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"Of course it is... I just want... to belong to you, Kazuya, and only you."

Satellizer L. Bridget expresses her feelings to Kazuya Aoi in "A New Door".

Satellizer L. Bridget
Satellizer L. B..png
Satellizer L. Bridget, as she appears in the anime.
Kana サテライザー=エル=ブリジット (Current)
サテライザー=アロングラッチュ (Former)
Romaji Sateraizā Eru Burijitto (Current)
Sateraizā Aronguratchu (Former)
Sobriquet "The Untouchable Queen"
"The Heartless Witch" (briefly)
"Satella" (nickname)
"Stella" (alternate nickname)
First Appearance Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Age 17
Nationality British
Height 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight 128 lbs
Measurements 90-56-85
Blood Type A
Hobbies Knitting
Telephone shopping
Favourite Food Hamburgers
Meat dishes
Weak Point Breasts
Personal Status
Relatives Howard L. Bridget (father)
Noelle Alongrutch (biological mother, deceased)
Olivia L. Bridget (stepmother)
Violet L. Bridget (older half-sister)
Louis L. Bridget (younger half-brother)
Affiliations West Genetics (Second-year student, #2 in class)
L. Bridget family (Illegitimate child)
East Genetics (former student)
Platoon 13
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Mamiko Noto
English Caitlin Glass
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Satellizer L. Bridget (b.October 1, 2048) (Pandora s/n: GR230),[1] formerly known as Satellizer Alongrutch, is the main heroine of Freezing. She is a second-year student at West Genetics and a highly skilled Pandora who is known as the Untouchable Queen (接觸禁止の女王Sesshokukinshi no Jo Ō ) for her ruthlessness in combat. Many students were afraid of her in the beginning because she seemed violent and cold. However, it is revealed through the series' progression that she was actually quite a shy, sensitive and introverted girl who had a traumatic childhood that led her develop aphephobia, a fear of being touched.


Satellizer as a child

Satellizer L. Bridget is the main heroine of the series and one of the strongest Pandoras in West Genetics. She was formerly ranked the number one second-year Pandora before being demoted to the 2nd rank due to Kazuya Aoi's interference during the ongoing Carnival tournament.

Known as the Untouchable Queen because of her intense aphephobia, she is feared by the students for her cold and ruthless personality. It is revealed that she transferred to West Genetics from East Genetics after brutally injuring Levon Brooks, a Limiter with a playboy personality who wanted her to become his Pandora. As a result she was suspended for the entire school year, meaning that Satellizer would have been a third-year student had the incident not occurred.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, she is a member of the noble L. Bridget family, despite being the illegitimate child of Howard L. Bridget (the head of the L. Bridget family) and Noelle Alongrutch. (Howard's mistress and Satellizer's mother) Because of this, she and her mother were hated by Olivia L. Bridget (Howard's wife) who later encouraged Louis L. Bridget (Satellizer's younger half-brother and Olivia's son) to mistreat her. However, Louis' mistreatment later turned into sexual abuse and Satellizer was forced to endure it as her mother was terminally ill and did not want their family situation to worsen. The abuse ended after Violet L. Bridget (Satellizer's older half-sister and Olivia's daughter) learned about it and moved her away for her own safety. Satellizer eventually returned to visit her mother's deathbed; her mother apologized for what Satellizer had gone through, and told her to never lose and to become stronger than anyone. Her mother's words became her driving force in life, resulting in her strong determination and indomitable will. Following her mother's death, Satellizer became a Pandora on the orders of her father.[2]

Due to the abuse she suffered she hates being touched and goes berserk if anyone touches her; but Kazuya is discovered to be the only exception, as to the surprise of all (even herself) she remains calm when he touches her. Originally she doesn't want anything to do with Kazuya but she eventually is won over by his kindness and accepts him as her Limiter. Later on, she insists Kazuya call her by her nickname "Satella", though he still uses the senpai honorific.

In contrast to her fearsome reputation and ruthlessness in battle, she has a quiet and reserved nature, collecting stuffed animals as well as knitting. After finally facing her past demons with Kazuya's and Violet's support, she finally loses her haphephobia and no longer reacts violently when other people touch her. She has a penchant for eating hamburgers and is often seen with a bundle of them whenever she eats lunch, often sharing them with Kazuya. She has admitted to being in love with Kazuya in conversations with others; however, she has not confessed to him directly because she is simply too nervous to do so.

Despite her low synchronization rate with Stigmata, due to her family's influence she was implanted with six of Kazuha Aoi's Heroic Stigmata before her enrollment into Genetics. She tends to remove her glasses before a fight despite having myopia, since activation of the Volt Texture optimizes all senses including eyesight.


Satellizer is an attractive fair-skinned young woman in her late adolescent years with back-length blonde hair that has several bangs hanging over the left side of her forehead with a blue headband over her hair to keep it in place. She has medium blue eyes and a pair of black, semi-rimmed glasses with the rims sitting below the lenses as she is myopic (whenever she is not in battle).

Her most distinct feature is her large breasts which are easily larger and more sensitive to touch than those of the other Pandora attending West Genetics; this is primarily due to her foreign origin. Her Genetics uniform is also unique compared to the standard issue Pandora uniform; a long red dress that reaches to her ankles with gold accents, and sleeves with crowned shoulder guards that bear the Genetics emblem. The dress has a cut-out around her breasts, exposing her cleavage, with a blue ribbon situated at the top, grazing the sensitive skin. For footwear she wears brown heeled, laced boots which reach up to her knees over long stockings with brown garter belts. Her Genetics summer uniform however, is the same as her fellow students except with a full-length skirt and no stockings.

When she becomes a member of Team 13, she wears the same uniform as the Valkyries save for her skirt being full-length and having shoulder guards similar to her previous outfit. Her uniform is blue. During the dinner party and the 13th Nova Clash, Satellizer wears a long strapless dress that shapes her figure and cuts off above her ankles.


When Satellizer is first introduced, she was described as a cold, mean, and ruthless person. After her first meeting with Kazuya Aoi, she becomes concerned over Kazuya's safety and gradually begins to recognize others as comrades and friends for whom she cares deeply; which was demonstrated when Satellizer relinquished all control and turned herself into a Nova Form Pandora when she saw Ganessa Roland "die" right before her eyes.

Throughout the series, she is shown to have a much more shy and sensitive side, in sharp contrast to her reputedly cold nature; her softer side dawns primarily when she is around Kazuya. She has demonstrated a much more girly side when he's near her. It is easily noticeable by her furious blushing when around him, as she holds strong feelings for Kazuya, although she refuses to admit it. However, when her rivalry with Rana Linchen over Kazuya develops, she is shown to get jealous whenever she sees Rana try to get intimate with him. When Kazuya snaps at her to stay away from him for a time, she becomes intensely depressed and withdrawn, and willingly throws aside her pride in order to find a solution in reconciling with Kazuya.

Known as the Untouchable Queen because of her violent reactions due to intense aphephobia (a fear of being touched), she is feared by most of the student body at West Genetics; this has also led to her reputation as being a cold and ruthless person. As described above, her phobia was developed from her past of being molested by her half-brother Louis; however, her aphephobia has become less intense after her meeting and spending time with Kazuya. She also has a strong determination to never lose because of her not wanting to have to depend on others like her mother had to. This is ironic considering her emotional dependence on Kazuya.

It is revealed during the Siblings Arc that she shows a much more timid and submissive personality when around her brother Louis because of their past. But due to Kazuya's inspiring words during the clash between her and Holly Rose, Satellizer received the confidence to stand up to Louis (and in the process, cure her aphephobia)

As the series has gone on and thanks to Kazuya's help, Satella has put to rest many of the grudges and animosity she held toward others, and her true personality as a kind shy individual has been allowed to come through. She is also more willing to ask for help, such as when she asked Rana and Elizabeth for help rescuing Kazuya.

Freezing: Zero

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Cassie Lockheart Arc

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Satellizer walking away from Cassie and her friends.

Satellizer is first seen outside a coffee shop where Cassie Lockheart and her friends are relaxing. A Senior Pandora named Mirena is raising her voice questioning the Pandora's attitude, which Satellizer curtly excuses herself in her usual standoffish manner, simply walking away after Cassie and friends involve themselves.

A short discussion takes place following her departure on her nature and, and showing her fellow students had concerns over the quality of her student life, while one of them, Nena simply viewed her as a 'total bitch'. The conversation also included a discussion regarding the weight a family name has on her as an individual which Cassie reflects on.

Satellizer is next seen during the Levon Brooks incident. Shocking fellow students while "defending" herself. Satellizer a fellow students remark how she is supposed to be the lowest ranked Pandora and yet is "strong as hell", none of those present are able to stand on equal footing. Cassie is called in to assist before seniors are called to handle her for her own sake.

Satellizer is fixated and threatening on the notion that no one shall lay a single finger on her. Her stigmata appear to be beginning to overflow as she looks over her shoulder from the window. Levon has been smashed into the floor, seriously injured, and fellow Pandora Jun collapsed against a wall.

As Cassie attempts to remove Jong-soo from the scene, Satellizer attacks and Cassie narrowly blocks. With her Volt Weapon damaged, Cassie finally removes the injured Pandora from the area.

While Cassie attempts to talk her down, a furious and raging Satellizer accuses Cassie of trying to take her freedom away as well. Without giving Cassie a chance to respond, Satellizer attacks again and overpowers Cassie.

Satellizer narrowly misses Cassie, once more having pinned her to the floor. Cassie used Accel to escape. Cassie attempts to attack Satellizer and misses when the latter uses a high end skill to avoid the strike, only to strike her from behind. Satellizer presses Cassie, overpowering her a number of times until finally Cassie manages to throw her into a nearby wall. However Satellizer, down, but not defeated, continues on about how she won't be controlled and how she will live her life as she desires. Renewed determination drives her as she attacks Cassie once more pressing the Pandora back and forming doubts in her (Cassie's) mind.

Satellizer exclaims during the fight "do you know what it's like to be chained and have freedoms stripped away" and accuses Cassie of being naive. Satellizer continues, determined to throw everything away to stand on her own feet.

She continues the verbal assault, accusing the Pandora of not having resolve, who doesn't want to loose anything. Someone without the resolve to lose everything should stay out of her way. Having stunned her opponent she advances once more with her Volt Weapon and is narrowly stopped by fellow students who quickly call for the teachers. It takes three Pandora to hold her down. It's unclear what year these Pandora are.

Within two months of the Levon Brooks incident, Satellizer is transferred to West Genetics and forced to repeat her second-year.

Freezing: Pair Love Stories

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Satellizer is first seen alongside Kazuya fighting the Nova during the 10th Nova Clash.


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Introductory Arc

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Satellizer strikes Ganessa.

Satellizer dons Pandora Mode.

Satellizer brutally stabbing a defeated Miyabi.

Satellizer stopped from killing Miyabi by Kazuya.

Satellizer L. Bridget is first seen in the front of West Genetics with numerous second year Pandora laid incapacitated during the second year students Carnival. She is then put into a Freezing effect by Kazuya Aoi when he hugs her thinking she is his dead sister, Kazuha Aoi, leaving her motionless and defenseless against Ganessa Roland resulting in her loss in the Carnival, placing her as the 2nd-ranked second-year Pandora.

Later that day, she is seen with a patch over her right eye as a result of Ganessa's Volt Weapon. Equipped with her ​​Volt Weapon, Nova Blood, Satellizer breaks through a wall with the intent of challenging Ganessa to a rematch. After a quick exchange of words, Ganessa summons her Volt Weapon, Chains of Binding, and engages. Satellizer dodges the attacks and swings her blade, breaking Ganessa's chains, followed up by a slash attack upon Ganessa making her fall to a knee. Ganessa gets angry and goes into Pandora Mode, knocking Satellizer into the wall. She then sees Kazuya, blushes, and walks away from the wall, leaving her Volt Weapon behind. She then spaces out for a second as Ganessa ties her up with chains she obtained in Pandora Mode, then squeezes her with them. Kazuya jumps in and tells Ganessa to stop, only to be knocked into the ground. Upon seeing this, Satellizer goes berserk and enters Pandora Mode, then with a quick dash she attacks and breaks Ganessa's Pandora Mode only to be stopped by Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmidtz for fear of her going overboard and breaking her old model Pandora Mode Suit because they have no replacements.

The next day at lunchtime, Satellizer enters the cafeteria, in which all the students back away from the Burger Queen line. After ordering a bacon burger and receiving it, she is touched by Kazuya. She quickly moves her hand away and runs to the roof of the school. Kazuya follows her and ask to be her Limiter but is interrupted by Miyabi Kanazuki who asks Kazuya to be one of her Limiters. After Kazuya declines her offer, Miyabi threatens Kazuya while Satellizer threatens Miyabi by putting her Nova Blood to the back of her neck. Miyabi then jumps over Satellizer and summons her Volt Weapon, Homing Dagger. She throws a attack at Satellizer and goes for an Accel Turn with an attempt to slash, but Satellizer blocks the daggers and dodges the turn, then counters with a strike from her Volt Weapon. Miyabi dodges, then they both charge at each other using Accel Turn. In result of this clash, Miyabi gets a cut under her left eye. Enraged by this, Miyabi activates her Ereinbar Set, allowing her three Limiters to use Freezing. Amazingly, Satellizer can still jump very high while under suppression of the Freezing effect. When she jumps to Kazuya in an attempt to get him away from the area, Satellizer is then stabbed by three of Miyabi's daggers and falls to the ground while Miyabi's Limiters Freeze her completely. They stand her up in which Miyabi punches Satellizer in the stomach and orders for an apology from Satellizer but she does not comply, instead asking if Kazuya could leave the area. Miyabi then cuts Satellizer's dress, revealing her bra (bare breasts in the anime) and punishes Kazuya for not being her Limiter. She then has one of her Limiters sexually harass Satellizer by groping her breast (in the anime, Miyabi herself did the groping). Miyabi then kicks her to the ground, pushing her dress up and pulling down her pantyhose to reveal her panties (bare buttocks in the anime) while taking pictures. Kazuya, in a blind rage, uses his Freezing ability for the first time which neutralizes the Freezing effect of the other three Limiters and froze Miyabi in place. Satellizer then gets up and beats the Limiters first, then punches Miyabi and jumps on her, delivering a flurry of punches to the face. Miyabi begs her to stop but Satellizer does not listen as she summons Nova Blood, using it to stab Miyabi in the chest (manga only) and twisting it while it is in her chest. Kazuya then begs Satellizer to stop. Eventually, Chiffon Fairchild steps in and tells Satellizer to stop, the latter leaving the area afterwards.

