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Volume 2
Freezing vol2
Featured Character Ingrid Bernstein
Release date 2008-04-30
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Freezing Volume 2 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 002Edit

Original Japanese edition


Ingrid Bernstein fights Satellizer L. Bridget in a thoroughly one-sided match with Ingrid brutalizing Satellizer with her overwhelming strength. With Satellizer beaten, Ingrid removes one of Satellizer's Stigmata, intending to remove the other six, but is interrupted by the arrival of her Limiter. When Ingrid gives Satellizer the chance to find a Limiter, Kazuya volunteers himself to be Satellizer’s Limiter, but Satellizer refuses. Ingrid is angry that Kazuya and Satellizer are not acting properly and she resumes her attack on both of them with Leo's Freezing. Kazuya's Freezing proves superior and he counters Leon's Freezing. Furious, Ingrid attacks Kazuya, but Satellizer slashes her; their battle resumes on more equal footing. The story flashes back to when Ingrid was in a squad with her friend Marin Maxwell for a training exercise against dummy Nova opponents when they were attacked by a real Nova. Marin sacrificed herself in order to give time for the then second-years to retreat. Back at the present, Ingrid goes into Pandora Mode, but risks turning into a Nova until Kazuya stops her. Satellizer agrees to have Kazuya be her Limiter but without going through the “baptism” process. In anticipation of their first “room visit”, Kazuya goes to the town to shop, but when he is ambushed by city thugs, he is saved by Rana Linchen, a girl from Tibet. They meet Hiiragi and Arthur, but the thugs return and hold Arthur captive at gunpoint.


This volume contains 6 chapters, covering the 3rd Year Punishment Arc and the first half of the Rana Introductory Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 6
Freezing Chapter 6 Cover
The Difference in Power 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer and Ingrid continue their battle with Ingrid seizing the momentum of the match completely. When Ingrid's Limiter arrives, Ingrid decides to give Satellizer one more chance,to gain a Limiter, and only one person answers this challenge, Kazuya Aoi.
Chapter 7
Freezing Chapter 7 Cover
The Restrained Ingrid I 3rd Year Punishment Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Ingrid Bernstein; Flashback of the 9th Nova Clash
Chapter 8
Freezing Chapter 8 Cover
The Restrained Ingrid II 3rd Year Punishment Arc The back-story, of Ingrid continues. Marin Maxwell, Ingrid's friend, tries to fend off the Type-S Nova by herself to give her underclassmen the chance to escape. She and her Limiter lose their lives in the process.
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Cover
Decision 3rd Year Punishment Arc

Satellizer and Ingrid continue their battle until Kazuya puts an end to it.

Attia reports to her leader, Elizabeth on the fight and Kazuya's abnormal abilities.

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 cover
The Visitor from Tibet Rana Introductory Arc Kazuya Aoi becomes Satellizer L. Bridget's pseudo-Limiter, and they plan for the First Room Visit. Rana Linchen enters the story having left her home in Tibet. Rana soon meets Kazuya after saving him from some thugs.
Chapter 11
Chapter 11 Cover
Her Name is Rana Linchen Rana Introductory Arc Kaho Hiiragi and Arthur Crypton meet Rana, encountering Rana and Kazuya on an outing in the city. The four of them get into the fight with the prior street thugs, and one of the them shoots Kaho after taking Arthur hostage.



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