Volt Texture (ボルトテクスチャ Boruto Tekusucha) is the main weapon developed for the Pandora to fight the Nova and to utilize for personal usages.[1]


Volt Textures are materialized by concentrating energy through Stigmata to recombine matter into a solid structure, and are composed of elemental combinations between solid, liquid and gas elements.[2] With Volt Texture, a Pandora can form weapons for battle and even clothing.


Volt WeaponsEdit

Volt texture uniform

Elizabeth donning her Volt Texture uniform

Volt weapon 2

Volt Weapons (ボルト武器 Boruto Buki) are instruments of war wielded by Pandora to combat Nova, and even more often, their own kin. Volt weapons manifest in a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons, varying from swords to spears to GPS tracked homing lasers. A special class of Volt Weapon exists, called Stigmata Satellite System or SSS. Type-SSS are usually projectile-based weapons and can float near their owner, although they cannot move independent of them. Volt Weapons trump conventional weapons in sheer damage output, effectively being the best choice to confront Novas. Each Pandora is shown to have her own unique Volt Weapon. The Pandora's' style of combat often depends on her type of weapon. Volt Weapons can be disabled or broken by other Volt Weapons, but can be re-materialized at will by the user. A Volt Texture and weapon's base power is proportional to the number of Stigmata one has. A Pandora can increase the mass of their Volt Texture when materializing a Volt Weapon, which increases the attack power of the weapon and allows the Pandora to shatter her opponent's weapons. 

Battle-Use Reinforcement UniformEdit

Using Volt Texture the Pandora's can create reinforced uniforms suitable for battle. They are easily removable, but the user is able to regenerate her clothing on command.[3]

Texture MappingEdit

Volt texture

Various examples of specialized Textures

Along with Reinforced Volt Texture, Texture Mapping is also necessary to be activated before a battle. [3]

Sight Adjustment/EnhancementEdit

Pandora's with a bad sight like Satellizer L. Bridget, can use the Volt Texture to adjust/enhance their natural eye sight, this so they won't need to fight with glasses on.[3]

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