Satellizer and Louis' twisted relationship

The Siblings Arc is an Arc focusing on the L. Bridget Siblings who are finally reunited after four years of being apart. It serves to resolve the conflict between siblings, Satellizer L. Bridget and Louis L. Bridget , and to have them reconcile. It primarily takes place in Bali, Indonesia.


Taking place after the 10th Nova Clash and the Dinner Party Interlude, the Siblings Arc deals with the unresolved issue between Satellizer and Louis. It was set into stage by the eldest L. Bridget sibling, Violet L. Bridget. What allowed Satellizer and Kazuya to go to Bali was Golden Vacation Week in which there was no class or training for a week.

This Arc marks the start of Satellizer consciously using her Stigmata Amplification (Stigmata Wings). Key features about the characters in this Arc are also revealed. Louis's past is given focus and shows different, more gentle side to him. He also is revealed to have become a Limiter. Violet has been entrusted and left in charge of one of the L. Bridget resort hotels. Kazuya's parents died when he was very young. He is made known that Satellizer has six of his sister's twenty Stigmata. Rana's Stigmata is different than most Stigmata and are called Type-Maria. And as stated by Violet, that most Pandora-Limiters pair end up getting married.

Newly Introduced CharactersEdit






Violet messaging Satella

Violet invites Satellizer to the Bali resort

Satellizer has a nightmare involving her younger half-brother, Louis. She is told "No one else is allowed to touch you!! You are mine!!" She wakes up immediately. After taking a glass of water, she sees herself in the mirror, still looking like how she did the day before at the dinner party. She realizes that in her drunken state the night before, she was completely under the power of Kazuya. However, it becomes clear to her that Kazuya did not do anything her and she concludes that perhaps she isn't Kazuya's type.

Satellizer checks her e-mail and finds one from her older half-sister, Violet. In the e-mail, the Untouchable Queen is informed that her older sister is now in charge of a resort in Bali. With Golden Vacation Week about to happen, Violet is inviting her to come to Bali because she wants to meet her after so long. Satellizer can also bring anyone she wants and Violet is more than willing to prepare her tickets.

Satellizer then fantasizes about her and Kazuya standing before the sea during a sunset in which Kazuya suggests that the situation is perfect for them to do the Baptism. Satellizer quickly snaps out of it and goes on to worry that Kazuya may even reject her. Satellizer decides to go swimming in order to sober up.

In the pool, she finds Rana and Kazuya and hides from the two. Rana went to the pool with the same idea as Satellizer. In her hiding place, Satellizer overhears their conversation. Rana and Kazuya talk about their plans for the week without class. Rana intends to stay in the dorms and asks Kazuya if he plans to go home. Kazuya answers that he intends to stay in the dorms as well since he has no family to return to with his parents being dead and his grandfather is always away. Rana apologizes to Kazuya but he goes on to say that he does not even remember them. Rana tells Kazuya that she needs to take tests she missed because she recently transferred and that her Stigmata will be inspected because she was born with them. Her Stigmata are called Type-Maria. Rana finds delight in the fact they'll be able to bond since most of their schoolmates will leave for the week.

In the cafeteria, Satellizer tells Kazuya of her plans to go to Bali. Kazuya, not getting the invitation, expresses his desire to one day go to a L. Bridget resort. He also shares to Satellizer his views about the L. Bridget and he holds them in very high regards. But Satellizer rebukes what Kazuya said about them, saying that the L. Bridget are just as the same as everyone else. She then makes it clear that she is inviting Kazuya to Bali. and although Kazuya agrees to go with her, he is still worried about the payment for the plane ticket as well as the payment for the resort. Satellizer then tells him it is all for free.

Rana is informed of their plan to go to Bali which she is not happy about. Kazuya tries to cheer her up by promising to buy her a present.

Kazuya and Satellizer soon board the plane to Bali. Kazuya is ecstatic since it is the first time he has rode first class. Satellizer discusses on how Kazuya had to inform Rana of their trip to Bali. Kazuya only says that Rana is their friend and she had to be informed since she is still new and doesn't have that many friends yet to spend time with. Satellizer claims that Rana is not her friend but Kazuya replies that she cares more that she lets own and saw just how much she truly cared for her friends during the 10th Nova Clash. Satellizer still denies it but Kazuya goes on to say that he is glad to be the only one who knows the "true" Satellizer who is not actually a cold person and that thought flatters him. He then expresses his joy of being able to spend his first International Flight with her. Satellizer replies "I'm glad you like it."

