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Although your info input is greatly appreciated, it would be appreciated if you wouldn't unnecessarily litter a pages' history with minor revisions in rapid succession (refer to Yu-Mi Kim). Instead, use the general "edit" button at the top of a page, rather then making a dozen of smaller edits per header. Thanks 4 your cooperation in advance. I... I am the King!Talk 14:53, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

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Hey dj, do you know if we're allowed to make respect threads in the "Watercooler section" or at least link to some of them? Respect threads are common in battle forums and usually showcase the characters' abilities, feats and other things and are usually only for battle and vs. debates. One guy wants to make Rana vs. Heatblast but just in case no one knows who he is, that's where a respect thread comes in.

Actually nvm. Heatblast is a animated character, just link a video to him lol.

That person speaking Spanish is asking "When are you going to do Freezing: Love Stories" probably in regards to the translations. In most Spanish speaking countries: ir (to go) is used to imply the future tense. va + hacer=going to do/going to make.I would reply: No hay traductores (there's no translators) but that's just me :P. You forgot the ñ in español and congelación has an accent :P.

Lichtbringer (talk) 02:22, March 10, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Dang that is what he said I thought he said that "where can I read the Freezing love pair stories." Stupid Google translate.

Donquixote joeflomingo (talk) 10:30, March 9, 2014 (UTC)Donquixote joeflomingo

As for that anon posting those weird questions, I'm guessing that the anon that's writing these same questions is the same person that was making those Freezing vs DC matches a few months back (Mohammed Alkhater). I told him not to make these sorts of matches a few times when I was an anon myself but he seems to like posting weird stuff. Look at the way that they write. Almost every word, no matter where they are in a sentence, is capitalized. Anyways, I think that he's trying hard to get attention, trying to troll , trying to get people to argue with one another or trying to be annoying. He does this in all of his threads, he replies to his own threads as if they were different people and not to correct himself.

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Wow dude really that is stupid and a waste of everyone's time thank you for showing me this I will try and avoid his trolls. -_-

User:Donquixote joeflomingo

It seems like that guy is trying to start up those weird matches again, I responded to him again for the 50th time lol. I'm going to back out from this, could you take over for me? I 'm considering giving up on trying to make him understand lol. A bunch of people on another website told him not to do it and even they can't make him give up lol.

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Just ignore it, if no one answers him he will stop. That is what I do when I start to hate talking to them lol.

User: Donquixote joeflomingo

(Mr. GJ's side note - *Impending death theme starts*)
Who is trolling? I... I am the King!Talk 17:11, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

It is just this guy bringing up useless topics that really doesn't need to be on this wiki one of the editors even told him where he should put it and he still refused to listen. Its nothing to serious right now.

User: Donquixote joeflomingo

Are his "topics" located on this wikia? If they are, where? I... I am the King!Talk 22:15, March 21, 2014 (UTC)

Like this one it is something he does with most of his comments. But once again it is nothing to serious.

User: Donquixote joeflomingo

He is not in fault, in fact he placed this topic in the "watercooler" board, which is in fact solely created for "off-topic" threads. Just ignore them and let him do whatever he wishes to do there. As long as he keeps those topics there. I... I am the King!Talk 22:45, March 21, 2014 (UTC)

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Yeah pretty much like that. As long as it says that he/she did not appear then just delete it, but when it says to be added, then don't delete it. Keep up the good work, Mr. GJ signing off. I... I am the King!Talk 22:56, March 21, 2014 (UTC)

Thank you sir, over and out >:D

User: Donquixote joeflomingo


Dude, there is no relationship between Ouka and Gengo, he's not her or anything, they just have a few of the same relatives. And I looked for a while to be sure. Gengo is Ouka's first cousin's grandfather, and ouka is the cousin of his chandchildren. Not uncle or grand uncle or anything. So they should not be under each others family sections. Also Roxanne has transcended, I'll admit it may have been temporary, but at the very least she was transcended for a short time. Besides multiple other pages say that she has transcended, again for at least a short amount of time, meaning it's more widely believed she has, and the manga has pretty much said that she has transcended, or Gengo, the person who knows the most about this stuff, was wrong. So I see where you're coming from in saying it's unconfirmed, but there is more evidence saying she is than she isn't, and it's undeniable that she was at least temporarily transcended by the Pandora-type Nova. So at the very least it can be mentioned on the Pandora page under Transcended Pandora that they can be made to forcefully transcend. So on all three of these pages, LAY OFF ON REMOVING WHAT I PUT!!!!

Dude it is obvious you are stressing too much on this so why don't we just ask the admin and wait for his response if he sides with you he sides with if he doesn't he doesn't either way his word is the last ok. :)


Just letting you know that another Vertigo comic, "The Preacher" by Garth Ennis, is about to have a TV adaption. The only problem is how they're going to adapt this story without someone religious feeling offended lol. The story portrays the Christian God as a villainous tyrant with a huge ego and has a Catholic priest that's also a vampire lol. It might be censored but considering the success of shows like "Supernatural" which portrayed God as a "deadbeat dad" that doesn't care about the end of the world at all, I could be wrong.

Before I forget, here's some more recommendations of anime that you should watch in case you're done with those other ones.

"Voices of a Distant Star" (Hoshi no Koe in Japanese), "5 Centimeters per Second", "The Place Promised in Our Early Days", the "Hellsing OVA" (called Hellsing Ultimate in America) "Baccano", and any Studio Gibli films (ie Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, The Borrower Arrietty, (The Secret World of Arrietty in America) , Studio Gibli has some good anime films), "Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu" (starts off a little bit ecchi and comedic, ends tragically *oops spoilers*), "Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora", "Saikano" and "Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo" (surprisingly good, but takes a few episodes for it to finally sink in).

