This is about Freezing (manga) Volume 1 tankoban. For the first volume of Freezing: First Chronicles, see First Chronicles Volume 001. For the first volume of Freezing: Zero, see Zero Volume 001.
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Volume 1
Freezing vol1
Featured Character Satellizer L. Bridget
Release date 2007-10-26
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Freezing Volume 1 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 001Edit

Original Japanese edition
Korean edition
French edition


This volume contains 5 chapters.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 1
The Untouchable Queen Introductory Arc Satellizer vs Ganessa;
Title Notes: "The Untouchable Queen" is the sobriquet for Satellizer L. Bridget
Chapter 2
Freezing Chapter 2 Cover
The Hunted Girl Introduction Arc Satellizer vs Ganessa, Satellizer vs Miyabi
Chapter 3
Freezing Chapter 3 Cover
Pandora vs Pandora Introduction Arc Satellizer vs Miyabi;

Title Notes: "Pandora" are the focus of Freezing, they are female warriors who fight the Nova

Chapter 4
Freezing Chapter 4 Cover
Retaliation Introduction Arc Satellizer vs Miyabi
Chapter 5
Freezing Chapter 5 Cover
Target 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer vs Ingrid


The Earth has been terrorized by large creatures called Nova. In order to combat them, Pandora, teenage girls with special abilities, have been developed and trained at West Genetics Academy in Japan. In one of the school’s tournament battles known as the Carnival, two girls are fighting each other, however a boy suddenly rushes one of the girls with a hug, thinking that she is his sister. His interference causes Satellizer to lose the match. Kazuya Aoi, the boy in question, is a new student at West Genetics, enrolled as a Limiter, the combat partners of Pandora. He learns that the girl he hugged is Satellizer L. Bridget, nicknamed the “Untouchable Queen”, who, as a result of his interference, lost her number-one ranking among the second-year Pandoras. In an unsanctioned fight, she and Ganessa Roland, the other girl in the match, both activate Pandora Mode, which upgrades their abilities, until their teachers order them to stand down but only after Satellizer had defeated Ganessa in a single attack. As Kazuya gets settled at the dorms, he learns that the Pandoras partner with younger male students called Limiters who cast “Freezing” auras that paralyze their opponent. He apologizes to Satellizer, and upon learning that she is actually quite shy and sweet in private, asks to become her Limiter. They are interrupted by the sadistic Miyabi Kannazuki, a third-year student who employs multiple Limiters, and who wants Kazuya for her own. Miyabi and Satellizer fight and Miyabi gains the upper hand when she uses her three Limiters to Freeze her opponent. Miyabi humiliates Satellizer, but when Kazuya surprises everyone by countering with his Freezing ability, Satellizer fights back and brutalizes Miyabi, earning her time in solitary confinement. Later on, third-year Pandora Ingrid Bernstein under the orders of Attia Simmons challenges Satellizer to a duel, but gives her the chance to find a Limiter. However, Satellizer tries to attack Ingrid before their Limiters get involved, but Ingrid proves to be much stronger that Miyabi.



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