The two soon arrive at Bali. Kazuya comments on how it's different compared to Japan and takes in the local culture and the scenery. Not long after, Fredrick arrives under Violet's order to bring Satellizer and Kazuya to the resort in a limo. Fredrick volunteers to get their luggage and Kazuya inspects the interior of the L. Bridget limo which has a refrigerator. Kazuya begins to feel intimidated and understands the power of L. Bridget family. On the way, he becomes worried about making a good first impression on Violet. But Satellizer tells him "You just have to be yourself."


The two arrive at the resort and are greeted by a very cheerful Violet. Violet happily hugs her sister and then goes on the comment on Satellizer's breasts which she says have grown again. She then diverts her attention to Kazuya which she immediately calls "Stella's first SPECIAL PERSON", embarrassing Satellizer and making Kazuya a little nervous. Satellizer tries to make it clear that they are just partners and nothing more. But Violet reveals that most Pandora-Limiter partners end up falling in love and a high percentage of them get married after retiring. Violet cheerfully hugs Kazuya to her chest, commenting that Satellizer brought with her such a cute boy. Violet offers Kazuya to call her "Big Sister". Kazuya concludes that she is quite different than from what he originally thought of her. This forces Satellizer to (comically) slap Violet.

A voice alerts them of a newcomer. Louis arrives with Holly Rose. He greets them particularly Satellizer since they haven't met in four years. Satellizer can't help but feel uncomfortable around him. Louis reveals that he is a Limiter in Genetics UK and his seemingly friendly and cheerful attitude leaves a good impression on Kazuya. Louis and Kazuya are introduced to each other and the former is surprised that Satellizer is partnered with an Asian but understands the importance of finding a suitable Limiter. Louis then introduced Holly who is a 3rd Year Pandora and is ranked 1st in her year. She also bears a resemblance to Satellizer. Satellizer and Holly looked at each and Holly gives her a threatening stare which goes unnoticed by everyone else. Holly and Satellizer introduced themselves to each other.

With introductions all done, Violet invites everyone to lunch, dragging Kazuya with her. Louis and Holly turn and walk away. Louis looks over his shoulder to Satellizer and says "It's good to see you again, Stella." which leaves Satellizer frightened.

The Older SistersEdit

The next day, Violet and Satellizer are sitting down to a cup of coffee. The older sister tries to make small talk but ultimately apologizes to her younger sister for not informing her of Louis and admits that she called Louis to come to Bali. When asked by her younger sister as to why, Violet replies that it's because they are family despite coming from different mothers. Violet believes that she should have never have separated because they're family and they shouldn't hide from each other. Since it was her who separated them in the first place, Violet wants to reunite the two so that they can forget the past and reconcile. Violet talks about Holly and sees her as sign that Louis has matured and is a different person.

Violet asks "Stella, can you understand... your sister's feelings?"

Not wanting to disappoint the only person in her past who has made her feel welcomed among the L. Bridget family, Satellizer replies "I'll try my best, Violet." and it makes Violet happy. Violet jokingly then suggests that should Louis 'whine', Satellizer should scold him with her 'Pandora Powers'. With everything being said, Violet offers Satellizer to enjoy her stay in Bali with Kazuya.

Satellizer is eating near the pool with Kazuya. After Kazuya comments on how beautiful the resort is, he mentions the warm feelings which Satellizer has which are similar to that of Kazuha. Upon being asked by Satellizer, Kazuya tells her about his older sister. Kazuha raised Kazuya since the death of the parents. She had taught Kazuya like a teacher and sacrificed a lot for him. Kazuya had loved her and was very important. Although Kazuya's love for Kazuha is not similar to Louis's love for her, Satellizer misinterprets Kazuya's words and concludes that Kazuya sees her the same way as Louis. Louis arrives and asks Kazuya if he is enjoying his stay. Louis then offers to tell Kazuya everything about Satellizer, from her likes and dislikes all the way to 'the faces she makes in bed', making Satellizer terribly worried and Holly suspicious. Holly orders Louis to leave which he obeys. As they leaves, Kazuya says "You sure have a wonderful brother." and that he is even a little envious of her. It is only then that Kazuya noticed Satellizer has gone pale.