3rd Year Punishment Arc

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Satellizer is warned to stay away from Kazuya by Yu-Mi Kim.

Satellizer refuses Kazuya's offer of partnership.

Satellizer beaten by Ingrid Bernstein

Satellizer emerges victorious against Ingrid.

Satellizer is confined after her fight with Miyabi, though she did not start the confrontation. When Yu-Mi Kim moves to release the sophomore Pandora, the teacher notices the life still burning in Satellizer's eyes. Miyabi's injuries were great, but she will live and continue to fight as a Pandora. However, if Satellizer would to perform another stunt, Yu-Mi threatens to punish Satellizer personally. Satellizer wonders at the power of the Numbers and Yu-Mi is ready to punish Satellizer early. After the two share sharp glares, Satella declines the experience. Before leaving, Yu-Mi then threatens to kill Satellizer if she were to ever hurt Kazuya Aoi.

Upon release, Satellizer is approached by Ingrid Bernstein, who offers her a handshake. Satellizer stares at the hand unconcerned, but Ingrid quickly gets hostile ordering Satellizer to shake the hand of her upperclassman. The British Pandora responds by pointing Nova Blood to Ingrid's throat, telling her to cut the garbage and say what she needs to say. Ingrid pushes the sword away and promises that they will fight in twenty-four hours. In that window of time, Satellizer will attain a Limiter and the four of them will fight, so Satella is fully punished for her actions. Ingrid warns that her Limiter, Leo, is much stronger than Miyabi's boyfriends and that she two is leagues stronger than Miyabi Kannazuki.

That night Satellizer enjoys a shower in her dorm, only to be interrupted by Kazuya, who she mistakenly thinks of attempting to read her diary. After some awkwardness, Kazuya reveals that he knows of her situation with Ingrid and offers to bond with her and be her Limiter. Satellizer flatly refuses, and states that if she prepares for the fight then she will not need a Limiter. She also reprimands Kazuya for acting so friendly with her and orders him to leave, though she appears disappointed afterwards.

Soon after her confrontation with Kazuya, Satellizer sneaks into the senior dorms and ambushes Ingrid, stating that logically one should attack when a Pandora's Limiter is not present. Unfortunately, Ingrid proves herself to be incredibly strong, easily dealing with Satellizer. She attempts to mount a counter attack, but is outmatched by Ingrid in both speed and power. Satellizer attempts to gain the upper-hand by outmaneuvering Ingrid with her Accel Turn. Ingrid easily counters, due to having intimate knowledge on the weaknesses and limitations of the technique. She responds with her own Tempest Turn, which Satellizer is unable to counter effectively.

Eventually she is beaten down and Ingrid prepares to remove her Stigmata. The battle is interrupted by the arrival of Leo, Ingrid's Limiter. Seizing her chance, Satellizer escapes Ingrid's grasp and attempts to regroup. Ingrid decides to give Satellizer one last chance to find a Limiter, but is surprised when Kazuya appears and offers his services. Satellizer holds herself and desperately refuses, preferring to die rather than engage in such a 'lewd and perverted' coupling with a Limiter. Angered, Ingrid states that a relationship between a Pandora and Limiter is nothing like that. The battle resumes, and Leo attempts to subdue Satellizer, as Ingrid attacks. Kazuya intervenes and pushes both attackers back with his Freezing, shocking all. When Ingrid attacks Kazuya, Satellizer responds in kind and injures Ingrid. Furious, Ingrid asks why two powerful individuals would disregard the rules that keep everything together. Kazuya tries to question her believes, but is attacked for her troubles, leading Satellizer to defend him once again. As the fight continues, Ingrid loses herself to memories of the 9th Nova Clash, where her friend Marin died. Satellizer and Kazuya eventually gain the advantage when the former manages to land a blow on Leo, knocking him out and depriving Ingrid of a Limiter. To compensate, she activates Pandora Mode and attempts to pummel Satellizer into submission. Working with Kazuya, Satellizer is able to force Ingrid over the limit of Pandora Mode, defeating her. Satellizer looks on as Kazuya slaps Ingrid and reminds her that Marin died for humanity on her own terms, fighting when she could have retreated. Ingrid collapses from her exhaustion, leaving Satellizer to claim victory.

Rana Introductory Arc

Main article: Rana Introductory Arc

Satellizer prepares for her First Room Invitation with Kazuya

Satellizer meets Rana Linchen for the first time

After her fight with Ingrid and Kazuya Aoi asking to be her Limiter, Satellizer finally lets up and accepts, but only on the conditions that they don't perform the Baptism. She then invites him to her room for their "First Time". Satellizer fusses over what to wear for over an hour. As time passes and Kazuya does not appear, Satellizer grows angry. However, when Arthur appears and tells her of Kazuya's hospitalization, Satellizer rushes to the Recovery Room, where she finds Rana waiting outside. When Rana tells her about Kazuya being her soul mate, Satellizer immediately feels a sense of jealousy.

Afterwards, Rana transfers into Satellizer's class, sitting right next to her. She acts pleasant about it all, but Satellizer is still wary of her. During sparring, Rana tries to spar with her, but is interrupted by Ganessa Roland. Rana easily defeats her, proving her a formidable opponent. At lunch, Satellizer interrupts Kazuya's lunch with Arthur and Rana and asks him to accompany to the roof.

3rd Year Retaliation Arc

Main article: 3rd Year Retaliation Arc

Satellizer accepts Rana's challenge

Satellizer stabs Rana through the shoulder

Satellizer fighting against Arnett McMillan

Later that day, Rana appears before Satellizer and takes her to the Simulation Center, where Rana tells her to let Kazuya quit being her Limiter. Satellizer refuses and turns to leave, but Rana puts her hand on her shoulder, causing Satellizer to turn and attack her. They fight as Attia watches from the sidelines. Rana quickly realizes that Satella is stronger than she first thought, and activates her Wings of Light. After getting beat up, Satellizer uses Double Accel for the first time. Satellizer and Rana prove to be evenly matched, until the duel is interrupted by Kazuya, who reprimands both of them for fighting each other.

Attia Simmons steps out, with Arnett McMillan and Creo Brand. Satellizer takes on Arnett, and Rana fights Creo. Both are beaten to a pulp by their opponents, but when Attia and the others turn to leave, Satellizer gets up and remembers the time when she first went to live in the L. Bridget mansion, and the bitter way she was greeted. Louis began to sexually abuse her, and when she told her mother about it, her mother insisted that she should go along with it. One day, Violet catches Louis in the act, and leaves the L. Bridget house for a period of time. When she is told that her mother is dying, she rushes to her deathbed. As she slowly dies, Satellizer's mother tells her that she is a good girl and that she no longer needs to suffer, for she shall never again bow to another.

Satellizer is able to produce the same Wings of Light that Rana can, and, with them, defeats Arnett with her Triple Accel. Meanwhile, Rana has also beaten Creo. Both Satellizer and Rana are at their limits, and as Attia prepares to fight them herself, Arnett and Creo stand up and say that they can't lose either. Suddenly, President Chiffon and Vice President Ticy appear and stop the battle. When Arnett refuses to step down and attacks Satellizer, Ticy blocks her and Chiffon knocks her out with her unique "Illusion Turn". Satellizer and Rana take Kazuya to the Recovery Room. When he wakes up, Satellizer gets mad at him and tells him to stop interfering, though it is simply because she was worried. When she leaves, Rana tells him that she wants the two of them to be baptised, though Kazuya declines.

Interlude: Amusement Park

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Attia, Creo, Arnett, and Ingrid are told by Elizabeth to leave Satellizer alone, as fighting her would only bring them public humiliation. Meanwhile, Kazuya is in his room thinking about what Satellizer said, when he sees a commercial for the Food Theme Park. Kazuya decides to take Satella there.

At the Food Theme Park, Satellizer is still feeling tense about the events of the other day. ​​She and Kazuya enter in the Couples' Eating Contest, after Satella sees the grand prize: a solid gold wiener dog statue. However, Ganessa and Arthur are also taking part in the contest. The first round is five bowls of ramen. The second round is 10 plates of takoyaki, and 3 teams drop out. Then there is five servings of meat buns, and another 3 teams quit. Kazuya works hard and demolishes each course, leaving Ganessa and Arthur in the dust. For the final round, there are five super-sized hamburgers. Having pushed himself to the limit, Kazuya can't eat any more. However, Satellizer takes all five burgers and stacks them, then proceeds to wolf them down at an astonishing speed. Kazuya and Satellizer win the competition hands-down.

After the competition, Satella realizes that Kazuya always puts her first no matter what the consequences are. Kazuya tells her that he had fun, and asks her if they will always be partners. She says that they will until one of them retires, and that's why she wants him to take care of himself so they can be partners for a long time.[3]

10th Nova Clash

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Satellizer assumes her Nova form

At East Genetics, Cassie is asked out by her Limiter, Kyoichi Minase. She meets up with Milena Marius, an upperclassman and friend of hers, and tells her that she does not want to join the Chevalier, revealing that she was there the time Satellizer beat up Levon Brooks, and ran away even though her ​​level of strength was much greater than Satellizer's. This leads Cassie to realize that she is a coward, and on the real battlefield she might not do so well even though she is ranked first among all the third-year Pandora at East Genetics.

Later, four S-Type Nova appear and Cassie is sent out to deal with them along with other Pandora. After taking out two, Cassie and some other Pandora are captured and absorbed by the remaining Nova. Back at West Genetics, news about the Nova spreads, frustrating Satellizer because she cannot do anything about it at the moment. Kazuya then promises that he will fight and protect her as her Limiter, just like Kazuha who died protecting mankind in the 8th Nova Clash.

The Nova reappear, and this time they send out Nova Forms, who are in reality Pandora from East Genetics. West Genetics prepares to defend itself, and Satellizer, Ganessa, Kazuya, and Arthur are stationed at the entrance to the Ravensbourne Nucleotide. Suddenly, the Nova Forms reach them, along with Arnett. As everyone starts to use their High-End Skills, Ganessa realizes that she is the only one who can't, and therefore is a weak link. Satellizer recognizes Cassie and takes her on.

Meanwhile, Ingrid and Attia are battling more Nova Forms above them. Attia is caught off guard, and her Limiter, Mark, takes the hit. Enraged, Attia enters Pandora Mode. However, she still cannot win and is almost killed when Elizabeth shows up. Elizabeth quickly finds the weak points of the enemy Pandora, the Stigmata on their chests, and eliminates them without killing the Pandora themselves.

Kazuya and the others have been defeated, and an injured Satellizer fights on. Activating her Wings of Light, she is barely able to fight on par with Cassie. Cassie remembers when she was younger, and it was discovered that her body had a 90% synchronization rate with Kazuha's Stigmata. Her father is extremely proud of her, telling her that she is the Lockheart's pride and that she will save humanity. However, Cassie slowly realizes that her being a Pandora was her father's dream, not hers. When her friends buy her a cell phone, he destroys it, claiming that she should not associate with "normal" people. One day her nanny brings her a letter telling her that a publishing house is interested in publishing her novel, and she tells her that following your dreams is more important that anything else. When Cassie tells her father that she wants to become a novelist, he hits her and tells her that that is a stupid dream. Cassie tells him that her nanny told her to follow her dreams, and he fired her. Cassie finally submits to the fact that she will become the strongest Pandora and follow her father's wishes.

Cassie's body talks, and Satellizer and Kazuya realize that Cassie is still partially conscious. Satellizer is unable to defeat her, and is almost killed when Kazuya uses his Freezing to stop Cassie from cutting off her head. However, Kazuya is thrown back by the force of Cassie's own Freezing. As Cassie continues to attack Satellizer, Satella swears that if anything happens to Kazuya, she will personally terminate her, even if she is dead. When Cassie is about to deliver the finishing blow, the real Cassie stops herself and starts crying tears of blood. She begs Satellizer to stop her before she hurts any more people, but is quickly taken over by the Nova Stigmata. Firing a beam at Satellizer, Ganessa stands in between them, protecting Satellizer and taking the full blow, getting half of her body blown off. Arthur rushes to her side, and she tells him that protecting the weak is a Pandora's duty. Meanwhile, the Novalized Milena reaches the core of the Ravensbourne Nucleotide, but is met by Chiffon and Ticy, who defeat her.

Arthur, in a state of shock, is attacked by Cassie, but Satellizer blocks the attack. She suddenly assumes Nova Form and, with her new-found strength, repelled Cassie's attacks, then proceeds to rip both arms and the Nova Stigmata from Cassie's body. Returning to normal, Cassie smiles and tells Satellizer to kill her. Satellizer proceeds to finish her, but Kazuya holds her from behind and tells her not to do it, since he doesn't want to see her become a monster. She stabs the ground next to Cassie's head, and then reverts back to her normal form.

The Chevalier have decided to use Satellizer as a guinea pig, since they want to study how she was able to turn back into a human after becoming a Nova Form, wanting to use this to create more efficient Pandora.

Meanwhile, Satellizer and Kazuya attend the dinner party that was set up by the Student Council to lighten the mood after the 10th Nova Crash. There, Kazuya meets up with Satellizer, but is soon pulled aside by Rana. Satellizer then joins Arnett, Elizabeth, and Attia at their table, after their invitation. There, Satellizer challenges Elizabeth to a drinking competition. Neither of them are willing to give up, so Attia pulls out her "Original Over 90 Percent Cocktail" so she can make Elizabeth win. However, Rana steals the glass from Satellizer, downing the drink and throwing up afterwards.

