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Volume 6
Freezing vol6
Featured Character Elizabeth Mably
Release date 2009-10-28
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Freezing Volume 6 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Freezing manga serial.

Volume 006Edit

Original Japanese edition


Elizabeth Mably defends Ingrid Bernstein and Attia Simmons against two Nova Forms and defeats them easily without killing them. She had discovered a way to free the Pandora from the Nova’s control by destroying the Stigmata on their trachea. At the gate of the Ravensbourne Nucleotide, Satellizer L. Bridget, Arnett McMillan, and Ganessa Roland have been brutally defeated by Nova Form Cassie Lockheart. Satellizer refuses to give up and activates the Holy Gates at will to continue her battle against her opponent. With this boost in power, Satellizer is able to crack the crystal on Cassie's chest. The Nova's control weakens and Cassie reflects on her past when she wanted to be a novelist but was forced to be a Pandora by her father. The Nova reaffirms its control over Cassie and Cassie resumes an unstoppable offensive against Satellizer, nearly killing her. Cassie for a moment is stopped by Kazuya from beheading the L. Bridget but Cassie breaks the Freezing to release a particle beam that is absorbed by Ganessa at the last second. Ganessa loses the upper left half of her body and falls to the ground, dead. Satellizer becomes furious assumes a Nova Form of her own to attack Cassie. Satellizer is able to overwhelm Cassie with a Quintuple Accel, cuts off her arms, and rips out her Stigmata, but she does not kill her as Kazuya holds her back. Unlike Kazuya who exploded upon entering Corrosion-Type Nova Form, Satellizer is able to exit the state safely. Finally, the Nova are defeated, and West Genetics holds a victory party for the students, which ends up with Satellizer and Elizabeth meeting for the first time and competing in a drinking contest.


This volume contains 7 chapters, covering Part II of the 10th Nova Clash Arc.

Chapter Title Arc Summary
Chapter 32
Chapter 032 Cover
Elizabeth Mably 10th Nova Clash Arc Elizabeth saves her comrades from the Nova Form Pandora, having discovered to save them and force their enemies out of Nova Form. Cassie has defeated Satellizer and her comrades.
Chapter 33
Chapter 033 Cover
Trauma 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer unlocks the Holy Gates to re-engage Cassie Lockheart; flashback of Cassie's childhood.
Chapter 34
Chapter 034 Cover
Tears 10th Nova Clash Arc Cassie continues to overwhelm Satellizer.
Chapter 35
Chapter 035 Cover
Comrade 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer is nearly killed by Cassie but Ganessa takes a massive blow for her. 
Chapter 36
Chapter 36 Cover
Stigmata of Sympathy 10th Nova Clash Arc Satellizer enters Nova Form and brutalizes Cassie.
Chapter 37
Chapter 37 Cover
Shocking Finale 10th Nova Clash Arc Kazuya stops Satellizer from murdering Cassie, and Satellizer safely return from Nova Form. The last two Nova are defeated, and the 10th Nova Clash ends.
Chapter 38
Chapter 38 Cover
Dinner Party Post-Clash Filler Chapter Upon the tenth victory against the Nova, West Genetics holds a party for the students. Satellizer and Elizabeth battle in a drinking contest.



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