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Tempest Turn
Air Date January 31, 2011
Eyecatcher Character Ingrid Bernstein
Fights Which Occurred Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein
Character Appearances
Story Arc 3rd Year Punishment Arc
Episode Guide
Accelerating Turn
She is Rana Linchen

Tempest Turn is the fourth episode of the Freezing anime.


Satellizer L. Bridget had previously defeated Miyabi Kanazuki with the help of Kazuya Aoi. Because of this, she is placed on the enemy list for the other third year Pandoras. The 7th place third year, Ingrid Bernstein vows to avenge Miyabi. Satellizer is then released from captivity, and Ingrid then tells Satellizer that she has only a few hours to find a limiter. Kazuya then tries to ask Satellizer if he can be her Limiter, but Satellizer is showering. Kazuya sees her diary and decides whether or not to read it, however he reconsiders, saying that "one little peek won't hurt", then again declines. Satellizer witnesses this, and as she tries to stop him, her towel falls off, revealing her bare breasts to Kazuya who is shocked.

After a short moment of awkward silence, Kazuya apologizes for his actions, but once again asks to be her limiter, which she again declines. Satellizer then decides to attack Ingrid while her limiters aren't around, but she is beaten back as Kazuya tries to join in. Ingrid warns Kazuya about being Satellizer's limiter, but he joins anyway. To her surprise Kazuya doesn't need a baptism, so she decides to get rid of him first, but Satellizer cuts her as Kazuya wonders why she is obsessed with order. Ganessa Roland then explains to him that order is what keeps Ingrid on her feet and is just as important as her responsibilities as a Pandora. Ganessa then explains that she had lost a friend named Marin Maxwell. Ingrid then stops after hearing that she didn't die in vain after all, and cries for her. Kazuya then thanks Satellizer for her rescue as she blushes.



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