave the scene. Afterwards they run into the Chevalier and proceed to defeat them quite easily, but in turn they are stopped by Chiffon Fairchild, who tries to make up an excuse to stop them; to no avail. After the "Untouchable Queen" threatens the "Unmatched Monster", the rebelling juniors and Amelia engage the strongest of the world ranked Pandora.

The match starts with diversions from Rana and Satellizer, which Chiffon easily catches. Amelia attacks as well, but Chiffon's Volt Texture is too sturdy. Rana and Satellizer send Amelia away and Rana delivers a powerful punch, which the "Monster" responds with a powerful pound from her Volt Weapon. In this conflict, Chiffon reveals that she can manifest her gauntlets on both of her hands.

After a brief exchange between Chiffon and Satellizer, Rana rises from the rubble with her hair messy and a demonic, furious gaze and vows to crush the "Monster of West Genetics". She and Satellizer engage their "Wings of Light" before Chiffon promises to turn them into garbage.

Satellizer attacks with her Nova Blood but it is crushed in the process by Chiffon's Volt Weapon. Her instincts tell her they will lose but the melee-type Pandora thinks otherwise. Rana comes crashing down with a kick that Chiffon narrowly dodges. Rana then turns a deals several strong punches with the last cracking Chiffon's Volt Weapon. Rana then deals a flurry of punches and the "Monster" is barely able to defend herself and is sent crashing through the wall. Satellizer backs Rana with her Accel-Tempest and continues pounding Chiffon with multiple copies of her Nova Blood. Rana then appears behind Satellizer with four Tempest Turn copies already deployed and pounds Chiffon's face and body. She then delivers a Burning Fang x4, which buries her opponent in rubble. Rana gives a face of victory but is astonished with Chiffon rises from the ground and rips off the Tibetan Pandora's arms. Rana falls to the ground, unconscious from the pain as Chiffon only comments that Rana and Satellizer are the true monsters.

11th Nova ClashEdit

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Rana's Typhoon

Nova Form Rana unleashes a powerful Tempest Turn against Chiffon

After Amelia fully transforms into a Nova and unleashes her psychic call, Rana and Satellizer, still both unconscious after their crushing defeat at Chiffon's hands, are spellbound and rise again. They immediately picked up where they left off, fighting against the 'West Genetics Monster'. Their strength is increased by Amelia's call, which puts Chiffon on the defensive. Rana unloads with a Typhoon like, Tempest Turn, but her opponent dodged it with her patented Illusion Turn. However, no sooner than she did, Satellizer got behind her and impaled her with Nova Blood, which hadn't even scratched her before that.

The fight raged on, and Chiffon knew if they didn't regain conscious control, she'd have no choice but to terminate them. But through the guidance of Eugene, and the enhanced Freezing ability of Kazuya, Rana was able to regain consciousness after Kazuya directly connected with her conscience. They then connected with Satellizer's mind, and Rana rebuked her for submitting to her weakness. She then declared Satellizer was the "other woman" in her relationship with Kazuya, which unnerved the Englishwoman to no end.

After both girls finally awakened, Chiffon had a brief conversation with them, and they headed to the battle outside the base. There, Rana watched as Chiffon revealed the true form of her Volt Weapon, along with her true abilities. She looked on in awe as Chiffon fought against Nova Amelia Evans one on one, something done only by two other Pandora: Maria Lancelot and Kazuha Aoi.

When Roxanne and her team came to assist, Rana was shocked as she saw the "Immortal" had the same type of weapon as Chiffon. The battle raged on, and while Satellizer desperately wanted to help, Rana proclaimed there was no need for alarm, since the Student President had the situation in hand. Though neither she nor any of the others heard the telepathic conversation between Amelia and Chiffon, but they all saw Amelia deploy a Type-Q Nova technique, the self-destruction mode, hell-bent on destroying herself and the entire base. However, Chiffon sustained and absorbed the explosion, but with the price of her body being disintegrated as a result, much to Rana's and everyone else's deep chagrin.

Student Presidency Duel ArcEdit

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After the events at the Alaska Base, Rana still appears to not have her arms. However, by the duel between Arnett McMillan and Ticy Phenyl, she appears to have them completely restored. She, along with the many other Pandora's, are surprised by Ticy's new look, hidden strength, and ability to use Chiffon's Illusion Turn.