Fun fact: Neil Gaiman, author of "The Sandman" comics, wrote the script for the English adaption of "Princess Mononoke" from Studio Gibli.

Lichtbringer (talk) 09:29, March 30, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Phew can't wait to see that, though I do wonder how the story will fair since a priest that is a vampire does sound a little to weird doesn't it. Also I won't be able to get to those animes anytime soon since exams are coming soon, as well as me beginning to date again, so we will see about where I can find the time to watch these, but thank you dude.

And one more thing would you mind telling me when hell blazer is on I didn't see a date in the link you gave me.

All dates on comic book adaptions such as Hellblazer, the Preacher and the Sandman are unknown at this time, the earliest is later in 2014 (most likely in the fall or winter) or early in 2015. Also, this guy will be playing Constantine:

Here's the links for the Preacher TV adaptation if you want them:

Lichtbringer (talk) 19:24, March 30, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

I do want them thanks dude. Appreciate it mind keeping me updated with good shows.

Welcome back.

In terms of good shows, there's a "Green Lantern: Animated Series" that's been out for a few years now. It's computer animated and the funny thing is that it's target audience are children but it still is pretty dark and mature with its content and story. You get to also see some epic space battles such as planets blowing up due to giant missiles, a living planet aiding the other Green Lanterns and a weaker version of the Anti-Monitor (the original Anti-Monitor was way stronger, capable of devouring entire alternate universes (a man, or in this case, a machine has to eat too :P) , this one in the show can only devour parts of the universe :P).

There's also going to be a remake of "Fate/Stay Night", the anime and the sequel to "Fate/Zero" which I believed that I recommended to you once. Fate/Stay Night came out before Fate/Zero by the way, Fate/Zero came out later.


And here's Archer's "Unlimited Blade Works" ability (which I'm pretty sure they're going to use):

Also, do you have any questions about some of the anime such as "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Serial Experiments Lain" or "Texhnolyze" because those can be hard viewing for newcomers, they're pretty philosophical, psychological, symbolic and reference other works of literature and art (most obvious examples are those Lewis Carroll references in "Serial Experiments Lain" and the titles of episodes of Evangelion references various philosophers such as "Sickness unto Death" by Soren Kierkegaard). The best explanation that I could give to you is my own interpretation of those stories.

Lichtbringer (talk) 07:55, April 4, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Well I actually did see Green lantern the animated series, and it was a little off putting to me since I prefer to see comic book characters as cartoons no computer animated, I guess that is why I didn't give it a chance.

And they are remaking Fate/stay can't wait and yea you recommended Fate/zero thanks I enjoyed it tremendously. :)

huh I have never heard of these anime either I didn't get to it or I didn't like the summary of what I read, sorry dude some shows I didn't like :(, but I did enjoy most of them. But it seems I might need to give it a second chance if it is phscological. Would it sort of be like death note?

User:Donquixote joeflomingo

They're from a different list that I gave you. Here's the list again if you need it:

"Like Noein? Check out Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, 12 Kingdoms (starts out slow though), Ergo Proxy, Ghost Hound, Cowboy Bebop (one of the best anime around), Scrapped Princess (no, it's not a porn), Eve no Jikan (I normally don't like postcyberpunk stuff and prefer normal cyberpunk, but this one was well done), Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (dubbed in the US as Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and if you like being confused and mindraped, Paprika, Paranoia Agent and Boogiepop Phantom. "

It's from my talk page.

Neon Genesis Evangelion was one of the most psychological and philosophical animes out there and it was also controvertial. Gendo Ikari is pretty much the prototype for Gengo Aoi. Also, it's a deconstruction of the mecha genre as the children piloting them do seem to develop tons of problems. Their main enemies are the angels and there's a ton of stuff such as philosophy, Freudeian psychology, etc. Almost all the main characters have ****ed up pasts and there's a few instances of mindrape since you see the pasts of one of the characters (her mother commited suicide in front of her when she was like 8). You know how the comic book "Watchmen" was a deconstruction of superheroes, well Neon Genesis Evangelion is the equivalent for mecha anime, but it's slow at the first few episodes, ironiclaly, I liked the English voices more than the Japanese voices. Tons of references to philosophy and psychology.

Serial Experiments Lain is another anime that deals with philosophy and psychology, esepecially with the nature of reality and the existence of God. The first episode has a girl that commits suicide and emails the main character that God is in the Wired (a fancy word for the internet). There's lots of references to things like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and tons of stuff about conspiracy theories such as the Roswell UFO crash. It can be kind of confusing at times, but since it's one of my favorite shows around, I thought that I might be able to assist you in understanding it. It is almost as complex as written literature sometimes especially with writers such as Jorge Luis Borges or Franz Kafka. If you like any decent cyberpunk stuff, you should enjoy this.

Texhnolyze is written by the same guy that wrote Serial Experiments Lain and is arguably one of the most darkest anime around. It's cyberpunk with a heavy film noir / hardboiled detective influence and a few episodes actually don't even have any dialogue in it at all, but you can tell what's going on. It relies mainly on symbolism to tell its story and can be kind of dense and slow at times due to this, just like Lain, it can be as complex as written literature.

As for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, it's a deconstruction of the magical girl genre and it starts getting really good at the end of episode 3 (won't spoil it). It references Goethe's Faust and Paradise Lost if you pay attention. It's actually really dark but be patient, it becomes really good at episode 3 at the end.

Lichtbringer (talk) 05:21, April 5, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Phew well seems pretty interesting can't wait to watch them although once again it is going to take a long time since I don't really have the time I used to have. So what would this rank on your top 10 psycology and mindf***k. Just wondering

User:Donquixote joeflomingo

Which animes? I'm not really good with ranking my preferences but I'll try :P.