Later that night, Satellizer and Kazuya share a toast with one glass of wine each in Satellizer's room. Kazuya leaves because it is already so late. As Satellizer rests, she hears a knock on her door. She first thinks its Kazuya who must have forgotten something in her room but finds Louis. Tired and unwilling to deal him, Satellizer asks him on what he wants. But Louis counters "Is there any problem with your brother visiting his older sisters room... after 4 years?". Louis caress her cheeks and comments on how she has grown. But Satellizer slaps his hand away. Louis has been looking forward to the day they would meet again and blames Violet's overprotectiveness for separating them. Satellizer picks up a table and breaks it. Satellizer orders Louis to leave and makes it clear that she can kill him without any problems. But Louis does not even flinch. He uses Violet's feelings to deter Satellizer however Satellizer makes that if he continues, she may just disregard Violet's feelings. Louis assertively reminds Satellizer that she is just his personal property, his toy and reminds her of the time she "wagged her tail like a bitch." This starts breaks down Satellizer's mental resistance. Louis makes note of the change in Satellizer, that is her actions of standing up to him, and concludes that it is because of Kazuya, calling him a 'dirty Jap'. But Satellizer yells that Kazuya is the one she loves and he is someone who is important to her. Louis asserts that he is the one who truly loves her. But Satellizer calls him a psycho, a sadist and "a coward who can't even get his sister because she is blood-related" and declares that she will never allow him to touch her again. Louis goes over to the television and the speakers of her room and plays a recording of Louis sexually harassing her and forcing to say humiliating things and to do humiliating deeds such as eating potato chips off the floor while being naked. This completely breaks down Satellizer's defences and she cries. Louis orders Satellizer go on her hands and knees as he takes off his belt in order to punish her for addressing his name without respect and to remind her that she belongs to him. Satellizer screams as Louis 'punishes' her. After a while, he stops. But while her mind is screaming that she doesn't want Louis to touch her, Satellizer's mouth says otherwise, saying that she appreciates his love and calls him "Louis-sama". Louis takes that as a sign of Satellizer's true feelings. When Satellizer calls him "Louis-sama" again, he tells her not to anymore. In a twist, Louis hugs Satellizer and is genuinely happy to have his sister back. And despite mentioning that they're both adults and asking to sleep with her, Louis acts in manner similar to that of a child just wanting to spend time with his sister. However Satellizer answers "Haven't you already...?" and goes on to say she is just an object of his and his doll. All Louis needs to do is order her to do so. Satellizer's words of being just an object angers Louis, saying that she was fruitlessly struggling against it earlier. He slaps her. Louis realizes that Satellizer is not even tempted to be with him and finds it heartbreaking that even though he loves so much, he can't be with her since she was born his sister. Tears gather in his eyes. Louis applies medicine on her wounds to prevent them from getting worse. As he leaves, he blames Kazuya for making Satellizer 'forget' about him. He mentions that her heart originally belonged to him and to hear her say that he likes other men is hard to take it. With a sad face, Louis bids her good night and leaves. Satellizer weeps also like a child.

The next day, Kazuya invites Satellizer to eat breakfast. He notices that she is looking unwell. As they eat, he notices how little Satellizer is eating and goes off to get more food for her. Holly then sit down with Satellizer and asks her about what she did would Louis last night. Satellizer fails to give her a proper answer. It actually confirms Holly's suspicion and she throws water on Satellizer's face. Holly tells her to stop bending over on all fours for Louis since he is her partner. Holly has suspected it for sometime, her woman's intuition telling her that there is more to Louis's love for Satellizer than just sibling love. She recalls a time when she saw Louis looking intently at the picture of a Satellizer in her early teenage years and mistook her for his girlfriend. In her recollection, she remembers Louis commenting about how he is no longer a kid but still carries around a picture of his sister and asks if it's strange. Holly, who doesn't have any brothers, can't really say. She notes that it seems Louis and Satellizer were very close. Louis goes on to say with a rather serene yet sad expression "It really... was something special." Holly does not care of what is going on between them but she firmly tells Satellizer that Louis is her man and won't tolerate if she continues with she believes Satellizer is doing with Louis. Louis comes over to find Satellizer wet and deduces that it isn't just from the heat and becomes slightly upset as he speculates that Holly did it. Holly angrily admits to it. Kazuya returns, wondering what's going on. Louis grabs Holly's wrist and pulls her away while apologizing to Satellizer and Kazuya for interrupting their meal. Kazuya asks Satellizer if there is something wrong. Satellizer answers that it's nothing.

