Seiga Heavy Industries (サイガ 三菱重工業, Seiga Mitsubishi jūkōgyō) is a privately owned company,  known for creating artificial training Nova, as well as the Injection Stigmata for the newly developed Valkyries. They are are currently developing the Faylan Generator as an external power source for the Valkyries.


Seiga began it's office as a simple "start-up company" but experienced  rapid growth when several unnamed benefactors merged with their perspective and received numerous 'acquisitions' of products. Howard L. Bridget hired them as a producer for simulated battles with replicas of Nova for the training of the Pandora, much to the annoyance of Alfred Hughes of the Chevalier who also was in charge of creating a similar system.

To this point Seiga is the main purveyor of "training Nova" and under the supervision of Howard L. Bridget they constructed the illustrious Injection Stigma, on which the Valkyries thrive.

In the aftermath of the 12th Nova Clash, Executive Director Atsuko has agreed to have Seiga Heavy Industries join forces with Gengo Aoi and assist in his plot to create a new anti-Nova organization.



Nova ReplicatesEdit

So far Seiga is known at having replicated three different types of Nova. Namely the: Type-F, Type-R and Type-S Nova.

Their first piece, highly probably being the Type-F, which was displayed to Sister Margaret during the tuition years of Kazuha Aoi was the beginning of their successful line of creations which have, since, been implemented usage by the Chevalier as a means of training for the Pandora.

Injection StigmaEdit

Main article: Stigmata

The second major accomplishment by Seiga were the new "Injection Stigmata's", which were used as a safe, disposable energy source for the newly created Valkyries. Although the project of the Valkyrie itself is as old as the Pandora project, mankind was never able to create suitable stigmata for the project, up until Howard L. Bridget funded the needs for it to Seiga. The idea was to create stigmata who meted the "Consumable Stigmata's Recharge Theory" expectations, which is a ongoing development on the Injection Stigma platform, although still in its embryonic stage it is planned to be able to recharge depleted Injection Stigma, for continued use upon the battlefield.

Faylan GeneratorEdit

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The third major accomplishment by Seiga was the development of the "Faylan Generator" to support the Valkyries Injection Stigmata. The external generator is able to feed energy to any nearby Valkyries, increasing their abilities by a factor of five. However, the generators are immobile and thus any Valkyrie must stay within its operational range in order to receive the power boost. Their range is said to be about 2 Km. Atsuko Seiga is head of the Faylan Department.


  • The name of  the company is likely a duel reference to Seiga Nicovideo, an online manga publishing organization that works with the publisher of Freezing, and to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a branch of the Japanese Mitsubishi Group.
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