In terms of mindrape, Serial Experiments Lain as number 5, Texhnolyze is around number 6 I suppose,  Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is around number 9, Neon Genesis Evangelion is number 8. Trust me, Paranoia Agent and Boogiepop Phantom are way more mindrapy lol.

In terms of good story, Lain is number 3 and Evangelion is number 4 I suppose. Madoka magica is number 1 ( the story is really good and it's written by the same guy that wrote Fate/Zero) and Texhnolyze is around number 5 I guess :P.

The rest except for Boogiepop Phantom, Paranoia Agent, and Paprika aren't really mindrapy.

Lichtbringer (talk) 06:01, April 5, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Lol dude I was thinking more of along the lines of just in genral a physcological show, it can be mindrapy :) or anything.

Like for example me I would go with a top 3 of, Deadman wonderland 3, Mirai nikki 2, then Death note as number 1.

Well I think this is my last comment for the night, don't forget to check out Freezing zero's new chapter.

User:Donquixote joeflomingo

Oh, in that case (the first 5 deal a lot with psychological theories such as the Hedgehog's Dilemma and the Collective Unconscious, the first 5 also deals with philosophy as well):

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion 2. Serial Experiments Lain 3. Ghost Hound 4. Texhnolyze 5. Ergo Proxy 6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 7. Death Note 8. Monster (there's a HBO live-action series in production for this anime I believe)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica doesn't have too much psychology about it but it does have some instances of mindrape but they mostly have to deal with Homura's past and Kyuubei and are few in number. It has an awesome story though but not really psychological, that's why it isn't in this list. I thought you were talking about exclusively mindscrew lol.

Comic books with psychology: 1. The Invisibles by Grant Morrison 2. Batman: Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison 3. The Killing Joke by Alan Moore 4. The Joker by Brian Azzarello 5. Watchmen by Alan Moore (kind of) 6. Promethea by Alan Moore (kind of)

If comic books are going to take a dense, complex subject matter as one of its themes, it's more likely going to be philosophy rather than psychology.

Lichtbringer (talk) 19:19, April 5, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Hey, anything interesting happen while I was gone?

There's going to be a 2nd season of "Yami Shibai", the 1st season finished some time ago and it's just a horror show from Japan (not exactly anime, but it's still unique). Each episode is pretty much stand alone stuff involving various folk tales, monsters and ghosts from Japan and the nice thing is that each episode is around 5 minutes long. Not all of them are scary, one of them was hilarious and another one dealt with existentialism.

Also, the 3rd movie adaption of the TV series "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) has been submitted into the Academy Awards in the Animation department, but I think that it won. The 3rd movie has a different story from the TV series btw.

Also, Gen Urobuchi, the writer for Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero is going to have a new movie out, the only problem is that his writing has been kind of "lazy" lately after he became famous (some writers do become lazy after becoming famous). Well, here's the trailer for it:

Also, if you want to get the most out of writers like Chiaki J. Konaka (Serial Experiments Lain, Ghost Hound, Texhnolyze) and Gen Urobuchi, it's best to read things like H.P. Lovecraft, who was a major influence upon pretty much ALL 20th century horror. He wrote in the cosmic horror style. His stories usually feature protagonists going insane and dying after finding out the truth about the cosmos and one reason why his fiction worked is because he only gives you minimal details about a monster so that your mind will come up with something way worst and horrifying than what the author intended.

Lichtbringer (talk) 09:34, April 17, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Heyoo Licht welcome back missed ya.

For interesting part nope I usually find only interest in gaining knowledge, and it seems no one else has the same knowledge or appreciation for anime, comics, but I don't bother them so I hope this isn't something that you are forcing to do.

The new movie seems very interesting, at least the trailer, so I will have to wait and see.

No I'm not forced to do this, you're not bothering me and hopefully I'm not bothering you lol. Also, I'm currently learning Spanish and Russian at the moment and trying to establish a working vocabulary with those 2 languages, so that was one of the reasons for my disappearance. Also, I managed to increase my working vocabulary with German to around 15.000 words during my disappearance (I already know the grammar,etc. with German). Keep in mind that according to language proficiency tests in Europe, you need around 20.000 words to be able to do things "passively" with the language, in other words, complete fluency without aid of a dictionary. 10.000 words is considered to be a working vocabulary.

Here's the link to H.P. Lovecraft's stuff if you want to read it (read "Call of Cthulhu" first, it's my personal favorite story from him:), in fact read all his stories about the Cthulhu mythos (ie At the Mountains of Madness, the Dunwich Horror, etc.). He's one of my favorite horror writers but he also influenced a lot of things including anime, comic books, TV shows, and movies. Enjoy :).

Lichtbringer (talk) 04:16, April 19, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Sweet I will check it out, and also good luck with your Multi language, I am rooting for you. :)

Licht backEdit

Ich danke Ihnen für den Zuspruch. Es tut mir Leid für meine Abwesenheit weil ich beschäftigt mit vielen Dingen bin. Aber ich mache eine überraschende Erscheinung aus heiterem Himmel jetzt :P. Ich bin wie ein Geist oder ein Gespenst.

Translation: I thank you for the encouragement. I agpologize for my absence because I'm occupied iwth many things. But I'm making a surprise appearence out of nowhere now :P. I'm like a spirit or a ghost.

Oh, yeah, read the manga "Tsukihime" from Type-Moon. It's another Type-Moon work and it's sometimes called "Shingetsutan Tsukihime" or "Lunar Legend Tsukihime". It's a manga adaption of one of his earlier works, don't watch the anime, it's a pretty bad adaptation lol. The main character has a similar power with the main character from Kara no Kyoukai since they're written by the same author (both the knife and the Eyes of Death Perception). Also, Tsukihime has some weird vampires. There's the true ancestors who are like nature spirits or embodiments of  nature itself (ie Arcueid Brunestud) and then there's the Dead Apostles who can be pretty weird. There's Nero Chaos whose composed of 666 beasts and to kill him, you must destroy all 666 at the same time, a mobile forest that sucks the blood of its victims, and an alien being called "Ort" (which ironically is also German for a place), who's only a Dead Apostle because it accidentally drank the blood of a vampire lol.