Valkyrie Introduction ArcEdit

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Rana is first seen in her room, as Kazuya is giving her a massage, since she wasn't completely used to her recently regenerated arms. She then asked Kazuya to massage "another part of her body", and turned over to emphasize where, which revealed her naked torso. Kazuya blanched in response, and she told him the area beneath her breasts and armpits needed care. Reluctantly, he prepared to do so. It was then that Satellizer barged into the room, and Rana called her "onee-san." Livid at being called the "older sister", Satellizer barges out. Rana wryly thinks to herself that her rival was "an insatiable westerner."

Rana, along with the rest of the West Genetics' student body, watches the Valkyries combat the Type-S Nova replicate. She is surprised when the then masked Franka Porsche sets her Anti-Nova Plasma Weapon, which looks just like Chiffon's and deflects a Nova particle beam. She is then shocked when one of the Valkyries suddenly decapitates the replicate Type-S and defeats it.

During a briefing from Sister Margaret, Rana and the other Pandora are notified of the formation of Platoon 13, which will incorporate the benefits of the Valkyries and Pandora into one elite team.

Rana is then summoned to the stadium along with Kazuya and Satellizer, having a cheerful disposition while the other two are uneasy. After a small conversation, the three encounter Christine Evora, Tiziana Ferrari, Lucy Renault and Franka Porsche Valkyries. Christine then identifies Rana as the Maria-Type. Ouka then comes in last and Rana assumes she is Kazuya's sister, but she then proceeds to introduce herself as Kazuya's cousin. After some "calculating," Rana decides to quickly introduce herself to Ouka to one-up Satellizer and call herself Ouka's future "onee-san". Satellizer begins to interject but Ouka stops both of them and introduces herself as Kazuya's fiancée.

Rana is surprised that the news and even more surprised as Kazuya gets angry. She listens to their conversation, which is interrupted by Yu-Mi Kim and her colleagues. The instructor informs them that they will be part of Platoon 13. When the three other Pandora, Cassie, Roxanne, and Charles and their Limiters arrive in a helicopter, Rana proceeds to introduce them with their monikers, calling Roxanne the "Immortal Granny" to which the American Pandora is not amused.

Shortly after, Su-Na Lee is introduced as their superior and she dismisses them for the day; as training begins tomorrow. Rana and the other Pandora, except Charles who leaves, gather at lunch and Rana maintains her cheerful disposition.

Rana is next seen during the Team 13's grueling training of running thirty laps. With twenty-seven laps complete, Rana claims she is not winded, partially shown with her in first place of the ten girls. Even so, Satellizer, who cheated with an Accel, crosses the finish line first, though this nearly lands her a fight with Su-Na Lee.

Later, Rana and some of the other Pandora's try to befriend Charles, to no success as she dismisses them. When Roxanne moves to confront her, Roxanne admits she cannot trust Cassie, Rana, Satellizer, or Kazuya for their act of rebellion on the Alaska Base. The four individuals give a guilty look, as she is not wrong. Satellizer, however, admits her actions and promises to never betray her comrades to which the French Pandora responds with a sly, stubborn remark, backed by telling Satellizer to prove herself. Even so, they were all still comrades, if not friends.

Rana later hears Charles brutally defeated Attia Simmons in combat at which the "Manipulative Schemer" has been hospitalized and is in critical condition. In response to this incident, the French Pandora is put in isolation for two days.

Rana is present when Charles is released and she watches as Ingrid Bernstein and Creo attempt to combat the world-ranked Pandora, Cassie and Roxanne respectively. Arnett then arrives, and quickly dispatched of the "Godspeed" and the "Immortal", catching them off guard and proceeds to fight Charles, not until the match is stopped by Satellizer and shortly after by Ticy Phenyl. Arnett, Creo, and Ingrid then leave the scene.

Rana stakes outside Kazuya's room when Satellizer goes to him to talk about her actions against Arnett. When Satellizer goes to take a shower, Rana comes in, commenting on Kazuya's dirty mind, ties up Kazuya, and turns of the light. In Kazuya's voice, she had Satellizer, now in a towel, act like a dog and get on the floor. The "Untouchable Queen" then realizes that its Rana after the Tibetan reverts to her usual dialect. Satellizer then screams in embarrassment. Rana says the two are even since Satellizer tried to get an advantage. Rana then calls the British Pandora on her actions relating to the arrival of that fiancée, Ouka. Kazuya is in disbelief of Rana's accusation, but Satellizer admits she's right, voicing some of her insecurities about Ouka's presence at West Genetics. The girls then decide to fight together to win against the Valkyrie.

