"Only whiners reject the fact that we live in a capitalist society."

Shion Nayfield to Yu-Mi Kim in "Aoi Kazuha I".

Shion Nayfield
Shion Nayfield
Shion Nayfield, as she appears in Freezing: Zero.
Kana しおんいやフィールド
Romaji Shion iya'fīrudo
First Appearance Freezing: Chapter 66
Freezing Zero: Chapter 01
Age 23
Nationality Japanese
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Numbers (member)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Shion Nayfield is a character from the Freezing: Zero spin-off. By the time of Kazuha Aoi's enrollment into West Genetics she was a 3rd year student, and member the elite Numbers unit alongside Kazuha Aoi, Elize Schmitz and Yu-Mi Kim.

As of the current manga timeline, Shion is the assistant of Howard L. Bridget.


Shion was a student at West Genetics and during her 3rd year, she became a member of the Numbers.

Some years later after graduating from the academy, Shion works as an assistant under Howard.


Shion has a very slender physique, which belies the superhuman strength she wields as a Pandora. She has dark brown shoulder-length hair, parted to the left. She also wears glasses, which unlike many of her fellow Pandora, she doesn't remove during battle.


Her first normal appearance displays her as a kind and quite the average Pandora, fun-loving and friendly even against the newcomers such as Kazuha Aoi who bumped into Yu-Mi Kim.

Freezing: Pair Love StoriesEdit

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In 2059, Shion was a 2nd year. She was well aware of Yu-Mi's and Elize's rivalry as the two would always fight. Shion advised Yu-Mi to find herself a Limiter.

Shion paired up with the Limiter Max Hemilton to whom both Yu-Mi and Elize were fighting for.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Kazuha Aoi ArcEdit

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Shion is part of the Numbers unit in the 8th Nova Clash fighting alongside Kazuha Aoi, Yu-Mi Kim, and Elize Schmitz. A flashback is shown when she and her classmates meet the transfer student Kazuha.


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E-Pandora Project ArcEdit

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Shion works for Howard

Shion discusses the situation of the E-Pandora Project with Howard.

Shion gives Howard word of the Mably Family's near collapse and is given the advice of pulling Satellizer out of the project. Instead, Howard simply ordered her for Satellizer to be watched over for the time being.

11th Nova ClashEdit

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As the battle against the 4 Nova, Shion was given an order from Howard to call Gengo immediately as he did not want to see Satellizer killed.

Valkyrie Introduction ArcEdit

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After Howard's and Gengo's meeting discussing the failure of the E-Pandora Project and the upcoming Valkyrie Project, Shion escorts Howard to his next appointment.


  • Shion was a strong Pandora, due to her selection to be a member of the Numbers unit.
  • She was capable of utilizing Pandora Mode as seen during the 8th Nova Clash.
  • Her unnamed Volt Weapon takes the shape of a pair of gauntlets with matching boots, making her a close-combat type.



Kazuha AoiEdit

Shion found Kazuha quite amusing at first, especially with her less than auspicious entrance into the academy when she bounced off Yu-Mi's formidable bust and fell to the ground, and apparently caught amnesia as well.

Elize SchmitzEdit

Elize and Shion were classmates as well as teammates. Both enjoyed teasing their more serious teammate Yu-Mi.

Yu-Mi KimEdit

Yu-Mi and Shion attended the same class together, and knows many of the Korean Pandora's quirks.

Max HemiltonEdit

Max was Shion's Limiter during her 2nd year after the two had formed a bond. It is unclear if both are still in a relationship.

Howard L. BridgetEdit

Shion is Howard's assistant and bodyguard to this day.


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