I also just realized sometime, Raddox Phantomime is similar with the German word "der/die Pantomime" which means a mime or a puppet that's used in theatre shows and Schmitz (Elize Schmitz) means  a light blow (like to hit lightly).

Lichtbringer (talk) 20:59, April 25, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Whoa you are a ghost now and you speak multiple languages you are getting cooler by the minute my friend. 0_0

As for reading such a manga, I really don't think I will, you see I prefer to watch anime, because it is a better and more explained version, most, of a series. For some reason that rule doesn't apply to comic books go figure.

As for the Raddox and Schmitz although interesting I would rather have the full translation of their names, before editing their trivia, but thanks for the information though dude.

And one more thing dude I am rooting for you to master the language known as Deutsch.

Raddox und Elize sind Eigennamen, es gibt keine genauen Bedeutungen auf Deutsch. Vielleicht gibt es eine Übersetzungen auf eine unterschiedliche Sprache, die nicht Deutsch ist. Ich werde nach der Auskunft suchen.

Raddox and Elize are proper names, there's no accurate meanings in German. Maybe there's translations in a different language that isn't German. I'll go look for the info.

Der Manga ist eine relativ genaue und detaillierte Anpassung und Kinoku Nasus Schöpfungen sind Teile eines Multiversums. Sein Werk ist in aller Ausführlichkeit aber der Manga ist eine vernünftige Anpassung seines früheren Werkes "Tsukihime." Wenn die Anpassung Ihnen missfällt, ist das Ok.

The Manga is a relatively accurate and detailed adaptation and Kinoku Nasu's creations are parts of a multiverse. His work is in great detail but the manga is a reasonable adaption of his earlier work "Tsukihime". If you don’t like the adaption, that’s ok.

Obwohl ich eine Animeanpassung seines neuen Werkes "Mahou Tsukai no Yoru" zuschauen möchte . Although I would like to watch an anime adaption of his new work "Mahou Tsukai no Yoru".

O, und der Schriftsteller “Chiaki J. Konaka” schreibt einen neuen Anime aber der Regisseur (Ryutaro Nakamura) ist an Krebs gestorben. Der Titel ist “Despera” aber es gibt eine Möglichkeit, die der Anime nicht erscheinen wird. Die Hauptcharakterin hat täuschende Ähnlichkeiten mit Lain von “Serial Experiments Lain”. Es gibt keine Nachricht, die über ein wahrscheinliches Erscheinen diskuttiert.

Oh, and the writer “Chiaki J. Konaka” is writing a new anime but the director (Ryutaro Nakamura” died from cancer. The title is “Despera” but there’s a possibility that the anime won’t be published (erscheinen is a hard word to translate, it could mean an appearence as in someone appears but it could also mean publish as in to publish a book). The main character has striking similarites with Lain from “Serial Experiments Lain”. There’s no news, that discusses of a probable publication.

German’s not too difficult to learn so long as you understand the cases and grammar. But there are some subtleties with the language such as these: die Aktivität , die Tätigkeit, die Emsigkeit and die Geschäftigkeit

They all mean activity but the difference is that the first one is activity in all senses of the word, the 2nd is activity like in a job, the 3rd is very elevated and formal, the last one is like a business activity.

Meiden and vermeiden are other ones; they both mean avoid but the first is avoiding a physical thing whereas vermeiden is avoiding a nonphysical thing.

And my personal favorite: das Pferd and das Ross. They both mean horse, the first is the general way of saying it the 2nd is only used in poetry, unless you want to sound like you’re reciting poetry don’t use it lol.

Also, I’m pretty sure that I’ve recommended Hellsing to you to watch. But watch the OVA/ Ultimate series, it’s way better especially when you have scenes like this:

The entire scene is a reference to “Der Freischütz” which is a German opera. A man sells his soul to the devil so that his bullets will never miss but at the end that same man must fight the devil with the same bullets. By the way “der Freischütz” is indeed playing as the background music. Now just replace the man with Rip Van Winkle and the Devil with Alucard, and you have this scene lol. Der "Freischütz" literally means "free shooter" but it's an old way of saying marksman or sniper.

Lichtbringer (talk) 23:16, April 25, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Just letting you know that the comic book by Vertigo "100 Bullets" is getting a film adaptation. It's pretty much a film noir series. If you don't know what film noir is, it's pretty much detective fiction but the main character is usually a nihilist or a misanthrope due to him experiencing so much violence in his life due to him investigating too many crimes and criminals. "100 Bullets" takes it one step further in that the characters all have a 100 non-traceable bullets that they can use to exact revenge on someone and it's their choice whether or not to follow through with it (it leads to some pretty interesting drama, suspense and mediations about human nature) and it also has a conspiracy that dates back to the Middle Ages. By the way, if you don't want me posting on your talk page due to it becoming a wee bit too long :P, just let me know lol.

Lichtbringer (talk) 07:14, April 30, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

next time if I'm not present and that person that speaks Spanish comes on again, just write this to him/her (this is dependant on the dialect because I don't know where that person is from, so there's several ways of saying it):

1. Deja un recado a Lichtbringer.    2. Deja un mesaje a Lichtbringer.   3. Deja un recado para Lichtbringer.

4. Deja un mesaje para Lichtbringer.

Then write: "Esta página de conversación es de Lichtbringer."