Later, Kazuya is seen carrying Satellizer back to her room on his back. After laying her down, a drunk Satella tells him to help remove her stockings. Kazuya, in shock, does so, and then she has him unzip her dress. Seeing her practically naked, Kazuya freaks out, but resolves to please her if she wants him to. However, when he turns around she has already fallen asleep, murmuring that Kazuya is her only partner. He breaths a sigh of relief, and covers her with her blanket.

Back at the party, Elizabeth has gotten sick from all the liquor and Rana is extremely drunk, teasing Elizabeth for her being younger then Rana.

Siblings Arc

Main article: Siblings Arc

Satellizer refuses to back down

In a dream, Satellizer has a nightmare about her being sexually molested by her brother Louis, while he tells her degrading things as a result causing her to cry. She is startled awake when he tells her, "No one else is allowed to touch you! You are mine!". After awaking she is left terrified from the nightmare. She gets out of bed, and as she passed by her mirror she notices she had not remove her make-up. She then recalls the events that had occurred last night including her becoming extremely intoxicated from all the drinking she had done and as a result she had to be escorted to her room by Kazuya. Her mind goes off in thought about what could have possibly happened last night while she was drunk and at Kazuya's mercy . She confirms that nothing had happened though, but she, nonetheless, feels depressed as a result, as she thinks something is wrong.

She brushes off the thoughts when she discovers a e-mail sent to her by her older sister, Violet L. Bridget. In the e-mail, Violet invites Satellizer (as well as anyone she desires) to her new resort in Bali as she had heard that West Genetics would be on a Golden Week Vacation starting the following week. Her sudden invite is due to her wanting to catch up with her younger sister since they haven't been in touch for a while. Satellizer, as a result, dazes off into a fantasy of herself and Kazuya looking out at a sunset at sea. She soon shakes herself back to reality as she thinks of the possibilities of him rejecting her invite. She brushes off her fantasies and comes to the conclusion to go swimming so that she could sober up. Later, upon arrival at the one of the West Genetics swimming pools, Satellizer is surprised when she finds both Kazuya and Rana there. She hides out of sight from the two and secretly listens in on their conversation. During the conversation, she overhears Kazuya state to Rana that both his parents were not alive, as they had died when he was a child. Kazuya goes on to tell Rana that he would be staying at the Genetics over the Golden Week Vacation. Rana continues by saying that she two would be staying at the Genetics as well because of her having to take tests during the break because of her being a transfer student, and that she was also going to have the stability of her Stigmata checked. Satellizer frowns at the fact of Rana stating that herself and Kazuya should get closer over the time, and so she becomes jealous.

Later that same day at the cafeteria, Satellizer and Kazuya sit together eating lunch as she tells him about her visiting the resort for the Golden Week Vacation. Kazuya goes on to talk about all he had heard about the L. Bridget family, bringing up that it sometimes feels strange for him to have a casual-like conversation with her, as a result Satellizer responded by saying that the L. Bridget family is not that amazing, and that everyone is human despite of stature. She continues by demanding that Kazuya must come along with her to Bali for the vacation, catching Kazuya by surprise. Kazuya accepts her sudden request, stating that he couldn't say no even if he wanted to.

Satellizer is surprised when she arrives at Bali and also finds her younger brother, Louis who was also invited by her sister Violet. Throughout the vacation Satellizer has a hard time enjoy it as Louis is the cause of her aphephobia due to her having been molested by him when she was younger and had joined the L. Bridget family. Soon things became heated between Satellizer and Louis, due to the latter's desire to be with Satella and his cropped-up jealousy towards Kazuya. This resulted in a confrontation between them with Louis ordering her to come back to him. Kazuya, on the other hand, tries to stop Satella from doing so, reminding her that she has changed due to all the experiences she has gained since leaving the L. Bridget household. Getting angry at Kazuya's words, Louis orders Holly to attack him. However, when she tries to attack Kazuya, she was blocked by Satellizer.

Due to her desire to protect Kazuya, Satella finally gains the courage to ignore her brother's command and leaves her past behind. This results in a fight between her and Holly. While Holly initially had the upper hand due to her superior High-End Skills, Satella was able to activate her Wings of Light (Holy Gates), leveling out the battle while Kazuya protects her from Louis' Freezing attacks. Eventually Satellizer was able to defeat Holly with the added help Kazuya. When Holly later attempts to commit a double suicide by drowning them both, Satellizer jumps in to save them both.

Later, Satellizer is seen conversing with Kazuya at her apartment where he tells her that he loves her more for what she had done. She then shows some resolve at the fact that Kazuya had earlier told her that her past has nothing to do with who she is presently. She asks Kazuya to touch the Stigmata's on her back, which she received from his sister, Kazuha, and then ask if he'd like to become her official Limiter, but then later dismisses the idea saying that they have a lot of time for that.

At the end of their "holiday", she and Kazuya are seen off by her sister Violet.

Interlude: Forget That, Let's Play Soccer

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She's seen with Kazuya and Rana after lunch, wondering why her rival always followed them around. They soon come across a large crowd of students, who were apparently being teamed together for a soccer match. Rana quickly volunteered herself and Satellizer, which drew frightened concerns by the student body. Satellizer tried to refuse, until her rival put up a wager: whoever won got to eat together with Kazuya, and the loser had to leave them alone. The Untouchable Queen quickly changed her mind, and cited Rana had just dug her own grave, as England was the home of soccer.

The teams gathered together on the field, and Satellizer was displeased at being teamed up with her long-time rival, Elizabeth Mably. The match began, and Satellizer charged up the field, right towards her last opponent, Arnett McMillan. She expertly sidestepped around the junior, who was baffled by the manoeuvre. Her progress was halted by Ganessa Roland, who nailed her with an illegal tackle (from the front). Later in the match, Elizabeth kicked the ball over to Satellizer, who was then tackled by Rana , which shredded the front of her clothes. She fell to her knees, and covered her front in embarrassment, completely at a loss for words. She could have only watched as the match quickly degenerated into a clothes-shredding fiasco, led by Elizabeth and Rana.

E-Pandora Project Arc

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Satellizer forced to room with Rana

Satellizer is thanked by Kyouchi

Satellizer evaluates Amelia's skills

Satellizer listens to Scarlet Ohara's announcement of Mark IV

Satellizer is first seen with Kazuya, as they return to West Genetics. She's not thrilled that the first person they meet on the way is Rana. And when Kazuya mentioned how quickly the week in Bali went by, she couldn't help but agree.

She's next seen in the cafeteria, with Kazuya and Rana, who was exuberant over the news that the three of them would've gone to Alaska for the E-Pandora demonstration. Kazuya couldn't understand why he was chosen, and the English Pandora replied by saying as being her limiter, he'd come with her. And when Rana proclaimed she'd make up for the time lost in Bali, Satellizer casually dismissed it. When she stated her concerns over being gathered shortly after the 10th Nova Clash, Kazuya replied it was because they were recognizing her skill as a Pandora, which touched her deeply.

She's next seen arriving at the airport outside the Alaska base. She saw her comrades shivering, clearly unused to the cold temperature. When she mentioned it could have dropped into the negatives in M​​ay, they were horrified.

They make their way to the main auditorium, where they're surprised to see everyone in causal clothing. Satellizer noted they were a little out of place, since they were still in their Genetics uniforms. A familiar voice piped up by saying the base had only recently come under Chevalier management, so it wasn't fully militarized. Everyone turned to see Chiffon, Elizabeth, Eugene, and Andre behind them, all in casual clothing.

At that moment, the lights dimmed, and an unfamiliar figure appeared at the podium. She welcomed the Pandoras to Alaska, and introduced herself as the E-Pandora chief researcher, Scarlett Ohara. She made ​​a long speech briefly detailing the project and its importance to defending mankind, as well as Pandoras' participation in the project. When she asked for their help, the whole audience applauded, including Satellizer. After Ohara had departed, the gathered began to help themselves to the offered food. Satellizer looked on in chagrin as her rival excitedly devoured the food on her plate. Soon, conversation turned to the fact that Dr. Aoi was not the head researcher for the project, which soon got Kazuya involved. The Untouchable Queen was startled when her partner admitted he was indeed Gengo Aoi's grandson. An unknown Pandora spoke up, stating it was the first she'd heard the news, and noted it wasn't ironic that the whole Aoi family was involved in fighting the Novas. She was recognized by Chiffon as Roxanne Elipton, the strongest third year at Genetics America and the second-strongest worldwide. By her side was her faithful Limiter, Shi-Jing Hong. She spoke respectfully to Kazuya, and wondered if his family was burdened with such a fate. When her eyes turned to Satellizer, she instantly became nervous. Chiffon introduced her and the other West Genetics invitees, and the Immortal became fascinated with the English Pandora. She admitted how Satellizer had defeated Nova-fied Cassie Lockheart in the last clash, and then proceeded to grab her breasts, which startled the second year. “What the?!” Roxanne exclaimed. “These are really flexible, even though they're so big. By any chance are they implants?!” She was quickly taken aside by Chiffon and sternly rebuked, as Satellizer protectively covered her chest. When her classmate tried to say Roxanne meant no ill will, the sophomore replied she knew, she was just a little surprised. The American Pandora found her very cute, which made ​​her even more uncomfortable.

Satellizer listened to her concerns about the project, as she wondered if it was even legal, since it amounted to human experimentation. According to the Immortal, Dr. Aoi opposed it to the end, and that it lacked morals. The Untouchable Queen then looked to a table Roxanne pointed out, and saw the people gathered there looked quite unfriendly.

Later, the three are seen in their quarters, where Rana's shocked by its extravagance. Though the Tibetan Pandora found it improper that Kazuya and Satellizer were basically sharing a room, the latter pointed out that since they were in a military base, it was only natural for partners to sleep together. When Rana countered how she could have called Kazuya her partner when they hadn't performed the baptism, Satellizer retorted by saying that since their superiors were alright with the arrangement, there was no problem. They continued to squabble , until Kazuya “resolved” the matter by letting them have the room and taking one for himself, which did not please either of them, especially Satellizer.

After he'd left, the pair squabbled some more, and were on the verge of blows when a voice called out from the doorway. They turned and saw Cassie Lockheart in the doorway, along with an unfamiliar Japanese youth. They sat down at the table together, cups of hot cocoa before them. Cassie introduced the youth beside her as her Limiter, who suddenly rose to his feet and bowed before Satellizer. He introduced himself as Kyouichi Minase, said he was grateful to Satellizer for saving his partner's life, and offered to do the same for her if necessary, much to her chagrin. When Cassie asked if it was alright to offer his life to another woman, he quickly back-pedaled. Though the American Pandora said she was only kidding, and they both shared a good laugh, which made ​​Satellizer smile. “I see,” she thought to herself, “so you're no longer lost, Cassie Lockheart.” The conversation then turned to her and Rana's Limiters, and the Untouchable Queen got annoyed at her room-mate for revealing that she hadn't baptised with Kazuya at that moment. When Rana elaborated by claiming she was “too much of a scaredy cat, ” to perform the ritual, Satellizer rose and threatened to pummel her and send her back to Tibet. Cassie interjected herself, asking if she really hadn't baptised with Kazuya. And if it were the case, perhaps he was simply waiting for her to give the word, which touched Satellizer. She finished by saying they were having a mock battle the following day, against the “E-Pandoras,” in order to determine where they stood against their counterparts. The blonde Pandora became troubled, as she knew the project involved putting Stigmata into ordinary people. Rana rebutted by saying since it was for the future of humanity, she'd gladly offer her services to help the project. Satellizer mused it must've been nice to have such a positive outlook, while her rival said she was too negative, and that it would've made her age faster. Cassie spoke up again, and said the project had struggled before Chevalier gave it official backing. And that if the project was a success, Pandoras would become much stronger and humanity would be in a safer position. Though Satellizer understood was her acquaintance had spoken, she found herself feeling uneasy about the whole project.

The next day came, and the makeshift Carnival, with all the Pandoras and Limiters anxiously gathered for the event. The first match featured the E-Pandora Rattle versus UK Genetics' Anna Parker. Rattle made ​​the first move, but was put down in a matter of seconds. Satellizer noted while Anna was strong, she did not compare to Holly Rose, the top-ranked third year at her academy. The next match, E-Pandora Gina Papleton versus Korea Genetics' Joan Ala, proved even more one- sided, as the former was instantly felled after receiving two crushing kicks. The third match featured E-Pandora Amelia Evans, and Satellizer was shocked when she learned her opponent was none other than West Genetics' second-strongest junior, Elizabeth Mably.

She watched as the two verbally sparred for a couple of moments, then Amelia surprised the crowd by manifesting a Volt Weapon. She then viciously attacked Elizabeth, who stopped the attack by grabbing the shaft. Amelia then freed her weapon, and began using Accel. When Satellizer was asked how she compared to her, a fellow Accel type, the Untouchable Queen replied that she was actually very good at it. No sooner than she'd said it that Amelia upped it to a Double Accel, and then attacked her opponent. Elizabeth got behind her, which prompted her to evade. But she was cut off and took a heavy right hook to the face which sent her to the arena floor. The E-Pandora managed to rise, as Novalization marks appeared on her face. Elizabeth called for the match to end, but Ohara told them to continue until one opponent couldn't move any longer. Elizabeth consented, albeit begrudgingly, kneed her opponent in the gut, then followed up with two roundhouse kicks that sent her to the mat again.

She turned to walk away, yet Amelia stubbornly rose again, which shocked Satellizer to no end. But before either could have attacked again, Ohara declared the match was over. The other E-Pandoras rushed to their comatose comrade. Satellizer watched in concern, as the fallen Amelia was carried out on a stretcher.

Satellizer's next seen in the cafeteria, eating breakfast along with Kazuya, Rana, Cassie, and Kyouichi. She couldn't help but overhear the Pandoras' disappointment in how their counterparts performed. Even Cassie felt the matches were too one-sided, and the Untouchable Queen countered by saying it couldn't have been helped, since they were once ordinary people. Her former acquaintance from East Genetics wondered if there would've been any consequences because of the demonstration.

Later, in the cafeteria, she and the others notice Elizabeth and Andre arriving, and are surprised at seeing the pair sitting not with them, but with the E-Pandoras. When her identity was learned and the people at her table began clamouring for her lip gloss, a sweat-drop ran down the side of Satellizer's head. After a brief verbal spat with Amelia, soon other Pandoras came to her seeking discounts, including Roxanne Elipton and her classmates. Satellizer could only smile at how her former rival created unity amongst the Pandoras.