Rana later hears some other jealous Pandora vocalize their dislike for Platoon 13, which causes Satellizer to leave the area.

12th Nova ClashEdit

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Rana's Sister

Rana confronts her "sister"

Rana Transcends

Rana Transcends

Rana Defeats Nova

Rana's enhanced strength

Rana Overwhelms Roxanne

Rana pushes a Nova controlled Roxanne back

Rana is present with her team of Platoon 13 during the joint training exercise between the West Genetics Pandora and Platoon 13, which features the Valkyries. Roxanne is appointed as their team leader and all four teams are dispersed to combat the dummy Novas.

Under Roxanne's orders, the Platoon, except Cassie, and Tiziana act as decoys, leaving Ouka to deal the final strike. Suddenly, all the dummy Novas begin to resonate and strange phenomenon occurs. Rana, Kazuya, Cassie, Roxanne, and Satellizer recognize the event as the same thing Chiffon caused during her sacrifice at the Alaska Base.

In the confusion, a "black smoke" is emitted and covers the area, which followed a mysterious, glowing infinity symbol glowing in the sky. Rana is the first known Pandora affected by the smoke, which appears as a mirage of whom Rana recognizes as her deceased older sister Luna Linchen. The woman attacks with Rana unable to understand the situation while the others do not understand why or how Rana was attacked.

Rana's battle with her "sister" continues off screen. The situation is acknowledged as illusion created by the Pandora's' stigmata from the resonating dummy Nova, and somehow, Rana has a fear regarding her sister, hence the manifestation of the illusion.

Eventually all of the Pandora of Platoon 13 are scattered. Once Satellizer somehow creates the infinity symbol, accompanied by six wings, Rana defeats and overcomes her illusion. From the distance, Satellizer and Kazuya notice a bright light, an infinity symbol, and six wings. Rana then appears from the light bleeding, bruised, and tattered but victorious, and the three reunite.

When Arnett and Charles are nearly eaten and killed by the saurian Novas, Rana, Kazuya, and Satellizer arrive with Rana bashing and decapitating one of the Nova's heads away from Arnett. Rana proceeds to engage one of the Nova's and punches a large hole through it after dodging an attack, thus destroying the beast. Another attacks her, but she repels it with Void Fang, followed by a Tempest Turn barrage, concluding with her personally crushing the monster into the ground for its destruction. Taking an interest in Rana, the Nova holding Charles in its mouth drops the petite Pandora and seems to Accel or teleport to Rana, grabbing her arms by its claws, and Rana is visibly concerned that her arms would be ripped off again as Chiffon did before. However, Satellizer obliterates the Nova's head before it could make another move. The Nova, however is still functioning; when Kazuya uses his Omnidirectional Freezing, Rana toys with the beast before punching it and throwing it in the air for Satella to show off her new "Nova Strike" attack. Charles and Arnett are stunned by the second-year's new powers, but Charles tells them that Roxanne needs help.

The girls and Kazuya rush to Roxanne's location, only to discover that she had been completely defeated and transformed into a slave of the Nova Commander. Roxanne attacks them, and Rana puts down Charles while Arnett engages Roxanne. Rana joins the fight while Satella attempts to deal with the Nova Commander. Arnett proves to be no match for the transcended, controlled Roxanne; however, Rana is, as she pummels Roxanne's head to the ground. Roxanne, however, gets back up and attacks, but Rana slices off Roxanne's right arm and Volt Weapon, though the Immortal soon lives up to her name; regenerating her lost limb. Roxanne attacks once more, but Rana rips off the girl's arm once more in mighty punch. Despite Charles' cries, Rana keeps attacking and proves to be the more powerful Pandora.

In Charles' mind, she relates Rana's brutality to her own actions against Gina at the Alaska Base, and like Charles then, Rana seems prepared to kill her platoon sub-commander. However, once Charles' pleas bring Roxanne back to normal for a while, Rana stops attacking, and everyone at the scene hears what would be Roxanne's last words of warning and encouragement against the Nova Commander. Roxanne proceeds to destroy her own body with her Volt Weapon. Charles, Rana, and Satellizer helplessly look on, dreaded at what their comrade was forced to do to save her fellow Pandora. As Charles falls to the ground in anguish, a furious Satellizer and Rana charge at the Nova Commander, promising to destroy it.