Then just redirect him/her into my talk page and I'll see if I can get back to him/her. I'm not on all the time, you were lucky that you caught me that time lol. My Spanish is decent at best, I can answer simple things but don't make me explain more complex things like literature, psychology or philosophy in the language lol (I'm slowly getting there though :P).

Also, it might not be the TV series, but I found a fan film of "Hellblazer". It's alright. I normally don't like "fanfictiony" stuff, but this one was good.

Lichtbringer (talk) 07:19, May 7, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Sure no problem, also thanks. :)

User:Donquixote joeflomingo

Hey,back for a bit. Anything interesting happen?

Found the trailer to the new "Hellblazer" TV show, and yep, it's just as suspected, it seems relatively censored. At least, John Constantine is still somewhat of an anti-hero although toned down. Also, instead of Hellblazer, the show is called Constantine after the main character. Also, Constantine in the comics smokes cigarettes, this version doesn't:

Here's another fanfilm of Hellblazer if you want it, this one has amazing production values:

I don't know why, but there seems to be more and more Hellblazer fanfilms all the time lol.

Also, here's 2 manga recommendations from me that I forgot: "Berserk" and "Bastard!!". They're both dark fantasy manga.

Berserk is currently 334 chapters and is still ongoing, it's currently on hiatus though. The artwork is amazing and insanely detailed and the storyline is incredible as well. The main protagonist is motivated by revenge due to his past. Even the side characters and villains are complicated: Skull Knight's true identity is unknown and Zodd is a cow, bull, demon thing that's fighting to look for a worthy opponent. But a warning, there's A LOT of gore and blood in this one especially during the scenes involving the eclipse.

Look at how bad*** the art is in Berserk, it's very good:

By the way, there's several movie adaptions of it but it doesn't cover everything, that's impossible lol.

Bastard!! (that's how you spell it) is also very good, but the first 70 chapters are cheesy and pretty bad just letting you know, it's also on hiatus since 2011. Starting from chapter 70+ is where the writing, artwork, etc. starts to become very good. The artwork is just as detailed as Berserk's and not only does the story and art become much better, the battles become much more detailed and insane. When you have Dark Schneider and Uriel (one of the Seraphs that fell from grace) fight inside of a supermassive black hole, yeah that's pretty crazy (then again, I've seen crazier lol). Just to give you a hint of how good the art is, here's several scans:

Lichtbringer (talk) 01:56, May 19, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Licht returnsEdit

Long time no see.

Because you have an idea of H.P. Lovecraft, thought that I recommend the works of Junji Ito. He's a manga writer and artist that's influenced by Lovecraft's works (he admitted it in one of his interviews), so prepare for tons of stuff about hopelessness, incomprehensibility, death, etc. I suggest reading "Uzumaki" and "Hellstar Remina" first to get an idea of what his writing style is all about.

Also, Thanos is going to be in the next Avengers movie "Guardians of the Galaxy". Keep in mind that Thanos is one of the most popular villains in Marvel history due to his complex motivations and complex flaws. I like him although I think that his fans are exaggerating it when they say that he's the end all, be all of fictional villains. His fans can be pretty outrageous at times. Hopefully, they won't screw him up though. The ironic thing is that he is the one that ultimately defeats himself due to him believing that his victories and achievements are not enough and he subconsciously defeats himself due to this. It somehow amuses me that a guy that can destroy a planet by punching it, can survive attacks that can destroy solar systems and can withstand a 2 light year radius wide black hole and come out with bruises and scratches has low self esteem lol.

i also left a message on my talk page about "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" and "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" on my talkpage including that "stabbing head" thing :P. I should probably replay those games to refresh my memories (I have played through them although it was some time ago) since their respective anime adaptions don't explain everything (although the Higurashi anime was actually decent and managed to scare me).

Lichtbringer (talk) 12:50, July 1, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Has been a long time since we talked, how you been, hopefully well.

Anywho yea I actually know of Thanos being the main villain for Guardians of the Galaxy, but I don't know how I feel about that, I mean yea he is a good villain, but I just hate the Guardians, not only are most of them bland and uninteresting, but I mean seriously, can you take a raccon seriously, and you can't use Sly as an example. All well I might not like the protagonist but I like the villain enough to atleast try it.

Thanos is the greatest character ever, shut your mouth >_<. Nah just kidding I like him but, I more or less prefer guys that are cool headed, and has more of plan, using their brain, not their strength to win. Light Yagami is a perfect example of a villain I like, although I am not sure you could classify him as a villain. What are your thoughts about him.

Dude in all honesties I was in the Fairy tail wikia, and I saw someone use the exact same scene, you showed me, same day to. Weird O_o. Oh yea hey is there anyway to download these games free of charge, I prefer playing through the games, instead of watching others play.

Oh yea first thing, seems interesting, but I might not get to it for a while, I am trying to focus on helping out this wiki, since some people, believe it is not accurate, so blame them if I can't carry on a conversation on this topic. -_- Donquixote joeflomingo 16:40, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

lol speaking of comic books, the pilot episode of "Constantine", the show based on Vertigo comic's "Hellblazer" is out. John Constantine looks a bit different from the comic book version since his trenchcoat is shorter and he doesn't smoke. He's still a bad**s though and is also an ***hole lol.

Light Yagami is just one of the many interpretations and possibilities of what a human could be like when a human can get away with things, it's not that the book corrupts him, he was already like that at the beginning, the Death Note book just gave him a method of releasing it. It's almost like the One Ring from "Lord of the Rings", that ring is a metaphor for what would happen when a human can get away with things. I don't know if you know who Thomas Hobbes is, but he's a British philosopher who said that humans in nature are brutal and violent since we're still animals and the only thing holding us back are laws, religious doctrine or society. Of course, other people have said that society, the environment and one's upbringing is the corrupting thing, pretty much it's a nature vs. nurture argument. By anyways, Light seemed like he wanted to get rid of that human brutality that humans have and make a society without crime but the irony is that he becomes just as bad or worst than the criminals that he kills. In a way, he's almost like Ozymandias from Watchmen since both wanted to kill in order to create an "ideal world", it's just that Light was a bit more ambitious and ruthless and Ozymandias regrets doing some of the things that he did.