Later, she and the others are called to the auditorium for an announcement from Scarlett Ohara. The head researcher began by saying from that day forward, she asked for their earnest assistance. “I wonder if we're finally getting to the real thing now,” Satellizer asked, anxious about the coming announcement. Ohara briefly gave the details of Mission Synchro, which involved linking the E-Pandoras to the more original soldiers, and using the Mark IV to prevent any possible overflow.

Some time later, she's gathered in the cafeteria with her friends, where they'd just been told about E-Pandora Gina Papleton's performance. Rana was excited, while some of the American Pandoras felt it was “nothing special.” Said individuals were quickly put in their place by Roxanne, who told them if they had time to gossip, they should train instead. She punctuated her comments by spanking one of her classmates. “Say, those are some nice child-bearing hips you got,” the Immortal remarked. Satellizer smiled at her for defending the E-Pandoras in their time of need.

Three days later, an emergency alarm was sounded throughout the base, which Satellizer and Rana heard clearly in the midst of eating ramen. All Pandoras were ordered to wait at their assigned positions, save for those designated otherwise, which did not include either of them.

The next day, Satellizer's again seen in the cafeteria with her friends, the atmosphere more solemn than the previous day. ​​Kazuya pointed out the E-Pandoras were not present, she noticed that neither was Elizabeth. Later in the day, they're summoned in response to a mild disturbance outside the base, by Scarlett Ohara. They watch as Ohara and Amelia have a heated discussion over the cover-up of the Mark IV's failure, along with the refusal to have granted Gina, the one who'd been terminated the previous night, a proper funeral. Satellizer was shocked Amelia accused Ohara of knowing the experiment would've never succeeded, and performed it anyway. Ohara had her detained, and then slapped her hard across the face. She then viciously berated Amelia for her accusations, along with questioning her and Chevalier. After her tirade, she turned and walked away, promising to make the E-Pandoras obey her, no questions asked.

She's next seen in the shower, as she manages to overhear a heated discussion from the other side of the wall. She hears Elizabeth expressing her concerns about the E-Pandora project in general, and asks Chiffon for her help on the matter. However, the Monster refused, citing she would've been acting against the government, which would've been seen as treason. When Elizabeth asked if they should have simply looked the other way at what happened the previous night, Chiffon replied by saying she was over thinking things, and should have simply done her job, which was the duty of all Pandoras. She then confronts Elizabeth in her room, asking why she suspects Chevalier's plan. She wondered why the supposedly self-reliant Elizabeth Mably would've sought help from anyone, and if it was for a reason she could have agreed upon, she'd offer her help. Yet the junior turned her down, said the matter did not involve her, and walked away. “I see,” Satellizer thought to herself, “even if she'll bend her personal pride, she won't bend her pride as my senior, huh?

Three days later, Satellizer, Kazuya and Rana come to the side of the bedridden Elizabeth, along with Chiffon and Eugene. Andre sat gravely in a chair nearby. They overhear a televised report that Christopher Mably, a man of supposedly unquestionable ethical fibre, was being charged with embezzlement. André explained that the Mably family had gotten involved on Elizabeth's behalf. They requested a formal investigation into Chevalier's actions, and the financial scandal was their retaliation against them. Satellizer was shocked by what she'd just heard. Andre went on to say Chevalier knew the Mark IV was incomplete, yet they used it anyway. He then snapped at Chiffon for refusing to help Elizabeth, wondering how someone so cowardly could have been the strongest at West Genetics. He and Eugene got into an intense verbal spat, with the former falling to his knees, wondering why no one would help Elizabeth in her time of need, which incensed Satellizer to no end.

Later that night, she's seen in bed, still seething over what had befallen her classmate, as evidenced by her bending the bars on her bed. Rana tried speaking to her, but her words fell upon deaf ears. At that moment, two Chevalier soldiers came inside, saying headquarters wanted to see Satellizer. She's led to Room Three, and ordered to enter alone. Inside, the room is empty, until a familiar voice is heard over the intercom. She sits herself down, and soon recognizes it as the voice of her stepmother Olivia L. Bridget. She was actually surprised to hear from her, since she believed personal communications were prohibited. Her former tormentor shrugged it off, saying she could have done as she pleased as an L. Bridget, and then complained about why there wasn't a video feed. “She's the same as always,” Satellizer ruefully thought to herself. She then asked her stepmother why she was calling, and Olivia asked if a mother needed a reason to call her daughter. She then admitted she'd been harsh to her mother during her time at the mansion, and that she regretted it after Noelle died. She went on to say she planned to be a good mother to Satellizer from that point forward, and asked her stepdaughter to speak to her if she had any concerns. The Untouchable Queen thought of Elizabeth for a moment, but bit her lip and held her tongue. She then promised to solve all her problems on her own, which upset Olivia greatly. When the conversation turned to her father, Satellizer asked her to tell him not to worry about her, that she wasn't a crybaby, and that she'd solve all her problems with her ​​own strength. Olivia promised to tell him, and asked her stepdaughter to come over once her mission was over, so they could have a proper family dinner. She's awoken late that night by an emergency alert, that intruders had breached Block Twenty-One.

E-Pandora Rebellion Arc

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Satellizer challenges Julia Munberk

Satellizer and Rana take on Julia

Satellizer explains her reasoning for helping the rebels

Satellizer, Rana, and Amelia gang up on Chiffon

Satellizer unleashes her full strength to fight Chiffon

Defeated by Chiffon

She's first seen in Elizabeth Mably's room with Kazuya, Rana, and André, when a Level One Alert was sounded. All Pandoras were ordered to their assigned positions, and to eliminate all the E-Pandora. When Kazuya asked for the reason behind it, Andre replied it was a rebellion. He continued by saying the E-Pandoras had taken matters into their own hands, and taken Chevalier by surprise. Satellizer asked if it was a coup d' etat, and asked why they'd do anything so reckless. The French Limiter's reply was simple: they had nothing left to lose. They knew they were all going to be subjected to the Mark IV in the next experiment, and would've all been killed to make way for a second generation of E-Pandoras, which shocked everyone in the room. Elizabeth roused at that moment, and confirmed what Andre had told them. She even revealed how Amelia offered to be the only test subject so were friends would've been spared, yet her request was denied. Satellizer was furious at the news, and smashed her fist against the wall, leaving behind a sizable dent. She left the room in a huff, with Kazuya and Rana in hot pursuit.

Satellizer is seen storming down the hall, when Kazuya blocked her path. She ordered him to move, and said she planned to speak with Chevalier personally on the matter. “If what Elizabeth said was true, I won't stand for it! I will absolutely never forgive them!” Suddenly, a figure is blasted through the wall beside them. She recognizes the figure as an E-Pandora, who'd apparently begun to Novalize. She'd followed by a regular Pandora, who spoke in a cold, analytical voice. The E-Pandora tried to fight back, but was knocked to the floor by a simple wave of her opponent's hand. Before she could have moved in for the kill, Satellizer moved in to protect the stranger. “Hold on ! I got something I want to ask her, so back off!”

The hostile Pandora sent out more shockwaves, which forced Satellizer and Rana to scatter. Kazuya tried to hold her with Freezing, but found it neutralized by the enemy's Limiter. Satellizer was a bit worried, but took it as a sign she'd have to beat her opponent into a pulp to advance. She charged in with Accel, but found her face grazed, and then her Volt Weapon was broken by the shock waves her enemies unleashed. Rana tried to get the drop on her, but her attack was dodged, and then she fell prey to her opponent's Tempest Turn. Watching the fight, Satellizer finally deduced that their opponent was none other than the third-strongest third year Pandora worldwide, Julia Munberk. She looked to Rana, and both had the same idea. They summoned their stigma wings and prepared to double-team the German Maverick. “Wait!” a familiar voice called out from behind. “That puts too much of a strain on your bodies. Leave this one to me, you should go on ahead. ” She looked behind her, and saw the familiar form of Cassie Lockheart. Julia asked the newcomer if she planned to side with the rebels. Cassie was undecided on whether they or Chevalier was right, but since Satellizer and her friends saved her life, she was taking their side in the matter. The "Untouchable Queen" was honoured, and as she made ​​her escape, offered to treat Cassie to Burger Queen afterwards.

They continue to run down the hall, when Amelia Evans bursts through the wall before them. Without warning, she attacks the trio, which forces them to scatter. Satellizer summons her weapon, as she sees the newcomer wouldn't listen to them. Suddenly, a familiar beam shoots between them, which forces them away from one another. She looks down the hall and sees Elizabeth, who orders her not to obstruct Amelia's path. She shakes her head, and grumbles that she did not plan on stopping her, but rather helping her escape. When the Academy's Reigning Enforcer told her she wasn't needed, the Untouchable Queen retorted by saying it was her worrying that wasn't needed. She decided on her own to help the E-Pandoras, and did not want or need her classmate's concern. They got into a brief squabbling match, when an unfriendly voice spoke up from behind. Everyone turned and saw Charles Bonaparte, along with her ​​Limiter.

The newcomer denounced their actions, labeling them as “rebelling against the whole world.” Elizabeth tried to plead her case, but Charles did not care about it, only about Chevalier's orders. She went on a rant of how the world could have been destroyed at any moment, and that they did not have time for such trivial matters. And even if she did hear their case, what good would it have done if the world was destroyed in the meantime. “Get off your high horse,” Satellizer spoke with a dangerous glare, incensed by her adversary's self-righteousness. Elizabeth tried asking nicely, but the Young Tempest Phoenix wouldn't budge. “I'm gonna wipe the floor with those useless flakes,” she boasted, “and hopefully it' ll help you realize how stupid you're being.” Without warning, Amelia attacked the world-class Pandora, as she declared she wasn't interested in her story, either. However, she took a sharp kick to the back of the head , which sent her to the floor. Satellizer was about to advance, when the French Pandora ordered them not to move. And that if they helped Amelia, she'd kill them too.

Suddenly, Amelia rose to her feet, denouncing her opponent as someone who did not care about the pain the people she sacrificed went through, as metallic spikes emerged from her shoulders. Satellizer recognized the phenomenon, and knew she was going Nova Form. Elizabeth then interrupted, and reminded her that her goal wasn't to fight Charles, but to escape the base and tell the world what happened there. She offered to keep Charles occupied while the rest of them escaped. She ordered Satellizer, as her upperclassman, to watch over Amelia in her stead. “Understood, Elizabeth-senpai!” the sophomore replied after smiling. She led the others away from the tense battle scene.

She's next seen charging down the corridor, fighting her way through Chevalier soldiers, who blocked the way towards Dr. Ohara's office. Rana felled one with Burning Fang, while her comrade destroyed another's weapon along with her fingers. The maimed Pandora asked why they were helping the rebels, since it was essentially treason against humanity. Rana tried to convince her to let them pass, but she'd have none of it, as she manifested her Volt Weapon with her good hand and prepared to attack again.

At that moment, a familiar voice spoke up, which interrupted the battle. Everyone turned and saw Chiffon Fairchild, who began to apologize profusely for her junior's actions. She offered to handle the matter personally, and promised they'd be incarcerated and re- educated once they'd returned to West Genetics. Satellizer was livid that her student president had taken Chevalier's side in the matter. However Chiffon refused to apologize, and even said Elizabeth told them to put down their weapons and surrender, which the Untouchable Queen knew was a bald-faced lie. When she protested, Chiffon reminded her that they weren't at West Genetics. And told them if they surrendered, their seniors might have still forgiven them. Satellizer would've had none of it, as she reminded her upperclassman what happened to the other seniors who gave her that attitude. She then challenged the Monster to combat, daring her to try and stop her. Chiffon reluctantly said she'd oblige, and went to say she doubted she would've needed to go all-out against her.

Satellizer and Rana soon launched into battle against their upperclassman. They attacked from two sides, yet both of their attacks were simultaneously parried. Amelia charged in and slashed down the front of her torso, only to see her weapon break into pieces. Satellizer and the others were shocked by what they'd seen, while Chiffon apologized for what happened. “Oh, I almost forgot,” the Monster suddenly spoke up. “When I start fighting, I can't seem to stop myself. So please be sure to say 'I give up,' before I break you. I'll tr​​y not to leave any permanent damage if you do.”

The pair attacked again, but were parried once more. They then switched attacking positions, which allowed Rana to bind Chiffon's gauntlet, and left her vulnerable. Satellizer attacked from the opposite side, but her adversary merely manifested a second gauntlet, and Nova Blood shattered against it. Chiffon actually laughed a bit at her opponent's efforts, until Rana punched her hard in the stomach while she was distracted. She responded with a vicious blow from her metal claw that sent Rana face-first into the floor.

Satellizer was shocked that her rival for Kazuya's affections had been felled with but a single blow. She couldn't have denied the strength Chiffon had demonstrated, and asked if she was even human. The Monster was surprised by the question, and decided to answer it. “I am what you would call, a True Pandora.” While Satellizer did not understand what she meant, she knew that there was something about her that screamed “supreme.” She then realized she had to push herself to the limit if she would have had any chance of defeating her, and summoned her stigma wings. She then told Amelia to go on ahead, and finish what she set out to do. After a moment, the E-Pandora bravely went down the hall. Chiffon deemed it a vain gesture, until a familiar voice disagreed. Everyone looked, and saw a disheveled Rana had regained her footing, and summoned her own wings. She promised to mess Chiffon up until she looked just like her. The Monster admitted she hadn't held back with her ​​last attack, and was amazed she still could have stood. To that end, she promised to have gotten a bit more serious, and reduced them to paste.

