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The Genetics Swim Meet♥There Are Nip Slips, Too
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Air Date June 22, 2011
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The Genetics Swim Meet♥There Are Nip Slips, Too (ゼネティックス水泳大会♥ポロリもあるよ ; Romaji: Zenetikkusu Suiei Taikai ♥ Porori mo aru yo) is the fourth OVA in the Freezing anime.


The second and third year Pandora's along with Kazuya Aoi begin a swimming competition. However, they are unable to use their Volt Textures. As they start, Kazuya takes an early lead as Rana Linchen compliments him for it and tries to use her walk on water technique, but Attia Simmons uses her lasso to halt her process. Ganessa Roland tries to take an early lead, but Attia tears her top off as she thinks it will win the game, however Ganessa rebels and rips Attia's swimsuit off. Meanwhile, Ingrid Bernstein and Rana battle for the lead as Satellizer L. Bridget is in dead last, but Ganessa rips off their swimsuits. Ingrid then rips Ganessa's bottoms off as Attia sneaks up and rips Satellizer's bottoms off causing her to quit. Kazuya then thinks he wins, but a Nova that has the sentence "I love the sea" written on it beats him as someone wonders why the Nova is there.


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