Rana and Satellizer charge at their insidious foe, but the Nova dodges with the Illusion Turn. Their opponent monstrous, the pair witness a visage of Chiffon around it. With Satella soon cut down, Rana challenges the beast herself, but her punches are fruitless as each are repelled. Rana is then beaten to the ground, but she retains consciousness as she breaks Charles from the Nova's clutches when it tries to turn the Petit Pandora into a Nova slave like Roxanne. Rana shouts for Arnett to leave, but the scythe-wielding woman does not budge, and the pair attack the humanoid Nova together.

Even so, their efforts produce the same result; meaningless attacks against their all-powerful foe. Suddenly, they witness the Nova's head decapitated. Six wings of light and a powerful wind force accompany this attack, and Arnett and Rana notice the assailant was none other then Satellizer, who pushed her Accel to its zenith, though she cannot control her power and lies on the ground, wounded. Rana believes the battle won, but the Nova generates a new head and proceeds to cut down Arnett with a sadistic smile.

Rana snaps. With Arnett dying and Roxanne's suicide, she flies into a fury and delivers a flurry of rapid punches to the Nova Commander. However, the Nova blocks all of the attacks and rips off Rana's troublesome arms with a wave of her hand. Rana falls unconscious but awakens but a cheerful, pink-haired Pandora with a Nova crystal on her chest arrives to her location, whose presence prevents the Nova from obliterating Satella and Kazuya. Rana discovers her arms regenerating due to Windy's mystical abilities, as well as Roxanne's unbelievable revival. She then notices the Nova delivering a fierce blow to Windy's head. Still cheerful, Windy is unfazed by the attack and uses her war-hammer to nearly bisect the Nova Commander from the waist up.

The battle has been won, but Rana and the others are understandably wary of the Legendary Pandora, for she boasts a power they have never seen and have yet to comprehend. With a smile like Chiffon, Windy recognizes her sisters who have arrived to her location. Rana and Satellizer and then upset to see another girl affectionately hug Kazuya, though they were too paralysed with instinctive fear to approach the woman. Cassandra glares at the pair, but Rana and Satellizer still pull Kazuya away. They are then approached by Gengo Aoi and their Platoon Leader Su-Na Lee, as they emerge from a helicopter.

Busters ArcEdit

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Rana dons Valkyrie armor in order to batte the Legendary Pandora

Otherworldly Experience

The effects of plasma energy upon Rana's senses

Enhanced Rana

Rana ready to fight

After the 12th Nova Clash, Rana, as one of the survivors, is held in a facility strictly run by Gengo Aoi. She greet a panicking Satellizer in one of the facility's cafeterias. When Satellizer freaks about not seeing Kazuya since she arrived, Rana tells her that Kazuya is being kept in a different building where the Legendary Pandora. Satellizer is upset, since her is her Limiter, but Rana reminds her that their partnership is still not official in the eyes of the Chevalier. Rana and Satellizer take off to find Kazuya where they come across a brief confrontation between Arnett McMillan and Elizabeth Mably. Rana and Satellizer watch as the two third-years reconcile and Satellizer suggests that they can welcome back Elizabeth at another time.

When Rana and Satella reach Kazuya's building, they are prevented from going inside. Moments later, Kazuya comes out and Satellizer becomes rather bashful. A visibly upset Kazuya rejects both girls and runs off, leaving both shocked. Later, Rana has to keep comforting Satellizer who weeps over Kazuya not wanting to be with her.

After Satellizer and Kazuya's outing with the Legendary Pandora, Rana and Satellizer sit outside with Arnett, who is livid at hearing about Kazuya's maltreatment of Satellizer. Unfortunately, the Slashing Trickster as little advice, so the three of them turn to Elizabeth, who teases Satellizer and Rana for not greeting her upon her return. Elizabeth gives Satellizer rather harsh but misguided advice about Kazuya and Satellizer's relationship and she whispers something into Satellizer's ear that makes her scream.