I know several places to download it, the only thing is that i don't know whether or not I'll get in trouble for linking them. I actually played through the games using the official copies which I bought from an anime convention a few years back and I still have them actually.

I think that I gave you a ton of recommendations including some that I believe that you haven't gone through yet (ie. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, etc.) I think that the games will take some time before you get to them lol.

Lichtbringer (talk) 05:26, July 2, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Really? sweet, I am going search that. really think that Light was already evil. I know about Thomas Hobbes, and thinking back I think this sort of shows this very well, showing that Light was willing to kill, but he only had the intent of killing the evil, and anyone who tried to stop, seeing them as evil, for stopping good.

Might as well not then, I don't want you getting in trouble so I will just watch the anime, and you can tell me what changes is in.

Lol true.

Donquixote joeflomingo 20:59, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

Not really evil per se, more latent or hidden human nature actually that according to Hobbes, humankind inherently has. When I said that he was becoming worst than the criminals, it's in the sense that he's "staining his hands" just like they did if not moreso, sorry for not clarifying that. Also ruthless doesn't truly mean "evil" to me, it just means that they're willing to go all out to defeat their enemies or uptain the law or whatever. Hobbes said that humans were in fact selfish, brutal and everything that they did was due to their own self-interest no matter what they said to hide it. Light said that he wanted to kill evildoers but he also said that he wanted to be a god. Neither L nor Light were truly good nor evil, they both were more or less d**ks lol.

Also, Light is kind of similar with Alucard from Hellsing (one of recommendations), Alucard is willing to kill people that get in his way even if they're innocents, soldiers following orders, have families, have a history, etc. and he more or less enjoys it as seen here:

Higurashi was decent, it didn't really cut off or change that much but it could've better. Umineko was greatly altered though.

Lichtbringer (talk) 12:01, July 2, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Lol nice way to sum it up "they both were more or less d**ks lol."

But seriously interesting points, so basically you believe he was slowly going insane, by killing more and more, but I don't think that is how he went insane actually. You see I think, it was more like pressure that got to him. He had to constantly watch out for everything he did, and said. Its like being in you own hell and you have no way to escape.

Alucard, really he is not doing anything, that no other hero would do. I mean in its simplest form, in Dragon ball Z Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan all killed frieza's men, who were just doing their jobs, so I wouldn't put him in the anti-hero category just because of that, and even though he enjoys it, Goku, enjoys fighting, which is ultimately hurting people, so could we put him as an anti-hero as well, no, because ultimately that is what good guys do hurt/kill, if they are not super heroes, their enemies, no matter who they are.

Donquixote joeflomingo 20:59, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

Actually, Alucard doesn't really fight to win, he kind of wants to fight to lose mainly because he's tired of his 500 year existence and wants someone to finally end him. In OVA 8, it's also revealed that he killed his own soldiers since he has them as part of his collection of undead (which numbers around thousands, maybe millions) when he went Level 0, which is unrestricted access to his power which released all of the people that he's killed as part of his army. He told Anderson that only a human can beat a monster and that monsters that accept God and monsters that deny God are the same thing (Anderson turned himself into some sort of "monster of God"). He's a complicated character to be honest lol. You have to see all 10 OVAs to understand him or read the manga that the OVAs are based on. In fact, watch all the OVAs and you'll see why Alucard can be considered to be an anti-hero, they guy is in fact Vlad the Impaler and he's also Dracula from Bram Stoker's novel (apparently) and he's the protagonist). Here's scenes involving his Wallachian armies and his undead and ifght with Anderson:    

Never really said anything about heroes beating up people tbh lol. Although that kind of depends on the setting and one's point of view. I've met people from other countries before that believes that ALL forms of violence is bad, fictional or otherwise. Also, Alan Moore, the writer for Watchmen said that all superheroes were more or less vigilante psychopathes since they go around punching people up outside of the law. Ie this video:

Anyways, did you like the "Hellblazer" TV adaption, other than the fact that there's not as much gore as the comics, no smoking and Constantine's trenchcoat design, it was pretty good imo.

To add to your already long backlog of things to read or watch, I don't know if you'll enjoy them but "Heroic Age" and "The Big O" were pretty good watches at least for me. They're both mecha shows more or less, it's just that "Heroic Age" has a very vast scale (it does take place in outer space after all and I guess that it's a space opera) and is based on Greek mythology (Heracles' 12 labors) and "The Big O" is film noir mixed with mecha with influences from Batman comics.

Also, I'll be absent again for a while so same procedure, I'll just come up unexpectedly and comment on your page when I return lol.

Lichtbringer (talk) 23:49, July 2, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

I actually have seen Big O, all the way through, wasn't really one of those things I would call good, since the ending wasn't good at all, the plot was really under developed, and the characters, were, for a lack of a better word, bland. I will check out Heroic Age, love it when greek mythology is involved with anime, not sure why.

Good luck with your procedure, dude, hope you get well soon.

Donquixote joeflomingo 11:10, July 3, 2014 (UTC)

Back for a bit. ..............................

Where did you get the impression that I was sick? lol That is if I'm interpreting that line correctly :P. Procedure means the same thing that I normally do for the past couple of months, I show up out of nowhere and comment lol.

Meh tastes vary between people. People like The Big O for different reasons. Also, some people read literature or whatever for the creepy monsters or for the setting, not for the characters and sometimes the setting itself is a character as evident in many surreal works. 