It rains later that evening. Louis and Holly discuss over whose behavior is more strange. Holly's throwing of water at Satellizer or the fact the Louis spent five hours in Satellizer's room last night and came back reeking of Satellizer. Louis tells her that they were just catching up but Holly won't accept that. Holly calls Satellizer disgusting which did a good job on angering Louis as he did not take kindly to such an insult towards his older sister. Louis slaps Holly hard across the face, a deed Holly clearly did not expect from Louis. Louis berates her in which she doesn't get to act high and mighty because she is just a used, filthy Pandora. He also goes to insult her further, saying she was just a replacement and is nothing more than a toy. He proceeds to rape Holly while he makes her look at her reflection and as he continues to insult her.

The next day, Louis invites Kazuya to talk. Louis brings up the topic of why they haven't done the Baptism Ceremony. When Kazuya answers that things keep delaying them, Louis says that it's good which surprises Kazuya. Dropping his friendly act, Louis makes it clear that an Oriental Boy like Kazuya is not fit to be his older sister's Limiter. He explains that since Satellizer is a member of the L. Bridget family, the gaps in their social status is too great and Satellizer, at any time, can drop from being a Pandora. He suggests to Kazuya to find himself another partner and Baptise with her. Kazuya rethinks his opinions of Louise and opposes him and disagrees to everything Louis had said, telling him his relationship with Satellizer is none of his business. This only makes Louis very angry. Kazuya leaves, saying "There's no need to discuss it... with someone who is just her little brother." Louis accidentally slaps a cup off his table. A waitress checking to see if he is all right is met with Louis pushing her aside rudely.


Satella vs Holly

Satellizer vs Holly


Satellizer defeats Holly

In his room, Kazuya begins to have second thoughts with his attitude towards Louis earlier. A Bell Hop knocks on his door and gives him a message apparently from Satellizer, telling him to come to the cliff behind the gates at the eastern area of the resort. As he makes his way to the cliff, the winds from the rain are so strong it blows his umbrella right out of his hand. There, he finds Satellizer and discovers that it was Louis who called both of them to the cliff. Louis then makes his presence known. Louis compares Kazuya and Satellizer to a tragic romance story. At first, Kazuya thinks it's just a bad joke but the reality of the situation soon becomes clear to him when Louis slaps Holly hard enough to cause her nose to bleed after she first fails to answer Louis' question of "Who am I?"

The second Louis asks, Holly answers "My master". When Louis asks Satellizer the same question, Kazuya is shocked to see Satellizer in a state of fright. Louis asks a second time and this time, Satellizer answers the same answer as Holly as she cries. Kazuya covers Satellizer's mouth with his hand before she can say anything else. Kazuya then yells at Louis, demanding him to tell him what he did to Satellizer. Louis replies that he did nothing and Satellizer is just being who she really is. And that is the reality of things.

As Louis makes his way close to Satellizer, Kazuya block his way. Louis strikes him out of the way hard enough to send him to the ground. Louis proceeds to show Kazuya Satellizer's "true form". He rips off the back of her top to reveal the wound he inflicted the two nights before and tells him that Satellizer 'belongs' to the L. Bridget family.

But Kazuya only calls him insane and asks on how he could do such a thing to his own sister. But Louis only insults and states that Satellizer belongs to him. Kazuya is enraged and tries to attack Louis but the L. Bridget boy easily evades his attack. Louis immediately knees Kazuya in the gut and kicks him to the ground. Satellizer comes in Kazuya's defense, begging Louis to hurt her instead. Louis reacts negatively and he slaps Satellizer.

Kazuya gets up and says "Brothers and Sisters need to have a deep bonding for one another... but by labeling her  as property and calling her 'yours... you've destroyed it." Kazuya states to Louis that the Satellizer is no longer the same Satellizer he created and the real Satellizer is the one he has made memories with in West Genetics. Kazuya refuses to believe in Louis' reality.