Before the dinner party, Satella wants to back out of Elizabeth's plan, and Rana is still consoling her. Rana then becomes harsh, asserting that Satellizer must be aware of her "weapons," which she emphasizes with her Genetics uniform. However, a teary Satellizer says that she read a book that equated cleavage exposure to confidence. When Satellizer truly loses control over her tear ducts, Rana backs off and is able to convince her to go to the dinner party.

Rana is dressed in a black skirt that cuts off a few inches above the knee, a white spaghetti strap top, and a black choker finished with lock black heels, her black hair in a ponytail tipped with a second hair tie at the base. Rana and Satellizer are met with positive stares as they enter the dinner party, but they are out shined by the gorgeous Cassandra.

A few moments later, Rana escorts Windy May, Lucy Renault, and Teslad to the facility's pool in lieu of staying at the party. Suddenly, a Chevalier Pandora barges in and informs Rana and the Legendary Pandora of the base's invasion by four powerful women and that they need to evacuate. Rana is rather casual about the situation but is quick to follow orders. She sheds her bikini and activates the Volt Texture outfit she had for the party. Rana asks Windy May if they can leave now, but Windy does not want to go because she is having a good time. Rana offers to teach her some board games later, which Kazuya's aunt finds interesting. Before Rana could give a full response, two of the intruding women crash through the ceiling.

Windy May immediately hammers one of them in the face then turning to Rana with a confident smile. Rana deploys Shinen but warns the intruding women of the power of the Legendary Pandora. Sawatari Isuzu, the pink-haired, intruder responds by deploying a Freezing field at her comrade's order. Everyone by the pool is caught in the field and Rana is nearly attacked by Sawatari's comrade, Petty Layner.

After Sawatari deploys the field, however, she triggers something within Windy May and Teslad, prompting them to don sinister smiles. Their eyes Novalize and the pink-haired Buster is able to identify their power and threatening aura. She releases her Freezing field and flees, leaving Petty behind. Rana calls out to Windy, and Windy turns her head to deploy her own powerful Freezing field. Rana is immediately suffocated by the paralyzing spell, but she retains her sanity and is able to stand. However, the Chevalier Pandora Novalizes, and Rana watches in horror as Windy rips the Nova Form Pandora's head off her shoulders, Windy telepathically communicating with Rana throughout the entire gesture.

Before, Windy could lay a hand on Rana, Christine Evora bashes Windy's cheek and jaw with a diving kick. Windy is taken back by the surprise, but she slams her hammer onto Christine who shatters her war-hammer. Rana is then further surprised by the arrival of Ouka Tenjouin who intercepts a hostile Teslad. Despite the Valkyries' upgrades, a still sane Lucy undercuts them and assumes her true form, intending to engage her sisters alone. Rana watches as Lucy reveals a fraction of her power as she still does not deploy her Volt Weapon. Rana's ears are racked with pain as Lucy's shield releases a devastating attack and she gets caught in the wind force of one of Lucy's shock waves with Christine and Ouka. Lucy is able to keep her sisters at bay are they are relatively unscathed despite Lucy's explosive attacks. The girls agree to allow Rana to obtain the Plasma Textures through the Valkyries upgrades. Because Christine and Rana have similar weapons, Christine removes her Plasma Form armor and equips it onto Rana, who immediately begins glowing. Rana gives a savage look that is only derived by her struggle to control herself especially since these upgrades were not meant for her body. Rana's transcendent abilities mix with the Plasma Textures and they quickly overwhelm her mind and body, causing Rana to cringe as her allies look worried. However, Rana does not allow her Stigmata to consume her. She thinks about her sister as a focal point and she begins glowing drawing wings of light and releasing a powerful shockwave. Ouka and Christine are blasted back and Windy May pounces on Ouka. However, Rana intercepts the attack, her eyes not the same as the Legendary Pandora's. Rana smashes Windy's war-hammer and the girls begin their brawl while Lucy and Teslad battle one-on-one as well.

