Rana Linchen and Ganessa Roland have fought in the main Freezing manga and in the first season Freezing anime


Rana L.

Rana Linchen

Ganessa R.

Ganessa Roland

First EncounterEdit

Timeline placementEdit

The fight between Rana Linchen and Ganessa Roland occurred during the Rana Introductory Arc.

  • Chapters:
  • Episodes: 6

Battle SynopsisEdit

Manga versionEdit

Anime versionEdit

Yu-Mi Kim has Rana and Ganessa spar each other for practice. The other classmates learn that Rana is a close range fighter and she overwhelms Ganessa, but before she can use her burning fang Yu-Mi stops the fight. Despite the fight's minimal contributions to the storyline, it would foreshadow her use of the burning fang on Satellizer L. Bridget when they fight later in the episode.

Second EncounterEdit

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Timeline PlacementEdit

  • During an OVA.

Battle SynopsisEdit

Manga VersionEdit

  • None

Anime VersionEdit

  • Winner: Unknown

After, Satellizer L. Bridget lost her clothes and ended up naked, Rana began to molest Satellizer and eventually strip and attempt to seduce Kazuya Aoi. Ganessa was furious with Satellizer for making her limiter Arthur Crypton drool over them. She attacked Rana by slamming her front into her face as they fight off screen, but then both catch Satellizer's cold.

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