The Nucleotide, as it appears in the Anime.

The Ravensbourne Nucleotide (ヌクレオチドレイヴンズボーン Reivunzubornu Nukureochido) is the deepest and most vital level of West Genetics. In its confines rests the preserved body of Maria Lancelot, the "Mother of all Pandora".


Established in 2050 alongside the main academy, the Nucleotide was constructed with the sole purpose of housing Maria's body.

The final battle of the 10th Nova Clash was fought here, and Chiffon Fairchild was personally stationed to defend its integrity, along with Ticy Phenyl and their respective Limiters. Nova Form Milena Marius succeeded in breaching the inner sanctum, and telepathically informed her cohorts that their target had been found. However, she got no further as Chiffon defeated her without receiving so much as a scratch.

During the 13th Nova Clash, Gengo Aoi and his forces make their way to the Nucleotide to awaken his trump card to deal with the current crisis. Unbeknownst to all but the professor, is a capsule located below Maria's resting place that contains an individual labelled Arcadia 01.

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