Mythology in anything isn't anything new, it's common in postmodern works and metafictional works since the 1980s and possibly before that as well. Most fantasy novels and comics should be influenced by things like mythology from J.R.R. Tolkien to Michael Moorcock to Neil Gaiman, etc. Certain Japanese video games like "Shin Megami Tensei" is also influenced by mythology.

If you're interested, I also found this interesting documentary about the psychological inspirations for the creation of characters like the Batman, the Joker, etc.

Also, found an article about Sigmund Freud and Batman:

Of course, I already knew that Batman was inspired by theories from psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, thought that you wanted to know :).

Also, check out "Aldnoah. Zero", it's currently still airing at the moment and only a few episodes are out but it's entertaining so we don't know how it'll end. At least something big happens in the first episode which is in this video (don't watch if you don't want spoilers):

Also, if you're interested another Vertigo comic is about to get an adaption, it's called "DMZ" (which is short for a demilitarized zone) and the story is pretty much about a 2nd American civil war and the effects that it has on the people. It's a pretty realistic take on war and the consequences of war.

Lichtbringer (talk) 11:48, July 19, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Wats up licht missed ya, what procedure are you doing, I thought you were in the hospital, but luckily you confirmed that you are not, but yea what is the procedure you are doing dude?


I know Mythology is nothing new, and most people do base it off directly from the source material to the last detail, but then some people take artistic view, and they completely ignore what most things happen, the movie Troy is an example of that, although it wasn't bad I did like what they did with it, since I acutally liked Hector more then I liked Achilles when reading the epic. Hey how do you think Dwayne as Hercules will be, and the movie in general, also why is it that most people refer to Hercules, but then give the gods their greek titles, you know zeus, hades, etc. when Hercules, if I am not wrong is Roman?

Sweet I am definitely going to check those videos out.

Licht I have a question for you, who is actually the most power being in dc, and Marvel? Donquixote joeflomingo 00:22, July 22, 2014 (UTC)

Procedure just refers to me commenting at random when I return

The Greek alphabet came before the Latin alphabet (the Roman language is Latin) and the languages are actually quite similar in terms of pronunciation and grammar although I think that Latin is a bit harder. Herakles is the Greek, Hercules is the Latin. Also, the Romans had an enormous fetish for Greek storytelling so eventually that became the Roman pantheon. This is just my theory. The Romans came after the Greeks.

Meh, his movies are ok, I haven't been keeping up with his movies to be honest lol. My favorite reinterpretation of Greek myths is actually by the German storyteller Friedrich Hölderlin, who actually was frightened by the Greek Gods.

Some of my favorite reinterpretations of myths in general are Neil Gaiman's novel "American Gods" as well as his comic book series "The Sandman", its spinoff "Lucifer" by Mike Carey, and the "Shin Megami Tensei' series. All of these are pretty much about ideaological and philosophical problems and conflicts such as free will, change, identity, freedom, predestination and change, etc.

Strongest being in DC is the Presence who is based on the Abrahamic God with an artistic twist. The Presence is also a multiversal being (a multiverse is more than one universe (it can be anywhere between 2 alternate universes to infinite alternate universes). Also, the Presence in some stories only cares about himself, in fact, it's hinted in some comics that he only created the multiverse to make himself feel better :P. Usually, DC is more influenced by mythology and the Bible and stuff like that more than Marvel is.

Here's the Presence (DC):

-Some people will say that DC's strongest character is the Over-Monitor but the Over-Monitor is actually a metafictional character that actually represents the pages that the comic book is on.

Strongest being in Marvel is the One Above All (usually shortened by fans to TOAA) who is confirmed to be the strongest being in Marvel and is the god for the Marvelverse just as the Presence is the god of DCverse. He's also multiversal and perhaps even stronger. Due to him not showing up too much, he normally relegates most of his duties to the Living Tribunal who is almost like a "cosmic cop" who maintains the cosmic balance, has no free will and is pretty much TOAA's go to tool to maintain the cosmic balance. The Living Tribunal is canoncally the 2nd strongest being in Marvel. TOAA is the strongest being in front of the Living Tribunal.

Here's the One Above All (Marvel):

And if you're curious, here's the Man of Miracles from the Spawn comics which is published by Image comics (3rd most popular comic publisher after Marvel and DC). The Man of Miracles is the strongest being in the Spawn comics btw:

if you're wondering who's the strongest anime characters, it's probably (not in order):

Kami Tenchi (Tenchi Muyo), Lord of Nightmares (Slayers), Haruka Kaminogi (Noein), Dragon God (Project A-Ko (shows up in spinoff movie only)), Goddess Madoka and Demon Homura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica), and the guys from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

From video games: YHVH (Shin Megami Tensei), Featherine (Umineko no Naku Koro ni), Zeedmillenniummon (Digimon),  Demonbane (Demonbane) and the guys from Xenogears

Lichtbringer (talk) 05:05, July 22, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

Yea I think I was just messed up with the wording :P

Any who, I was only asking since I thought you would like that movie, since it is Hercules. Hmmm never heard of a movie where he was scared of the gods, it has always been, when it is a greek hero, they either don't take crap from the gods and kill everything, Achilles from the move Troy is a prime example, or they are friends with the gods like from Disney's Hercules. Interesting theory.

You do realize that you can't just talk about a character I have never heard of Over-monitor, and then just move on righ?-_- Jk but seriously who is that guy.