13th Nova Clash ArcEdit

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Crazed Rana

Rana falls under the influence of the Nova

Rana Attacks LP

Rana takes on Windy and Teslad at once

Rana Legs Severed

Rana struck down by Teslad

Rana continues her battle with Windy May at the pool. Rana deals heavy punches that Windy blocks with her war-hammer. Rana draws more power and smashes through Windy's barrier and bashes her face. Windy is stunned for a moment but she swings her war-hammer again. Rana blocks it, but Windy's attack releases a massive shock wave behind Rana that destroys even more of the pool area. Christine Evora and Ouka watch Rana in awe as she is unfazed by Windy's power, as the two continue their fight. As Rana and Windy continue their duel, Rana begins to overwhelm Windy, knocking the Legendary Pandora to the ground with a powerful kick followed by several powerful punches. However, Lucy and the Valkyries notice the angelic aura about Rana has become far more demonic. Rana puts on the same twisted smile as the N3 Windy May and Teslad and Lucy fears that Rana is giving in to the Nova's hypnotic message to destroy the Pandora in front of her.

Rana became stronger with every second Christine's enhancements armored her chest, arms, and back. Fully giving into the Stigmata's message to destroy, Rana took on Windy May and Teslad by herself, seeming backed by the spirit of her sister, Luna. Rana was being watched by several Pandora via satellite on their phones. Rana proceeded to charge right through one of Teslad's unique triangular shock waves and deployed the the Tempest Turn to attack both sisters. When Windy May defended herself, Rana turned back to pummel her. Rana's attacks were abruptly halted by Lucy, but Rana unhesitatingly kicked Lucy to knock her back. Rana lunged for the killing blow, but she stopped upon the arrival of Kazuya and the others who battled the Pandora-Type Nova.

Kazuya activated his newly-enhanced Freezing and successfully returned Rana to normal. Just as Rana regained control of herself, Teslad shaped her triangular shock wave around Rana's torso, attempting to cut her in half. Quick to notice the danger, Rana jumped to get away from the shock wave, but Teslad's triangular force stabilized before immediately shattering and severing Rana's legs as she was still in midair. Satellizer was particularly devastated and quickly rushed to Rana, who collapsed.

While Rana was incoherent in Satellizer's arms, Arcadia Aoi arrived and ended the battle.

Exit Revenant ArcEdit

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Platoon 13 Elca Dimension

Rana and Platoon 13 challenge the Goddesses of Balance

Rana Transcendent Form

Rana's Transcendental Form

Following the end of the 13th Nova Clash, Rana recovers from her injuries and heads back to West Genetics with her friends. She eventually finds Kazuya and Satellizer becoming intimate, but is nonchalant since Satellizer is her sister-wife. She informs the two that an emergency platoon meeting has been called. The three head over to the gym where they find Yu-Mi Kim instead of Su-Na Lee leading the meeting.

Rana watches in shock as Yu-Mi reveals that they have become the enemy of Commander Radox, and Su-Na interrupts to tell them to choose a side and be done with it.

Later, Rana is disturbed by Satellizer who is looking for Kazuya. After a brief search, Satellizer discovers Kazuya is missing. Rana is shown looking at a depressed Satellizer and mentally urging Kazuya to return. She informs Satellizer that Chevalier is on its way and must be ready for battle.

Rana is informed by Satellizer that Kazuya is in danger in a dimensional world and tells Rana that she can be Kazuya's second wife in return of saving him to which Rana happily accepts. Rana and Satellizer goes to the lab along with Elizabeth and Arnett who overheard their conversation. Gengo expains that only five can be transferred to the dimensional world and was decided that Rana, Satellizer, Roxanne, Charles, and Cassie will go. Rana and the girls are transported to Eluka where they meet with Kazuya to bring him back home.

Rana and Platoon 13 go up against the Goddesses of Balance. As Cassie disables Pulucsigel Eluka Nova's shield, Rana uses her Burning Fang along with her Transcendental Wings landing a bow on Pulucsigel. As the Goddesses assemble, Rana is pin down by their multiple lasers but recovers her injuries and stands up when she saw them attack Satellizer and was furious. Rana blocks Bonemian Eluka Nova's laser and uses a more powerful Burning Fang killing Bonemian. Sometimes after the Goddesses form a gigantic Nova, Rana activates Transcendental Form after Satillizer activates hers along with Roxanne, Charles, and Cassie.

Rana and the team are soon captured in the Nova's Freezing though was countered by Kazuya's Omnidirectional Freezing. Kazuya ultimately assumes command and orders Platoon 13 temporarily naming the team as "Aoi Kazuya Platoon" into "Formation A" and "Formation F: Scatter" as his tactic to defeat the Goddesses.