Satellizer swung her weapon at Chiffon, which was again blocked. She thought she could have broken her defences, only to see her weapon broken yet again. In that instant, her instincts told her that they were about to have been routed by Chiffon. Though she soon saw her team-mate disagreed, as she unleashed a diving kick towards their opponent, who barely managed to dodge. She then followed up with a series of punches which nailed the Monster relentlessly. The last punch cracked Chiffon's gauntlet. She then unleashed a flurry of punches which mercilessly assaulted the upperclassman and knocked her into the wall. Satellizer moved in and nailed her with Nova Blood. Even though it shattered, she manifested another with her ​​free hand and nailed her again. She repeated the process several times with her Accel-Tempest until Chiffon was sent through the wall and onto the floor beyond it. She watched as Rana activated her Tempest Turn, and nailed the downed opponent with a Quadruple Burning Fang, which resulted in a huge explosion that buried the Monster in rubble as Rana had promised.

Satellizer gravely looked on, certain that their opponent had fallen. “It looks like I'll have to change my nickname,” a familiar voice spoke up, as two metallic arms arose from the rubble and grabbed Rana's shoulders. The Untouchable Queen watched in disbelief as Chiffon emerged from the debris, seemingly uninjured after all their attacks. “Look at how strong you are, you're far beyond what a Pandora can achieve.” She then proceeded to tear Rana's arms off her body, which horrified Satellizer to no end. “You two are much more fitting,” Chiffon continued, “to be called 'monsters.'”

In the next scene, a battered Satellizer has the back of her head smashed into the wall by her seemingly indomitable opponent. She then collapses onto the floor, defeated.

11th Nova Clash

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Satellizer and Rana are controlled by the Type-Amelia

Satellizer deals Chiffon a serious blow

Chiffon's final piece of advice for Satellizer

A crying Satellizer explains Chiffon's last gift to her friends

Satellizer is awakened by the Unknown Type Nova's call, as is Rana. Spellbound, they pick up where they left off, fighting the Monster. Satellizer slashed at Chiffon, and left a noticeable gash in her gauntlet. Rana then created nine clones of herself, and simultaneously performed diving kicks aimed at her. However, the top-ranked junior managed to evade it with her patented Illusion Turn. She ordered them to come to their senses, but Satellizer got behind her and impaled her with Nova Blood. Rana moved in for the kill, but then all three of them were immobilized by Kazuya's Freezing. Soon they were released, and immediately went back to attacking their opponent.

As the fight raged on, Satellizer's conscious self was trapped deep within her mind, when she felt two familiar presences within, She warned to stay back, and not to have looked upon her despondent true self. “I always knew it would come to this ,” she spoke through her tears. “I've got no talent or anything, so it's only natural, that constantly using the stigma's power, would eventually make me all alone again.” Rana's conscious self immediately got in her face and berated her for wallowing in self-pity. And that if she was going give up so easily, then she was going be nothing more than Kazuya's second favorite. “Who are you callin' the second favorite?!” she shot back.

She screamed in agony as she finally regained her consciousness. She looked around, and soon saw a battered Chiffon before her. She wondered if someone had jumped her while they were comatose, which made the Monster smile in bemusement. She explained that they'd gone berserk after they synchronized with the Nova, and that Kazuya was the one who saved them. They again got into a squabbling match, until Chiffon interrupted and said she needed their help.

She led them outside, and they saw three Novas attacking the base, one of which was headed straight for the Solar Furnace. When Satellizer asked her upperclassman about their plan, Chiffon gave a vague answer, and then fully summoned her Volt Weapon, which comprised of both her gauntlets and two shields that floated by her sides. Moreover, Nova Form-style spikes emerged from her back. Yet despite her appearance, she showed no signs of going berserk. Instead, she calmly asked them to stay back, and let her try fighting it alone, first.

Rana protested vehemently, but Satellizer was more fixated on the weapon Chiffon had ​​manifested. She knew, from video footage of the First Nova Clash, that it looked exactly like the weapon Maria Lancelot, the Mother of all Pandoras, had created long ago. And that after death, it was christened, the Anti-Nova. “President Chiffon,” the English Pandora asked, “are you-” But as she reached for her, she saw her hand passed through her body, like it was insubstantial. Suddenly , a massive force erupted from the transformed Pandora, which caused everyone to shield their eyes. Satellizer looked up, and saw her upperclassman hovering in mid-air, right before the Unknown Type Nova's face. She wondered if Chiffon had just used Illusion Turn.

Suddenly, the Nova unleashed a particle beam, with Chiffon directly in the line of fire. A huge explosion erupted, as the beam shot off in multiple directions. Satellizer looked up, and was shocked that Chiffon had managed to block the attack, with one hand no less. She proceeded to block another particle beam, then launched a counter-attack which actually keeled the Nova over. She then went for the core, but her attack proved ineffective. Satellizer worriedly called out to her when she saw her getting pierced through the chest, but she managed to avoid any serious injuries with Illusion Turn. The Nova then fired eight particle beams at once, but Chiffon dodged all of them. Satellizer watched in disbelief, as she knew such a feat wasn't possible with High -End Skills, and wondered if Illusion Turn was an entirely different skill.

As she pondered the issue, her classmate transformed yet again, as her spines grew outwards, merged with her shields, and formed a giant pair of wings, with her hands fused to them. A familiar Stigmata protruded from her collarbone. She then proceeded to fire six particle beams of her own, which did substantial damage to the Nova. Her otherworldly adversary counter-attacked, but she managed to evade it again, split herself off in a Tempest-Turn style manoeuvre, and attacked from four separate directions, which did serious damage. “She's stopping a Nova,” the Untouchable Queen spoke in awe, “all by herself.” As they continued to watch, Eugene explained that Illusion Turn was never meant to be used by Pandoras, but so Chiffon could have fought effectively in her current form. The battle took a turn for the worse as Chiffon took a particle beam to the lower abdomen, and Satellizer knew she couldn't have lasted much longer.

At that moment, a familiar voice called out to them. Everyone turned, and saw Roxanne and her team headed towards the battlefield. They were surprised by their arrival, more so by the fact that the Immortal had the same type of weapon as Chiffon. Everyone watched as the Nova fired again, but the Monster deflected it with one of her wings, and sent it towards the sky. Suddenly, the fighting came to a stop, and the combatants merely stared at one another, for reasons Satellizer and the others couldn't have discerned. After a few moments, an intense pressure came over the Untouchable Queen. She looked up, and saw the Nova, was actually crying. It then began to transform into a spherical shape.

Suddenly, an emergency announcement resounded to the battlefield, ordering all combatants to the underground shelter. Satellizer called out to Chiffon, as the Nova began glowing ominously. At that point, a projection of the Monster appeared on the ground, her back turned to the others. The top-ranked junior apologized to her underclassmen, because she'd failed to heal Amelia's sadness and rage. Satellizer was understandably shocked to learn the Nova was in fact Amelia all along. Chiffon explained how the E-Pandora had lost everything, and became consumed with despair. She continued by saying she could have understood how Amelia viewed them all as evil, and should have paid the price for their actions against Amelia and her friends. Despite that, she did not want to see Satellizer and the others perish. “I'm very selfish, you see,” the Monster continued, “I suppose I've become quite... human.”

Chiffon,” Satellizer thought to herself.

The Student Council President further explained that she was similar to Amelia, in that she'd only come as far as she did because of her friends, and actually counted the Untouchable Queen among them, along with Elizabeth and Roxanne. And lastly, she fondly mentioned Ticy, who enabled her to live as a human during her time at the academy. And to that end, she decided to go out like a human, and protect her friends. The English Pandora was confused for a moment, but brushed it aside and again pleaded with her classmate to come to the shelter with them. Chiffon abruptly cut Satellizer off, and told her to use the time she had wisely.

At that moment, Gengo Aoi announced that the Nova was about to self-destruct, and ordered everyone to have braced for the impact. Satellizer and the others did as told, and the Nova exploded seconds later. After a few moments, the explosion subsided , and everyone realized they were still alive. She looked up, and saw Chiffon had ​​managed to stop the explosion, but paid the price with her body, which slowly disintegrated before everyone's eyes. As the last of her body dissolved into nothingness, small spheres of light fell from the sky upon everyone. With tears in her eyes, Satellizer recognized it as love, which Chiffon had freely given to her still living comrades.

She's next seen in Andre's hospital room, where she, Kazuya, and Rana learn that the junior might have become permanently blind after overexerting his Stigmata. And yet, he actually felt proud of his actions, regardless of the consequences.

At that moment, Elizabeth asked them to come outside with her. There, she admitted she was taking a sabbatical as a Pandora. Satellizer denounced her as being selfish, and asked who would've led West Genetics if she did not return. She blurted out that Chiffon was dead, which made ​​her feel regretful, and feared what would've befallen the academy without Elizabeth as well. The junior retorted by saying she wasn't as strong as Satellizer and the others believed, and couldn't have abandoned Andre after what he'd done for her. Yet despite that, one would've risen to pick up where Chiffon left off. Satellizer was about to ask the person's identity, but then realized it on her own. Elizabeth concluded by saying the person could have led West Genetics from that point forward, since she was the strongest Pandora at the academy.

Student Presidency Duel Arc

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Satellizer hears of the coming Battle Royal

Satellizer threatened by Ticy to watch herself

She's first seen on the airfield of the Alaska Base, as Roxanne Elipton says her farewells. Later, when their plane is airborne, Kazuya asks about her infamous brother, Louis. Satellizer admits she'd met him, and all conversation cases after that, for obvious reasons. The death of Chiffon Fairchild, and the retirement of Elizabeth Mably, weighed heavily on everyone's minds, including her own.

Later, back at West Genetics, she hears the rumor that Ticy Phenyl had chosen to battle Arnett McMillan for,the vacant office of Student Council President. She's visibly shocked, though she took it as a sign of how much Ticy loved the late Chiffon Fairchild.

She's next seen in the West Genetics stadium, awaiting the upcoming battle between the two presidential candidates. Beside her, Audrey Duval asks what she thought of the fight, though she did not respond. When Arnett entered the arena, the infamous "Mad Dog" was actually cheered. Rana tried to explain that the junior was actually a nice person, though Satellizer wasn't convinced. A few moments later, Ticy entered the arena, and Satellizer was stunned by her new look, as was everyone else in the stands. Privately, she was amazed the junior would've gone so far for Chiffon.

A few moments later, the fight began. Arnett began with a No Interval Triple Accel, which specifically shocked Satellizer, as she knew her old foe hadn't employed such an ability during their fight. She was even shocked when she saw Ticy repel her opponent with punitive ease. Though Arnett quickly recovered, and followed up with Satellizer's thought patented Accel-Tempest. But Ticy escaped with a never before seen Illusion Turn, then struck down Arnett with a single blow. Satellizer recognized the move, but noted it was different from the manoeuvre Chiffon always employed.

Satellizer, and the rest of the crowd, was thunderstruck at how easily Ticy had defeated her long-time rival. The victor then announced her first ruling as President. She declared that the ranking hierarchy would've been observed more strictly, thus insuring a stronger command structure along with the safety of her comrades. She decreed it West Genetics' duty to be the strongest such academy in the world, which produced the strongest Pandoras worldwide.

Later, inside the stadium, Satellizer and Kazuya came up the new President, and wanted to congratulate her on her very convincing victory. However, Ticy merely walked by her, and warned her if she caused any more trouble, she'd give her the punishment Chiffon never did.

Valkyrie Introduction Arc

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Satellizer confident that Elizabeth will return

Satellizer ponders Arnett's advice

Satellizer meets the Valkyries

Satellizer dons the Platoon 13 uniform

Satellizer prepares to meet Gengo Aoi

Satellizer interrupts the fight between Arnett and Charles

Towards the beginning of the Arc, Arnett McMillan comes to Satellizer's room and hopes the "Untouchable Queen" will join "Team Arnett." The British Pandora rejects, citing Elizabeth Mably's hopeful return and saying the four third-years are more than enough to fill the void the "Reigning Enforcer" left behind. Arnett insists but Satellizer rejects yet again, leaving Arnett to imply at asking that she and Satella become friends. However, the girls get into a discussion about their Limiters , and Arnett inspires Satellizer to perform a Baptism with Kazuya Aoi. When she does, she sees Kazuya giving Rana Linchen a massage, which gets her upset and postpones the Baptism.

The next day, Satellizer is among the West Genetics student body watching five masked girls descend from a helicopter with wings along their skirts to safely land. During the display, Satellizer sits away from Rana and Kazuya still upset about her Limiter massaging another woman, no matter the reason. The five girls fight and destroy a dummy Nova, their abilities silencing Satellizer and everyone around her. She's curious about these girls, known as the Valkyries.

Satellizer, Rana Linchen, and Kazuya Aoi are called to the main stadium where they meet Christine Evora, Lucy Renault, Franka Porsche, and Tiziana Ferrari, four of the five Valkyries. The seven of them exchange comments, some friendly and some rude, until they are interrupted by the late arrival of Ouka Honda, who identifies herself as Kazuya's cousin and fiancée. This revelation is startling to Rana and Satellizer, while Kazuya denies their marriage, saying the two are not in love and that his grandfather has no right in determining whom he marries. Ouka retaliates, stating Gengo's word is law while admitting she does love Kazuya, which silences the Japanese Limiter. Their bickering then ceases upon the arrival of Yu-Mi Kim and her colleagues who informs them that they are all part of the new Platoon 13. When Satellizer asks about the passed over third-years, Yu-Mi points upward to a helicopter, which promptly lands. Inside are the remaining Pandora/Limiter cadets of Platoon 13: Cassie LockheartKyoichi MinaseCharles BonaparteCitroenRoxanne Elipton, and Shi-Jing Hong. In addition, their commander is the strongest Pandora of the ChevalierSu-Na Lee.

Later, Roxanne tries to connect with her team but Christine has the Valkyries leave and Charles dismisses herself. The main combatants of Platoon 13 are later seen running thirty laps as part of their Platoon training with the person in last place "spending the night" with Su-Na; Rana is in first place and each girl has a determined facial expression, but in the end, Satellizer wins by cheating with an Accel, so she was awarded the dubious honor. When Roxanne laughingly chides Satellizer and then her commander, the American Pandora is slated to have a stern lesson from Su-Na with Su-Na stating that she has a hard time dealing with big breasts. However, Satellizer is rebuked for her untrained body. In the showers, Satellizer thinks Su-Na's truthful comments while Ouka is determined to beat Satella in everything, except bust size.

