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Volume 3
Freezing vol3
Featured Character Rana Linchen
Release date 2008-10-30
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Freezing Volume 3 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 003Edit

Original Japanese edition


Thanks to Kazuya's Freezing, he and his friends defeat the thugs, but Kazuya passes out from the strain of his attack and Rana takes him to the hospital at West Genetics. Arthur Crypton searches for Satellizer L. Bridget, informing her of the situation, and she meets Rana upon arriving at the hospital. While Kazuya is recovering, Rana expresses to Kaho and Arthur that she believes that Kazuya is her soulmate, but Kazuya's classmates inform her that Kazuya is Satellizer's Limiter. Satellizer attends to Kazuya for the night. The next day, Rana Linchen begins her first day at West Genetics as a second-year student despite being 18. She joins Satellizer's class, and spars with Ganessa at gym class where she nearly achieves victory, stunted by the battle's time limit. After Arthur shares with Kazuya about Satellizer's past at school, Rana flirts with Kazuya, asking him to refer to each other without honorific's, which causes Satellizer to do the same. When Attia Simmons, a third-year, tells Rana that Satellizer has been treating Kazuya like a pet, Rana takes Satellizer to the gym area where they engage in a brutal duel with Satellizer demonstrating her new Double Accel, but Rana initially emerges victorious by using her Burning Fang directly on Satellizer's gut. However, Satellizer gets up refusing to lose. Kazuya interrupts their fight, but Attia arrives with two schoolmates, Arnett McMillan and Creo Brand, who knock Kazuya out and plan to fight Satellizer (and Rana).


This volume contains 6 chapters, covering second half of the Rana Introductory Arc and Part I of 3rd Year Retaliation Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Cover
A Sign of Rivalry Rana Introductory Arc Rana and Kazuya beat up the street thugs and quickly return to West Genetics. Rana is determined to make Kazuya her Limiter.
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Cover
Stigma Body Rana Introductory Arc Elize and Yu-Mi discuss Kazuya's powers, which are a result of his Stigma Body. At gym class, Rana has a match with Ganessa.
Chapter 14
Chapter 14 Cover
Strategy Rana Introductory Arc Rana nearly defeats Ganessa, but the battle is called off due the time restraint. The Levon Brooks Incident is explained, and upon seeing Rana's power Attia plans to use her to combat Satellizer.
Chapter 15
Chapter 15 Cover
Rana's Strength 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Rana Linchen
Chapter 16
Chapter 16 Cover
Mortal Combat 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Rana Linchen
Chapter 17
Chapter 17 Cover
Punishment 3rd Year Retaliation Arc Satellizer L. Bridget vs. Arnett McMillan, Rana Linchen vs. Creo Brand



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