  • !Sample-94838423a3b512a


    Rana possesses six Stigmata, one of which formed inside her body naturally when she was born, making her a Type-Maria. The combination of these traits make her very strong and durable. Rana was able to stop a truck with one hand and endure a punch from Chiffon, a Legendary Pandora.
  • Even without Stigmata, Rana is in excellent physical shape due to her martial art's training. She has impressive strength and stamina, enough to run large distances without tiring. 
  • During the 12th Nova Clash, Rana awakened as a Transcendent Pandora, and she is able to produce six wings of light. According to Garatolos' measurement, Rana has highest amount of maximum Soul Energy, rivaling Erectar Eluka Nova and surpassing transcendent Satellizer L. Bridget at roughly 20000.[2]
  • In formal combat against the Nova, Rana is designated as an All-Rounder. As a member of Platoon 13, Rana primarily acts as a Striker. [3]
  • While equipped with Plasma Stigmata: Injection Form, Rana becomes capable of hearing the voice of the Stigmata. Unlike Su-Na Lee, however, Rana is unable to resist the Stigmata's commands.

Volt WeaponEdit

  • Shinen (四念, Four Senses) is a pair of steel-plated gauntlets and boots which, in tandem with her ability to use her Stigmata to channel energy throughout her body, makes her a formidable close range opponent. As compared to most Pandora, Rana is a Melee-Type and her Volt Weapon is put to good use considering her proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.[4]

High-End SkillEdit

  • Rana is a Tempest-Type Pandora, using Tempest Turn to as a means to inflict heavy damage to her opponents. Rana learned this technique quickly right after seeing it from Creo Brand and properly utilized it. Rana can make up to three copies of herself with this skill.
  • In the anime she was capable of using an Accel.

Holy GatesEdit

  • Rana has access to the Holy Gates. She is a proficient user of the Sacred Gate Eight Extremities Fist (聖門八極拳, Seimon Hakkyoku-ken) fighting style which is also called "Wings of Light." Upon activation, Rana's skills are greatly increased and she can perform techniques unique to her. She was able to make four Tempest Turn copies while using the Holy Gates.
  • Void Fang (空牙, Kūga) is a long range technique that serves as both attack and defence.[5] Rana punches the air, as if she's punching her opponent, and the technique releases a powerful blunt shock wave instead of shock waves with great cutting ability. Rana's technique is very similar to the invisible energy attacks of Pandora-Type Nova.
  • Burning Fang (炎牙, Enga) is Rana's strongest technique. Rana places her fists at any part of her opponent's body and releases a torrent of thermal powered energy through her victim. This technique crushes the target's ribs and internal organs. A variation is Burning Fang X4 which is done in combination with Tempest Turn. Rana attacks her opponent with three Tempest Turn copies of herself thus multiplying the damage by four. This technique was first used against Creo Brand which defeated her. [6]

Nova FormEdit

  • During her fight with Chiffon, in Nova Form due to Resonating with the Fully Novafied Amelia, Rana was able to release multiple powerful match fists which were able to blow away Chiffon, and capable of using Tempest Turn to create 8 copies. Even with her both arms cut off by Chiffon, she was still able to continue fighting by releasing dashing kicks.


  • As a transcendent, Rana can now blow off the heads and limbs of her enemies with explosive punches, and the strength of her Void Fang has increased tremendously. With this force, she defeated three Humanoid Forms and nearly killed a transcended Nova Form Roxanne Elipton.
  • Against the Pandora-Type Nova, she was about to demonstrate a new technique, Celestial Fang, but she was defeated before the attack could connect.
  • During the Exit Revenant Arc, Rana's transcendent abilities have further evolved, allowing her to severely injure a Goddess of Balance with Burning Fang. In addition, she can endure multiple point-blank laser attacks and block particle beams with one hand. [7]

Plasma Stigmata EnhancementEdit

  • During the Busters Arc, Rana was equipped with the Valkyries' new Plasma Form: Injection Stigmata, which gave her the strength to combat Legendary Pandora Windy May and shatter her Volt Weapon. With her large armor, Rana is able to break through a Legendary Pandora's impenetrable shield, but at the same time the speed of her punches have noticeably decreased.
  • As combat waged, Rana fell under the complete control of her Stigmata and the Transcendent Will, granting her the strength to combat three Legendary Pandora at once.