Roxanne tries to at least get all the Pandora's reacquainted with each other, but she is rebuffed by Charles. The two exchange small insults until Charles bluntly admits she cannot stand to be around the traitors, Cassie, Kazuya, Rana, and Satellizer for their actions at the Alaska Base. Satellizer admits Charles words are correct but promises to protect her comrades, asking for their trust in return. Charles expects her to work at it and tells all of them that she is not their friend but is their comrade and a member of Platoon 13. 

Kazuya invites Satella to meet Gengo Aoi, per the request of the Limiter's grandfather. Satellizer is excited, but when she meets the man she is rather intimidated and shy. The old man loosens the tension by commenting of her puppy like personality when she looks like a fox, which must have attracted Kazuya, making the Pandora-Limiter pair uncomfortable. She then states that Satella is as beautiful as her mother, Noelle Alongrutch, thus knowing her family's background. Gengo questions why Kazuya wants to be with Satellizer, and the boy declares that he loves her, and his grandfather readily approves. With inappropriate comments regarding Satellizer's breasts the pair are completely embarrassed and Kazuya threatens to leave. Su-Na, who has been acting as a maid, despite her rank and power, had prepared dinner, and he stays. After dinner, Satella returned to West Genetics alone.

Despite Charles' rather pompous attitude, she is imprisoned for two days for brutally attacking Attia Simmons. Word quickly reaches Platoon 13 and Roxanne and Christine are about to attack each other until Cassie calms them. When Charles is released, Satellizer, Rana, Cassie, Roxanne, and Kazuya are there to greet her while Roxanne demands she apologize to Attia at the recovery center. First, however, they are interrupted by an angry Creo Brand and Ingrid Bernstein who attack Roxanne and Cassie despite the little chance of success in actually defeating them. Arnett arrives net and dispatches the two World-Ranked Pandora before she battles Charles. Their contest between Accel and Tempest is interrupted when Satellizer interferes. Arnett points her blade to Satellizer's neck ordering her to move, and Satella needs an explanation why Arnett must assault Charles. Arnett shouts that Attia challenged Charles knowing full well she could not compete against one of the world's top five Pandora. Even when Charles won, she mutilated Attia and only received two days of punishment due to her role as a member of Platoon 13 . Arnett is determined to enact the justice that West Genetics will not deliver and once again orders Satellizer to stand down. A sarcastic remark from Charles enrages Arnett to ignore Satellizer and attack Charles. Satellizer intercepts Arnett with her ​​equal speed, and Charles blind-sides Arnett. The fighting continues until Ticy Phenyl materializes in front of them and knocks both girls to the ground. Ticy dissolves the animosity and Team Arnett are sent on their way with Arnett denying Satellizer a chance to apologize.

Later, Sister Margaret declares a joint training exercise between Platoon 13 and West Genetics. A day before the exercise, Kazuya was eating lunch with Satellizer, and the blond Pandora silently rises and walks away after more West Genetics Pandora demean Platoon 13 after Charles' incident with Attia.

12th Nova Clash

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Satellizer uses her strongest attack against the phantom Kazuha

Satellizer achieves Transcendence

Satellizer shows off her enhanced abilites

Satellizer is with Platoon 13 and the Third-Years of West Genetics participating in the joint training exercise. Once Sister Margaret begin the exercise, Platoon 13 encounters a dummy Nova, and Satellizer acts as a decoy with Rana Linchen, Charles Bonaparte, Roxanne Elipton, and Tiziana Ferrari while Ouka Tenjouin deals the finishing strike. However, the Nova stands surprising the platoon and headquarters. Then, the Nova emits a strange phenomenon that glows a bright light, similar to the aftermath of Chiffon's death in Alaska. After an infinity symbol hovers in the skies above the training ground, Satellizer sees Rana feeling woozy before she is incomprehensibly struck to the ground. A black smoke shortly and steadily covers the training grounds as the Nova begins to echo.

Satellizer then sees a visage of Kazuha Aoi, flabbergasted at her appearance. When Satellizer tries to grasp the situation, Kazuha screams at Satellizer for trying steal Kazuya from her and strikes her to the ground. Satellizer gets on her feet and begins to attack what the others only see as a black smoke or her attacking the air. Satellizer attempts a Triple Accel before switches to 4x Accel-Tempest only to have the illusion cut on her arm and leg in a single, mighty slash. Satellizer loses consciousness, and the other Pandora attempt to attack the black smoke for no results.

When Platoon 13 gets separated and many realize the Nova are affecting the Pandoras' Stigmata, Kazuya is still by Satellizer when she awakens and gets on her feet. She chants that she will never lose and unconsciously bats away Kazuya with her ​​enhanced Pandora strength that knocks him out. He warns her not to lose control of her Stigmata. Kazuha continues to taunt Satellizer, insulting her and her background as a mistress' daughter. Satellizer's rage builds and she begins to Novalize, regenerating her lost arm. Satellizer engages Nova Form and deploys Nova Blood once more. She lands a strike on the apparition, but as a ghost, Kazuha's illusion reforms and cuts off her other arm with her ​​patented Blood Strike.

Satellizer continues to fight, regenerating her arm again only to lose her legs. She scratches the dirt on the ground and regenerates her lower limbs, and tuns her blade around. She adamantly declares that all she wants to is to be with Kazuya and no one , not even his sister, will keep her from that. Satellizer then performs her own patented attack Nova Strike that pierces Kazuha, only for her to realize that she has actually pierced Kazuya.

Satellizer's Limiter calms her and apologizes for not knows how insecure his sister made ​​her feel. He kisses Satellizer and falls unconscious. Fearing Kazuya's death, Satellizer panics and begins to recall how helpless and incapable she was when her mother died. A voice tells Satellizer to relax and focus, telling her to give into a special power with all her heart. Satellizer does so and bright lines generate around her forearms that extend to Kazuya's body, and the hold in his chest begins to heal. Then a bright light surrounds Satellizer's form followed by eight luminescent wings. She is surprised by the phenomenon and looks down to see that Kazuya's wounds have healed, leaving her in tears of joy and self-contempt at her own weakness and for hurting him. Kazuya calms her once more, telling her that his sister has come to thank Satella for watching over him. He relays that she has transcended as well and now she can rest in peace, knowing he has Satellizer.

When Satella and Kazuya return to the battlefield, they hear another Pandora making her own declaration. They spot eight wings in the distance and a tattered Rana emerges from the light, becoming the second Pandora to transcend. After a short analysis on the situation, the trio resolve to face the growing Nova threat and hope to find the remaining members of Platoon 13.

Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya come to the aid of Arnett McMillan and an armless Charles, easily obliterating the saurian Nova attempting to eat them. When Charles informs them of Roxanne's desperate situation, the five of them rush the American's location, only to find the Pandora in the clutches of the Nova Commander, her Anti-Nova chipping away. They witness Roxanne's eyes Novalize and her body bears marks of crystallization. She attacks bearing her full weapon and the transcendent wings of light. Satellizer attempts to attack the Nova Commander, her weapon not doing a thing and Kazuya's Freezing failing. Meanwhile Rana fights Roxanne culminating in The Immortal regaining her consciousness moments away from Rana executing her. Roxanne in a broken tone warns her allies of the challenge this Nova presents and shatters her body with the full extent of Anti-Nova, only her lower half still standing on the ground.

Enraged, Rana and Satellizer attack the Nova only for it to teleport away with the Illusion Turn. Satellizer experiences the same aura Chiffon emitted when she fought even when she was not serious. Satellizer's is overcome with instinctive fear but decides to keep fighting only for a portion of her midsection to be blown off by the Nova's silent wave of her hand. When Arnett and Rana continue fighting, she analyses the Nova's defenses. She realizes the its natural defenses can deflect and shatter Arnett's weapon, but requires an invisible shield to withstand the transcendent Rana's attacks. She also knows that the Nova can only use the shield in one direction and cannot defend against two different attacks. She then tells Kazuya to step away for a bit and she illuminates a burning light. She listens to Arnett and Rana's attacks and knows she needs to plan her attack perfectly. She transcends a Sextuple Accel and when Rana's attack is blocked b the Nova's shield, the Nova's head suddenly disappears. They all see wings of light speed across the battlefield, and Satellizer crashes on the ground , overcome by her power and unable to move. They initially rejoice at the Nova's defeat, but the commander generates a new head, bearing a frighteningly human visage, and long flowing hair.

The Nova defeats Arnett and Rana and moves to kill Satellizer and Kazuya, who are huddled together in their last moments. Suddenly, a strange pink-haired woman appeared on the scene, and offered to "play" with the Nova to play. First the woman, wielding a warhammer has it illuminate, and Arnett, Rana, Charles, and Satellizer's wounds are completely healed as well as Roxanne's body is thoroughly restored. The girls then scream for the newcomer to see the Nova Commander about to attack. Satellizer looks away in fear of a headless woman, but she is completely unharmed. Satellizer watches as the pick-haired girl bashes the Nova with her ​​a hammer, a misplaced smile on her face the entire swing.

The girls are astonished that the girl defeated the commander in a single strike whilst all of them would have been killed. Kazuya questions the girl and Satellizer doesn't understand when he says she is part of his grandfather's research. Three other girls then arrive on the scene, including Lucy Renault, who merely relates to all of them the "Humanoid Forms" have been eliminated. A blond-haired woman pulls Kazuya in for a hug, Rana and Satellizer again fearful of the woman's power. The pair pull him away only to be reprimanded by Roxanne. Gengo and direct superior, Su-Na, arrive on the scene via helicopter and inform the girls that they women they have just met are the Legendary Pandora, hundreds of times stronger than the average Pandora and Kazuya's family.

Busters Arc

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Satellizer along with Rana arrive at the dinner party

Satellizer is first shown in the holding facility cafeteria, frustrated that she hadn't seen Kazuya since the 12th Nova Clash came to an end. Suddenly, she hears a voice calling out to her. She soon finds the voice belonged to one Rana Lichen, who told her that Kazuya was in Building D. She was initially excited, until her rival added that only those involved with the Legendary Pandoras could have entered Building D. "Kazuya is my Limiter!" Satellizer declared in frustration. "I have the right to be with him!" Her protests came to a stop when Rana pointed out that she hadn't baptised with Kazuya. "That baptism thing again," she thought to herself in annoyance. Rana then changed the subject with more appealing news.

She and Rana Linchen are later shown in the aftermath of the reunion of Team Elizabeth, after their leader got decked by acting leader Arnett McMillan. Satellizer watched as the Mad Dog then helped up her leader, and hugged her with tears in her eyes. When asked if she wanted to have greeted Elizabeth, the "Untouchable Queen" countered that she could have done it later.

She's next seen outside Building D, with the entrance guarded by two Chevalier soldiers. Rana noted the tight security before them, and Satellizer suggested they break on through. Before said plan could have been enacted, they saw Kazuya run out towards them. 

When Satellizer took hold of his shoulders and asked if they could be together again, her hand was slapped away. She was hurt by Kazuya's rejection, even more so when he told her to stay away from him for a little while. Rana tried to have intervened on her behalf, but the Aoi lad proclaimed he did not want to have seen her, and ran away. "A little while," Satellizer asked with a dazed look, "how long is that? An hour, two hours, is that enough? how about half a day, is that good?"

She's next seen sitting on her bed, brooding over Kazuya's continued absence. "It's been six hours now," she grumbled, "how long is a little while supposed to be? How many more hours do I h​​ave to wait?" Rana tried to console her, but with little success.

Shortly afterwards, she is seen in street clothes beside her romantic rival, Ouka Honda. They were chosen by Su-Na Lee to have participated in escorting Kazuya and the Legendary Pandoras through town. Their team instructor then asked why they were frowning so much, and wondered if it could have been because they were in the presence of such "super senpai."

Satellizer then tries to look at Kazuya, as Kazuya turns his head toward her, but he quickly turns his head away, which upsets Satellizer very much. Ouka notices her feelings and proceeds to ask her if the latter had a fight, to which Satellizer answers no. Ouka then smiles saying that Satellizer's relationship went exactly as she predicted saying that Kazuya is tired of her and has now found a more beautiful woman, that Satellizer could not hope to compete with. Satellizer then tells Ouka that she just admitted to the fact that Satellizer is more Kazuya's type. Ouka is angered by this comment and suggested they ask Kazuya who he preferred more. At that moment, Lucy Renault intervened and told them not to disrupt Kazuya's precious family time, and gave them a foreboding smile which intimidated them into compliance. Satellizer is then given an ice cream by Su-Na, but she does not like it. 

When Satellizer and Ouka see Cassandra strangling a civilian woman, the girls immediately jump to intervene. They are repelled by a swing of Windy May's war-hammer. They watch as the third Legendary Pandora calms her sister.

Later, she and Rana meet with Arnett, and they seem to have returned to being friends. They discuss Kazuya's recent treatment of Satella, leaving Arnett disgusted but Satellizer confused about her next move. The three girls go to Elizabeth Mably, but she is cold because Satella did not greet her senior upon her return. Satellizer quickly becomes annoyed, but Elizabeth offers her advice even if it is love advice. She bluntly and mercilessly explains that everything is Satellizer's fault. Because she will not perform the Baptism not physically commit to Kazuya, he's getting frustrated. Even more, the pair have grown through the Alaska incident as well as the 12th Nova Clash, and Satella is still unresponsive. The English junior is at a loss for words. When she refers Elizabeth as her "senpai, " something Elizabeth has wanted to hear since the beginning of the year, Elizabeth whispers one last piece of advice into Satella's ear, and she shouts that she could never do such a thing.

Satella then appears with Rana entering the dinner party in long light-colored strapless dress, receiving positive attention from onlookers while she is a little embarrassed. Cassandra, who is escorted by her nephew, steals the show, stepping out like a goddess while making Satellizer more insecure. The rest of the Legendary Pandora join the party, and with Elizabeth's help, Satella takes Kazuya to her room. In Satella's room, Satellizer apologizes to Kazuya for anything she could have done to make him angry with her. Kazuya is immediately apologetic and promises to never let it happen again. When Kazuya offers to do anything, Satella puts on a slightly twisted look and takes Kazuya on his offer to do "anything," but it leavers her Limiter rather nervous. Satella pours Kazuya some wine and recalls Elizabeth's plan to drug Kazuya then place him in her bed undressed. Then she will get undressed and sleep next to him. When he awakens he'll think they were together during the night and immediately assume responsibility. She drops the sleeping drug into the glass but does not wait long enough for it to dissolve. When she gives Kazuya the glass, the boy immediately realizes the glass is drugged and insists that Satella drink first. She inadvertently reveals her plan and tries to force Kazuya to drink the glass. While doing so, the two end up in a compromising position, and Kazuya tells Satella that he'll never reject her. Their situation increasingly heats and Kazuya begins to disrobe Satella, but they are interrupted by an alarm.