Kazuya says encouraging words to Satellizer and declares the regardless of her scars from the past, the Satellizer of here and now is the one he loves. He continues to say that there is nothing Louis can do to take Satellizer away and their bonds cannot be broken. Satellizer is touched by his words but Louis knocks him back the ground and proceeds to repeatedly punch him. But Kazuya continues to stand up to Louis. He catches one of this fists while declaring that he is Satellizer's Limiter. He is willing to put his life on the line for her and intends to spend the rest of his life with her. 

Louis takes that as a challenge and he has Holly attempt to severe one or two of Kazuya's arms. Holly summons her Volt Weapon, a sword, and tries to inflict harm on Kazuya but Satellizer defends him and summons her own Volt Weapon to parry Holly's sword. This shocks Louis.

Louis orders his older sister to move but she refuses. She makes it clear that she is on Kazuya's side and makes it clear that she will protect Kazuya from anyone who wishes him harm, Louis included. She calls Kazuya her one and only partner. But Louis won't have any of it and intends to break her bond with Kazuya by removing her Stigmata.

Satellizer makes a note that Holly is the top senior in Genetics UK thus in the same rank as Chiffon. As she is about to fight Holly, Kazuya tries to reason with Holly and talk her out of fighting a meaningless fight. But Holly won't listen and is under the control of Louis. She expresses her hate for Satellizer and is jealous of her since she is the subject of Louis's attention and affection. And even if Louis hadn't ordered it, she still intended to do Satellizer harm. Satellizer can emphasize with Holly but she intends to break free of his control and to do that, she will have to be beat Holly whom she calls as one of Louis's dolls.

But Louis is not convinced, having faith that Holly is stronger than her. Louis then reveals the "Heroic Stigmata" to Kazuya. The Heroic Stigmata are the remaining Stigmata of Kazuha and despite having a low compatibility rate, Howard was still able to use his influence to get Satellizer six. Kazuya had no knowledge of this and was under the impression that his sister's Stigmata was buried with her. On the other hand, Louis did not know that Kazuya is Kazuha's brother.

Satellizer admits that she knew all along that Kazuya is Kazuha's brother. She didn't tell him that she held her Stigmata in fear of being resented by Kazuya. Kazuya now realizes why he was so happy when he first met her and considers Satellizer as someone who will carry on her will. Holly begins her attack but Satellizer won't let anyone touch her Stigmata. The fight goes on with Holly constantly attacking while expressing her jealousy and anger towards Satellizer. Satellizer is left on the defensive. But Holly's efficiency in Double and Triple Accel eventually lands a strike on Satellizer's back. 

Louis gives Satellizer one last chance to return to him. But with Kazuya behind her, Satellizer answers no. Satellizer activates her Wings of Light. By using her Accel-Tempest, the Untouchable Queen returns Holly in kind. Satellizer announces she will never surrender herself to Louis again and she isn't weak like her mother who kept on following the will of others. She thanks the Stigmata for giving her the power to be strong.

Louis and Holly activate their Ereinbar Set. Louis uses his Freezing but Kazuya neutralizes it with his. Holly and Satellizer continue their fight but eventually Satellizer beats her and Holly falls to the ground. Louis grabs Holly by her blouse and pulls her, saying that she has much more power than that. Holly asks him as to why he loves Satellizer so much, a partner you simply obeys and is considered to be nothing more than a possession. Louis harshly pushes her back to the ground, yelling that he needed Satellizer thus needed a replacement which was what Holly is supposed to be. He turns his attention to Satellizer, wondering why she kept on trying to leave him.

Holly gets up, her mind clearly clouded by despair and driven to brink of insanity. She desperately begs Louis to tell her that he loved her even if it is just a lie. However, Louis heartlessly answers "You... have no value whatsoever to me... I'll say it again! You were just a replacement! You can never take Stella's place! Not even for a single second... did I ever love you!"

Louis's reply is the last straw for Holly. She decides to commit double suicide. She stabs Louis with her Volt Weapon, startling both Kazuya and Satellizer, and jumps off the cliff with him. Satellizer and Kazuya call out Louis's name as he and Holly fall to the sea where the waves have gotten stronger and more dangerous due to the typhoon. Satellizer jumps after them to save them.