Kazuya AoiEdit

Kazuya is the "soul-mate" of Rana, whom shes wishes to form a partnership with. He is also her lower-classman. Rana tries her hardest to bond and spend time with Kazuya but often times fails to do so. Prior to the Valkyrie Introduction Arc, Rana had wanted Kazuya all to herself in terms of romance. But lately, she is willing to share Kazuya with Satellizer. Although she is annoyed when Satellizer attempts to take Kazuya's attention for herself, and Satellizer seems irritated with Rana's continuing attempts to have a relationship with Kazuya.

In the beginning, she chases after Kazuya due to her Stigma's reaction to his Freezing while seeing his kindness and determination, she falls in love with him for real. In the latest, she has decided that she is fine with being Kazuya's second wife after Satellizer, even negotiating when they sleep with him and when they bear his children.


Satellizer L. BridgetEdit

Satellizer is Rana's classmate, friend, and rival. Initially, the two had an antagonistic relationship, stemming from their conflict over Kazuya, but also from the meddling of the seniors. They attempted to settle things between each other and commenced a vicious duel that had no clear winner due to the interference of Kazuya. After she learns that the seniors had manipulated her in order to get to Satellizer, Rana joins forces with Satellizer.

From that point on the two developed a grudging respect for each other, but continued to bicker constantly, mostly over who would get to be Kazuya's partner. They steadily become closer as the series progresses and Rana warms up to the idea of sharing Kazuya with Satellizer, even willing to take second place to her. In battle the two possess impressive team-work, often working in tandem to counter stronger opponents.

When Satellizer desperately wishes to save Kazuya, who was in jeopardy in another world, Satellizer went to Rana and agrees to have Rana be Kazuya's second wife in return for her help. It seems that despite their rivalry or because of it, Rana has come to view Satella as a sister as when she was wounded by the Goddesses, Rana stood up enraged shouting that no one hurts her family.

Ouka TenjouinEdit

Ouka serves kind of as the new rival of Rana for Kazuya. As a sort of threat to Kazuya's affections, she and Satellizer have decided to join forces, in order to fight together against Ouka.


Windy May AoiEdit

Rana seems to be friendly with Windy due to their similar personalities. Rana offered to teach Windy May to play board games to which Windy May replied "I love you".

Dimensional BeingsEdit

Goddesses of BalanceEdit

Rana along with Platoon 13 battled the Nova Goddesses in Eluka in order to bring Kazuya back home safely and must defeat them no matter what it takes. She killed Bonemian Eluka Nova.


Lam LinchenEdit

Rana got along well with her mother. She often teased her and believed that she worried too much about her daughters.

Luna LinchenEdit

Rana loved and idolized her older sister Luna. She was very proud of her strength and status as clan leader. Rana did not seem to understand her sister though, missing how unsure she seemed to be about her life. Despite this uncertainty, Rana supported her sister's hopes for happiness and allows her to pass to freedom from the clan. Rana ultimately had to kill her sister when she succumbed to Nova Form. Though Rana seemed to have moved passed this tragedy, Luna materialized as the root of Rana's despair and fear during Rana's process of Transcendence.


  • In the manga, Rana first appeared in an alley where Kazuya was surrounded by a group of thugs. In the anime, she appeared in Genetics after Kazuya loses consciousness after using his Freezing ability to save Kaho and Arthur.
  • Rana is the oldest second-year student at West Genetics (18 years old), as well as being the oldest Pandora in West Genetics' student body, her equal being Milena Marius from East Genetics.
  • Rana is the first Pandora in the series to use a martial arts style.
  • Rana is the only second-year Pandora to not have a moniker.
  • The tattoo on Rana's cheek also appears on her Volt Weapon as well.
  • Rana is the only Pandora to molest Satellizer L. Bridget twice (despite both times being in OVA's).
  • In the anime, Rana has a habit of humorously mishearing locations and titles as obscene things.
  • In the seven seas manga, Rana's attacks are translated as "Air Fang" and "Flame Fang".
  • Rana has been shown not to wear "normal" underwear of bra and panties, wearing a more rural style loin cloth and breast wrap, even under her school uniform.
  • Possibly due to the physical toughening and mental discipline of her martial arts training, Rana is the only character with no stated physical weak point.


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