Satellizer and Kazuya return to the plaza, much to Elizabeth's ire since her planned failed. When all tr​​y to rationalize the situation, the four Busters burst through a wall, Petty holding a Limiter and the upper half of his Pandora. Elizabeth and Arnett become enraged and Arnett immediately attacks Petty, but Sawatari blocks Arnett's scythe. Petty is amused her the "babies" are willing to fight her when they've killed the more experienced Chevalier members. She introduces her comrades and welcomes the challenge the West Genetics Pandora believe they can offer.

When Morrison, Andre, and Elizabeth's attacks fail, Satellizer attacks Petty with her Accel. Petty narrowly evades and punches, but Satella quickly accelerates away when Arnett follows her attack, narrowly missing Petty's head. Satella and Arnett perform a double Accel-Tempest and are prepared to strike down Petty, who is enthralled to fight such talented adversaries. However, Sawatari intervenes and catches their Volt Weapons. Arnett and Satellizer pull back as the Japanese Buster begins to shatter their Volt Weapons with her bare hands, and Kazuya senses her sinister aura. In order to stay on schedule, Sawatari suggests the four of them press on the their mission, but two of them need to stay with the Genetics Pandora. Petty agrees and she takes off with Sawatari while Isabella and Jessica stay to fight the Genetics Pandora while Ticy decides to reveal herself.

Petty and Sawatari continue with their mission and Isabella covers them with wild cannon-whip attacks, hoping to sever everyone's limbs while The Pandora must defend their Limiters. Ticy performs the Illusion Turn and begins to battle Isabella, and the Buster is pushed to defense However, the slender Jessica Edwin intervenes and everyone watches in shock as their strongest ally is defeated without landing a single attack. When Ticy refuses to give up, she activates her Transcendent abilities, surprising Satellizer. Even then, Ticy is defeated and her arms are severed. Abel wants to save his Pandora, but Isabella happily cuts off his leg and holds him hostage. Isabella begins to molest Abel, and Satellizer refuses to watch. Kazuya then decides to cover Satella who crouches charging energy to release her own transcendent abilities. Elizabeth looks on shocked. Isabella takes full delight of her enemies gruesome situation and presents Abel with a demand he refuses to follow. Jessica responds by smashing Ticy's head with her ​​feet, causing Abel to cry and obey his twisted captor. At that moment Satellizer accelerates at a blinding speed, the same Accel she performed to decapitate the Type-Pandora Nova. However, Isabella dodges her attack. Satella still collapses from the weight of her own attack, but recovers much more quickly. However, the Mexican Buster is much quicker on the draw of her weapon and severs Satella's hands. Isabella then turns her attention to Kazuya and she prepares to blast him out of existence, but her attack is blocked by Cassandra, who stares fiercely at her nephew's attacker.

Cassandra begins to battle the Busters, but her powerful attacks put her allies in harm's way. Aware of her destructive might, Cassandra releases her Volt Weapon and levitating transparent shoulder pads appear across her arms. She leases the same mysterious sensation Windy May used during the 12th Nova Clash. Ticy's arms, Abel's leg, and Satellizer's hands are restored. Knowing they cannot take anymore chances in this fight, Isabella and Jessica become more serious. Jessica releases a never-before-seen Anti-Freezing field. The Pandora and Limiters are suffocating under the powerful field, and Cassandra completely collapses on the ground.

Jessica's Freezing continues to pin down the Genetics babies especially Cassandra. Naturally unaffected, Isabella steps around the boys and girls she could kill on a mere whim. She places one of her cannons at Cassandra's face and fires, planning to remove her head. Like Windy May, Cassandra bears incredible resilience. Cassandra begins levitating after the uneven line appears in her eyes. Kazuya looks on in horror as his aunt removes her beautiful black dress for her white and lavender combat attire. Cassandra put on the same smile as her possessed sisters and only Kazuya feels the evil aura surrounding her. Arnett shouts at Isabella, screaming that she has awakened a harbinger of absolute destruction. Cassandra overwhelms her enemies with her Freezing field and her Particle Cannon attack that disintegrates Isabella's arm. Determined to keep fighting, Isabella activates the five Plasma Stigmata on her back to regenerate her arm, but she cannot. Satellizer and the other look on in absolute horror as Cassandra summons five N3 Nova to the base.

13th Nova Clash

Main article: 13th Nova Clash

Satellizer caught by a Novafied Cassandra

Satellizer escapes from the Nova

Satellizer rushes to Rana's side

Satellizer and the others were still thunderstruck at what just occurred, their survival chances going from bad to abysmal. She watched as Isabella tried to dismiss the frightful situation, and opened fire upon the new foes. Though her attack was absorbed, and the Novas began to converge on her. Cassandra then unleashed an Anti-Freezing field, which Satellizer along with everyone else. She called out to Kazuya to cancel out his mad aunt's Freezing so they could escape, but the Legendary Pandora cut them off with a powerful blast from her cannon, resulting in a huge explosion.

Once the smoke cleared, the British Pandora found herself able to move again. She heard a voice call out to them, and turned and saw Tiziana and Franka of the Valkyries, who told them to escape before Cassandra and her cohorts could deploy their Freezing again. Elizabeth called out for everyone to follow her, and Satellizer was about to follow suit when she felt an immense crushing grip on her wrist. She looked behind her, and saw she'd been captured by Cassandra, an insane smile on her face.

The Pandora-Type Novas soon converged on her, and Satellizer feared she was about to be overwhelmed. Suddenly, she felt another grip on her free arm. She looked forth, and saw Kazuya had grabbed her, and then released a Freezing field of his own. Satellizer felt Cassandra had lost her grip, and thus manifested her Transcendent wings and took to the air. One of the Novas turned its gaze to her, and the Untouchable Queen summoned Nova Blood, only to have it shatter via the Nova's invisible attack, which knocked her out of the air. She saw several more attacks headed her way, but none of them connected. She turned her gaze, and saw a more level-headed Cassandra before her. The Legendary Pandora released another Freezing field, which caught all the Pandora-Type Novas in her midst. She watched as Kazuya deployed his own Freezing field, which seemed to distract Cassandra and thus put her at a disadvantage. Satellizer called for Kazuya to escape with them, but her partner refused, claiming they had to help Cassandra, who was all alone against the five Novas.

The tide rapidly turned against Cassandra, and the Legendary Pandora sustained massive damage when she absorbed a volley of attacks meant for Kazuya and Satellizer. With a faint smile, the woman entreated Kazuya to leave the battlefield. The Limiter refused and released an incredibly powerful Freezing, much to the shock of Satellizer, who was driven to the ground by her partner's power, the Freezing dropped all of the Nova to their knees. However, Kazuya himself dropped to the ground screaming in horror, as his new power was sustained by Soul Energy he had stolen from Cassandra. While Satellizer desperately attempted to calm her partner, he was incoherent until the intimidating form of the wounded Cassandra comforted her nephew lovingly.

Unbeknownst to Satellizer, Cassandra transferred many of her memories of Kazuya's past to him, allowing him to calm enough to understand his role and accept his power. While Satellizer watched, Kazuya took control of and enhanced Elizabeth and Arnett and used the newly Transcended pair to launch a powerful counterattack. While Satellizer panicked, wondering if her comrades were losing control of themselves, Kazuya apologized to her and promised he will give her the most power. Satellizer was alarmed by Kazuya's statements, due to the situation around them and Kazuya behaving in a new fashion that she had never seen from him.

True to his word Kazuya took control of Satellizer as well, transferring Soul Energy to her in abidance and commanding her and Elizabeth and Arnett in a series of attacks that steadily decimated the Nova. Meanwhile, Satellizer was rendered subservient to Kazuya through her link to him, as his Stigmatic Body allows him to command the Pandora.

Under Kazuya's guidance, the N3 Nova were destroyed by the empowered Pandora. While Satellizer was recovering, she was alarmed to see Arnett and Elizabeth preparing to attack Kazuya for his use of them. Satellizer attempted to calm her fellows down, but was disregarded due to her relationship with Kazuya. Ticy steps forward at that moment and resolves the argument. She reminds everyone that there is still fighting going on and the group decides to go assist Rana and the Valkyries against the Legendary Pandora.

Arriving at the pool, Satellizer watches as Kazuya manages to calm Rana down with his Freezing field. Satellizer is then forced to watch in horror as the Legendary Pandora mutilates a distracted Rana. Satellizer rushes to Rana's side and tries to comfort her deeply injured friend.

The situation only grew more alarming when Arcadia Aoi arrived on the battlefield, and her powerful presence paralyzed the Pandora with fear. Arcadia swiftly and overwhelming ended the battle, and the 13th Nova Clash came to a close with her defeat of Teslad and Windy May.

Exit Revenant Arc

Main article: Exit Revenant Arc

Satellizer and Kazuya kiss for the first time

Satellizer reuites with Kazuya in the dimensional world of Eluka

Satellizer and Platoon 13 challenge the Goddesses of Balance

Satellizer's Transcendental Form

After the battle, Satellizer returns to West Genetics alongside her friends. During the even, she arrives to talk with Kazuya who's resting beside a tree and frightened by his potential abilities explaining he's not a normal human. Satellizer embraces him warmly and assures him that his heritage doesn't matter to her. She also affirms that Cassandra is his true mother and that only a mother would fight so hard for the child she loves.

After embracing for a time, Satellizer and Kazuya begin to feel awkward after he brings up his sister. Satellizer attempts to offer herself as Kazuha's replacement, but only succeeds in embarrassing both of them furthering. Soldering on, Satellizer swears that she wishes to become Kazuya's, and after some hesitation, the two kiss passionately. They are suddenly interrupted by Rana, much to their shock. They begin to give excuses, but are brushed aside when Rana informs them that an emergency meeting has been called.

Satellizer arrives at the meeting with her friends to find all of Platoon 13 gathered, except for their commander, Su-Na. Satellizer stands in surprise when Yu-Mi Kim approaches them and begins to speak. The instructor tells them about their situation: all Genetics Pandora have been marked as enemies of the state by Commander Radox, due to Gengo's actions. While the Pandora are shocked, Su-Na arrives and briskly interrupts the drama by telling them to choose a side.

Satellizer later approaches a grieving Kazuya, who explodes in anger upon her attempts to comfort him. Pinning her to the bed, Kazuya rebukes her and himself for his "disgusting" powers. Calming down, the Limiter apologizes to his partner, who reaffirms that she didn't find his power revolting, and that she cares for him deeply no matter what power he displays.

Shortly thereafter, Satellizer senses Kazuya leave the dimension, and frantically searches for him. Unable to find him, she attempts to storm Gengo's laboratory, earning the ire of Su-Na. Before the two women can come to blows Gengo intervenes and explains that Kazuya is no longer within the dimension and that they cannot reach him. Satellizer promptly passes out at this realization.

Satellizer is later shown mourning for Kazuya, and longing for his return. Unknown to the teenage girl, an army of hostile Pandora is approaching, under the command of Radox and Isabella Lucas. Elizabeth comes to her room demanding to know why the Chevalier are after them to which Satellizer in tears replies that she doesn't know why as her thoughts are only on Kazuya while informed that a Nova has showed up as well.

Satellizer then finds herself in a Freezing field with the Legendary Pandora where souls can communicate directly. They tell her to save Kazuya and to gather her comrades for his life is in danger to which she accepts. Satellizer explains things to Rana about Kazuya's situation and tells Rana that she can become Kazuya's second wife in exchange to help Satellizer to which Rana happily accepts. They are overheard by Elizabeth and Arnett who also agree to help save Kazuya. They go to the lab and Gengo explains the situation and only five can be transfer to the dimension. Satellizer and the members of Platoon 13 will go and that they will bring Kazuya back no matter what it takes. She along with the other Pandora are transferred to Eluka in five pillars of light.

Upon their arrival, Satellizer takes the form of her counterpart and seeing Kazuya, who is shocked by her arrival, tearfully embraces him stating how much she missed him and left her all alone. She and the girls explain to Kazuya that they're here to bring him back safely but have to challenge the Goddesses of Balance who stand in their way. As the Pandora battle the Goddesses and are on par with them, Satellizer prepares her Nova Strike which she's known as the finisher wounding Pulucsigel Eluka Nova. Satellizer is then approached by Erectar Eluka Nova asking her if she is a "Guardian of Balance" to which Satellizer replies by attacking her but her attack is blocked by Garatolos Eluka Nova. After doing scans of the Pandora, the Goddesses come to agree that they should eliminate Satellizer first since her soul capacity is the same as Erector to which she agrees by attacking Satellizer with multiple lasers. Satellizer heals her wounds while seeing Kazuya lost in thought. As the Goddesses form one gigantic Nova, Satellizer takes command of Platoon 13 and commencing the attack of "Formation D". Satellizer prepares her Nova Strike once more to finish the Nova once and for all. Unfortunately, she only damaged the suffer of it. Satellizer then goes into Transcendental Form along with the other members but is told by Kazuya not to use that power for they would have to take the life of someone which is not acceptable and that the Legendary Pandora can use it with no problem.

Satellizer and Platoon 13 are captured by the Nova's Freezing. She calls out to Kazuya when he counters the Nova with his Omnidirectional Freezing. Kazuya ultimately assumes command and orders Platoon 13, temporarily naming the team as "Aoi Kazuya Platoon" into "Formation A!" and "Formation F: Scatter!" as his tactic to defeat the Godesses.