As Louis and Holly are submerged in the water, Louis contemplates if this is how he'll die. He then starts to remember events from his childhood.

The Younger BrotherEdit

A young Louis finishes his report to his teacher which ends with him saying "I will never agree to a pointless political marriage. I have Stella, so I can live with her forever." His teacher, knowing it's just a boy's typical behavior to cling to his older sister which it actually was at the time, tells him that one day both of them will marry other people.

Later on, Louis is confronted by four male classmates. They make fun at his love for his sister and call Satellizer a retard and that she hates him since he always teases her. Louis stand up for his sister's honor and beat up his classmates, yelling that she is not a retard and only he gets to make fun of her.

Afterwards, Louis, now covered in minor wounds and scratches, is sitting beneath a tree with the rain pouring down on him. He is met by a young Satellizer who is concerned with his injuries and tries to check on them. But Louis confidently say that it's nothing. The two siblings then share Satellizer's umbrella. As they walk home, they find an abandoned cat. Louis give his consent to let his older sister keep the cat even though his mother may get angry at him and he'll ask his mother on her behalf to let her keep it. Satellizer thanks her younger brother.

At home, Violet comments that he is starting to get along with Satellizer and tells him not to tease her too much. Louis compares Satellizer to an abandoned cat who needs to be protected which is why he will stay by her side so that he can protect her whether it be his mother, the power of the L. Bridget or people like his classmates.

However that all went wrong when he kissed Satellizer on the cheek. Although it was meant to be joke and as a means to show that he cares, Satellizer reacted negatively to it and was disgusted. And to Louis, it seemed as though she rejected him.

As they got older, Louis's friend showed him a ranking of the school's hottest girls with Satellizer at the top. His friend even mentioned on how nice it must be to have a sister with a sexy figure. Trying to deny it and to sound uninterested, Louis says that she isn't his sister and Satellizer is just some dirty girl who'll do anything he says so that she won't be kicked out and that they are only half-related at best. His friend is left speechless. Louis kept on telling himself that she isn't his sister but couldn't deny that his sister has indeed grown beautiful and his feelings for her have developed past that of sibling love.

As his memories end and as Satellizer's tears and the rain drop on him and as he himself has started to cry, he asks himself "Why... Why did you... have to be my sister?"

Louis hears Satellizer telling him to wake and then realizes he was saved by the sister whom he both loved and tormented.


Louis wakes up and finds his eldest sister watching over him. Violet makes him see reason that Satellizer is his sister and that eventually she would have found a man she could truly be happy with. It's a truth that Louis must not avert his eyes from and a truth that Louis knew would one day come and wanted to believe that it wouldn't.

But Violet reminds that there is a person who loves him the way he loved Satellizer, indicating Holly, and advises him to be with that person. Holly enters the room looking remorseful. After Violet leaves, Holly asks for his forgiveness. But Louis shocks Holly when he hugs. He instead asks for her forgiveness and apologizes.

In Satellizer's room, Satellizer doesn't feel the need to visit Louis since Violet is already there. They then discuss what Satellizer did back at the cliff. When she jumped, her goal was to save Louis and had her eyes on him and only him. Even though Satellizer hated Louis for everything he has done, he was still her younger brother and loved him as such regardless of what he did. And even if Kazuya hated her for that, it wouldn't change. Instead, it only made Kazuya love her more. He feels bad that he didn't notice her suffering but she dismisses it since he helped get over her past.

Satellizer lets him touch and feel the Stigmata on her back. Kazuya can feel the warmth of his sister from the Stigmata. Satellizer then asks Kazuya to be her Limiter but since she said it in a whisper, he couldn't hear it. Satellizer dismisses it when he asks.

As Kazuya and Satellizer prepare to leave, Violet hopes that they'll come back and visit and even their father wants to meet her again. Kazuya goes to the restroom. When he exits, he meets Louis who has fully recovered and is looking solemn. He gives Kazuya the flashdrive which contain Satellizer's 'past' since he doesn't need it anymore. Kazuya takes it, breaks it in half and throws it the garbage, saying "There, now her past is officially over and done with."