Isn't the one above all and the presence one in the same although they come from different universes they are still beings above all. Also if Marvel has a Tribunal, what would be the closest for DC? Also is the spectre supposed to be a good guy, I mean he just went around killing people aren't they supposed to be above that and not kill the bad guys, and since the Spectre is almight I am pretty sure he could avoid that? And one more thing, why is there no shows like this on cartoon network, I mean that is where I usually see DC like young justice, and beware the batman, but now nothing, but that stupid, and I mean stupid, Teen titans go crap -_-, I don't even know what the thought process was, from a good cool Teen titans that I loved, to some comedy crap with characters that aren't supposed to be funny to begin with.

I love spawn, although I have never actually read any of his comics, really wanted to, I do remember watching some of his shows, also I never heard of man of miracles, what is he, besides a being of miracles :P.

Could you place the anime, and video games in order from strongest to least strongest, and also where is Goku and Kratos on that list. :(

I left the response on my talk page because it is sooooooooo ridiculously long lol. Don't want to take up unnecessary space on your talk page lol.

Lichtbringer (talk) 08:42, July 25, 2014 (UTC)Lichtbringer

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My bad I completely forgot about the vandalism page I will do better next. :) User:Donquixote joeflomingo
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Hey there, can you teach me how to make a Gallery section for a wiki page, I want to add pictures on Elizabeth and Roxanne's page. TIA

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Pretty easy actually, when you go to edit, and you look to the right, you know with all that stuff preview, publish, etc. Just click on the add features and media, button then click gallery. The rest is self explainatory. Hope this helps (quote from Al)

User:Donquixote joeflomingo

It's mainly because of that guy putting these ridiculous matches on this website such as the Flash vs Rana or Arnett vs Superman. He now started doing things like Sharks in Freezing or Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Arnett or something lol. That guy loves putting these bizarre threads all over the place, I told you about it in your talk page a while back, just scroll up. Just read some of his threads, they're hilarious lol, first he posts using his registered account, then he comes back as an anon and replies to his own thread lol:


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Question from an anonEdit

HI, I would like to ask for your permission to use one of your post on another site. . thanks in advance.

Less than 1000: Complete failure for late night anime, but is common among mainstream/daytime anime, which rely on other methods to produce revenue such as ratings and merchandising. Examples of this would be Naruto, Bleach, OP, Fairy Tale, Detective Conan, and most noitaminA slot anime.

-1000-2000: Pretty much same as above. Some examples of recent late night anime that bombed like this would be LOLH, B Gata H Kei, and Ookami-san.

-2000-3000: Still a failure, but the show has at least some fans but didn't sale well for various reasons, whether they be not enough hype, relatively boring plot, or too :deep:. Some recent examples would be Occult Gakuin, Shin Koihime Musou, and UraBoku.

-3000-4000: This is around break even point for most anime, or as 2ch calls it, the Manabi line. It's not exactly a failure, since no money was lost, but it's not successful or a hit either, since no money was made. An example of this would be Arakawa Under the Bridge and Ichiban Ushiro.

-4000-5000: This is around where you start to see profit being made. Anime that sale in this area aren't what you would call hits, but it's still a decent accomplishment for late night anime. Recent examples are Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor and Mayoi Neko Overrun. An older one is all seasons of Zero no Tsukaima.

-5000-6000: This is where some of the more prominent anime among the niche market sale. By that, I mean the more memorable titles of a year. They aren't exactly hits in the sense that they're known among outside of otaku circles, but within them they're common names. Recent examples are Motto To LOVE-Ru, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Amagami SS, and Kissxsis here.

-6000-7000: Very good for late night anime. Once again, not hits, but they're doing very well and are moderately popular among the niche market of otaku. This is still within the realm of the 5000-6000 area. Here you have your Seitokai Yakuindomo, BakaTest, and Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~.

-7000-8000: This is where you start to go from being niche within a niche to being broadly popular within the otaku niche. Could be considered a hit among otaku, although this is a sort of gray area in the the sense most anime don't sale exactly in this range, they're either with the 5000-7000 range or skip into double digits. The only anime that comes to my mind immediately that sales in this range are Katanagatari and HOTD.

-8000-10000: This is where you start to see the most memorable anime over years sale, extremely good for late night anime and a mile stone. Still a bit hesitant to call series in this area hits, but their at least extremely successful. The first DARKER THAN BLACK and Sengoku BASARA seasons sold in this area.

-10000-12000: Where you start to see anime staple marks at. These are the series that even people who aren't otaku will at least have seen or heard of somewhere. This are is ambiguous in the sense that stuff that sales higher initially end up here from sales tapering off a bit. Anime in this are usually have initial sales of around 15000-16000 or higher. Stuff like Strike Witches, Durarara!!, and the first season of Toaru Majutsu no Index end up here after the first few volumes. Toradora! and both seasons of Shakugan no Shana sold around this area. DARKER THAN BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini also sold here.

-12000-15000: Most anime that end up in the 10000-12000 range overall start out selling around here. As stated above, first season of Index and both seasons of Strike Witches started out here. First season of Hakuouki and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood also sale around this range. Sengoku BASARA Two sales in this area.

-15000-20000: Pretty much same as above.

-20000-30000: Durarara and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood started out in this area but tapered off later on. This area is ambiguous in the sense that the only anime that consistently stay in this area over every volume are heavily otaku supported. Still, some of the most popular anime sales around here. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, Azumanga Daioh, and Fate/stay night are the only anime I can think of that consistently sold in this range.

-30000-50000: Godly and legendary. This is where the household name or super popular otaku anime sale. First Fullmetal Alchemist, Macross Frontier, Code Geass, Gundam 00, Haruhi, Angel Beats!, Lucky Star!, K-ON!, etc.

-50000-80000: Nearly impossible. Only TV series that have sold here are Bakemonogatari, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and Gundam SEED.

Lol I don't own the information dude :D, you can post it to where ever you want.Donquixote joeflomingo 06:25, September 24, 2014 (UTC)

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