"I can feel it... Amelia... I can feel your heart. I see... So you were freed... From this ugly... And sad reality... I'm so glad!!"

Rattle's final thoughts before falling unconscious in "Resonance I".

Anime Rattle
Rattle, as she appears in the anime.
Kana ラトル
Romaji Ratoru
First Appearance Manga Chapter 53
Age 18
Nationality Indian
Height 160 cm ('5'3")
Measurements 82-52-79


Blood Type B
Personal Status
Affiliations Chevalier
E-Pandora Project
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Yuuki Kuwahara
English Megan Shipman
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Rattle is an E-Pandora from the E-Pandora Project[1].


An Evolution Pandora who became a Pandora to escape hunger, thus leading her to eat more than normal[2].


Rattle has black hair that runs past her shoulder blades, and tan skin[3]. She's mostly seen in the E-Pandora battle attire, though she dons a more conservative uniform in the cafeteria.


Rattle is shown to be very modest person at times, as shown for when she complimented the original Pandoras of their strength[4]. Under normal circumstances she is quite the mute, as she is usually seen eating[5], but when need she can get serious at times, such as when she fought bravely against the Pandoras during the rebellion[6].


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E-Pandora Project ArcEdit

Main article: E-Pandora Project Arc
Rattle mock battle

Rattle vs Anna Parker during the mock battle.

Rattle was first introduced during the mock battles for the E-Pandora Project. She was the first E-Pandora shown, and was pitted against Anna Parker (Genetics UK), though she was easily defeated[7].

The next day, at lunch, Elizabeth ate with the other E-Pandora. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Rattle asks Elizabeth what lip gloss she uses, and all of them realize that Elizabeth is part of the Mably family[8]. She and the others clamor for her special 30% discounted Mably Limited Edition lip gloss, while Amelia is disgusted by how Elizabeth is showing off her money. However, Elizabeth's declaration leaves Rattle and the rest of the E-Pandora in shock, and she comes to realize that Elizabeth isn't that bad of a person[9].

When Gina signed up to be Mark IV's first test subject, Rattle is shown to have supported her decision[10]. Rattle is ecstatic about Gina's success after the Mark IV had been used and couldn't wait to see Gina again[11]. However, the Nova-fication of Gina's body stunned everyone, and Rattle had to restrain Amelia, who broke down[12]. Rattle was outraged when the Chevalier refused to properly bury Gina, so she and the others held their own private funeral[13], but it was interrupted by Dr. Ohara[14].

After it was announced that all the first generation E-Pandora would be experimented on at once, Rattle and the others decide to attempt to break out of the lab[15].

E-Pandora Rebellion ArcEdit

Main article: E-Pandora Rebellion Arc

The E-Pandora broke into the room where the Mark IV drug was, and temporarily enhanced their strength to help them escape[16]. With her new power, Rattle was able to materialize her own volt weapon for the first time while fighting the Chevalier. Overjoyed, she declared that she could die happy since she was now a real Pandora[17].

When Amelia becomes a Nova, Rattle and her fallen comrades, after being beaten, are happy as they see the novalized Amelia, since they believe that Amelia will be able to escape[18].

11th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 11th Nova Clash

Rattle and the other E-Pandora had survived, their rebellion as she and the rest of them are seen sitting up when Chiffon dies and light particles fall from the sky[19].


High Speed

Rattle showing of her Accel Turn.

  • Being an E-Pandora, Rattle's strength is far from that of a real Pandora[20]. However, under the influence of Mark IV, she is able to utilize her own Volt Weapon, being dual-wielded chakrams, of which she is proud of to summon by herself[21]. And in the anime, she was able to do an Accel Turn.



Amelia EvansEdit

A fellow E-Pandora and a close friend of Rattle[22].

Jina PurpletonEdit

A fellow E-Pandora and a close friend of Rattle [23].

Scarlett OharaEdit

Like all the other E-Pandora, Rattle had trusted Scarlett with her life[24]. When Scarlett essentially betrayed them, this drove Rattle to rebel with Amelia and her fellow E-Pandora[25].



  • Rattle is the third strongest of the E-Pandora


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