Louis turns and starts to walk off. Kazuya asks "You're not.. going to see her off." But Louis sees no need to, saying "Since she's got... a good partner with her..." With this, Louis and Kazuya reconcile. Kazuya looks on at Louis as he walks away and waves him goodbye while being illuminated by the light of the sun.

As they ride in the plane back to West Genetics, Kazuya thanks his deceased sister for continuing to watch over him through Satellizer.


With her aphephobia cured, Satellizer begins to open up to others and generally becomes more friendly as she finally expresses her true and kind personality. Louis also gives up his possessiveness and obsession over Satellizer and builds a real relationship with Holly. 


  • During this Arc, Kazuya experiences his first International Flight.
  • Kazuya did give Rana a present from Bali, which was a teigu mask.

Differences in the AnimeEdit

Character ChangesEdit

  • Louis would speak with a demonic echo whenever he was being antagonistic to Satellizer and Kazuya.
  • Louis does not insult Kazuya and is less cruel to Holly.
  • Violet is more mature and less cheery in the anime. She also did not act to be the mediator between Louis and Satellizer.
  • Howard and Olivia are said to be in Bali for vacation and to inspect Violet's management. They would later be seen inside a private jet.
  • Holly neglects to mention she has no siblings.

Setting ChangesEdit

  • In addition to the resort, the L Bridget Family have their own personal castle to use.
  • The cliff where the climax of the Siblings arc took place has structures built on it. It also happened during the day instead of night.

Plot ChangesEdit

  • The Arc happened between the E-Pandora Project Arc and the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc in the anime.
  • The reason for the Arc is different. In the manga, Violet reunited Satellizer and Louis so they could reconcile and let go of the past. In the anime, Satellizer was shot by Elizabeth in the wrist and ankles and had to be returned to West Genetics to properly heal. At the airport, Satellizer chose instead to go to Bali and ask her sister to talk to their parents in her behalf to get them to help stop the unethical experiments in the Alaska Base.
  • Satellizer and Kazuya know of the Mably Family's collapse through the newspaper and Louis.
  • In the manga, Louis was able to manipulate Satellizer by using Violet's good intention to guilt Satellizer and by threatening to reveal to Kazuya her 'past'. In the anime, Louis reminded her of how his mother used to hate her and would have convince their father to not helping her. He manipulated her by offering to talk their parents instead.
  • Louis reveals that he and Holly declined to participate in the E-Pandora Project because they found it suspicious. The manga never revealed the reason why they choose to decline.
  • In the manga, Louis gives whip marks on Satellizer's back. In the anime, he gives hickeys on her neck.
  • Louis informs Kazuya of Satellizer's status as the illegitimate child of their father. Kazuya still remains ignorant of this fact in the manga.
  • Holly's conversation with Satellizer happens at the cliff. It was at the resort in the manga.
  • Holly does not call Satellizer disgusting. She is still slapped by Louis but for a different reason.
  • Holly's rape is significantly tone down.
  • Instead of a Typhoon, it was just rain.
  • Holly does not commit double suicide. Instead Louis realizes that everything he's done is wrong and jumps from the cliff out of guilt. Holly jumps to save him and Louis remembers the good times they had.
  • Louis' childhood flashback is different. It is shorter and does not show Louis's original feelings for Satellizer and how it all got twisted.
  • Louis does not have his important moment with Violet as he recovers.
  • The conversation Kazuya and Satellizer had concerning Satellizer saving Louis and Holly is replaced by a phone call made by Rana with Andre's aid of hacking a cellphone since phone calls are banned in the Alaska Base.
  • The Arc ends slightly different.
    1. Louis and Holly are present when Satellizer and Kazuya board a private jet to take them back to the Alaska Base. Louis promises to talk to their father and intends to atone for all his sins. Holly shares Louis's moment in the sun.
    2. Violet is absent
    3. With Louis never using Satellizer's 'past' as blackmail, the scene where Louis gives Kazuya the flashdrive containing her 'past' is left-out.
    4. Kazuya does not thank Kazuha for continuing to watch over him. 
  • Howard decides to help Satellizer thanks Louis talking to him for her. In the manga, Howard had Satellizer watched over in the Alaska Base.

Anime Only AdditionEdit

  • The L Bridget Castle has chains either used as decoration or to lift a chandelier to its proper setting. These chains were also used to symbolize Louis' control over Satellizer.

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