Satellizer L. Bridget and Ganessa Roland have fought in the main Freezing manga and in the first season Freezing anime


Satellizer L. B.

Satellizer L. Bridget

Ganessa R.

Ganessa Roland

First EncounterEdit

Timeline placementEdit

The fight between Satellizer L. Bridget and Ganessa Roland occurs during the Introductory Arc only occurring in Episode 2.

  • Chapters:
  • Episodes: 2

Battle SynopsisEdit

  • Winner: Satellizer L. Bridget

Feeling unsatisfied with the carnival results, Ganessa challenges Satellizer for a rematch, but due to Satellizer's injured state she is weaker and unable to coordinate her moves as fast as she wants to. She is eventually beaten initially after Ganessa uses her chains of binding while in Pandora Mode, but Satellizer uses Pandora mode herself and defeats Ganessa, however both are then given detention after Satellizer is demanded to disable Pandora mode.


  • Both Pandora are British.
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