  • Nova Blood

    Satellizer possesses six Heroic Stigmata, of which she has a 5% compatibility rate with.
  • Satellizer's greatest strength lies in her determination and willpower. She can withstand brutal beatings and debilitating injuries only to continue to fight, a trait she shares with Kazuya.
  • As noted by Su-Na Lee, Satellizer's physical condition is quite poor when not utilizing her Stigmata. For a Pandora who has already undergone extensive and gruelling training, Satellizer was notably winded after a mere 30 lap training session. Su-Na attributes this sub-par physicality to either a lack of training or natural weakness.
  • Satellizer achieved transcendence during the 12th Nova Clash after battling the illusion/spirit of Kazuha Aoi. Satellizer can produce six wings of light.
  • According to Garatolos' measurement, Satellizer has among highest amount of maximum Soul Energy currently known at 15000, rivaling Erectar Eluka Nova and fellow transcendent Rana Linchen.
  • In formal combat against the Nova, Satellizer is assigned as a Finisher. Satellizer maintains this position as a member of Platoon 13.[4].

Volt Weapon

  • Nova Blood (ノヴァ・ブラッド, Nova Buraddo ) is a giant mid-handled blade with its blade running down the guard. Her weapon bears the same name as Kazuha Aoi's. Although a powerful weapon, Nova Blood is also quite fragile, often breaking in the midst of battle.[5]

Pandora Mode

  • When in Pandora Mode (manga version), Nova Blood can be attached to Satella's Pandora Suit on either forearm, serving as an arm-mounted blade.

High-End Skills

  • Satellizer is an Accel-type Pandora. She is skilled enough to use Double Accel (both variations) and Triple Accel.
  • Accel-Tempest Turn is a technique developed by Satellizer and first used against Cassie Lockheart. It combines Accel Turn and Tempest Turn into one technique.

Nova Form

  • Due to excessive anger, Satellizer can enter into a Nova Form state. Her skills are greatly increased in this Form but she needed assistance from Kazuya Aoi to be able to return to sanity again.
  • While in Nova Form, Satellizer displayed the ability to use a possible Quintuple Accel , a variation of the Accel Turn that far surpasses Cassie's Quadruple Accel, being able to make Tempest Turn-like copies of herself through sheer velocity.[6]
  • When under the control of the Fully Novafied Amelia, Satellizer created two Nova Blood blades, one in each hand, and used them against Chiffon.
  • During her fight against the phantom of Kazuha Aoi, she utilized high-speed regeneration while in Nova Form. She also developed a special attack called Nova Strike, similar to Kazuha's Blood Strike.
  • Satellizer can release a powerful Freezing while in Nova Form.

Holy Gates

  • Satellizer possesses the ability to utilize the Holy Gates, which she calls "Stigmata Wings" or "Wings of Light"[7]. Activating the Holy Gates increases her abilities without the negative effects of the Nova Form. After fighting Holly in Bali, Satellizer can voluntarily activate her Holy Gates.


  • After Satellizer transcends, her powers grow tremendously, as evidenced by her trouncing the previously indomitable Humanoid Novas.
  • Satellizer's Accel Turn capabilities have evolved. In the process of transcending, she developed a new attack named Nova Strike. Then then surpassed a possible Sextuple Accel in order to decapitate the Nova Commander during the 12th Nova Clash and later severely injure a Goddesses of Balance. The attack, however, requires time to charge and time to recover.
  • Satellizer is able to perform a very limited version of the regeneration technique utilized by the Legendary Pandora. Satellizer must be in physical contact with the target, and regenerating the target's wound takes a fair amount of time and focus. During the Exit Revenant Arc, Satellizer's regeneration abilities have evolve and she's able to heal her own wounds albeit still with considerable focus and effort. [8].
  • While under the influence of Kazuya's empowered Freezing, Satellizer was able to defeat Pandora-Type Nova.


Kazuya Aoi

Kazuya Aoi is her Limiter and lover, as he and her older half-sister Violet are the only people who can touch her without her feeling uncomfortable. She has admitted to be in love with Kazuya to her brother Louis, but has not yet admitted it to Kazuya himself. As the series has gone on, she has shown an increasing devotion and something of a dependence on him. This is shown intensely when she is shown pining for him when he is quarantined, and when he comes running out of the building she is immensely relieved, only to be sent into a spiraling depression when he tells her to stay away from him for a while, only to keep asking how long a while is in a shaking voice.

Satellizer's desperation to restore her relationship with Kazuya led her to follow Elizabeth Mably's advice: namely to try and drug Kazuya. This backfired in a humorous manner when a bemused Kazuya spotted the drugs in his drink. They reconciled and a heated moment began between them before an attack on West Genetics took their attention.

During the 13th Nova Clash, Kazuya awakened his true abilities and linked himself to Satellizer and several other Pandora. Satellizer was shown to be unperturbed by Kazuya entering her mind despite her fear and despising of the idea having a Baptism and the Ereinbar Set earlier in the series though later on felt happy that only Kazuya came into her mind and becoming one with him.

When Kazuya struggled with the revelations of his nature and his destiny, Satellizer comforted him through his tears and his rage, showing a great deal of patience and love for her partner. Later, Satellizer also showed the ability to detect when Kazuya left the dimension, further emphasizing the link between them. When she reunited with him in Eluka, she immediately ran into his arms crying about how long he left her alone because for most of the series, Kazuya has been an emotional support and anchor for her. His own kindness, love, care, and patience is someone she can always depend on and talk to, slowly bringing her out of her shell and letting her overcome her past.

In the beginning, Satellizer didn't want anything to do with Kazuya, but after becoming his partner while overcoming her fears and dangers with his help and support, she finally admits her feelings to Kazuya, wanting to be his. Overall, Satellizer loves Kazuya being everything for her.


Rana Linchen

Rana is both Satellizer's classmate, as well as her rival in romance, especially whenever they've been competitive about becoming the official partner of Kazuya as always. Although the two often bicker and were initially quite violent to one another when they first met, Satellizer and Rana have since formed a strong friendship. In battle the two form a formidable duo, often complimenting each other's fighting styles. They care greatly for each other's well-being, shown when Satellizer became hysterical at the sight of a grievously injured Rana and rushed to her side.

In addition, even though Satellizer competes with Rana for Kazuya's affection, she eagerly joined forces with her to challenge the romantic competition posed by Ouka Honda.

Ouka Tenjouin

Ouka is Kazuya's cousin and another rival for Kazuya's affections. Satellizer was shocked when Ouka revealed that she's Kazuya's fiancee.

Satellizer in a way knew that Ouka had no chance of being with Kazuya when the Japanese girl stated that her partner had interest in beautiful blonde girls as both Satellizer and Ouka argue while being bodyguards for Kazuya as he escorts the Legendary Pandora in the city.

Kazuha Aoi

There is an unstated jealousy toward Kazuya's sister. Satella desires Kazuya's full attention and devotion, and feels Kazuha still holds a piece of him. This is the reason Kazuha was the phantom that appeared to her during the dummy test. Taunting Satella that Kazuya would always belong to her. It took Kazuya to receive a fatal strike from the delusional Pandora, to have her break loose out of her hallucination and prove that he no longer needed his sister; as he had her.


Ganessa Roland

Satellizer openly despises Ganessa for her bratty attitude and the fact that she took the #1 rank in the Carnival by a technicality. However, when Ganessa saves Satellizer from death and calls her a comrade, Satellizer is enraged to the point of entering Nova Form. Since then the two have exhibited less animosity towards one another, with Satellizer even accepting advice from Ganessa concerning her relationship with Kazuya.

Cassie Lockheart

A year before Kazuya transferred to West Genetics, when Satella still attended East Genetics, Cassie found her after she had attacked a boy named Levon Brooks who has asked to be Satellizer's Limiter. Cassie was easily stronger than her, but her determination to win stunned Cassie, who later ran away. After the events of the 10th Nova Clash, Satellizer is still cautious around Cassie, but they seem to be on better terms.

Arnett McMillan

At first, Satellizer was considered an enemy to Arnett mainly due to the fact that many third-year Pandora had failed to defeat the Untouchable Queen after the incident with Miyabi. However, after the 10th Nova Clash in which Satellizer saves Arnett's life from Nova Form Cassie Lockheart, Arnett starts to become friendly and grateful towards Satellizer and even shares friendship and advice with each other as time goes on. This has become much more evident and obvious especially after the 11th Nova Clash and subsequently the student council presidency duel in which Ticy succeeded Chiffon as the new student council president of West Genetics. During a time as they shared drinks and snacks with each other in Satellizer's room, Arnett asked Satellizer to join her so-called "Team Arnett" in order to put a check upon Ticy. However, Satellizer declined politely stating that Arnett and her fellow third year teammates alone should be good enough for such a purpose. Satellizer also wished that Arnett and her friends would truly honor the desires of both Elizabeth and Chiffon since she believed firmly that Elizabeth would definitely return to West Genetics for sure. The two later had a falling out when Satellizer intervened in Arnett's attack on Charles Bonaparte after Charles in turn brutalized Attia Simmons. After Satellizer saved Arnett's life again during the 12th Nova Clash, their friendship was re-established. They later tag-teamed against Petty Layner with their Combination Accel-Tempest and are battled together against several Pandora-Type Nova during the 13th Nova Clash.

Elizabeth Mably

At first, Satellizer didn't get along with Elizabeth especially after the latter defeated the third-year Miyabi Kanazuki. Elizabeth plotted payback against Satellizer along with Attia Simmons, Ingrid Bernstein, Creo Brand, and Arnett McMillan, but Elizabeth was later stopped by Chiffon. They were teamed up together in the football omake and their relationship seemed to get better. By Elizabeth's order, Satellizer helped Amelia to get through the guard Pandora. Later, Satellizer along with Kazuya and Rana Linchen was personally told of Elizabeth's decision to retire from active duty. Satellizer's lack of deference to her upperclassmen would often annoy Elizabeth. It seems the the two British girls have become good friends.


Howard L. Bridget

Howard is Satellizer's father and the head of the L. Bridget family. She has never been seen interacting with Howard since he's a powerful business man.

Noelle Alongrutch

Noelle is Satellizer's birth mother. Seeing her mother so powerless in the L. Bridget house and later dying led to Satellizer swearing to never bow her head to anyone no matter what.

Olivia L. Bridget

Olivia is Satellizer's step-mother. Upon moving in the L. Bridget mansion, Olivia resents Satellizer and her mother due to Howard's affair and treated them both harshly. However later on, Olivia comes to regret her actions after Noelle's death and now considers Satellizer as her daughter.

Violet L. Bridget

Violet is Satellizer's older half-sister. She gets along well with Satellizer and shows no signs of dislike or hatred towards her, unlike Violet's mother and Louis. Like Kazuya, she is also able to touch Satellizer without her feeling uncomfortable. She has seen Satellizer as her true sister from their first meeting and cares about her enough that when she discovers Louis' abuse, she strikes him across the face in anger.

Louis L. Bridget

Louis is Satellizer's younger half-brother. Before she became a Pandora, Satellizer lived in the L. Bridget mansion along with Violet and Louis. For most of her childhood, Louis sexually harassed her, which led to her aphephobia. It is revealed that she still cares for him because he's her brother. He is also the first person whom she openly admits being in love with Kazuya, though it took a while pleading with him to have him leave Kazuya alone.

Dimensional Beings

Goddesses of Balance

Satellizer along with Platoon 13 battled the Nova Goddesses in Eluka in order to bring Kazuya back home safely and must defeat them no matter what it takes. She fatally wounds Pulucsigel Eluka Nova.


Levon Brooks

While Satellizer was still a student at East Genetics, Levon volunteered to become her Limiter. However, it all went wrong when Levon touched Satellizer which triggered her aphephobia and leading her to brutally attack him. To Satellizer, Levon's touch was unpleasant. Because of this incident, Satellizer was suspended from being a Pandora for an entire year and transferring to West Genetics to repeat a year.


Satellizer and Kazuya's cameo appearance in The Phantom King series

  • Satellizer has the biggest bust size in West Genetics' student body, excluding Yu-Mi Kim who has the biggest bust size in the entire series (95 cm/38 in).
  • Satellizer is the first British Pandora introduced in the series.
  • During Forget That; let's Play Soccer!, Satellizer used a "turn," known as the Marseilles Turn, but this is not actually a High End Skill. Rather, it is a high-leveled dribbling technique used in soccer.
  • Outside of Freezing, Satellizer is the official mascot for the Cross Make, a hentai dōjinshi series, being featured on every cover since its induction.
  • Satellizer was featured on the inside cover of volume 4 of the Korean manhwa Aflame Inferno alongside male protagonist Shi-Chan Kang. Lim and Kim wrote and illustrated Aflame Inferno prior to them creating Freezing .[9]
  • The original Korean rendering of Satellizer's name is 사테라이자팬아트(Saterayija Paenahteu), which has a very different surname. The revised name is 사테라이자엘브리짓(Satelaija el Beulijis), though "브리짓" is a rendering used for " Bridget", so the name is more closely "Satelaija el Bridget".
  • Satellizer and Kazuya Aoi made ​​a brief cameo appearance in chapter 18 of The Phantom King manhwa. Lim and Yoon wrote and illustrated The Phantom King prior to them creating Freezing: Zero .[10].
  • In the anime, Satellizer experienced both types of Nova Form, while in the manga she has only experienced the Corrosion Type.
  • Despite being known as "The Untouchable Queen", Satellizer was also known as "The Heartless Witch" referred to by Chiffon.
  • In the dimensional world of Elca, Satellizer's counterpart is Satellizer Alexander Eluka.
  • Satellizer has a particular fondness for Burger Queen as seen eating an entire tray full of burgers, something that Kazuya noted.
  • Despite her promise to her mother to become the strongest and not to depend on anyone like her mother had too which led to her painful childhood, Satellizer has come to depend emotionally on Kazuya, potentially violating that promise.
  • Due to being the child of Howard L. Bridget and his mistress, Satellizer can be considered a bastard or illegitimate child of the L. Bridget family.
  • Satellizer prefers the long skirt of her uniform over the standard Genetics Uniform as she was embarrassed about the length of the skirt of her new uniform during the E-Pandora Arc which is merely a pink version of the standard Genetics Uniform.


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