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Someone's Going to See♥Overly-extreme Physical
Air Date May 25, 2011
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Lots of Secrets♥The First Room Invitation
The Genetics Swim Meet♥There Are Nip Slips, Too

Someone's Going to See♥The Overly Extreme Physical (見えちゃうの♥過激すぎる身体測定 ; Romaji: Mie Chau no ♥ Kageki Sugiru Shintai Sokutei) is the third OVA in the Freezing anime.


The girls are alone during a breast size examination. Rana Linchen is measured to have 81 cm of breast size. Rana then wishes to try a new technique where she can measure breasts by fondling them. She starts by measuring Kaho Hiiragi, who measures up to 77 cm, next is Ganessa Roland who measures up to 83 cm, Satellizer L. Bridget then makes 90 cm, Chiffon Fairchild measures in at 82 cm and Ticy Phenyl measures up to 83 cm. Meanwhile, Attia Simmons is ashamed of her breast size, and how everyone will know she's been padding her bra, but Chiffon decides to measure Attia herself, which she measures to 73 cm, much to her dismay. Chiffon begins to tease her about it and says that she'll feel better after she is fondled. Meanwhile the limiters are listening in on Chiffon and Attia as Kazuya hopes to enjoy his moments in the school as long as he can.



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