"N-noo... it... hurts..."

Susan Miller defeated in "Monster".

Susan Miller
Susan Miller
Susan Miller as she appears in Freezing: First Chronicle.
First Appearance Freezing: First Chronicle Chapter 002
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Affiliations Genetics
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Susan Miller was a first year in the 28th Class of West Genetics, seen only in Freezing: First Chronicle.


Susan was the ninth-ranked first year after the 2063 Spring Carnival. Though after she was completely destroyed in the following Carnival, her current status is unknown.


Susan is shown to have dark color hair down to her shoulders with one side that covers up her left eye.


Virtually nothing is known of Susan's personality, though she had s stern gaze when she confronted a certain individual in the C-class. The gaze was replaced by fear afterwards.

Freezing: First ChroniclesEdit

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Susan beaten

Susan brutally defeated by Chiffon.

Susan's first appearance is during the Summer Carnival, when she and many of her fellow A-class students confronted a disturbingly successful C-class student, who'd apparently achieved thirty-nine consecutive wins.

Susan is next seen, brutally beaten like the rest of her classmates.


Susan Volt

Susan's Volt Weapon.

  • Susan's Volt Weapon was a pair of short scythes.


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